Chapter 1: Volume 1

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: General Erotica  |  House: Booksiesilk Classic Group

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Copyright © 2020 by J. Garcia


ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. This book contains material protected under International and Federal Copyright Laws and Treaties. Any unauthorized reprint or use of this material is prohibited. No part of this book may be reproduced or transmitted in any form or by any means, electronic or mechanical, including photocopying, recording, or by any information storage and retrieval system without express written permission from the author/publisher. 

This is a work of fiction. Names, characters, businesses, places, events and incidents are either the products of the author’s imagination or used in a fictitious manner. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, or actual events is purely coincidental.





Nikita stood in her office, her hands trembling like a vibrator. On her computer screen, it was right there, e-mailed specifically to her, there were pictures of her going into a private hotel with her long time secret affair. There were several photos before her eyes, showing her hand-in-hand with an ex-convict, then another of them kissing. This must be a dream. She had ended, buried and forgotten it years ago. She managed to keep it hidden from everyone until now. If the press ever got a hold of those, she’ be done for good. Her career, fans, friends and family all would collapse. Who? Why? Someone took those at least three years ago before deciding to send them to her now. They probably wanted money in exchange to keep them out of the media’s sight, it’s only typical.

It was her manager, Fred, reminding her of the meeting in half an hour. Shit, the meeting of course, she had an extremely important meeting with some potential sponsors. If she could make an agreement with them her entertainment career would be sent flying. All she needed was their money to cover the costs. She quickly deleted the pictures on her computer, then left her office and composed herself in a professional manner. Whoever had those photos, won't just release them like that, because they would have done so already since it was a long time. Whatever their game was it wouldn’t be a problem once she sealed that deal. She’d have money to burn. So she could forget about that mess for now, and focus on milking these sponsors.

The four men sat there patiently, their face spelled profit-makers, not charity workers and they were ready to discuss business. Nikita was used to these consultations, but was nervous, especially when she saw the man in the middle. He was definitely the alpha in the group. He was used to having only to convince one of the others to agree and this instance was another of those. He was lean, muscular and fit, white male, probably in his thirties possessed quite handsome features, of course his firm and dominating expression shadowed them completely. Fred began the conversation by welcoming them and moving straight into the paperwork, trying his best to show them how profitable their investment would in the brand, NIKITA TURNER.

The other three seemed interested so far, but the top dog just glanced at the papers once and kept a focusing, serious stare on Nikita while her manager was speaking his life away. She felt uneasy in this man’s presence like she was prey being stalked. Suddenly the predator spoke with his deep voice, asking Nikita why she was so worthy of their investment. That confused everyone since it was what her manager was explaining all along. If he cared to listen that was. Nikita was shocked, she looked and saw Fred gesturing her to say something impressive, so she turned on her superstar charm and million dollar smile. She started to inform them of the fans she has worldwide, concerts she sets on fire, records she sold, but the man was not buying it at all. 

“Miss Turner, we’re not teenage boys, so that’s irrelevant to my question. We already know all that, the music industry is practically our lifestyle as well as our business.” She was stunned.

 “There is another important issue to address, your public image, and the media seems to enter into war zone at the very mention of your name, care to comment on that?”

“Um, I well, the media can get out of hand, but that’s due to how popular I am and does bring more attention to our audience!” She defended herself. “Yes, but it depends on the type of attention. We don’t want any scandals that could reduce the audience or revenue, understand,” he said like a father to a child.

“Of course that won’t be a problem, sir.”

 Nikita’s mind returned to the incident a second ago as the intimidating man scrutinized her. It was almost like he knew what she was hiding something. She tried not to make eye contact with the predator. His cold blue eyes and bleak stare looked so DANGEROUS.

“Hmmm. well, I think we’ll have to get back to you on this, if that’s okay?” He said ‘we’ speaking for the others as if they had no choice on the matter, and then asking an obvious rhetorical question, what arrogance mixed with a whole lot of nerve.

“Sure we are very patient with this business deal please take as much time as you need gentlemen!” Fred insisted, and ass kissing like never before.


