God Games (Beginning & End) #RETOLD

Status: In Progress

God Games (Beginning & End) #RETOLD

Status: In Progress

God Games (Beginning & End) #RETOLD

Book by: JaayAnon


Genre: Fantasy


Two souls tethered for eternity; it was both a blessing and a curse, but it's the loss of their newborn son that starts this dark chain of events. (#RETOLD Version)


Two souls tethered for eternity; it was both a blessing and a curse, but it's the loss of their newborn son that starts this dark chain of events. (#RETOLD Version)

Chapter3 (v.1) - Distractions

Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: November 18, 2016

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Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: November 18, 2016






× Three weeks earlier...

I stirred as the ray of sunlight glazed over my closed eyes, pulling me further conscious. My head felt cool, wet as it rested on top of what felt like the mountain of Kali’s hoarded pillows while the rest of my body was covered beneath the warmth of heavy cotton woven blankets.

“Ashaa?” I heard someone say and it wasn’t Kali.

“Alpha, she’s awake!” Another shouted.

“Where am I?” I murmured as I tried to re-gather my thoughts and sit up. I was expecting to be greeted by my own family, not someone else’s.

“Rest easy,” I heard a more familiar voice say gently while my vision was still hazy. Her hand pressed firmly against my chest, pushing me back down onto the bed as she reassured me that I was fine. Carefully, she took the wet towel from head and replaced it with a much cooler one. “Rodrick,” She called out in a much more commanding voice. “Step outside and let Kaliska know that her wife has awoken. Esmerill and Vitani, please step out and assist as well.”

“Your will,” The three responded as they confirmed her orders and made their way for the glass doors leading outside onto the patio.

“Where’s Kali?” I asked quietly, realizing that my caretaker was not who I thought it’d be. Her glances were as quick and evasive as they were careful and methodical, and she took great care to ensure our interaction was severely limited. Even after all these years, it seemed neither of us were still particularly fond of each other’s company. “Maiandra, where’s my family?” I asked again with a much firmer tone, hoping she’d actually provide an answer this time.

“Do not get out of bed,” Maiandra instructed and parted her lips once more, as if she were planning to say something else, but ultimately shook her head and rose from her seat.

With nothing more to say to her, I turned my head away and glanced around the house that Kaliska had built with her own two hands. Each room of the house was carefully designed and crafted to her image of the perfect house, or at-least the second perfect house. The glass walls and windows pleasurably displayed the grand sight of the ocean to our right and the surrounding forestry further to our left. What few walls we had within the interior, they were painted with the pictorial history of both our families based solely on what she remembered but only because she had an interesting obsession with never allowing herself to forget.

“These are for you,” I heard her suddenly say as I turned my head back to her. In one hand, she held two small capsules while the other held a short glass of water. “Kaliska asked that you take these as soon as you awoke.”

“I already took them,” I lied and waved my hand dismissively.

“She said you’d say that,” She responded firmly. “Now take them, they’re meant to help you with-“

“Don’t play nice on my behalf,” I said as I finally addressed the elephant in the room. Her presence was neither desired or required. “You’ve dismissed your family from the house so why don’t we just skip the pleasantries and go straight to the reason why you’re here, Maiandra?”

She laughed humorlessly for a moment before putting on one of the politest smiles I’d ever had the displeasure of seeing. “I’m here on behalf of Lantau,” She said almost as if she had planned the answer ahead of time. “As we all know, your child has been the talk of the entire island since Kaliska announced your pregnancy. They’re all much too eager to meet Kylan.”

“Not you though,” I commented as her eyes narrowed. “I mean, why look forward to it? He shares the blood of the same creatures you loathe, and now Kali seeks to name him as her successor and he’s not even biologically related to your species.”

“Do not misunderstand my presence here today,” She suddenly said with a firm tone. “Despite my beliefs and our obvious differences, your child is a blessing to us. I understand that you feel as though I’ve wronged you and that- in your eyes– I might be the villain who seduced Kaliska all those years ago, but I’d like to think of you as one of the Original family members since you are considered the second alpha of the Mahona family.” She sympathized. “Hate me, if it pleases you, but Kali was the one that asked for my assistance today.” As she went on, her words grew a bit kinder. “I know that I’m not the first person you wanted to see when you awoke but I am not here just as Kali’s family. I’m here as yours too, Ashaa.”

