Chapter 2: The Wedding Photographer

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Humor  |  House: Stripping and Humiliation

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It was a week before the big day and Jarvis and Dopey were horrified to discover that the posh photographer who was to cover their wedding had discovered that he was double booked and had to cover the wedding of some famous footballer to some famous pop star for Hello magazine on that day. It was impossible for them to find somebody else, until of course Josh volunteered. He was pretty good for an amateur, and the posh photographer even said he would do a good job; he had known Josh for a long time, he said. Josh was delighted at the ready success of his machinations, his ushering duties could be conferred elsewhere and he would be free to take the pictures.


But straight away he had to arrange the wedding portraits. These would of course be done before the wedding day. You can't waste time on the official portraits on the day itself - and it might be raining.


First of all the wedding party then the special portraits - the bride and bridesmaid - Dorothy and and Samantha were to come for portraits in the ancestral home.


They were of course dressed in their wedding and bridesmaid dresses respectively. Dopey had chosen, perhaps unwisely, a fashionably short, loose wedding dress. She was tall, but she didn't quite have the legs for it. Samantha, on the other hand, was tall and did have the legs for it. The dress also featured a fashionably low cut off the shoulder top which only seemed to hold Dopey's voluminous bosoms in place by some form of magical art and two thin straps.


The classical portraits went well. Josh was as unctuous and sycophantic as ever, but, despite the unsuitabilty of the dress, he managed to make the pictures look half decent. Amateur he might have been, but he liked photographing pretty girls and he needed to make a good job of it to further his plan.


But towards the end of the shoot Samantha started to become more and more flirty, pouting, putting her hand on her hip, sticking her behind out and looking doe eyed. Dopey looked on alarmed, all her insecurities back: Samantha wasn't flirting with Josh, so she thought - she wanted flirty pictures for Jarvis, she wanted to fit him in, to try him for size. It was all too much. By the time the session was over Josh found her in tears, still in her dress and gently sobbing.


He smiled to himself. Sam had done her job well, he could always get Sam to do things, but Miss Big Tits was his target, the way he would get his revenge, and she needed to be played.


"What's up Dopes," he said, "anything I can do?"


Dopey shook her head, "Just nerves," she said.


"Oh, I think it's more than that. Samantha getting to you? She's a sexy girl and she likes to tease," well he knew that would provoke her.


Dorothy nodded, "Why can't I be all sexy like that. I just can't you know."


"Of course you can. It's just that you need somebody to bring it out. You know what – it’s becoming really the thing to take sexy pics of the bride in her wedding outfit. It’s a real turn on for the husband as well. Jarvis'd love it. He's a bit too shy to ask you that himself. But I know Jarvis, he'd love it!"


He saw Dorothy's face light up. Somebody would make her look sexy. She knew she could be sexy deep down and here was a chance to show it. She nodded.


Josh smiled back encouragingly as she took the first step to perdition. This was going to be fun! He would make her look really sexy - and that would only be the start.


So he had her hitching up her dress, sticking out her bum, jiggling her boobs, licking her lips. Slut in a wedding dress was the look he was after - and it wasn't hard to get it.


"Lose the straps on the dress Dopes," he said, "They make you look like a matron."


"My boobs'll fall out!" Dopey looked a bit alarmed.


"Well if you want to look like a matron Dorothy."


Dorothy was ridiculously pleased. He had stopped using her stupid nick-name. He must really respect her. She tested her bodice. Of course her boobs wouldn't drop out. Perish the thought! She unclipped the straps and took them off.


"That's great Dorothy. How about a little nip slip?" it was a bold move on Josh's part, but he had an idea Dorothy would take the bait. And he was rarely wrong.




"Just let one of your nipples show. Your boobs are so sexy! It would look great!"


"I don't know," she was wavering and Josh struck home.


"It would rather highlight the difference between you and Sam," she couldn't get her nipple out quick enough. The picture made it look like a real Oops! of an accident. Dopey loved it.


Josh smiled - candy off a baby, fish in a barrel, he could play her like a violin!


"Hitch your skirt up. Let's have the stockings and panties shot."




“Absolutely. A flash of the bride’s white lace stockings and panties. That’s the really sexy shot. Must have that! Everybody has that shot.”


She was putty in his hands now. Josh must think she was sexier than Samantha. He hadn't asked Samantha to get a boob out or flash her panties.


"You are wearing white lace panties aren't you?"


Dopey nodded.


"Go on then."


Dopey was totally entranced. She hitched up her skirt; josh smiled, well on the way to perdition, her white lace panties were very becoming, very brief and very sexy. He got her to bend and show off her panties from behind.


Josh snapped away happily. Boob out, panties on show. The sexy bride look was complete. Miss Sexy Big Tits was going to look great on Sniggr.

Submitted: May 26, 2021

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