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Bella stood in the small bedroom doorway staring in disbelief at the pile of suitcases, boxes, and large bags. It felt like her mother was glad to get rid of her. She’d even packed the small waste-paper basket from her bedroom and it still had rubbish in it.

After telling Blakey about Howard’s reaction to her admitting she’d lied about the pregnancy, he was furious, and it had taken her ages to calm him down. When she told him what happened with her mom, he was disgusted with Myra and couldn’t understand how any mother could put a career before their child.

Before he returned to work, Blakey held her so tight she could barely breathe. He promised he would do his best to give her a life of happiness she deserved. They then planned a quiet evening at the beach. Not with friends this time, he was going to take her to a quieter part of the beach so they could relax and spend quality time together.

Noticing a large dark brown wicker hamper on top of the pile of boxes, she smiled, it was her eighteenth birthday gift from Amanda’s parents. Inside was a large bottle of champagne with crystal flutes and a collection of expensive chocolates.

Carrying it into the kitchen, she removed the straw out of the hamper and wrapped the glasses in a small towel to stop them clattering inside. Placing the sandwiches, cakes, and nibbles into the hamper, she closed it hoping that Blakey wouldn’t see what was inside, she wanted the champagne to be a surprise. She planned on telling him about what she was worth.


Blakey exited the bedroom wearing below the knee baggy denim shorts and a white vest t-shirt. “Are you ready?” He asked reaching for his tobacco tin.

“Yes,” Bella called taking the small radio off the windowsill and placed it in a holdall with the portable night light and blankets.

Blakey leaned against the doorframe and puffed his cheeks. Bella was wearing a short white strappy summer dress and white sandals. “You look sexy,” he grinned slipping his hands around her hips and gripped her ass. “Do we have to go out?”

Bella gazed up at him as she stroked her hand down his chest. “So, you’d prefer a night in, would you?” She sweetly smiled lowering her hand between them and stroked the shape of his dick.

“Yeah,” Blakey bit his lip as blood painfully rushed to his growing shaft.

“Ok,” Bella giggled turning around and slowly wiggled her backside against his groin. “Is this what you want?”

“Oh yeah,” Blakey groaned sliding his hands down her hips and began to ruffle up her dress.

“Hang on a minute,” Bella turned to face him, she held his hand and placed it over his hard-on. “Your hand can keep you company while I go to the beach on my own seeing you don’t want to go.” She giggled reaching for the hamper.

“You’re a cruel woman,” Blakey groaned pushing his hard-on aside to make it comfortable.

“I want to save it for later,” Bella batted her lashes as she stepped closer to him. “You never know, maybe if the beach is quiet, we could,” she paused raising her brows.

“Let’s go to the beach,” Blakey grinned grabbing the hamper, and rushed to the top of the stairs. He stopped and turned to face her. “Come on, we don’t want to waste time hanging around here.”

Bella laughed as she picked up the holdall and followed him down the stairs; she’d never seen him move so fast before.


After finding a quiet spot on a small grassy cliff, Bella and Blakey took a stroll hand in hand across the beach talking about their future together. They had fun paddling in the ocean and splashing each other. Bella rested her head against Blakey’s chest as he wrapped his arm around her waist. “I could live like this forever.” She blissfully sighed.

“Me too,” Blakey smiled gazing down at her. “There’s gonna be hard times but as long as we’ve got each other, we’ll get through it.”

“I know,” She gazed up at him and took a deep breath, she was going to tell him what she was worth.

“I think it’s beer time,” Blakey said suddenly sweeping her off her feet. Bella squealed with laughter holding onto him as he carried her bridal style towards the small cliff.

Sitting on the large red and black tartan blanket, Blakey opened two bottles of beer and passed one to Bella. He relaxed back against a rock, took a swig of his beer, and grinned.

“What are you grinning at?” she asked taking a swig of her beer.

“We’ve talked about loads of things tonight but there’s one subject we haven’t discussed,” his grin grew wider. “I was wondering how much porn you have in all those boxes your mom sent?”

Bella held her hand over her mouth choking on her drink and laughed. “I’m sorry to disappoint you, but I have none. I watched it on pay per view.”

“Didn’t your mom notice the charges when the bill came through?” He laughed.

“I guess not,” Bella could feel her cheeks flushing a little. “Why all the questions; do you want to watch some?”

“Why would I want to watch porn when I’ve got my own real live show every night,” He grinned curling his finger for her to go to him and patted his leg.