“Nikki, I’m telling you, all we have to do is show him you’re profitable,” Fred said through the phone. “Don’t you mean them, even if he seems to be the leader of the pack, I still think we should try to win over the others, they're more reasonable. That guy is just a hard ass nut to crack,” she said truthfully. “I wish it was that simple, but John controls every investment the group makes. He decides whether they should or shouldn’t.”

“John? The scrooge has a name huh?”

 “Ah, yeah, and his own music company, also get this, he called me and requested a private meeting with you. There can you believe, Nikki?”

“What. You mean only me and him, but why?”

“Isn’t it obvious Nicky he wants to invest, you have to go, try to impress him or something just be nice, listen to him carefully and whatever terms he has just agree and seal the deal. You know much we need this… ”

“Of course I know how much, but I don’t get why – never mind I’ll go when should I meet him?”

“That’s my girl, tomorrow at eight. I’ll give the driver the address to his company. Good luck Nikki.” The ride was uneasy as Nikita looked outside the limo window. This was very important. She had to focus on melting the ice off this John. She had worked too long to finally set her career off internationally. This was her chance, yet she still couldn’t forget about the other issue in her life, regarding those intimate pictures, especially since John had zero tolerance for celebrity scandals.
 She finally arrived at the building which was marked MASON RECORDS. Fred told her that his last name was Mason, so she guessed that it was only fitting. She wondered if his name carried more popularity than hers, oh well, not after she got him as a sponsor.

She walked inside and was immediately escorted by a lady employee to John’s office. And what an office it was? It had marble floors, a crystal glass table and chairs decorated in an elegant manner, clean as a whistle with even a water fountain at the end of the room. The guy was rich. Far more than her, being a black girl from Georgia that had made it big in the music world at the age of twenty five. She still was far from living like that.

“Admiring the décor?” A strong voice came from behind. She saw him standing in a suede suit, hands in his pocket with less than cold stare. She didn’t feel as nervous this time. She thought that maybe this time it would go much better. She was confident and was definitely going to win this guy over. “Pretty much it’s exquisite.” She complimented, honestly too.

“So shall we,” he gestured for her to sit in the expensive glass chair. “There’s something important we need to discuss, Nikita?” He said as he sat behind his desk. “I’ll be happy to answer any questions you have, Mr. Mason.”

“Excellent, so tell me was he good?”

“Well – excuse me?” she asked clueless. “Was he good, you know the criminal that you were seeing before he was arrested,” John had an evil grin. “I um I don’t-”

 “So, are you saying it wasn’t you in the pictures that were taken?” Her heart could have stopped right there. John sent the pictures, of course, an affluent guy like he could be capable of such a thing. “You, I mean you sent the pictures why... why would…”

“I wanted to have something on you, so you couldn’t refuse me.”

“Refuse? You’re the one in charge of decisions.” She pointed out. “True, but I can’t I could decide for you to get into bed with me can I?”

“I don’t get it, what agreement do you want?” she asked. “As I said for you to get into bed with me, meaning we have sex whenever I want” he said giving a sly smile. She was in total shock and disbelief.

“Why! Why the hell?”

“Let’s be civilized, Nikita, and discuss this, come here!” he commanded her to the sofa beside the fountain. He sat waiting for her to approach. She was shaking and scared at this point, how could she be this situation and of all the people, him, this is not happening. “Don’t be afraid. I won’t bite, at least not yet,” she was startled again.

“Fine go ahead,” she said while trying to get comfortable on the Italian leather, but it seemed impossible since John was just inches away. “You will be mine to do with as I please for however long I want, understand?”

 “Why would I do that?”

 “Have you already forgotten what I have in my procession? It’s your whole life, if the pictures are released and everybody finds out you were with a-”

“I get it.” She muttered.

 “Good, so no more need for irrelevant questions then, right?” She nodded her head while hiding her face keeping the tears in. “Now I want to make this clear Nikita, you’re MINE. I own you. Your body belongs to me from now on.”

“For… h... how long would have to do this?” She asked hesitantly.

