Chapter 4: Overexposure

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Humor  |  House: Stripping and Humiliation

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Dopey was happy – that is until the following day, the day of the wedding, the day on which Samantha helped her dress for the big occasion.


Of course Dopey was not allowed to see Jarvis before the ceremony. It was just too much bad luck, but that did not stop Samantha from announcing her intention to visit him.


"Why?" exclaimed Dorothy aghast.


"It's his last chance to get to see to me before the wedding. I have my bridesmaidly duties to perform. I'm going to let him in by the back door"


Dorothy went into shock. Everyone knew what Samantha considered the duty of a bridesmaid to be. Jarvis was going to see to her. First she was going to try him for size, then she was going to squeeze him in, now he was going to give her a seeing to. It was too awful.


She regretted more than ever her decision to withold entry to her portal until after the wedding, and now he had free admission to Samantha's. If she was going to squeeze him in it might well be entry by the back door, but even that was insupportable. She knew Samantha had a reputation for dropping her knickers and leaving the back door open, but that didn't make things any better.


As soon as she was alone she picked up her phone and dialled Josh's number, "You've got to do something!"


Josh had been waiting for the call. Samantha had been well primed. He knew Dopey would go along with any suggestion. Josh told her to come round.


He was going to take some special pictures, to remind Jarvis of what he could expect.


"Dress off Dorothy," she did as she was told.


"Bra off Dorothy," she sighed and did as she was told.


"Panties off Dorothy."


"What!" Dopey hadn't been expecting that.


"You’re going to have to take your panties off Dorothy," Josh put on his most persuasive winning smile, "the bride nude on her wedding day! It's a must. It's absolutely the latest thing! Mind you Sam wouldn't do it!"


That settled it. If Samantha wouldn't do it, Dopey was a girl who would. Rather reluctantly she pulled her lovely white lacy panties off and posed wearing nothing but veil, white lacy stockings, blue ribbon garter and high heeled white satin shoes.



Josh snapped away happily until, "Hands behind your head Dorothy, throw your head back, arch your back, stick out your boobs. Brilliant!".



Dorothy did as she was told. She just had to. Josh smiled. It was the best picture ever. Miss Sexy Big Tits, nude on her wedding day, it was just the pose he wanted. It would be the final magnificent picture for Sexy Brides. Perhaps he’d start a new group – ‘Sexy brides nude on their wedding day’.


He got out his computer and uploaded the final picture labelled Miss Sexy Big Tits Nude on her Wedding Day to Sexy Brides. When could he show it to best effect, that was now the question. It was a fashionable afternoon wedding with an evening dance, the bride remaining in her wedding dress for the dancing. He had proposed ending an evening with a show of the wedding photos. Everybody would be in just the right mood for Miss Sexy Big Tits naked by then - except for her veil, her garter and her shoes that is. He'd show them a thing or two. Well, he'd show them two first, then he'd show them the thing! He laughed at his little joke.


It was of course Josh who had designs on Samantha's back door, or indeed her front door, or indeed both, he didn't really mind.


Despite his comments to Dopey he reckoned he could get Samantha naked as well, then they could both go on Sexy Brides. That would be really funny.


So when he got her alone in the shrubbery of the baronial hall he turned on the charm. But Samantha was not quite as easy as he had hoped. She refused to let him in until he showed her the key.


"Come on Little Guy," she said, "show me what's on offer. Get naked."


Josh was wearing traditional morning suit in dove grey with mauve cravate, mauve waistcoat and replete with top hat.


She made him keep his shoes, his hat and his cravate on as she took the picture. Josh shivering in the shrubbery, too eager to put the key in the lock to worry about a stupid photo.


"Have to have a souvenir Little Guy," she said taking off her dress and pulling down her knickers. Getting seen to at a wedding was indeed part of her duties, and he didn't look like he was going to be a tight squeeze!


The wedding went well. Dopey deliriously happy. She hadn't put her undies back on. She felt better without them.



The dance was going with a swing. Dorothy was happy. She'd kept her man. He'd be on a tight leash from now on - possibly literally. The only problem was keeping her dress up when dancing. She had been striving to lose weight. Her customary eleven stone two was down to ten stone four. As was the fashion she was dancing in her now strapless wedding dress and having a job keeping it up.


Josh was feeling happy as well - Samantha had fitted him in nicely and to round the day off he was about to put on the Wedding portraits.


Good old Sam was operating the computer with the slide show, Miss - now Mrs - Sexy Big Tits was jumping up and down with excitement unaware of her fate as the Sexy Bride of the Year photo came nearer and nearer to projection.


At last the big photo was next. Josh turned to the audience, "And finally, here's something you don't expect to see at a wedding. Samantha pressed the button and Josh turned to face the audience to see their expressions. A gale of laughter swept through the guests.


"Yes, yes,' triumphed Josh, "what stupid oik would pose for a picture like that."


The laughter redoubled. Then he noticed something strange. Mrs Sexy Big Tits was laughing loudest of all. She couldn't be! He spun round, and there up on the screen was a picture of himself, wearing nothing but white cuffs, a mauve cravate and a top hat, his all too little man painfully evident. It was labelled Little Man and made him look totally ridiculous.


Dopey was beside herself in fits of laughter, that is until Sam pressed the button for the next slide. After all Dopey had to be punished as well. Dopey looked at it open mouthed.


There she was displayed nude on her wedding day for all to see. She let out a big shriek, and as she did so her boobs finally lost the battle to keep her dress up and it slid gracefully to the floor. Miss Sexy Big Tits was indeed nude on her wedding day.

Submitted: May 26, 2021

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Love it just as much as your other words! That "Little man" twist at the end was amazing.

Thu, May 27th, 2021 8:08pm

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