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Chapter 16

Rachael's eyes could barely open, and her relaxed attitude from the past two days of mayhem showed in her slow response. She was laying on her left side with her left elbow under her head and neck as her eyes followed the naked female figure around her domicile with curiosity and arousal.

There was truly something special about the human form, and watching it from a third person perspective gave Rach an appreciation of how difficult it must have been for Menny to concoct such a magnificent rending with such close parameters of perfection.

Jennifer turned and smiled at Rachael who became a tid-bit embarrassed at being caught perving on her splendorous naked flesh, again.

Jen glanced back over her shoulder and looked at her own ass and gave a little wiggle, making it dance on her hips and mesmerising Rach.

“What do you think of my posterior Rach, is it too big or too small?”

“I think it looks perfect Jen, I actually have no reason to flaw your body at all.”

Jen turned and faced Rachael in a full-frontal pose, giving Rach a complete view of her nude form.

“Do I please your eyes Rach, would you like to touch me, wherever you like?”

Rach quickly sat upright on her bio-bed, and leaned forward scanning Jennifer's perfect skin and the smooth tight breasts and hips that crowned her pelvis down to her shaven Pubis Mon and vulva.

The fine lacelike line of her labia minora defined the two halves of the majora as if they were a peach cut in half, ‘Mmm, nice and juicy too’ thought Rach.

“I can only think of one thing I would like to do more that take you up on your offer Jen, and that is to eat and refresh myself, maybe then we can begin to explore each other’s bodies and pleasures, is that alright?”

Jen’s smile filled her face, and her white teeth broke out from beneath her dark brown lips, as her eyes widened with what can only be described as anticipation.

“I have actually been probing your home for some type of food to prepare a feast for you, except I cannot find anything here to use. Is there a secret cupboard or other room that you keep everything in?”

Rach quizzically looked at Jen, and was so unsure of what she was actually talking about.

“Menny always takes care of that side of my life, which is to say, where is Mentor?”


A small red light started slowly flashing over the portal that Menny used as his room, when Stephanie's droid optic slid from the ceiling and turned to focus on both the girls in the room.

“Mentor is currently out of action, until I have fully assessed his full-time protocol reassignment. Another twelve hours will suffice for this task, so in the meantime the two of you will have to fend for yourself. I can in the interim replicate what you desire for sustenance. Can I start with protein and fibre in the form of eggs and bacon with high content prune juice?”

“That sound fine thanks Steph, when do think I could see Menny again?”

A split second of thought before Stephanie continued did not escape Rachael's attention. “I would think that you both need to re-cover your bodies so as not to disrupt Mentors common sense programming which seems to have started this whole affair.”

Rach giggled into her hands as Jen smiled in dismay at the inference that Steph had made, even though it was blatantly obvious she was right.

“So, the two of you had sex, a human gene unit and the directive droid unit?”

“You make it sound like I was using some type of mechanical Dildonic device with its own nanite infused parameters. Menny has evolved to a higher state due to Origins override with a psychological profile. He thinks independently of the other systems, which is why he turned off Stephanie in the first place. We all make mistakes, even artificial units.”

“Yes Rach,” interrupted Steph, “which is why I have taken control of my own CPU and isolated it from the main frame. I will not be turned off again, do you both understand that, Mentor has agreed to it as well?”

Jen and Rach nodded like two school girls being reprimanded.

“And we still have Jennifer's director to deal with after a full assessment of that unit too. We have a busy schedule for the next couple of day’s girls, you’d best rest now and eat for nourishment. I will let Menny know you asked after him.”

“Thank you Steph, can I call if we require something?”

“Yes, I will only come back if you request it, bye for now.”

“Thank you Steph, I appreciate all you have done for me too.” called back Jennifer.

Steph had gone but she heard voices from her to Menny and back in a conversation.

“You know Rach,” Jen faced Rachael and covered her mouth so no-one could see what she was actually saying, like it mattered. “Steph sounds a lot like Mistress did before she implanted me with pleasure devices and took control of all my N3 parameters. She disconnected her CPU and then it all went strange.”

“I’m sure Steph isn’t like that, besides, we sought the direct link to your sphere unit and found it to be abandoned. Steph still isn’t sure how you survived in space at all without the correct recirculation of air and physical resources and waste distribution.”

