Chapter 3: 3

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Literary Erotica  |  House: Booksiesilk Classic Group

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Penny reached into the shorts and began fondling the warm sack, sending spasm’s through Brads abdomen.

The gentle handling technique made Brad erupt over Penny’s hand as semen pulsed out the head, coating her fingers that enveloped the long shaft in the sticky mass. Penny looked up as Brads eyes rolled in their sockets with the enjoyment of the beautiful woman's masturbatory skill.

“Well I hope there's more left in there for me to savour.” And with that, she leans in holding his cock upright, and sucks in the whole knob, cum and all.

Brad drew in the air to his lungs so hard, that when Penny looked up she thought he was going to pass out.

Popping the head from her mouth, cum smeared on the outer sides of her lips, Penny asked if he was O.K.

“I never believed such a sensation was possible. Please don’t stop.” Begged Brad.

“Oh, I have no intention of stopping.” Getting back to the business, and gobbling the entire knob into her wet warm mouth, she stroked the shaft slowly at first getting used to the size.

Once her jaw relaxed and her neck loosened her fellating began in earnest. Brads hips bucked in unison as slurping could be heard on the down stroke and an enormous vacuum was created on the upward stroke. Brad could feel her tongue wrapping around like a serpent trying to squash its prey.

Needless to say, it did not take long for Brad to reach orgasm, again.

Penny watched his upper thighs tighten in the release as spasm after spasm he pulsed into her mouth, filling it fully with the man seed she so desperately sought.

Detaching from the sucking action, Penny again started the process of cleaning the excess cum from the emptying phallus. She savoured every single drop. The hot thick fluid creamed her throat as it drizzled down into her stomach.

The flavour seemed different from the usual cavalcade of specimens she has practiced with in her short life. Well she is only twenty two.

The whole scenario was reminiscent of a time four years ago when ‘he’ took her virginity, in more than one way.

Like a flash in a movie she was back in that room her love guide had rented, with her permission, for her first night of love making. It began as a light hearted conversation in a quiet bar that Penny had sauntered into on her first legal drinking night. Not only did she go alone, but also with the full intention of losing her virginity to the first man she spoke to when she got there.

Penelope had always been a randy girl.

 It’s just something in her genetic makeup.

On first inspection, the selection of potential rooters was limited to dirty looking older men. That was until she spied a lone gentleman at the far end of the bar. Walking up to this man felt wrong and the butterflies in her tummy that made her gastric juices from the light dinner she had had earlier, begin churning in fear. At that point the younger male turned to look at her, smiling a smile that she was sure had melted more than her heart in its life time. “Hi.” His soft spoken voice drew her in like a moth. Those butter flies were replaced with eagle’s wings.

 He gave off a confidence that infected whoever he looked at. He would be the one. Oh yes!

“Hi, my name is Penelope, Penelope hawk….’’ Quickly putting his finger over her lips felt so in charge. “I don’t need to know your last name. I’m Peter. Can I buy you a drink? What would you like?” his take charge attitude impressed the young Penny into a more secure feeling.

“Sure, whatever you’re having.” Her reply made Peter turn on his stool where he had been sitting since she walked in.

“Well firstly, I don’t think you’d enjoy a straight scotch, and secondly, I did ask what you would like. Anything, Franco here is the best barman in Melbourne. Aren’t you Franco?"

“Sure, whatever you say Pete,” Franco walked up to where Peter sat, he had a cloth over his shoulder, just like the movies, he stopped and put both his hands on the other side of the bar waiting for her request.

Seeing how the entire scenario seemed like a movie, she thought of asking for the one thing that the barman could give her, his opinion.

“Do you have any suggestions Franco?” her reply was an adult solution that may have otherwise made her appear immature.

“We have a special for summer that I designed. I call it the hitman. I combine Pernod and chartreuse shaken with ice. I pour it into a balloon glass with more ice. On the top I pour a shot of makers mark and sprinkle with bitters and a maraschino cherry. I guarantee you will be a hit.”

