God Games (Beginning & End) #RETOLD

Status: In Progress

God Games (Beginning & End) #RETOLD

Status: In Progress

God Games (Beginning & End) #RETOLD

Book by: JaayAnon


Genre: Fantasy


Two souls tethered for eternity; it was both a blessing and a curse, but it's the loss of their newborn son that starts this dark chain of events. (#RETOLD Version)


Two souls tethered for eternity; it was both a blessing and a curse, but it's the loss of their newborn son that starts this dark chain of events. (#RETOLD Version)

Chapter1 (v.2) - Focus

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Chapter Content - ver.2

Submitted: November 01, 2016

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Chapter Content - ver.2

Submitted: November 01, 2016






Sti?ll ?asleep?, are you?

I rolled my eyes upon hearing the unforgettable Welsh accent of a disembodied female. Each word spoken echoed throughout the darkest corners of my mind, leaving no part untouched.

What do you want now?

Then, without warning, the face of Lexi flashed before my eyes. It was only a moment but it was just enough to make me unravel from the sudden scare. Her flesh was gray and decayed to the point where she had been disturbingly similar to the old tales of rotten corpses they once spoke of when I was a child. Creatures that would dig their way out of the hole they were dropped in, to hunt and feast on the living in the dead of night. But Lexi wasn't quite the corpse my village spoke of, and I could see the twisted smile on her face as I thought it. Red blood coming from the corner of her eyes and a series of severe wounds all across her face, though where they came from I did not know.

Can? you not? hear? ?her ?whispe?ring? your n?ame???

A ghostly shadow cocked its head mockingly, provoking the very worst of goosebumps up my spine. Its eyes glowed menacingly, some mischievous smirk grew across the fleshless lips while it stood at the end of the hallway and in-front of the bedroom door. One fleshless hand made of bones and dressed in crimson touched along the copper knob of the door. 

Gue?ss I'll just? have to lure? out that nasty ?temptation of ?yours.

I reached out to grab her, to keep her from doing anything but her ghostly figure had vanished as I suddenly found myself standing in-front of our bedroom door. My heart was pounding from anxiety- or something else, I couldn't possibly know the reason- but why? I'd grown out of the fear and unease that these strange apparitions had previously caused, so what exactly had me so nervous? 

"Kali?" I asked, hoping to not hear her voice on the other-side but there was no response. "Rabbit, are you okay?"

"Yeah," Her reply was quiet, breathless. "Just... by myself, is all."

"I'd hope so," I laughed with great relief while putting my hand on the doorknob and moving into the bedroom. "I was just sort of worried about," My lips parted slightly as I found myself unable to form words of any kind. It was a strange sight to see someone treat their body like a temple only to careless mishandle it the next moment, but it was an erotic sight from the mesmerizing angle of the position she was in.

It's? ?some sight, isn't it? ?Her body?... your hunger..?

Kali moaned softly and clutched the frame of the mirror tightly with one hand on the mirror while the other moved awkwardly against her lower half. Her breathing grew ragged with every rough motion of her fingers as she forced more and more pressure on herself, her legs shaking with both anticipation and frustration from the lack of reaching what she wanted most.

"Gentle strokes, remember?" I relieved her hand from its aggressive hounding, wasting no time to pin her naked body up against the mirror and kiss her neck in the same manner.

"I-i know that!" She stumbled over her words from either embarrassment or sudden surprise, and bowed her head slightly in submission as I smiled over her outburst. "I was just... I was waiting for you," She added quietly.

"Is that what you were doing in-front of the mirror?" I asked, amused by her definition of the term. "I don't recall seeing you wait for me. In fact, I'm sure you were growing pretty impatient by the way your hand-"

"Go on then," She cut me off while staring at me from the reflection of the mirror, though I couldn't imagine she could do much else from such a vulnerable position. "Keep talking and I'll make you regret every word," She dared with a smirk as her eyes began to flicker from blue to red.

"Are you so sure that I'd regret what you do next?" I raised a brow as I became enticed by her words. I was curious, wondering how far she was willing to go. "No," My lips curled into her matching smirk, "I'm fairly certain that I might just end up having to beg you for more."

Oh, looks like that pesky little hunger won out after all.

My eyes fluttered open while my body continue to run off the high from the lingering effects of ecstasy. Her motions were too rough on her own body but for me... all of that rigorous handling of hers was more than satiating, and she knew that exceedingly well. It's why she knew to push until I couldn't think, walk or talk.

"Still waiting to hear you beg for more," Her words teased as I felt her mouth nibbling playfully on my earlobe.

Though exhausted, I forced myself to stay awake a bit longer... or at-least long enough to have one last round with her. My eyes slowly began to re-focus, drifting to the sight of our own reflections from the mirror that hung directly over our bed. I'd been lying atop of her body with black blood trickling down my chin and though the blood seemed to be smeared over more than just the sheets, she didn't seem to mind the mess. In fact, her attention was lower where I found my legs were spread open for her fingers to keep pushing harder after each thrust, building and utilizing all of my own mess as a lubricant.