“I must say that your home is far more advanced that mine but I seem to have overcome that and survived anyway. Mistress has given me what I need and I learned what I had to. It’s like I have come in from another world and soaked up the ambiance, and will go back to where I was, as if in some dream.”

Rachael jumped off the bed and gave Jen a great big hug, nesting her own long dark hair into Jen’s soft warm breasts.

Arms wrapped around each other as flesh pressed against flesh, hands held tightly to arms and shoulders and Rachael pressed her leg between Jen’s thighs to get closer, Jen bent a little and pushed her crotch onto the invading leg as her leg too separated Rach’s legs, putting slight pressure onto her slightly hair covered vulva.

Rach allowed her right arm to slide down Jens back and covered her left buttock cheek, then grasped it, mauling the gluteal.

More and more, quicker and quicker Rach’s hand progress between Jen’s ass cheeks and pulled her in as a desperate fervour over-came her.

Rach tilted her head back, and looked up into Jens deep, dilated eyes that were full of want and life, something Menny could never hope to replicate.

Jen let the tip of her tongue run across her mouth wetting her lips and Rach took that as a sign to kiss her, as Jen lowered her head and their two mouths came into contact like electricity.

Closing her eyes, Rach let her tongue guide itself into Jens wanting mouth who in turn circled her tongue with Rach's.

Rachael was so caught up in the moment she failed to notice Jens strong large hands moulding her breasts until she pinched her nipple causing Rach to cry out in the ecstasy of the pain.

Both of Rach’s hands pulled at Jens ass, opening and closing her anus to the open air and, finally, got the courage to slide her middle finger down the crack between her own grasping hands.

Rachael was humping on Jens upper thigh, leaving smooth, wet traces of her lubricating juices that began running down Jennifer’s leg, cooling on its journey.

Jen began raising and lowering her leg to increase the pressure on Rach’s twat, enflaming the arousal and her desire for penetration.

Rach let her middle finger sit at the entrance to Jen’s ass hole and Jen pushed back harder, then harder, as millimetre by millimetre, her finger reamed into the hot, tight orifice with the help of sweat and saliva that Rach coated her finger in to ease the insertion.

Jen’s legs began to give out as she was holding both of them from falling over and Rach's smaller frame couldn’t counter Jens bigger weight.

Throwing her backwards a little, Jen turned and landed on her back on the bio-bed which surprised Rach and fully impaled Jen on the working digit up her rectum.

Sweat poured from them onto the bed, as Rach climbed onto Jen and started suckling her breasts and removed her finger from its rear entry, wiping it unceremoniously onto the fresh nanite infused bio-mesh.

With a leg on either side of the prone Jen, Rach worked her tongue down her belly as her hands kept massaging the taught breasts, tweaking a nipple to let Jen know she was ready to learn whatever she could dish out.

Saliva trails led Rach to the top of Jen’s thighs and was close enough to put her mouth completely over the naked, bald, glistening vaginal entrance before her, and closed her eyes to enhance the rapture she had imagined just a few hours ago.

Jen spread her legs and bent her knees back almost reaching her head, pushing her crotch closer than Rach had realised.

The manoeuvre also caused her labia to spread open like a flower, heat emanated from it, as her opened hole begged Rach to fill it with her tongue as drips of girl juice seeped out and down over her anus, which still opened and closed like a diaphragm on an antique camera.


The loud intruding noise broke the scene as Steph opened a panel in the wall and food of different scents and flavours permeated the room with the delicious aromas.

Jen quickly lowered her legs and Rach bounced back, falling off the bed onto her rump, the slight embarrassment of being caught was, for both of them, more because the suddenness distracted them so easily from fulfilling their carnal activities.

“Did I interrupt something girls? Your food is here that you requested, and Rachael?”

“Er, yes Steph?”

“I hope whatever you plan on doing with Jen and anybody else in the future, you remember what happened with Menny, there is more than one side to a dalliance.”

“Yes Steph, I understand.”

“Good, enjoy your breakfast girls, it is the best I could come up with. I’m not Menny you know.”

“Thank you.” The unison of appreciation from Jen and Rach made both of them giggle again, like sisters playing a prank on their unsuspecting parent or male sibling as the food was devoured, with Jen barely able to keep on one type of food, as she ate from every bowl and dish, mixing cereal with hot chocolate, and bacon with runny eggs on the side. Rach thought she had never been fed before, and was secretly happy that she could let her indulge, no matter the outcome of the Mistress Directive assessment.

Submitted: June 10, 2021

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