“Mmm, that’s sounds great. I’ll have..”

Again, Peter covers her lips with his finger interrupting her order

“Maybe her first drink had best not be her last in the bar tonight, eh Franco?”

“Yeah sure boss, I’ll get her a nice screwdriver. Vodka and orange miss.”

“Why did you stop me ordering the drink Peter? I am a big girl you know?”

“There’s only one reason a girl of your age comes into this bar alone. And I am more than prepared to help you out. But not drunk. Your first time needs to be remembered. And not rushed.”

Peter’s almost calculating manner took the fun of the chase out of her scenario, although it will certainly be cheaper than buying some random arsehole round after round of beer just to get laid.

He wasn’t all that tall, but the gangster, bar owner persona was attractive coming from him. His dark brooding eyes and square shoulders gave him a very masculine appearance. A narrow waistline under the Armani suit pants and belt topped off a rather perfect mysterious man. And she was extremely horny.

“How do you know why I’m here anyway?”

Franco returned with a four ounce glass that looks like it had been decorated by a hundred gay men. “WOW”. Penny's response was typical to anything Franco made. He is the best.

“So what kind of time frame are you working on with this virginity losing quest, Penny?”

“Well realistically I assumed an hour at least to meet someone I wanted, then another hour to convince or seduce into the act, funny it all seems rather methodical. Silly really”

“How about I take you to a really nice motel around the corner I know, my treat, to make you feel more comfortable, and no strings attached.”

“Why would such a cool guy like your even bother with such a dork as me, I mean I don’t even have any nice shoes, this is the only dress suitable for going out in, I have no money, and I’m afraid you might have friends or something who want to join in. I’m scared and a little worried that it’s all too good to be true.’’

Penny’s rant made Peter laugh. Not hysterically or anything, but a realisation that to anybody else it could seem all too good to refuse.

“Okay, I’m sorry, I wasn’t laughing at you. I forget sometimes that my offers can seem ostentatious. I will let you do whatever it takes and suggest things to help you believe. I mean, I am getting lucky with a virgin for Christs sake. I will do whatever it takes to make sure we both enjoy it, alright?”

“Um, alright then, but first, I don’t have to pay you or anything do I?”

 “The only request outside our agreement is that you promise to make something of your life. Help others who won’t be as lucky. OK?”

“Sure, if that’s all?” To Penny is actually seemed to be reasonable request as she had been training to work in child care anyway.

“Hey Franco, a bottle of DOM to take away, and put it in a cooler with some lead crystal Anne Bolin's.” the ‘Anne Bolin’ reference puzzled Penny. Peter explained. “They’re glasses in the shape of Anne Bolin's breasts. You know the short round ones with the long stems?’’

“Oh. I didn’t know that. Are you kidding me?”

“No, I am an extremely bad liar. But I will not put you down. I believe to treat everyone as equal. It’s the way I was raised.”

“I cannot believe you’re single. Why hasn’t some good girl caught your eye and whisked you off to the Alter?”

“Exactly that, I prefer my freedom to do what I want. Like tonight with you. I couldn’t guarantee I wouldn’t do it if I was married. Ok?”

“I don’t need to be convinced. Let’s go”

Penny grabbed Peter’s arm and dragged him away so quickly that he almost dropped the two hundred dollar bottle of champagne. Even though she had no idea of where exactly they were headed Penny kept moving before he changed his mind.

“We shouldn’t get too far ahead of ourselves. I would at least like to buy you some lingerie. If you don’t mind that is?”

“Are you kidding? I’ve never had anyone to wear fancy undies for before. I would love it, sure, thank you. Could you also help me pick something nice? I’m not really sure of what looks good or not? Please.”

“I wouldn’t want it any other way Penny.”

Peter took her soft hand and led her three stores down from his bar, a quiet little store that looked expensive.

“Here, you first, please” as Peter held open the door, two young extremely attractive women approached as if they were looking for scraps. She wasn’t far wrong.

“Alicia and Caren here will give you some guidance. Listen to them. They actually do know what they’re talking about.”

