Chapter 4: The Outline of Her Nipples

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: General Erotica  |  House: Stripping and Humiliation

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Trudy was up early the next morning. She had to look right for today’s shoot. She sat naked in front of her mirror with her legs wide apart looking closely at her private parts. Despite all she said about not being a prude she had been brought up not to look and not to touch. Now she was going to do both. She stroked her vaginal lips. They were nice and smooth, and really pretty, she thought. She picked up the bottle of after shave and gritting her teeth pointed it straight up the opening and sprayed. She was desperate to repeat her experience of the day before and felt that the preparatory stinging spray was essential to sensitise the area. It did! She hopped about for a full two minutes before she could bear to start rubbing again. But when she did the effect was just fantastic. She felt on top of the world when she set off to meet Josh again.


Josh had another trip planned, “I thought we’d go to the seaside Sexy Girl,” he said, “get some pictures of you in a bikini for the summer months. We can stop by your place to pick one up.”


Trudy gulped. She didn’t own a bikini. The only swimsuit she had was a very modest old one piece effort. She just couldn’t be photographed in that!


“We’ll stop by the shop and pick one up,” she said, “I need a new one and I feel like wearing something special.”


“As you like Sexy Girl.”


And off they went to what she now regarded as 'her' shop. Trudy was soon back in the little changing cubicle behind the swing doors being handed a series of extremely itsy-bitsy bikinis by Josh. Of course she had to strip naked to try them on and of course Josh got a nice look at her bare behind through the gap in the doors. A nice little preview, he thought to himself, something to whet his appetite for things to come.


Eventually Trudy settled on a little white bikini – not much more than a triangle of material at the front and a couple of patches to hide her nipples. She was astounded at the size of the dent that they made in the Crusade budget account, but Trudy told herself that it was an investment, that the crusaders would absolutely approve of what she was doing, that she would easily pay back the money.


They drove down to the beach which was about twenty miles from the little town where Trudy lived. It was a popular seaside town with a sandy beach leading up to the big cold breakers of the North Sea.


Trudy loved it. She posed for the photographs lying, standing, sitting on the beach. She particularly liked the picture standing looking out to sea, head turned back towards the camera, lips pouting. Josh liked it too: from behind she almost looked as if she had nothing on, the thong like strap of the bikini neatly bisecting her next to bare buttocks.


“Why not go in the water?” asked Josh, “that would make the best picture.”


Trudy looked at the big waves a bit apprehensively and dipped her toe in.


“It’s freezing!” she yelled, but with coaxing from Josh she ventured further and further in as her skin got used to the icy water.


“Look at me! Look at me!” she yelled as Josh stood on the shore snapping away, “Come on in Softy!”


It was perhaps a pity that she had her back turned to the very big wave that bore down on her. Josh saw it of course, and I suppose he could have shouted out a warning, but then that wouldn’t have been so funny as watching it knock her over. Over and over she went tumbling as she was washed ashore in the wave. Only when she stood up did she realise that the water had pulled down the skimpy top of her bikini. Cold and firm from the icy water her goose bump covered breasts pointed straight ahead in front of her like two large pneumatic bumpers, each topped by a firm, dark nipple.


She looked down at them, giggled and clapped her hands over her nipples. They felt hard and cold to the touch.


“Ooh!,” she said, turning bright red, suddenly struck once more by the old embarrassment at her nudity “Oops!” and she giggled nervously as she hastily pulled up the two patches to cover her nipples again.


Josh looked at her smiling to himself again. She hadn’t realised it. Probably from her viewpoint it hadn’t been obvious, but Josh had suspected what the effect of the water on the material of the bikini would be. Cold and wet the bikini had turned semi-transparent. Through the translucent material, clinging tightly to the skin, the outline of her nipples, and even the outline of her intimate lips were clearly visible to all. It made a great photograph.


“Oh dear,” said Josh, “I had an idea but perhaps not.”


“What idea?”


“Well you wouldn’t like it. It’s silly really.”


“Just try me. I might like it.”


“Well just after seeing my Sexy Girl like that I thought what a great picture it would make. I mean without the bikini top. But forget it – silly idea really. I mean it would have been quite respectable. You just looked so lovely with your hands holding your boobies like that. I just thought it would make a great picture.”


Trudy turned red at the thought of it, but somehow the idea excited her as well. Boobies – she had never heard her breasts called boobies before and somehow the word filled her with even more excitement – and then it would be respectable if she hid her nipples with her hands wouldn’t it. She made up her mind all of a sudden.


“Well I wouldn’t do this for just anyone! But as it’s you!”


In an instance she had her top off, flung it on to the beach so as not to be tempted to put it back on again and clapped her hands over her nipples.


“Go on then!” she shouted.


Yes – yes – yes! Josh rejoiced inwardly. Another hurdle overcome. He had her! He really had her! He’d have the tight arsed little prude bare breasted before long. Then there was just the final hurdle and the final straight.


He took the picture.


“Beautiful,” he said, “hands behind your head for the next one.”


And of course she did it. Pretence of nipple covered respectability gone, her lovely round breasts, big, pink and globular like two overripe watermelons displayed for all to see. There standing in the edge of the water Trudy posed hardly noticing the crowds gathering. After all who doesn’t like to see a beautiful topless model being photographed.


“Well done Sexy Girl,” said Josh finally, “what lovely peaches and what a lovely show for the folks.” He gestured round at the watching crowd.


For the first time Trudy saw the audience and suddenly realised what she had done. She had posed near naked in front of an audience. Her modesty flooded back as if a damn had burst: turning bright red with shame and doing her best to cover her maidenly bits with her hands she splashed back to the shore.


Josh suppressed a grin as his effort at causing her maximum embarrassment succeeded, and how much he looked forwards to her final humiliation! Her now inevitable final humiliation.


"Well done Sexy Girl," he said as he drove her home, still trembling with embarrassment, "I've a great idea for tomorrow."

Submitted: May 07, 2021

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