“I don’t condemn you for the past,” I admitted with a sigh. Although we’ve never gotten along since what happened between her and Kaliska, I couldn’t blame her but I couldn’t exactly forgive her actions either. Putting that aside, she was generally unlikable and quite possibly the only Original family member I couldn’t stand to be in the same room with. We had nothing in common or anything pleasant to say to the other. I didn’t know why I hated her, she was just one of those people I’d never want anything to do with. “I just don’t particularly enjoy your company.”

“The feeling is mutual,” She countered with a sigh of her own.

“Ash?” I heard Kali say from across the room.

She began walking towards me, cradling the infant in her arms with great care. I tried to sit up again, to catch a better view of the baby in her arms. Thankfully, Maiandra did nothing to stop my efforts as I was greeted by the sounds of his sweet, sweet laughter. He had creamy light skin and soft blue eyes that were wide-awake while staring up at me. He also wore a cute green full-body dinosaur clothes while his tiny feet were bare, but he was much larger than he was a few hours ago. Was he getting bigger or did it just feel that way because I was asleep for most his life?

“It’s not just you,” She said reassuringly while taking a seat beside me. The little boy began to babble excitedly while staring up at the both of us. “He’s definitely growing faster than we’ve anticipated.”

“Has Gale seen him yet?” I asked, reaching over to stroke the boy’s blonde hair.

“He’s outside now,” She leaned over and kissed the top of my head. “I told him to give us a few minutes so you could spend some time with Kylan without some doctor hovering,” She said with a charming smile.

“Thanks,” I smiled at her before turning my attention to our baby. “You’re so perfect,” I cooed while tapping the boy on his nose. Gleefully, he reached out for my finger and continued babbling throughout his inspection of my hand.

“He is, isn’t he?” Kali asked with a growing smile, bouncing lightly on the mattress as she was unable to contain her own excitement.


× Present day.

“There it is,” Kali whispered soothingly into my ear, pulling me out of my head long enough to see the island in the distance.

Lantau, the island home of an entire species. Though its history, while controversial, was an interesting story to tell. After all, they betrayed an entire civilization to claim the territory as their own. I remembered trying to convince them, to dissuade them from killing countless people but they all agreed that it was a necessary sacrifice to ensure their own survival. Kali didn’t speak to me for weeks after that. No matter how hard I tried, she couldn’t look or even stand near me too long without feeling both proud and ashamed of her decision to take the island.

Despite its history, it was a huge, beautiful and lush place filled with wondrous scenery and an overwhelming sense of peace… or at-least that’s how it felt before. Even from this distance, I could see the small patch of black, charcoal trees that fell victim to the same fire that took Kylan from us. 

“At-least the fire didn’t do much damage,” I commented solemnly before feeling Kali’s grip around my waist tighten from my choice of words.

“It’s going to be okay,” She tried to reassure me, planting a soft kiss on the side of my face. “We’re going to make it through this, okay?”

“Yeah,” I said quietly as I suddenly found myself glancing between the both of us. For a moment, there was a small part of me was still hoping– wishing- to see Kylan there, sitting happily between us with his cheeky grin. His laughs were the very definition of joy; he was curious and full of life, but I was left with nothing except his baby blanket and the memories of another child buried before me.

“It’s okay,” Her voice grew softer as I felt her move closer, meeting me face-to-face. “I’m not going to let you go through any of this alone,” She reached for the small blanket between us and carefully dabbed beneath my eyes, though I didn’t even realize that I might’ve been crying this entire time. “Look, see? It’s going to be okay, baby, don’t cry.”

“He was two weeks,” I muttered with the heavy weight of life’s cruelty. Though I guess I should be lucky that it didn’t hurt to breathe, at-least not in this very moment with her.

“I know,” She sympathized but made no effort to speak any more than she already had, and I couldn’t blame her.