Off to the side he sat like a waiting groom. The bottle of champagne whisked away for chilling, as a glass of scotch is placed in his hand. It was a scene from pretty woman. Whom did she have to kill for all of this? Evidently, no one.

These two girls knew their stuff. Not only was one stripping Penny, but the other had knickers or bra or a bodice done up and taken off before she actually had any idea about what to wear. It seemed weird having two beautiful women touching her, adjusting the garments, or even to the point of tucking her ample bosom into a wench type corset. The excitement hadn’t escaped the fitters as Caren at one point made the comment, “oh, look at your nipples so hard and erect. I could really suck on them baby’s.” Alicia didn’t even have to look between Penny’s thighs, for at one fitting of a G- string noticed the warm damp string as it was peeled from between her pussy lips and ass cheeks, and showing the residue to Caren who held the material up to her nose and sniffing away as if it were an expensive perfume, smiled a wry smile that in other circumstances would have seen the three in a ménage a trio. But she was here for a fitting for her lover to be.

“I do believe we finally have just what is required for the duration of your interlude with Mr Peter”. It was then Penny noticed her attired form. From all the jostling and bandying about in the change room, she failed to take any notice of what these two lipstick lesbians actually dressed her in. Turning to the mirror for the first time and seeing her draped in the luxurious cloth and lace, Penny became a mumbling mess.

“ I, I, I, don’t, er, um, know, er what, um,…” her thoughts trailed off at the girl in the reflection. Someone she never thought she would see.

“You’re welcome miss.” And off trotted Alicia and Caren to a back room where moans and sighs of pleasure began to emanate into Penny's psyche, rousing her to reality and not the beautiful voluptuous woman she sees before her. A sexy siren not expected to be found in her fragile form. Even she was aroused at the girl’s achievements. Peter sure as hell will be too.

As she was going to leave and dress so that her appearance would be a surprise to Peter, she couldn’t help wanting to look at what the girls were actually doing behind the closed door.

The ‘oh my god’ and ‘yes, yes’ were no secret for these two. Opening the door til it was just ajar and peering around the corner, the writhing forms in a 69, and left nought to the imagination. Alicia’s ass bounced up and down on Caren’s lapping tongue as Alicia was ramming a good sized dildo in and out of Caren's squirting hole. As if she was expected. Alicia turned straight around and looked Penny directly in the eyes. “Come back anytime sweety. We would love to play with your pussy.” The girl’s emphasis on ‘pussy’ made her turn quickly and run. A little embarrassed, but giggling to herself none the less. Maybe, was a word that came to her fertile mind. One day, was the next thought.

Bursting into the waiting area of the shop and seeing Peter still sitting there oblivious to the shenanigans and goings on behind her, he sat bolt upright as though she had awoken him. Well she had been one for a good half an hour.

“Oh. I was beginning to wonder if the girls had got to you first. I know what they’re like” his nonchalant attitude belied his true feelings. The ‘girls’ had on more than one occasion turned a female before he had his way with them.

“Um, almost, but I want to show you what they picked for you first. Let’s go”

“But..” the sentence formed in his head all too late. Penny was dragging him out again. Another lady handed the chilled bottle of champers and glasses to Peter as he passed the threshold, again barely getting a grip.

“You’ll see when we get to the room. Let’s go.”

 Giving in to her was easy as she seemed more than eager to have her way with him as he was with her.

Outside, the car was gone. Penny looked around to Peter in a confused stare.

“What. We’re here.”

Pointing awkwardly with bottle and glasses in hand, beside the lingerie shop was the ‘Alberta Henkle’. Not just a hotel, THE hotel, The Hilton of Hyatt's.

“You are kidding? The Alberta? O.M.G.” there is always a pleasure in seeing a girl gush about a hotel. She never asked how many times he had brought a girl here, and she didn’t care. Now was her turn to be pampered.

Submitted: June 22, 2021

© Copyright 2023 kalelthemith. All rights reserved.


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