Chapter 2: Thee Times

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Gay and Lesbian  |  House: Gay Erotica

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The Cute Painter

Part 2 – Three Times


In case you just starting and skipped part one. I met Aaron while he was painting a house across the street from me. We’ve been hanging out together for a while now. Aaron lives out in the country as I do. Actually just a few miles from where I live. He has a kind of nice place, it’s just a little apartment (bedroom, kitchen and, bathroom) attach to an old farmhouse that he rents. The nice older couple that is in the farmhouse, have him fix stuff and help around the farm. So, the rent is cheap.

 After first meeting him, he’s been over to my place all the time, all most every night. He’ll come over to visit me for a good time, some good talking and then want to spend the night. Instead of heading back to his place. You know what I mean. It sure was going well. Then one night, with our arms around each other, and him giving me a long kiss, he said something like;

“Jon, maybe we should change our setup.”

This scared me a little at first, maybe he meant to “break up” we’ve been having good sex the last few weeks. I didn’t like the sound of this.

“You mean like not spend so much time together with Aaron?”

“No, no, no Jon. I love you and boy, the sex man, that we have! We’ll just maybe move into my place a while. You know, trade-off now and then. So, may have more time with each other.”

Boy did that make me feel better. I agreed and we set up kind of a schedule to go by. We did talk a little about maybe selling one of the places for a while but, didn’t want to jinx what we had.

 So, I moved some of my stuff over there to Aaron’s. I’d still check my place now and then. It was kind of nice there, we were together more often, bullshit more often and most importantly, sex more often.

Now guess what… Having sex more often, that’s what this whole little story is all about.

One of those first days living there, I wake to a loud rumbling sound. Thunder coming from out west, and as a painter, Aaron doesn’t go to work on a rainy day. Me, it was the summer, I had no classes and just had to work in the morning. We both got up took a piss and brushed our teeth. Like always we stand next to one another at the sink and copy one another brushing. Manly to see who will laugh first, often me. We then headed back to the bedroom still just in our underwear. Aaron said;

“You got time Jon, let’s do it.”

We both pull our underwear off and I see Aaron has a hard-on already. I just laid on my back at the foot of the bed and then put my feet on Aaron’s shoulders after he was lubed up. He slowly inserts his eight inches into my hole and to me, it feels good and bad. He’s pumping pretty good and fast (he knows I’m do at work). Also looking at that cute face of Aaron’s pumping me, it’s starting to get me hard.

“Jon you feel so fuck’en good, I’m already losing it, man!”

 He pulled it out and it spirts out on to my abs chest and face. He then bends over and starts to lick some of his cum up, off my cock and abs. He then grabs my cock and tilts it up. Aaron starts sucking me even with all his cum on in it. Looking at that sexy boy sucking me off helped me lose all the faster.

 “Here it comes, man and I got plenty of it too, the boyfriend of mine!”

 As I yelled that out, I lost it! Now all my cum mixed with his is on my chest. He just kept licking it as I grabbed an old t-shirt off the floor to wipe it up. I had to get myself cleaned up and get to work. (get there with no cum on my face) We don’t do that very often in the morning, especially when we both have to get to work but, now with Aaron’s time off. That boy is always horny. (like me)

 I worked that day mainly thinking about Aaron and that nice cock of his. Once I even got a little hard myself but, back to work. I then got home from work, still thinking of it but, I was all pooped out. I walked in and see Aaron standing there in the kitchen and just in his underwear. He just said;

 “Have a good day Jon? Mine was kind of hard.”

 As he rubs his half-hard cock in his underwear and smiles at me in his odd sexy way. I then go into the bathroom, start to get washed up and Aaron follows me in. He pretty much comes up behind me at the sink and pulls my T-shirt over my head. He puts his chest against my now bareback. He unfastens my pants and lets them fall. I see him in the mirror and see he’s now rock hard.

 “Come on man, I said; I’m all pooped out and we did all this, this morning!”

 “Jon I’ve been here all day thinking of you!”

 He then pulled my pants off over my feet. I said nothing as he preps his long cock. Now with me holding one of the faucets handles and he now is greased up. He pushes that nice cock of his into my rear-end. I just said;

 “No, no, man, we just did this morning”

 I did sound sort of pissed. He then pumped me a little faster.

 “No man not now,” I said.

 He then went even faster. I then said;

 “Yes, do it, man, do it even harder. Yes!”

 As that boy fucks me, my half hard pecker slaps against the cold countertop. At first, Aaron held my hips, as he quickly is ramming me in & out, then putting his chest on my back and does that thing of his, a slow big giant slow pump, one at a time till he lost it. He put his arms around me tight and rests his chin on my shoulder and he said;

 “Jon, I love pumping you like that. I thought of you all day, your muscular back and your tight ass, God!”

 I just turn and look at him with an unhappy look. Like I was just raped or something but, my frown turns to a smile, as I lick my lips. Aaron looks down and then sees it, I have my own big hard-on going. He just turns halfway around, bends over and holds the bathroom door handle. As I start in pumping his cute ass and it feels really good, I lost it pretty quickly. Me thinking about him fucking me and me getting some of my cum on his back. I lick some off as he reached for the washcloth for the rest. With his back cleaned off, we just get into a long deep kiss, with our cocks still dripping and bumping together between us.

 “Sorry Jon, I was horny all day and thinking of you. Your pecker, that kiss of yours and that ass of yours.”

 “I was horny too man. I said; Maybe not that much.”  

 We both laugh and we have supper in the nude. Mainly talking about if too much sex is that good or bad for you.

 That night there was another flash of lightning and rumble of thunder. I wake to it and hear then Aaron’s wheezing, it’s not a snoring sound just a soft sexy wheezing sound. He often sleeps on his tummy so I shook him a little just to wake him. I then tried again, by just whispering his name. He said my name back so with me kneeling on my side of the bed, I swung one knee over him and had my now rock-hard cock slaps him in the ass.

 “Jon, what are you doing man? It’s eleven o'clock?”

 And here we go again. As I’ve told all in other stories, I can get hard anytime. Then with my hard cock prepped, I pushed it in him.

 “Jon I can’t do this that many times.”

 I fuck him up the ass on and on and I lost it. With him now sort of pissed off.

 “Jon you ass-hole, three times in one day! I got to work tomorrow!”

 I roll him over and there he’s got a heavy-duty hard-on himself. I tease him and just lick it one time and looked at him. Not suck it at all! I just play with it a little for a while, then he begs me to do something.

 “But dude, you said you don’t like it three times a day. I said; Now your hard as fuck, maybe even have some pre-cum dripping and you said you don’t want it a third time?”

 “Suck it, Jon, he said; let me fuck you or even just lick it for me, man! I’ll do anything for you man!”

 I then start with a long deep kiss. Move slowly down to his nipples lick them a while, then down to his balls. There tight too, do to his cock being so hard. I just licked them slowly and just a little.

 “Jon, I’m, I’m going to… Lose it.”

 And he did. I see his big cock moving by itself so I luckily got my mouth on it. Just in time or we would have had to change the sheets. He did swear at me some, during and after cumming but, we both did laugh about it at the end. A lot of sex and a lot of fun. We tried three or four times in one day again but, only on days when we nothing else to do. Trust me (as most of you know) the longer, wait the better it feels. 

 End of Part 2

 Let me know if you like my stories…


Submitted: January 30, 2020

© Copyright 2022 Jon Harder. All rights reserved.


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