Bella crawled across the blanket and straddled over him. Blakey looked at her with amusement as he gently moved her windswept hair from her face and tucked it behind her ear. “So, what was your favorite type of porn?”

“I don’t think I had a favorite,” Bella laughed shaking her head. “I think I was more fascinated with one of the women who starred in most of them.”

“OK,” Blakey slowly nodded. “Are you telling me your bisexual?”

“No,” Bella giggled; her cheeks flushed crimson. “I was fascinated with all the piercings she’d got.” She placed her beer on the grass. “The woman had both nipples, her belly and her clit pierced. She wore a long chain that hooked on her nipple rings, it clipped onto her belly ring then there was a single chain from that, that clipped onto the ring in her clit.” She excitedly babbled moving her finger over her body in the shape the chains hung.

“Cool” Blakey slowly nodded he could see Bella liked the idea of body piercings. “Would you ever have a piercing?”

“I would love to have my nipples pierced, but my mom would go insane.” Bella paused realizing she wasn’t at home anymore. Her eyes widened with excitement as she stared at Blakey. “Would you mind if I had them pierced?”

“Hell no!” Blakey grinned placing his beer next to him, he cupped her breasts and bounced them. “If you have your nipples pierced, I’ll have mine done too.”

“You would!” Bella said surprised.

“Yeah,” Blakey nodded

“But what if it hurts?” Bella grimaced.

“Then I’d have to kiss them better for you,” Blakey could feel himself going hard as he slowly slid the straps of her dress down her shoulders. Bella slid her arms out of the straps as he pulled the top of her dress down to her waist. He leaned forward and flicked his tongue over her nipple.

Bella gently moaned with pleasure as she began to grind herself against the growing bulge in his shorts. He gripped her hips and pressed her hard against him. Bella’s long dark hair fell over her face as she ran her fingers through his hair, watching him suck hard on her breast, drawing her flesh into his mouth. Glancing across the beach, she could see there were quite a few people on it, but they weren’t close enough to realize what was going on and even if they were, she didn’t care. Shuffling back on Blakey’s legs, she unzipped his denim shorts and freed his rock-hard shaft. “Imagine what you can do when I have my nipples pierced.” She teased gently stroking his meat.

Blakey rolled his head back and groaned at the touch of her dainty hand.

“You can make me do what you want with just one tug of the chain,” she ground herself against his legs as she pumped his dick harder.

“Oh yeah,” Blakey wheezed, he could barely breathe he was close to cummin. “Get your knickers off.” He ordered.

Bella scrambled backward, she stood up and slipped her thong off then straddled over him. Hovering over his rock-hard cock, she reached down and held it against her entrance and slowly eased the tip inside her. “If you can imagine what I’d look like with my nipples pierced,” she sweetly smiled as she leaned forward. “Imagine if I had my clit pierced too.” She whispered in his ear.

Blakey gripped her hips and slammed her down on him. Bella moaned loud with pleasure as she grabbed his shoulders and began to ride him hard and fast. Blakey painfully gripped her hips matching her thrust for thrust watching her tits bounce up and down in front of his face. Tears rolled down Bella’s face, his cock felt like steel as he thrust harder and faster into her. “Oh my god!” Bella howled as her orgasm exploded through her body like an erupting volcano.

Blakey’s balls tightened; he couldn’t take anymore. Her hot juice flooded his cock. He let out an almighty groan as he took his last thrust into her and held her down on him. Bella collapsed against his shoulder as they both gasped for breath. The cool evening air gently blew around them as they ground against each other, passionately kissing.


Blakey moved back and blissfully sighed as he gazed into her eyes. “I love you,” He smiled still trying to catch his breath.

Bella’s heart began to race. “You do?”

“More than you’ll ever know,” Blakey hooked his hand behind her neck, he pulled her forward and gently kissed her on the lips.

Tears of happiness welled in Bella’s eyes; she could feel herself melting. “I love you too.” She beamed.

A huge smile spread across Blakey’s face, he felt like the cat that had got the cream. “Are you gonna cry?” he asked gently stroking her face.

“Yes,” Bella giggled feeling stupid. “But it's tears of happiness.”

“They’re the only tears I want to see from now on,” Blakey smiled moving her off his legs. “I’m sorry to kill the moment,” he grimaced. “I’ve got to pee.”

“Ok,” Bella laughed slipping her arms into her dress. “Do you want to eat now?”

“Yeah, I’m bloody starving because of you burning all my energy,” he grinned making his way down the small cliff.

Bella felt like she was on cloud nine as she took the food out of the hamper and placed it on the blanket; Blakey telling her he loved her was the greatest moment of her life. All she had to do now was tell him how much she was worth then he would know everything about her.