Since his birth, we hadn’t gotten any time to ourselves and Kali knew that. She wanted to do something special, to remind me that she hadn’t forgotten about me… so we left for a few minutes, or at-least that was how we planned it. When you’ve lived your life as an immortal for centuries upon centuries never having to worry about how much time you have left in the world, you stop keeping track of the time. I mean, why keep count when you have forever to look forward to? Well, that moment I saw the house in flames– and all the memories that came crashing into it- was the most unnerving and desolate feeling in the world.

I remembered moving as fast as I was able to– and even tapped into the ancient powers I swore to never use- but Kali was so much faster. She had tackled me down into the sands, kept me from running into the fire that grew furiously out of control. Despite my best efforts, she refused to release me and begged me to stop fighting her. I didn’t understand why until I finally realized what she’d been saying, what she was trying to explain to me.

“Raines,” Kali called out as she gave me another reassuring smile.

“Your will, alpha?” I heard our escort respond attentively from across the family yacht.

“How fast can we get Gale to meet us at the docks?” She asked while providing me with several butterfly kisses.

“I will arrange for him to be there on arrival,” He said just before he began whispering far below my level of hearing. Probably to another one of our escorts, no doubt. “Would you like me to have Sineca leader, Murrain, meet with you both as well?”

“Murrain?” We both asked at the same time. What happened to Maiandra?

“Much has changed on Lantau in your absence,” Raines acknowledged as I turned my head to look his way. He’d been sitting at the helm with one of his own family members, steering the ship and ensuring that the ride to Lantau was going as smoothly as possible for all aboard. Though he wasn’t looking out of respect for our privacy, his words stayed directed to us. “My alpha, Maiandra, summoned our human elders and forfeited her command, requesting that Murrain take the remainder of her rotation. When she left the island, she asked that half of our family tribe stay behind and assist Murrain.”

“Did she say where she was going?” Kali asked.

“Or why?” I chimed in.

“I’m afraid she gave no reason behind her actions,” He said softly before pausing for a short moment. His next words were much quieter, treading as carefully as he possibly could. “However, I believe that she might have left because of the fire that occurred during her rotation.”

A long silence followed after, though Kali managed to keep my head high with gentle kisses along my lower jaw. It didn’t make the pain go away but it was just enough to make the pain a bit more bearable.

“Murrain and his mate, Vivian, have increased security on the island,” He continued. “Non-family member traders and other outsiders are now limited to weekly docking, and no family members under the age of 16 are allowed out past curfew. He’s also conducted a small group of his own family to watch over and search through the remains of your former residence with all due respect, of course.”

“Of course,” I said quietly. I understood why, of course, but I would’ve respected Murrain more if he had left the premises as it was.

“Radio him to meet us on arrival as well,” Kali said with a stern tone. “And have his family escorted off of the site,” She added, once again confirming that she’d been in my head.

“We should go,” I suggested while climbing off Kali’s lap. Her expression was filled with confusion and disappointment, though she didn’t take the time to comment on it when I offered something I’d knew she’d enjoy above all else. “How about we grab something for you to eat before we dock?”

“Really?” She grew all too eager, jumping out from the cushioned bench with joyous enthusiasm until she realized we were still in the presence of others. Suddenly, she regained her seriousness and tried to casually shrug it off. “I mean, sure, I could eat.”

But you’re going to eat with me, right?

Maybe not human food but I’d like to snack on you, if that’s alright?

“Me?” Kali cocked her head, piqued with an aroused curiosity. Her eyes darted further down, starting from the bottom and working their way up as she took in the entirety of my body. Eventually, after fulfilling her desire to stare, she motioned her head toward the exit of helmsman’s quarters. 

“Is that your signature nod of approval?” I asked while stepping closer to her, filling the space between us. “Or are you just getting impatient?”

“A bit of both,” She lingered dangerously close to my lips. “Especially since I’ve got this nagging feeling that you’re not exactly going to take no for an answer.”

“You’d be right,” I smiled mischievously and tapped her nose playfully. Her smile grew as I turned away and tried to make a clean break for the exit. Before I could make it, I felt her hands grab at my hips and spin me back around to face her.

“When am I wrong?” She asked with an arrogant smile, and captured my lips.

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