We All Do It

We All Do It We All Do It

Status: In Progress

Genre: Erotica


Status: In Progress

Genre: Erotica


Who's posting my picture?


Who's posting my picture?

Chapter3 (v.1) - Linda

Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: July 31, 2020

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Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: July 31, 2020



I had a plan to trap Tim.  He would have to make the basic video with the model, if I could follow him I would locate her then I would have the evidence. It seemed simple. When he left the office I crept after him. He took the tube up to Kings Cross, then strolled down some back streets until he reached a rather sleazy looking establishment. 'Cross Kings Sauna and Massage', it read, 'Ladies and Gentlemen welcome'.


That was it. It was the sort of sleazy dive where he might pick up a girl to act as a model. He went in through the door. There was only one thing for it. I would have to follow him. I gave it five minutes and crept in.


"Nice to see a lady in," sniffed the girl behind the counter, who seemed to have a cold, "or are you after a job?"


"No, I've come for a...," I looked hastily up at the price list on the wall, "...a half hour special.". It was the first thing I saw.


"Here's your towel then. Room 3. Just pop in and take your clothes off. If you would like to pick one of the girls she'll be along to see to you shortly," and she showed me the pictures of the masseuses on the wall. There was one who looked as if she could pass for me.


"I'll have her, Linda," I said.


"Linda is with a gentleman at the moment...," I bet she was - plotting with Tim, "...but she'll only be a few minutes if you just strip off and lie down on the couch."


I hadn't really intended to have the actual massage, but the opportunity of pumping Linda was too good to miss. I handed over my thirty pounds, crept along to Room 3. It was a cubicle about ten feet square. In the middle was a massage couch, along the walls and on the ceiling were mirrors so you could watch yourself being massaged. I stripped off, put my clothes on a chair in the corner and lay down my heart thumping.


It gave a leap when she came in. She was really very like me. Same height, same sort of figure, same shape face.


"Face down first," she said and poured warm oil over my back, "nice to have a lady to work on," she said, echoing the receptionist, don't get many in, a few regulars that's all, "It was the special you wanted. That's right?"


"Yes," I gasped as she kneaded my buttocks. I had no idea what a special was, and in any case I had other things on my mind.


"Is this a full time job for you?" I asked.


"Yeah. I do a bit of acting as well though."


"Straight acting or... Or...," I didn't quite know how to put it.


"Porn you mean?"


"Well yes."


"Yeah I do a bit of that. Artistic stuff you know. Nothing gross."


Nothing gross! Ha! There was one thing I had to do. One thing that would confirm my suspicions. See if she had the butterfly tattoo on her bum cheek.


"Can I ask you something?" I was going to have to be subtle here.




"It's like a special request."


"Go on."


"I'd like you to strip naked for me to do the massage?"


I'd expected some sort of shocked response, but she'd probably heard it all before.


"Sure. Twenty quid extra."


"I'd like that," I said.


Without a word she slipped off her masseuse uniform. She had nothing on underneath. Perhaps it wasn't that unusual a request. I needed her to turn round though, so I could see her bum.


"Okay, turn over love. Let the dog see the rabbit," she slapped my bottom and I turned face up.


Oil was poured over my stomach and breasts and she started to work again.


"What sort of porn do you do?" I asked, pumping her some more.


"Why? Looking for a job are you?"


"No, just curious."


"Curiosity they say, killed the cat."


Oh! She was massaging my boobs and was now tweaking my nipples.


"Nice that, isn't it?" She said.


Was it some sort of warning?


"Yes," I replied.


Her hands moved to massaging my thighs.


"A special wasn't it?"




It was then that I discovered what 'a special' was.


He fingers moved delicately between my slit and felt out my clitoris.


"Nice?" she asked again.


"Very nice," I said. I'd asked for a special and I'd have to go through with it. I involuntarily let my legs fall apart and she worked me up to a noisy climax with her right hand while fondling my boobs and nipples with her left. She was obviously well practised. She must have had a few lady customers.


Soon my back was arching and my hips were bucking as I came to a climax. But even through it all I knew I had to look out for the butterfly. She turned and bent over to pick up her uniform. Pink, round and smooth her bottom cheeks were flawless. There was no sign of the butterfly tattoo.


I got dressed and crept out the room. At the same time the door to the room opposite opened and a man came out. Tim.


He grinned.


"Sounded like Linda gave you a good seeing to," he said.


He knew. He absolutely knew!


Scarlet with shame, I turned on my heels and fled.

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