Chapter 5: The Shame of Her Nakedness

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: General Erotica  |  House: Stripping and Humiliation

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Trudy had vowed that she wouldn't pose any more after she had been so embarrassed on the beach. But of course back in her flat she saw things differently. Hundreds of girls went topless on the beach on foreign holidays. She had been such a prude! After all she had said about not being so, her modest upbringing had got the better of her and she had been a total prude.


She regretted having told Josh she'd have no more of his calendar. She had spent nearly two hundred pounds of the Crusade's budget on sexy clothes and the calendar was her only justification. Obadiah, the band leader had rung her to remind her to use the money to buy the new big drum the band needed and she hadn't dare tell him that she'd spent the money on sexy knickers.


She'd have to go through with the calendar - then the Crusade would understand that she'd done it to make money. They weren't puritans were they?


She had rung up Josh and agreed to another day's shoot. He'd assured her it would be in private and immediately she felt the excitement return.


She was naked again in front of the mirror. The sight of her bare vagina waiting for the magic spray had her heart thumping. She picked up the can, separated her smooth shaved labia with her fingers, pointed and pressed.


Ooooh! She was hopping and rubbing for several minutes feeling about to explode with pleasure, so that by the time she set off to meet Josh in the little wine bar she was as excited at the thought of the shoot as ever.


Josh had a new proposition.


"For the autumn months," he suggested, "I thought some pictures indoors, maybe in a nice sexy nightie."


Trudy was entranced, except that she didn't own a sexy nightie. There was however just enough money left in the Crusade kitty to buy one.


Back in Sexy Girl Trudy stood naked in the changing cubicle as Josh handed her some sexy nighties to try on. They eventually settled on one in traditional baby doll style. Josh smiled to himself. It was perfect, quite see through and barely long enough to hide her sex. It should of course have been worn with a pair of sheer panties, but Josh wasn't going to let Trudy anywhere near those.


He took Trudy back to his apartment. He wanted her on his territory. That would put him in the position of authority. That was so important for the next stage.


"Come on Sexy Girl," josh shouted through the door to where Trudy was changing in the bedroom. Trudy was reluctant to come out. Looking at herself in the mirror she found she could see her naked form through the material. But what could she do. She had no money for anything else. She had to go through with it.


She came out into the living room, trying to hold the nightie down to cover both her bare bottom and her bare sex at the same time. It was at once both so embarrassing and so thrilling.


And of course once the shoot started there was no hiding anything. Josh kept telling her there was nothing showing, but she was sure there was, sure her vagina was on display. But she could do nothing to stop it, and the thought gave her such a thrill that she didn't want to.


Josh looked down at her and smiled. He had got her down on her hands and knees. It was a deliberately submissive position and he wanted her submissive. He arched her back down so that her bottom stuck up. From behind, the nightie of course covered nothing. Between her legs her vagina lips, smooth and bare, were fully visible.


Trudy's heart was racing. She felt Josh's hand gently pull the nightie up so that her bottom was completely bare. She didn't know how to stop him. She didn't want to stop him.


How far up was he going to pull it? Further and further up it came until it gently came over her head.


Josh knew she'd make no resistance as he took the nightie right off. She must know now that she was going to have to pose nude. Completely nude. He smiled down at her, flushed red and quivering with embarrassment.


"My perfect Sexy Girl," he said, "my perfect nude Sexy Girl."


The camera clicked and Trudy still didn't move. She was his nude Sexy Girl to do with as he liked.


"Well Sexy Girl," he said, "we have one new picture that I need for December."


Trudy wondered what it could be. She had submitted to total nudity, what more could there be? She suddenly trembled as she felt his hand firmly placed on her bare bottom, felt it start to caress her there.


She was held there totally immobilised by the pleasure such caressing gave her. She realised that by permitting such a liberty she was signalling her total submission, but such was the electrifying effect, she just couldn't move.


"The December picture," he said.


"Yes," said Trudy, her voice quavering with excitement.


"You conducting the band. As if conducting Christmas Carols."


"Yes," Trudy's voice still quavered.


"I want a picture of you conducting the band in the town square completely in the nude."


"What!" naked on all fours Trudy looked wildly up at him embarrassment flooding back, but still held immobile by the hand on her bottom, "I can't do that. I just can't."


"Oh yes you can my pet."


"I can't," it was just too much to ask, "And I won't."


"Oh yes you will. Without a shadow of a doubt tomorrow you will stand in front of the band, in the town square, without a stitch of clothing on, so that everyone can see you completely naked and you will conduct the band."


"Josh, Josh. You can't want to humiliate me like that."


"Oh yes I can. My intention is precisely to totally humiliate you in front of your colleagues. Fun isn't it. Exactly how much of the Crusade's money have you stolen?"


"It isn't stolen. It's an investment."


"Well it's only an investment if you complete the final picture isn't it. Then I can make an advance of two hundred pounds for the calendar and the debt is repaid. If not. Oh dear. All these lovely pictures for nothing. I'll have to sell them to recoup my losses."


Naked and humiliated Trudy looked up at his smiling face. He had stopped caressing her but she didn't move.


"Please don't make me."


"Why don't you try begging."


"Please, please, I'll do anything."


"You know what. I really want to see you conduct the band naked, completely nude. I want to see them all looking at your delightful nude body and think 'What big nipples the tight arsed little prude's got' and 'I didn't know she shaved down there!’ What fun it will be. Up you get now and remember - the band plays at ten in the morning and I can't wait to see you. All of you!", and he slapped her hard on the bottom as she ran to grab her clothes, burning with the shame of her nakedness and the realisation of how she had been duped.

Submitted: May 07, 2021

© Copyright 2022 Joex. All rights reserved.


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