"Might," I whimpered with clarification while watching her fingers dance against my folds. "I said I might."

"Yeah," Her smile grew as her free hand squeezed one of my breasts, "Well, I guess that just means I'm going to have to get you to beg before you pass out."

Wake up.

I opened my eyes just enough to find our apartment still dimly lit, though it wasn’t quite the same as before. Instead, sunlight had seeped through the curtain’s edges and thinnest folds, despite its best efforts. All of the filthy sheets and blankets had been removed, even the candles had been put out- Kali’s doing, no doubt. I think I would’ve been pleasantly surprised if she had slept at all last night. The human part of me needed more sleep than she did, though I still wondered how she managed to entertain herself while I was out like the lights.

“I sort of had this idea to kiss you all night,” I heard her respond out loud while she kissed the back of my neck, “but I didn’t think you’d appreciate staying up just because I couldn’t keep my hands off you.”

“Yeah,” My body was warmer than usual and I didn’t realize why until I felt her shift her weight from behind. “Good thing too. Might’ve had to kick the rabbit out of bed to sleep on the floor.”

“Ouch,” She feigned her pain before picking herself up and hovering over my body. “Now I’m not sure if I want to let you get out of bed, although I am feeling a bit hungrier than I was last night.”

You're? a fool? if ??you? think last night? was? enough to satisfy? us.

I groaned softly as a throbbing sensation rushed from deep within the back of my head. Images of last night started to flood my train of thought, or at-least of what I thought might’ve happened.

“Think about it, baby; this would be good for us!” She said enthusiastically and though I could feel just how thrilled she was, I didn’t know what she was talking about. What was going to be good for us? Weren’t we discussing something else?

“Okay,” I responded in the hopes that I’d given her the answer she wanted to hear. “Sure, Kali.”

“Really?” She asked suspiciously before letting it go completely. “I mean, okay. I just didn’t think you’d give up his blanket that easily.”

“It’s fine,” I muttered and closed my eyes, taking a deep breath in the hopes to remember anything at all from last night.

My brain was scattered; one thought tripping over the other and the further I dug for answers, the worse the pain felt afterwards. There were memories I couldn’t access, shrouds of white mist that constantly clouding over the bigger pictures and never letting up. My body was mine but for as long as I’ve lived, I’ve been the host of a sadistic creature whose thoughts were far from my own. But why was she here now? What did she want from me, from us?

“Okay, you’re clearly not listening to me!” I re-opened my eyes to find Kali staring down at me with an irritated expression. “Seriously, where are you right now?”

So?meone's getting in?to trouble.

“Sorry,” I managed to smile as I tried to cast the worry off with the shake of my head. “I was just thinking about-“

“You’re thinking about him right now, aren’t you?” She asked so quietly that I could barely make out the words.

“Him?” I asked curiously, unsure by what she meant. “Do you mean-?”

“This is where I wanted to take you for our date,” She said so sadly that I could taste the insecurity in her words but it only made me feel even more awful and every bit more confused. “Y-you said I could pick wherever I wanted and this is it!”

“Wait, what date?” What in the world was she talking about?

“This is my home,” She insisted, pushing the matter further as she took hold of my wrists and kept me pinned down on the mattress. “We’re always in your home! Why don’t you ever want to be with me in mine?”

Different homes, how? We were married. We’ve always lived together.

You’re not listening to me!” She shouted, shaking the room enough to feel the vibrations all across the bed while glaring at me with bright red eyes. “What do I have to do to make you listen to me like you listen to him?

“Kali, who are you talking-?”

“No, you’re always with Xion and he doesn’t like me!” She cut me off as I caught on to the name that I hadn’t heard in Goddess knows how long. “This is supposed to be our day but you’re not even here! God- don’t you get it, Ash? I don’t want to be your friend anymore, and I hate seeing you look at him the same way you’re supposed to be looking at me!”

I fell silent, uncertain of what to say to her. If I had spoken, would she had even heard me? It didn’t seem like it.

“Choose me,” She pleaded in a heart-breaking tone but when I didn’t answer, she tried to reason with me further. “I’ve seen what he does to you, Ash. Those cuts and bruises, I know that he’s the cause of them all.”

“Kali, I-“

“Is it because I’m not a guy?” She pushed further for resolve. “I don’t understand why I’m not good enough! Why can’t you see that I am capable of providing what he can! I can do everything he can and I can do it better than him! I’m better than him!” Her last words grew powerful enough to shake the room once again.

“Kali,” I sighed softly, watching as her eyes began to water. She was as angry as I remembered her to be, and I could remember many things before the casting.

Xion wasn’t one of our most favorite of subjects and he certainly wasn’t Kali’s favorite sibling. Back then, every fight we had ever had was because of Xion. He doesn’t like me, she’d always say. And he’d always tell me that she was arrogant and unfit to be the true leader of their people, that his people deserved better than some spoiled favorite of Michael and Darius. They both acted like children, fighting over who got the shinier toy until it was finally decided for them.

