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Status: In Progress

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Chapter3 (v.1) - Rubber Ducks

Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: April 06, 2016

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Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: April 06, 2016



Chapter 3: Rubber Ducks

I don’t even know what to make of that kiss.  Brent definitely has a penchant for making his move just before I’m about to leave.  I guess, to be fair, it is the only time I’ve been alone with him since I came home a month ago.  “Now, downward dog,” I instruct my class, not giving them the full attention that they paid for and rightfully deserve.  We finish out the class and all make our way out to the lobby while I assist new clients with my current schedule and pay scale.

“I think yoga is my new favorite way to work out,” says a tall dark stranger in spandex.  Well hung from what I can tell, his pants leave nothing to the imagination.  And I mean nothing, apparently his member has a slight curve to the right.

“I’m glad you enjoyed it. I hope to see you again soon,” I tell him, keeping my tone all business while tending to other clients buying marketed goods.

“You definitely will.  I’m Jeremy by the way,” he informs me as he extends his hand for a shake.

I accept and place my palm in his as his gaze looks me up and down.  I know, without a doubt that he is imagining all the positions we did in class, but with me naked.  Comes with the territory I suppose.  Doesn’t mean that I like it.  Being a yoga instructor puts me in the top ten category of every male fantasy.  If he was to know I was a retired ballerina, he would probably go home and yank it as soon as he walked in the door.

He’s cute, under six feet and lean.  Dark hair and young skin, I put him close to my age.  Twenty-six, twenty-seven.  If I wasn’t so recently consumed with my childhood crush, I might even let him take me on a date.  Even though I don’t know where I stand with Brent at the moment, I’m willing to give it time to see where it leads.

“Chelsea.  Nice to meet you.”

“The pleasure was all mine, I assure you,” reluctantly he lets go of my hand and gives me a small wave as he turns and exits my store.

After my store has cleared out, I take my time cleaning up and shutting down for the day.  Suddenly, I hear Freddy Mercury singing about his best friend and I know that Melissa is calling.  “What’s up buttercup,” I answer in greeting.

“I found it,” she exclaims excitedly.

Rolling up the yoga mats, “I knew you lost it, I just didn’t think it could ever be found,” I tease.

“Ha,ha.  Not my sanity, that’s a lost cause.  No.  I found the dress!”

“Did you buy it yet?”

“Not yet.  I wanted your opinion.  Can you meet at the Big Day Bridal Boutique on Main?  It’s on sale and I want to get it before I lose my chance,” she pleas.

Flipping the switch, the studio goes dark, turning the key I lock up.  “Sure.  I’ll be there in twenty minutes.”

“I love you.”

“I love you too,” I tell my lifelong friend.  “I’ll see you shortly.”


I park on the street and put my dollar in the meter and make my way into the bridal store.  Immediately, I am assaulted by sales ladies, all gathering around me to make a sale.  “Can we help you?”

“When’s the big day?”

“You are going to be a gorgeous bride.  I know just the dress for you.”

I take a step back away from the hyenas as they stalk my every move.  “I’m here for someone else.”  I nervously search out Melissa in a sea of white lace and spot her by the shoes.  “I just found her.”  I dodge around my new entourage and make my way back to her.

“I’m so glad you’re here.  Sit over there,” she says, pointing to a large purple couch just outside of the dressing rooms.  “I’m going to change.”

Several minutes pass before Melissa finally emerges.  She looks beautiful.  Exactly like a bride should.  She glows as she twirls in her mermaid, sequined gown.  A tight halter bodice flows tightly along her curves and twirls outward toward the bottom.  “What do you think?”

A smile lights my face from ear to ear as I take in the beauty of my best friend.  “You look amazing!”  I’m so excited for her, I can’t wait to see George’s face when she walks down the aisle.

“The only problem is,” she begins as she takes in her image in the mirror.  “It’s slightly out of my price range.  George and I agreed we could only afford so much.  He’s such a tightwad, I don’t know if I can get him to go up.”  Her mood begins to falter and I watch the joy escape from her eyes as she struggles with her inner turmoil.

“How much extra,” I ask, not certain I want to know.

“An extra three hundred.  It’s not that far over budget, but I don’t think he’s going to budge for a dress I’m only going to wear for one night.  You know how he can get.”

I’m all too familiar with his penny pinching ways.  Growing up in a large family on a single income, my mother was the master of stretching the all-mighty dollar.  Everyone had to wear hand-me-downs.  Even as the only girl, I wore all of my brother’s old, worn out, ratty clothes until I was around twelve and my boobs became a problem.  My mother had to take me shopping for a whole new wardrobe.  That’s when I discovered the benefits of femininity.  “I’ll cover it,” I volunteer.  She’s been through a lot in her life and she deserves the dress she wants on her big day.