 “As long as I desire and if you don’t, then I’ll ruin you big time – simple!” How could he say that so plain and cold heartedly? John was even more dangerous than he had seemed. He had complete control over her and won’t let her forget it, like his own personal sex toy, or slave to do his bidding. The thought disgusted her so much. “You should know I haven’t been with a man for years.”

“Interesting information how many you've been with so far?”

“Only one and you know about him already.”

“What about the others or were they just for appearances, did you actually date them?”

 “Some, but none I had any sexual relationships with,” she informed feeling her stomach getting heavy. “That is quite awhile. So how was the one time? Did you learn anything from that?”

 “I guess but…”

“But... looks like I’m going to have to test you first, come here!” John ordered her to her feet and to follow him. “Where are we going and what do you mean by testing me,” she enquired.

“Hush, you’ll find out soon sweetheart” What SWEETHEART? Nikita was stunned by that word. That wasn’t like him, at least not from what she has seen.

They walked to the elevator and got off at the very top of the skyscraper building where John opened the door at the end of the hall and led her inside. The room was the main suite reserved for the boss alone for his own private use. She started to look around. Holy Shit! It was the size of a house, even had an upstairs and was pleasantly luxurious to say least. She could see the whole Los Angeles city from where she was. “This is beautiful, I can see everything, wow.”

“Yeah, it’s a great view,” John said while chuckling from her childish fascination, which he actually found cute. “Would you like a drink?”

“Umm, no, I’m fine thank you.”

 “Okay, let’s go upstairs then” he took her hand and guided her to the bedroom which had a king size bed with silk sheets and was filled with a gentle lavender aroma. Wait! It had hit her.

 “You brought me up here to...”

“Test you in bed before I set this arrangement into motion, yes, that’s exactly what I’m doing,” he said bluntly. “No way you can't, I can't, I mean...” She began to lose her voice.

“Why not it’s been a long time, too long in fact, so I need to claim you here and now baby!” he said while he started pulling at her clothes. “Get rid of those clothes and get into bed.” Nikita held onto her chest and shook her head defiantly.

“Look you know you don’t have choice, so don’t try to refuse me.” Nikita hated his words, but knew how true they were. She slowly began unbuttoning her shirt with trembling hands. She shouldn’t be forced to do this. She didn’t want to, especially not with this guy. She hated the bastard for putting her through this. But her world would crumble over if she didn't, that wasn’t a risk she was willing take. John had too much on her.

 “Nikita,” he soothingly said as he caught her hand at the third button. “It’s okay, I won’t hurt you. I wouldn’t dream of it, so don’t be scared.” John clearly saw how petrified she was getting and he didn’t like it. He then decided to comfort her a little, after all she probably hadn’t had any form of sexual activity in years, was only natural for her to fret about what was to happen. John patiently helped her undress down to removing her tight black pants covering her shaved, sweet, beautiful cunt. He was starting to get hard by just the sight of it. He waited so long for this moment. He couldn't wait for even a day or two. He wanted to take her now so bad his breathing got heavy and the vein in his cock pulsated painfully.

 “Come here,” he told her softly, as he buried his fingers into her brunette curly hair and forced his mouth on her lips. He kissed her with such passion, gently puckering her lips, then moving his tongue over them, asking for access. She seemingly enjoyed it which was weird, but couldn’t really think straight right then, especially when her mouth automatically opened and John’s tongue instantly rammed through. Their tongues locked while tasting each other like animals.

 “Uh Nikki…” he groaned while kissing her neck and letting her fall on the bed. John was on top her tasting all parts of her body. She arched forward when he inserted two fingers inside and slowly circled. “Come on baby, get wet, I know you want to badly.” WHAT? Why this arrogant jerk… She felt a surge shot through her body as her wetness sprung to life and flowed.

“Stop, please it’s starting to ache.”

 “Mm… nice, that’s what I want to see girl,” he responded to her plea. John attacked her mouth again while fingering her slowly he didn’t want it to end quickly. Nikita was moaning hard and frustrated, edging her hips into John’s hand, until she suddenly released. He moved to spread her legs wider apart and then whispered in her ear. “Let’s ready you for this.” He inserted three fingers into her, probing her inner walls until they relaxed and opened up. She felt a discomfort hit her.

