Chapter 6: 6

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Erotica  |  House: Booksiesilk Classic Group

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Chapter six

Now she had to wait.

How long she wasn’t sure, maybe a quick nap to settle her mind before Paul arrives. The talk she was planning, sure as hell like nothing Paul had had with a female before. Could he see the funny side of it, or will the ramifications change the dynamics in the house forever?

Now, more than ever Jennifer was confused.

Is there a right/wrong answer scenario?

Is that the test?

She only knew how horny it all made her feel. A lay down is exactly what she needed.


Time passes swiftly in the land of nod, which is why Jen didn’t hear Paul ascend the stairs, let alone the fact that when she turned over in the comfort of her double bed, Paul stood staring, holding a tray of what turned out to be eggs Benedict.

“How long have you been home, and standing in the doorway?” queried Jen wiping sleep from her eyes.

A glance down at her state of dress instantly put her on guard, as her small dress had lifted sufficiently exposing her rump, and from behind, a good look at her skimpy G-string between her thighs and just covering her pussy.

“Well, what can I do for you, Paul?” asked Jenny, clearly uneasy at the situation, adjusting the sheet and covers to give a semblance of decency.

“Mum called. Suggested I call in on you and make sure you were ‘O.K.’”

‘Bloody hell’, thought Jen. “What else did she say. Anything?” In an attempt to gauge the extent of his knowledge of the situation.

“Nope. That’s it. Want some lunch. Tis the only thing I can make M’lady,” thrusting the tray towards Jen.

“Sure, that would be lovely.” Her attempt at sweetness sickened her but brought a smile to Paul’s lips, his almost too white teeth shining at her.

‘He really is a nice person’.

Jen may well have misjudged her suitor.

He may well be too nice.

He approached the bed slowly, placing the food delicately on the covered lap of its intended.

The warmth under the plate emanated through the cotton, not enough though to burn, just heat.

“Thank you.”

Paul took the liberty to sit on the edge. “You could well say it’s a peace offering Jen. After all, nothing was ever said about the watching place behind my wardrobe. And the little dildo in the toiletry bag also remains unspoken of.”

Jen’s heart began racing. Here was the shy, soft spoken teenager she had thought to give her virginity to, talking like they already had.

The sexual innuendo and brazen flouting of intimate knowledge by this boy fired her loins like never before.

Could it be initiated by him, so as to let it be his decision after all. Could it?

“I think you’re a very attractive young lady Jennifer. Your displays of masturbation and lust too me are the greatest memorise I’ll ever have.”

A forkful of toast and eggs are suspended at the entry to her mouth.

‘Will he’?

“I don’t suppose..”

‘Here it comes’

“there is any chance of..”

‘Oh my god, he’s going to say it’.

“A private show, just for me, where I can join in, at all. Is there?”

The relief and excitement at the prospect alone made her drip with anticipation.

“Well, would you believe I had that very same idea this morning.” Her soft hand caressed his jean clad upper thigh, a gentle squeeze and a coy gesture, her hand slides under the untucked shirt.

The still full fork crashing onto the unfinished meal as Paul leans in, pulling the food off the bed, placing it roughly on the polished wooden boards, the noise not enough to dissuade the two from locking lips, as his manly hand behind her neck draws the seduced woman into a passionate embrace.

Hastily attempting to remove the polo shirt almost became a fumbling mess.

“Let’s do this slowly Jen. We do have all night.” said softly spoken Paul, untangling the shirt sufficient to be removed.

A nod from Jen in agreeance.

“Wow.” Exclaimed Jen. “I never realized you were so buff, Paul.” A firmly pressed palm tracing the young man’s chest outline.

“I’m not all shy and retiring as you would think either.”

His hand behind her head traces her nape, casually flicking the right dress strap off her shoulder. A single finger picks the bra strap, dragging it off with the other, exposing Jens tanned skin, then leaning in, kisses it softly, drawing in the flesh.

The escaping air from her lips acknowledges his touch. Her right hand now holds his neck, pulling his mouth onto her neck, the left hand pulls his body onto her, collapsing fully onto the bed.

Paul half kneels over the slender form, his right hand reaches back for her calf almost to the ankle.

Bending her knee, he runs his fingertips and nails slowly along the centre of her soft tissue at the back of her thigh, up behind where knee and thigh joins.

Jen archers her back up to Paul’s naked chest, while along the back of her leg, Paul grasps the firm, thigh muscle gently squeezing his fingers open then closed as inch by inch his hand nears her scantily clad virgin hole.

The pair of pumping hearts, closely clad in clothing, Paul releases Jen’s leg, kneeling upright on the soft mattress, towering over the smaller female form. Sweat beads on the near hairless chest, reaches down for her dainty hand, raising Jen up to a sitting position.

He grasps the hem of the light dress, shuffling the garment over the flowing light brown tresses, revealing the semi naked body underneath.

The DD cup breasts overflow the half-cut cup, allowing both nipples to poke out into the air, the rigid, bullet type ends looking for some relief of their own.

His hands move around her back, unclipping the clasp like a husband, who all too easily knows his wife's wardrobe.

A well-practiced maneuverer.

Instinctively, Jen grabs at the unrestrained flesh, forgetting for a moment this is what she wanted. A man to seduce her, unclothe her and make passionate love to her.

All in all, things were progressing well.

Paul's eyes widened at her breast’s release, a small sigh of his own a clear indication of his approval, let alone the confidence boost to Jen’s own morale, her hands fall completely away from her milky maiden tit’s, her nudity in front of someone else was different from the acts portrayed in seclusion.

A forward glance at the front of Paul’s jeans showed a large bulge straining to be let free.

In a dreamlike sequence, Jens hands reached up to the blue denim fabric. “Ooh, that’s hard.” as Jens hand attempts to squeeze the flesh beneath the zipper.

“For good reason Jen.” Paul flicks the belt buckle open, both ends fall away hanging down, and with another adept motion, pops the top button leaving only the fly to be undone. “Let me, please?” Begs Jen, Paul’s arms lift away giving full access to his remaining obstacle of her wanton desire.

Thumb and forefinger grasp the tiny metal flange of the slider, tugging it over the horizontal ridge of Paul’s erect manhood.

A small discernible “Mmm” could be heard as the boxer covered phallus poked its circumcised head out the top of the elastic hemmed short.

Two petite hands dragged the heavy cotton jean off the tops of Paul’s thighs, with it too, the boxers, now fully exposing the rigid tool, as it springs out and up, pointing to Jen in an almost begging way itself.

“I never thought they were sooo big, or hard.”

Jennifer's eyes transfixed on the object of her longing, mouth slightly ajar, her head leans in, as if to kiss the swollen monster.

Her left-hand raises, gently encompassing the shaft, no two digits able to touch either side, the girth greater than her hand.

“Oh god, that feel’s nice.” a shudder in his voice, a tremble in his loins, Pauls anticipation levels max out at Jens touch and the prospect of her lips taking his cock into her mouth.

Submitted: June 10, 2021

© Copyright 2021 kalelthemith. All rights reserved.


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Mum to the rescue.
A girl needs her mum.
Nicely written

Thu, June 10th, 2021 9:14am


Rescue or reprieve?

Thu, June 10th, 2021 2:21am


FUCK. That was the best chapter yet. The way you described them getting undressed was so hot. The descriptions of their bodies, big tits and a thick cock created amazing imagery.
I love the way you write

Fri, June 11th, 2021 7:32pm


Thank you, that means a lot.

Fri, June 11th, 2021 1:12pm

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