“Just forget it,” Kali responded with uncharacteristically gentle words. “I’m staying with my family for the gathering but you… you should just go back home before Xion comes looking for you. Last thing I want to do is get in the way of true love.”

Deciding how to confront Kali was never the easiest thing to do because she wasn’t like other people, none of her family was. They were all queer-born, of course, but she was so full of life and filled to the brim with something that everyone seemed to fondly name the Mahona fire. Though she was just brazenly curious, it was her mouth that always seemed to get her in trouble at the very worst of times.

“Right,” She scoffed at my silence and nodded. “I had a really good time,” She commented with sarcastic enthusiasm and climbed off of me without another word. Her departure had no grace or even the slightest care in the world, and it was heartbreaking to see her beautiful soul move like a zombie.

“You’re wrong,” I said as I sat up, knowing that she would hear because she was always listening to me. As predicted, Kali came to a sudden halt, not taking a single step further and staying still. “Honestly, I always had trouble understanding why it was so important to find out who was better than the other,” I clarified. “I wasn’t interested in some silly idea of who could provide more than the other because I’ve always been perfectly capable of providing for myself. In fact, I’d been doing it since before my father created either of you.”

“You’re such an idiot,” I felt my back push up against the mattress again as Kali had suddenly appeared back on top of me, and captured my lips with her own ferociously.

I closed my eyes, returning the kiss shyly before she lightened the kiss with gentleness, warmth and affection. My hands reaching out to run my fingers through her ashen hair as she re-adjusted her position to better improve the kiss she had obviously wanted to keep going.

“I want you,” She said softly in-between short, sweet kisses. “And you’re wrong if you think you’re not going to walk inside with me because, like it or not, you are going in with me. I’m the alpha, which means I get to bring whoever I want- and that’s you, idiot. You are my date, and if I want to have my way with you while we’re inside,” Her lips suddenly curled into a mischievous smile, “then you will let me without question.”

“Of course,” I brushed the back of my fingers against her cheek, “but Kali, we’re not at the Colosseum.”

“What?” Her eyes suddenly flashed blue. Panicked by my words, Kali began to look at our surroundings frantically. “I-i don’t understand. What’s happened to-?”

“That day at the colosseum was many lifetimes ago,” Her eye color began shifting between blue and red as I kept my hand on her cheek, trying to bring her out of the past. “Everything you’re saying, this is the same argument we had about Xion. We fought that morning because you were so upset that I wouldn’t leave him for you, so you took it upon yourself and tried to tell him the truth about our affair in the following weeks, remember?”

“Y-yeah,” She whispered insecurely as her eyes began maintaining some much duller, sickly color of blue. “You begged me not to say anything about-“

“Please don’t think about that,” I grabbed a firm hold of her chin and forced to her to meet my gaze. The last thing we needed was for her to lose control over something that happened so long ago. “That past is no longer our concern. Focus on me, ok? Can you do that for me right now or,” I trailed off just as I noticed Kali’s eyes suddenly growing heavy. “Hey, are you okay?”

“Y-yeah, I just.. uh,” She rubbed her temples briefly, albeit uncharacteristically while her arms began to tremble. “I think I, uh… I just need a-a… uh-“

“Rabbit!” I quickly caught her before she fell over the edge of the bed.

“T-this isn’t good, r-right?” She asked in-between stutters, though I was relieved to know she managed to stay conscious while I helped her to sit up properly on our bed. “N-not g-goo-o-ood,” She repeated one last time before I realized she’d been looking past me. 

I turned my head, glancing over to what had her attention. “Hey, you’re fine,” I said in a firm tone, hoping she’d turn away from the mirror and stop focusing on the color of her eyes.

Michael crafted and immortalized the Original family in their prime. He said it was to ensure the perfect species as a cross between man and beast. All of them, Kali and her siblings, were incapable of becoming sick. Sure, she could feel fatigued when she pushed herself too hard but this was different. I was fairly certain that this was something her people must’ve known about. No one knew more about the Originals than the family itself.

“That’s n-not a g-good look,” She commented with a small smile while shifting her body uncomfortably, though she managed to stay more optimistic than I could ever dream to. “Y-you’re really start-t-ting to make me n-nervous- I mean, aren’t you supposed to be making me feel b-b-better or-?”

Don't insult her. We're all adults here, and we know exactly what's happening to her.

“You’re going to be fine,” I insisted over the distortion of her voice. In an effort to better my focus, I reached out with both of my hands and took hold of Kali’s sweet face. It took but a single moment- as if the Gods’ themselves had graced us with even more time together– before I felt hungry lips crash into my own.

Eímai mazí sas,” She said affectionately with a small smile, nodding with reassurance as she allowed herself to fall even deeper into the kiss.

She had to be fine.

She just had to be.


Translations and other notes:

?Eímai mazí sas = I am with you

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