 “It’s okay sweetie, just breathe till it feels better.” He cooed. She bit his lip as he moved his fingers deeper, it hurt like hell but was suppressing little by little. He added a third as she screamed out until she finally settled down. John kept trying to soothe her by massaging her belly while moving his fingers inside her. It wasn’t easy. Gosh she felt so tight to him! John couldn’t bear it anymore. “Now sweetie, I need you to relax. Just breathe for me while I enter you,” he whispered in her ear again. He took out a condom from the side table then slowly positioned his cock, covered in the rubber, towards her entrance before gently motioning it inside inch by inch. The tip was finally inside.

 “Goddamn! Please stop it hurts so much…” She cried out.

“I know baby, but the pain won’t last, trust me and relax!” He cooed comforting her as he saw the pain in her eyes. So he kissed and massaged her. Her back arched until she calmed down a little. He then tried moving his cock further inside, despite her muscles fighting against the intruder. “Are you going to let me in Nikita?”

 “I’m trying…”

“Relax yourself baby, I’ll be good. I promise real nice and gentle.” He honestly assured her while kissing her lips. She felt a lot more at ease after that, so much so that John was starting to move all the way in and out carefully, he treated her like a delicate flower being plucked for the first time.
 She started to adjust to his size which was massive 14 inches no wonder there was so much pain.

 “Oh yes!” He started moving faster, but still taking care while he penetrated her. Then he proceeded with light thrusting. Nikita was on cloud nine as she wrapped her legs around John and gripped the sheets. She moaned in time with his strong thrusts. Never before had she experienced anything even close to this. John was putting her in deep ecstasy while her eyes were closed. “Damn you’re so beautiful” he was now speeding up since he was close, she felt him grab her chin. “Look at me with those sweet brown eyes when I-” he moaned.

“Ah, yeah baby.” John came hard inside her while struggling to keep her gaze in his eyes. Not long afterwards, he exploded inside her. Both were so out of breath and tired. John held her in his arms, still looking at her face while feeling himself sprung deep into her relieving him. He could do her again, even though he was out of energy right then, but he allowed Nikita to rest on his chest. She was so exhausted, she drifted away to sleep so easily, snuggling with John until they both fell asleep, right in their love making nest.


Nikita awoke in the dark and rubbed her eyes then opened them only to see her still in John’s bed with the silk duvet covering her naked body. The bed was cum stained and she felt an ache between her thighs. She was obviously sore. Where’s John? What time is it? She thought.

“Finally awake sleepyhead,” she jumped at the now familiar voice. “John!” She pulled the duvet over her, she felt shaky seeing John stripped out of his suite and in his boxers, not to mention the piercing blue eyes aiming at her.

 “How do you feel?”

 “Sore?” He giggled silently before walking over and kissed her shoulder. Immediately she tensed up. “I can imagine I got carried away.”

“What time is it?” She shrugged him off. “Half past ten,” he replied. “What? I have to go!” she said as she jumped out of bed and scrabbled to find her clothes. “Why? You should stay awhile and rest.”

“I can’t. I need to meet with Fred.”


“He’ll want to know how the meeting went.” 

“And what do you plan to tell him, that it went very well since you slept with me?” John asked with a serious grin.

“Uh…no, of course not.” 

“You better not, cause let's get one thing straight. You haven’t closed the deal. I’m still deciding on whether or not to invest. THIS doesn’t give you any privileges, understood?” She nodded confusingly to John’s oppressing attitude. “Make sure Nikita cause I’m even more ruthless in the courtroom than in bed.” 

“I understand John,” she said with her puppy-dog eyes, standing bare naked in front of him and desperately needed to leave. “So, if it’s okay with you, I would like to go now please.” Nikita pleaded. John grabbed her ass and leaned in then kissed her softly.

“By all means,” he whispered in her lips, as he caressed her bottom and held her body. Nikita steadily broke free of him and quickly gathered her clothes from the floor then threw them on and headed for the door. “Oh and Nikki, one more thing,” She paused.

