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Star Virgin Star Virgin

Status: In Progress

Genre: Science Fiction


Status: In Progress

Genre: Science Fiction


To re-colonise Earth, the Life-cycle Spheres were designed to create humans that could survive the new, harsh climates. RU-469 is the latest version, but the first born without N3 parameters, or any Origin interference. Unfortunately, RU-469 has other ideas, as her own lisatious desires froth to the surface, much to the chagrin or her sphere director Mentor.


To re-colonise Earth, the Life-cycle Spheres were designed to create humans that could survive the new, harsh climates.
RU-469 is the latest version, but the first born without N3 parameters, or any Origin interference.
Unfortunately, RU-469 has other ideas, as her own lisatious desires froth to the surface, much to the chagrin or her sphere director Mentor.

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RU-469 is hatched.

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Submitted: April 08, 2018

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Chapter Content - ver.2

Submitted: April 08, 2018



STAR VIRGIN. Re-imagined from the original story By Humphry Knipe.


In the dark recesses of space, orbiting a once dying and depleted planet, spin self- sustaining orbs.

The Life Cycle Spheres.

The world below was drained and consumed by the inhabitants and their greed of its natural resources, by centuries of primary and fossil fuel mining and precious mineral deposit insatiability. Greed, GREED, GREEED. In these self-contained capsules, Artificial Intelligent Bio-Morph Systems monitor the growth and death cycle of humanoids they hatch in each sphere.

Each individual hatchling is nominated a number.

The term of life is gauged against that numbers previous incarnation and flaws in the human genome are discriminatorily deleted.

The end result is expected to culminate in a perfect specimen to reproduce and re-colonise the planet below.

Miscalculating the emotional stress of negating the minds and bodies need for stimulus outside of the rigid guidelines set by the ‘Originator’, all previous hatchlings had had their emotions deleted as part of the genome factor.

All of those that were ‘born’ into that atmosphere died early of complications due to suicide up to virus’ that did not exist before, or since.

The problem with all those earlier hatchlings was the static removal of emotions via DNA manipulation and a constant frequency that supposedly restricted thought outside of logic sources.

‘Origin’, the spheres main directive program, decided to use pure genetic material to restart the operation. From scratch.

One of the prime directives of Origin is to allow each hatchling to live their lives, unmolested, to their full age length.

The only vacant orb is RU-4-69. Using the pure DNA, the first unaltered hatchling is created using advanced test tube technology.

From embryonic stage to maturity is still estimated at, nine months for gestation, and, eighteen years to adulthood.

These ages were deemed appropriate by the sanctioned ‘Artificial Cloning Underwriters Neogesic Team’.

Time is irrelevant to mechanoids, even if they are dependent on the overall outcome they are so desperately trying to achieve. Re-colonisation of the planet Earth.

‘Mentor’ is the provider in this particular sphere, where the gestation sac is just now lowering to the bio morph bed.

Eighteen years and nine months to the Earth day since the fertilization of the pure material, free from any tampering or modification is about to be born.

Every three to six months, depending on the growth cycle, the drain lines for excreta and feeding, along with the muscle definition pads, which are applied virtually from the ‘Birth’ at nine months, are decommissioned.

The birthing process is awkward for a full grown person.

Females being more difficult due to the mammary tissue expansion and the internal menstrual tag that keeps her cervix and birth canal clean during her ‘period’, inserted past and not disturbing the delicate hymen, somewhere in time, between twelve and thirteen years of age.

Illumination from the photosensitive walls is automatically raised to a room temperate level, as is the temperature, whilst soft soothing music from Handel is tuned to suit an infant’s hearing ability.

The synthetic, membranous fluid bag, sags heavily onto the Nanite adaptive rest area.

At 62 kilograms, and adding the weight of fluid totals around 140 kilograms, the mass indents the white cover, which automatically changes colour, for whatever specific reason.

In this case, it is purple or mauve. To help with transition from the yellowy brown of amniotic fluid to artificially created natural light.

A blade descends to the outer sac surface, creating a perfect, symmetrical slice along the length, releasing the girl and, as her fake womb drains spontaneously to the floor, everything is soaked up by various materials and devices utilised within the sphere.

Now, she is born. Mentor has been thoroughly engrossed in this hatchling.

He is the virtual father and mother figure, designated to introduce this young woman to the past and the future that ‘Origin’ holds for the human race.

Her supple form is splayed delicately across the warm intelligent bed, the mattress moulds her body, and rolls her carefully from side to side, as the amniotic sac is discarded for recycling.

Nothing is left for waste. Replicators can make anything desired, as long as it has material to change the carbon base with the system it employs.

Mentor moves in very close to inspect his new charge, he has a chore and an obligation, to make sure there is no malformations or disabilities. It has been known to happen. He is aware, as any mech can be, that time is of the essence.

She will be fully conscious in five and a half minutes, in which time Mentor needs to carry out a major physical examination and utilise the Apgar method of birthing, to gauge the success rate and recovery time.

Her limp form is manipulated by the receival cradle as it has formed a pair of hands and continually rotates the body for Mentor to look at her every aspect and angle.

The floating white mech sees nothing sexual in pinching her soft pink flesh, or prodding her ample breast for its bounce back time.

There is no thought whatsoever of being aroused as he gropes her buttocks, and spreading her ass cheeks for a good look at her anus for any residual signs of the excreta tube having caused damage.

Nothing stirs around the spongy middle section of this android type being, as he parts the labia major and minor of her unused vulva, checking her vaginal entrance for any deterioration during the long birthing process.

He actually seems annoyed at having to rustle through the fine mesh of pubic hair to achieve his goal.

The scent of her fresh vaginal excretions gives him nothing more than data to upload.

He even fails to notice the slick lubricating juice run out over her puckered anus to the absorbent cloth beneath her.

The ceiling mounted accessorisor, for her future preening and grooming needs, lowers to her side, and trims nails and hair to an acceptable length, cleans her teeth, adding a fluoride free, dental rinse.

A warm water shower, reminiscent of massage techniques in the early 21st century, cleans her Down covered body, the fine hair like mist that has covered her for eighteen years. The air drying process is warm and, if she were awake, may even tickle a little bit. Finally, the accessorisor combs out her shoulder length crimson locks, detangling and re-trimming the damaged ends.

The final chore of Mentor today, during his process, is to initiate the bio form mist that wraps her body from her ankles to her neck. This membrane keeps her warm, monitors her temperature, keeps her cool if necessary, and also has a modesty, or decorum about it. Not that she knows anything about such things.

But it has been a contentious issue since the program and Origin were first initiated. Did a created being with no subjective ideas, think being naked was right or wrong? They chose modesty, just in case.

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