“I can’t let you do that,” Melissa insists.

“Nonsense.  Consider it my wedding gift to you.  It would be my honor as your maid of honor to help you buy the dress.”

The light returns to her eyes and I’m glad that I was here to stop her from putting away the dress of her dreams. 

After all is said and done I walk out to my car and find a ticket tacked to my windshield.  I guess it took a little longer than the hour that I had paid for at the meter and bad luck just happened to be walking down the street looking to find an offender.  My father is a retired cop, I have three brothers on the police force and I still get a ticket.  Truly, no good deed goes unpunished.

I rip the ticket off the glass and hop in my car, making my way home.  I pull up to the parking lot in front of my apartment building only to find that my reserved spot has been taken.  The entire parking lot is full and I have to park three blocks down.  Guess the bad karma continues.  Either I have done something, or I will do something that has pinned a target sign on my aura.  Not that I really believe any of that stuff, but who’s to say it isn’t real.  No need to push my luck on that front.

After a short hike to my own apartment, I fall through my front door ready to end my day with a hot bath and some left over Chinese in my fridge.  Stripping naked, I slip into my one-piece shower/tub combo filled with Mr. Bubble.  Luxury on a lackluster budget.  I could afford to pay for Melissa’s dress and I have plenty of money in my savings account, but with starting my own business, I need to make some cutbacks.  No more mall brand bubble bath, just brands with funny faces on the label.  Regardless, I enjoy the effervescence of the bubbles and sit back and relax, covering my face with a wet washcloth.

“You look comfortable,” says a masculine voice.

Sloshing water out of the tub, I yank the washcloth off of my face and try desperately to cover my naked, sudsy form.  Almost breaking my neck, I jolt out of the tub and try in vain to hide behind my rubber duck shower curtain.  Searching the small space for the source of my fear, I find Brent standing in the doorframe.  He must have just gotten off shift because he’s still wearing his police uniform.  His large shoulders fill the doorway, his head only inches from touching the top.  “What are you doing here,” I screech, still trying to cover myself.

“I thought you might like to have dinner,” Brent tells me as his eyes travel from my head to my pink painted toes and then back up, stopping at my breasts.

A clear rubber duck curtain does nothing to hide my nakedness and it is at this moment that I realize that I am still completely exposed.  “Could you be so kind as to throw me the towel,” I ask as I bat my eyelashes, trying to change tactics.

He pulls the pink towel off the rack, “This one?”


He rocks back on his heels and I can see whatever thought is formulating is not going to be in my favor.  “You have to come and get it,” he taunts as he waggles his eyebrows.

Refusing to be outdone, I yank the shower curtain back and step out of the tub and stride toward him.  Completely naked.  His jaw has a sexy little tick as he realizes that I’ve called his bluff.  A dancer can’t be ashamed of their body.  I take slow, calculated steps toward him maintaining eye contact, but his eyes roam all over my body until I am standing toe to toe with him. 

Standing firm, I don’t take my eyes off of his and he finally settles his look into mine.  I watch, fascinated by the heave of Brent’s chest as he struggles to find the oxygen he lacks.  A swirl of sexual tension floats around us and the urge to wrap my legs around his lean hips is overwhelming.  Although he may have been the one to put us in this situation, I’m not really certain that it would be well received if I jumped his bones.  There is a possibility, albeit slight, that he really isn’t interested in my that way.  Rejection is a part of life, but I don’t think I could handle it if Brent rejected me.

He offers the towel with a slight gesture of his hand, but I wave him off and place my hands at his hips and move him to the side and out of my way.  Brent stands in the bathroom alone as I walk down the hall to my bedroom and I can feel his heated stare on my ass.  That should teach him a lesson.

Now in the sanctity of my bedroom, I gulp down breaths of air trying to settle my nerves.  It was a gutsy move but with the look on his face, I know it was well worth it.  I slip on some yoga pants and a t-shirt and throw my hair into a pony tail as I prepare myself for the man who is probably waiting in my living room.

A few more deep breaths and I find the courage to open my bedroom door.  Standing just outside the door and in the hall is Brent.  Wholly unprepared to find him there, I jump back on a yelp.  “You scared the crap out of me,” I tell him as I slap my chest.

He doesn’t say anything, just steps toward me, his jaw hard and eyes on fire with lust.  His beautiful eyes are fully dilated with a halo of blue.  Instinctively, I step back into my room and he moves forward until I my legs are backed up against my queen-sized bed.  His large hand wraps around the nape of my neck as he pulls me toward him, smashing my soft body against his rock hard form.  He continues to stare at me, not speaking as if something has suddenly come to light.  What that could be, I have no clue.

