Chapter 2: Sexy Girl

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: General Erotica  |  House: Stripping and Humiliation

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Trudy was so excited she could hardly sleep, her mind alternating between shame at the vanity of wanting to be photographed and excitement at the thought that someone wanted to photograph her.


She could hardly wait for lunch time. She washed and ironed her best uniform and set off for the wine bar. Josh quickly got over the disappointment of her turning up in her uniform, after all what did he expect - that she would come in a mini skirt!


He greeted her warmly, "Trudy darling, how lovely you look."


Trudy blushed a delightful pink. They ordered a light salad lunch and then set off for the photoshoot. Josh was a reasonably accomplished amateur photographer and he did have a very expensive camera! He had selected a secluded part of the local park for the first pictures. He soon pointed out however that it was rather difficult to get anything really good with Trudy in the passion crusher of a uniform. He showed her the pictures on his large digital camera. She did indeed look lovely but...


"Trudy love..."


"Yes," Trudy looked at him in panic. The pictures were no good. She was going to be dumped before she had hardly started.


"Lovely as these pictures are, I think it would really add to the calendar if we had some of you dressed casually. Do you have a nice skirt and blouse you could wear?"


Trudy was mortified. She owned not one suitable skirt. She dressed mainly in jeans and a sweater. She shook her head,


"Really," she said, trying to sound cool, "I need to get something new. Perhaps if we went shopping now." It was a ploy born of desperation. She was desperate to look good in the pictures.


They set off down the High Street, Trudy heading towards her trusty Marks and Spencers. Josh however was having nothing of it. She suddenly found herself guided towards a fashionable boutique bearing the name 'Sexy Girl'. He stopped suddenly.


"Sorry," he said, "Sexy Girl - perhaps not appropriate for the Moral Crusade."


"I keep telling you," Trudy found herself saying, "We're not puritans in the Moral Crusade. There is nothing wrong in a girl dressing to look good. What we are opposed to is drunkenness, and drugs and gambling..."


"And sex..." said Josh - tight arsed little prudes always had a thing about sex.


"Not at all..." Trudy found herself again desperate not to appear a prude, "sex.." She mumbled it, finding it difficult even to say the word, "gives a lot of pleasure..." She tailed off. How on earth did she know - she'd never had any. She’d been brought up to be so modest and reserved about such things, "It's just the exploitation and promiscuity that we are opposed to.”


By that time they were in Sexy Girl and she had no choice. Josh proved himself to be an expert shopper for girls. He collected some pretty sundresses while Trudy stared at clothes, the like of which she had never worn before. He handed them to her.


"Here, try these on. Let's see if they suit."


Trudy looked round for a fitting room. There wasn't one. It wasn't that sort of establishment. Not a proper fitting room anyway - not one with a door you could lock. The management were well aware that such rooms were a gift to shoplifters. If you wanted to try things on there were little cubicles with swing doors like the bat wing ones you see in old westerns, which meant the girl's head and her legs were visible as she got changed.


Trudy took the dresses in and gasped. The doors didn't even meet properly in the middle. Trudy had so wished not to be regarded as a prude, but she had been brought up to be so modest that she was extraordinarily embarrassed about her naked body. She looked at the flimsy doors. How could she take off her uniform in there. Josh would get a glimpse of her in her bra and pants. But she was desperate not to appear a prude. Fingers trembling she undid her buttons and the uniform came off. The rather matronly bra and pants went briefly on display, then she put the first dress on.


How she loved modelling those dresses for Josh. One after the other. Flouncing round the shop. Transformed into Sexy Girl all at once. All embarrassment at flashing bra and pants forgotten.


She bought a pretty little sun dress. Short hemmed, with a decorated low cut cotton top.


"I'll wear it now," she announced to the surprised assistant, "I want to do some more shots now," she announced to Josh.


"Whoa there," he said, "I'm sorry love. No can do."


Trudy was devastated.


"What's the matter?"


"Well Trudy, I'm afraid there's no polite way of putting this. Your bra and panties show through. I'm afraid with that outfit you need appropriate underwear."


"What do you mean?" Trudy saw her beloved photoshoot going up in smoke.


"You need some er... Sexy lingerie. We can’t have underwear visible through the dress and with a short hemline like that well... From time to time you'll flash your panties. Can't be helped. Sorry it was a bad idea. Perhaps we had better try M&S."


"No, no" Trudy had fallen in love with her little dress, "the Moral Crusade doesn't object to a girl looking good. I'll buy something appropriate," she looked wildly round, "what would be appropriate?" she asked in desperation. She had never bought sexy underwear in her life!


"These," Josh picked out a lacy bra and pair of white scanty-panties.


Trudy almost snatched them out his hand and rushed back into the cubicle. Then she realised she was going to have to strip naked to put them on. But what did she care, she just had to wear them.


Josh watched through the gap in the swing doors. He'd come a long way in just a couple of hours - from dowdy uniform to a glimpse of the actual tight arse itself. It was proof of his powers.


The purchases made they walked back to the park. Trudy transformed into Sexy Girl, so that when Josh had her adopt 'glamour' poses, head thrown back, lips pouting, hips curving she was all together so pleased to agree.


And when he said, "Give us a flash of those sexy panties Trudy," she really felt it was thing of which The Moral Crusade would absolutely approve.


"Well I wouldn't do that for just anyone, but as it’s you... Tomorrow... We'll see tomorrow"


Well it might have been a blatant ploy for another day's photoshoot but they agreed to meet next day for a further shoot, and Trudy went off entranced, not even caring that she'd spent half that year's budget of the crusade on a little sun dress, a lacy bra and a pair of knickers.

Submitted: May 07, 2021

© Copyright 2022 Joex. All rights reserved.


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