Blakey had never been so happy in his life as he made his way back up the cliff. His thoughts turned to the next day when he took Bella to meet his parents. He knew his mom and dad would love Bella and they would give her the love and attention she’d missed out on with her mom.

“What’s that?” He asked pointing to the large fancy bottle next to his beer as he sat on the blanket.

“It’s champagne I had for my eighteenth birthday.” She smiled reaching for the crystal flutes. “I thought we could drink it now.”

“I’ve never had it before,” Blakey held the bottle reading the label.

“Well, there’s always a first time,” She smiled holding the glasses out to him.

“Like sex on the beach,” Blakey grinned as he turned the wire around the cork.

“Yes,” Bella giggled. “Was that your first time too?”

“It certainly was,” Blakey flinched a little as the cork popped and champagne fizzed out of the bottle. “We’ll have to do it again sometime,” He grinned.

“Oh yes,” Bella blissfully sighed. “Maybe when I get my nipples pierced.”

“Are you serious about getting it done?” Blakey curiously asked as he poured the champagne into the flutes.

“I’m that serious about it, I’m going to get them done next week,” Bella laughed holding her glass up. “Shall we have a toast?”

“Yeah,” Blakey nodded, he could see she was being serious about getting her nipples pierced. “To pierced nipples,” he called holding his glass up.

“To pierced nipples,” Bella laughed, “And our future together.”

“To our future together,” Blakey smiled as he gazed into her eyes and took a swig of the champagne. “This isn’t too bad,” He said licking his lips nodding with approval.

“Would you like to try one of these?” Bella asked holding up the box of assorted chocolates. “I’ve had these before, the mint ones are my favorite.”

Blakey took a mint chocolate out of the box and popped it in his mouth. “Oh wow, these are great.” He smiled reaching for another one.

Bella placed the box in front of him and nervously licked her lips. “Blakey,” she quietly spoke. “There’s one more thing I have to tell you about myself.”

“What is it?” He curiously asked taking another swig of the champagne.

“You know you thought that thirty-four thousand I paid for the garage was my life savings?” She twiddled with her fingers.

“Yeah,” He nodded.

“It wasn’t my life savings,” she bit her lip waiting for him to guess what she was going to say.

“Do you have more?” Blakey asked tilting his head.

“Yes,” Bella nodded. “A lot more.”

“Like how much more?” Blakey shrugged.

“Dear lord,” Bella mumbled rubbing her forehead; she could see he didn’t have a clue where the conversation was heading.

Blakey suddenly felt worried with the way Bella’s demeanor had changed. “What’s wrong?” He asked concerned leaning forward and placed his hand on hers. “You know you can tell me anything.”

“Ok,” Bella nodded taking a deep breath as she looked him straight in the eyes. “I have five million in the bank.”



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How and champagne on the beach. There's a song called "Cake by the Ocean" which I understand to mean sex on the beach. Somebody had to explain that to me. I like the song, though.

I didn't see this porn conversation coming, but that was interesting. I like how it lead into the piercing proposition. Mark has kind of that 'bad boy' air about him with all his tats. The fact that it grates on Myra that her daughter is dating a guy covered in tats is all the more reason for Bella to love it. Piercings are just an additional step.

Bella is separating herself from her mom and her mom's world. I'd say tats are more common than not among people 30 and younger...nipple piercings are less so from my observation. Extensive tats are not so common as smaller ones here and there. Some of the work is really amazing.

I sense that Mark may not be as elated to hear Bella is worth that kind of money. Guys perceive their value and identity largely thru their occupation. They are deemed the bread winner by society's doctrine, and let's face it...women pay attention to successful men. We like to be pampered, and we like a man with means. Good looks doesn't put bread on the table and a house over my head unless he's a model or actor. Nice to have both.

But back to my point....Mark will suddenly realize his occupation (his precious garage) really isn't that important as long as Bella is around. Her life savings truly is enough to live a lifetime on without a single day of work. Some guys would celebrate over an eminent life of leisure with a hot girl, but I have a feeling that Mark will feel as though his contribution to the relationship has just been slighted. Bella will have to reassure him.

Sun, February 7th, 2021 5:36am


As you know, Myra is already appalled with Bella for being with Blakey, imagine how she'd feel Bella has tattoos too haha. Like you already know Blakey is easy-going but proud, it's going to take a little time for him to get his head around the fact she is a millionaire. :)

Sun, February 7th, 2021 4:42am

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