Then it happens, Brent’s mouth comes down swiftly as his lips cover mine.  And he kisses me, hard.  In the past few days he’s kissed me twice, both times were sneak attacks just like now, but unlike the last time, this kiss wreaks of deprivation.  His tongue glides and strokes mine while his hand moves into my hair, pulling it out of the pony tail and spilling down my back.

One hand is wrapped around my waist and the other tangles in my hair until it is wound tightly like rope.  He tugs my head back, then assaults my neck with his wicked tongue.  I let out a small cry as I feel him suck on the bounding pulse on my throat.  I have no idea where this is going to lead to, either way I know it will be a night I’ll never forget.

Lifting his head from the crook of my neck, “I just couldn’t keep my hands off of you for another moment,” he tells me as he leans his forehead onto mine.  “I’ve been dying to do that for years.  You are the sexiest woman I have ever known.”

These words baffle me.  I know that recently he’s considered me as a bit more than his best friend’s sister, but I didn’t know he had been harboring these emotions for years.  Only because I am a weak woman, I tell him, “Then take what you’ve been waiting for.”

And that’s it.  That was all the encouragement he needed to lift my arms and remove my shirt.  My nervous fingers try to unbutton the small buttons of his uniform shirt and push it off his shoulders.  My hands are shaking as I tug at the black leather of his belt.  His warm fingers cover mine, to settle my hands and then makes quick work of divesting himself of his clothes.

He stands gloriously naked in front of me.  My teenage fantasies can’t even compare to the sight in front of me.  He’s all hard sinewy muscle and my fingers itch with the need to scrape my nails along the hair of his chest.  With just the right amount of force he pushes me down on the bed and covers my body with his.  His mouth crashes on to mine as his hands find their way under my pants.

Calloused fingers rub over the dampened, sensitive tissue between my legs.  This is right.  This is how it was meant to be.  Me in his arms, aching to feel him inside of me. He must be able to hear my thoughts.  “Take off your pants, baby,” he coos while taking one of my hardened nipples into his hot mouth.

The feeling of his tongue against the pert bud shoots lightening to my core, giving me all the encouragement I need to kick off these pesky yoga pants.

Now, both naked and breathing heavily, we lie on top of my bed making out and quickly making our way to third base.  His fingers between my legs penetrate deep as he methodically rubs the bundle of nerves that makes this all worth while.  I keen at his incendiary touch as I stroke his hard length.

Mid-flick, he stops and drops his head between my breasts.  “We have to stop, baby,” he tells me.

Disappointed is an understatement, “Why?”  I’ve never needed anything as badly as I need this man, right now.

“I don’t have a condom.”

“Is that all?  Well, hell, I have condoms,” I tell him as I promptly hop off the bed and dig around in my dresser.

Tossing the foil packet at him, I watch as he unrolls the rubber over his impressive erection.  My breasts jiggle slightly as I walk back toward him and place both knees on either side.  His hands cup my jaw as I slowly sink down onto his length until I am seated to the hilt.

“You feel amazing, Chelsea,” he puffs out in hard pants.  I wiggle my butt, trying to adjust to being so full.  His hands fly to my hips as he sets the pace he prefers and truthfully he knew exactly what I needed.  Without any warning, I feel the burn deep in my belly and I know that I am close. 

Quickly, he flips me and I am suddenly pinned beneath him.  Taking the reigns, his pelvis jabs and strokes while he rubs my clit.  With a tilt of my hips, he penetrates me deeper hitting the spot that only serves to take me higher.  “Let it out, baby,” I barely hear him instruct.  But I do.  Waves of my release shatter me and he continues his relentless strokes forcing a scream from my lips.

“Shit,” he hollers as his arms pin me and his body goes rigid, emptying himself inside of me.

He lies on top of me for several minutes, still fully seated inside of me and a part of me doesn’t ever want this feeling to end.  But, knowing this moment must come to an end, he finally pulls out and sits on the edge of the bed.  Removing the condom, he ties it off at the end and tosses it in the waste basket next to the bed. 

Since screaming an expletive with climax, he hasn’t so much as muttered a single word.  I manage to steal a glance as he walks back toward the bed.  His face his hard with regret and suddenly, I feel more naked than I did when I stepped out of the shower.

Too quickly, he puts his clothes back on and gives me a kiss on the forehead and walks out the door.  On the forehead!  Like your brother’s best friend would do.

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