“We will be in contact and next time I’m ready again, you’ll back here, I’ll let your manager know what I think of his proposal in the mean time.”

“Okay, bye then!” Did she really just say ‘bye’. Damn it her head was spinning with all that and what was yet to happen. Why didn’t he want to invest? They had sex and he seemed pleased, so -NO, she sounded like a slut, a cheap slut. She didn’t know at this point. It was all up to John and what he would decide to do. Nikita couldn’t figure out that guy, that tyrant, that jerk, that… amazing… lover…


“Well! Come on tell me Nikki did he agree? How much will he invest? And -”

 “Fred calm down he… umm, he hasn’t decided yet,” she quietly said.

 “What, but why was he so anxious to meet with you then?” He asked confused. Nikita’s head begun to spin with images of the day before, all the sensations she felt, John’s body slamming hard into her and the climax was…

“Hey you still there?” She suddenly came back to reality.

“Oh yeah-h...”

 “Wait, hold on, I have an incoming call one sec” he said.

“Sure Fred,” she was still tormented by the intense COMPROMISE with John that left her really sore, her leg was so stiff. She couldn’t get any work done even though she was a workaholic. She couldn’t concentrate on anything, her life was officially disrupted. “Guess what!” Fred hit back her senses to realize she was still on the phone. “Uh what?” 

“That was Mason's company he and his team want another conference with us.”

“What? No way, why would they want another one? It makes no sense.” The words had struck terror in her. She had to face him again and not in private this time shit! She was trembling already, and felt a stimulating sting in her sacred woman's part at that instant. 

“Maybe but their vicious dogs we have to jump when they bark or else we’ll be never get anywhere,” he stated clearly.

“Maybe we’re jumping way too high for them!”

“What! Something wrong Nikki, you still pinning for this deal more than anyone?” Fred asked surprised at his star´s outburst. “Yeah, I am of course. I'm just a little tired and frustrated.” Not to mention my vagina is on fire!

“I know these guys play hard ball, but we can’t give up.” He encouraged. “Okay fine.” She sighed she clearly didn’t have a say in anything.

The door opened next morning as John and what are their names the John wannabes entered. Nikita had been there in the office standing all day and pacing uneasily, along with Fred, who stood up immediately after they came in. “Good morning gentlemen how are you all?” 
“We’re all fine, Fred, let’s get started if you don’t mind. We have a next appointment afterwards.” John of course was speaking, while the puppets sat next to him.

“Oh of course, now I want to begin by –”

“Miss Turner, do you have something to say first?”
 Everyone suddenly stared at her and realized she was the only one still standing.

“Umm, no I just… Well you see, Fred has everything prepared.”

 “But, why are you still standing there, it seems out of place?”

“Well, I rather enjoy it Mr. Mason,” she said embarrassed.
 The meeting showed nothing new as John still hardly listened to anything Fred said. Nikita tried to assist as best she could while standing all the time and avoiding the serpent´s gaze at every second. This was clearly unnecessary she couldn’t even read him with his usual blank expression. Jeez, either you say you’ll invest or not, which doesn’t seem like he will she thought. But she knew the real reason for him calling this meeting was to make her uncomfortable.

 “Well, that’s about it, thanks for coming today. Again, I assume it’s because you’ve all taken an interest?” Fred’s desperate hoping was obvious.

“Sorry, can’t say we’ll have to discuss it first.” John said.
 Nikita smirked loudly before storming out of the office, catching everyone’s attention, Fred was both shocked and confused as everyone else, including John, who wasn’t expecting that or happy about it. She stamped angrily down the hall. That meeting was a fucking playpen for him that’s all! The nerve! This sponsorship is starting to weigh on her too much, especially considering the twist of circumstances with John.

“Nikita,” She felt her heart skip a beat as she turned around to meet John’s furious eyes. Please Bastard! She turned back around and kept walking, ignoring him.

“Don’t you dare take another step cause if you do trust me, you’ll regret it,” She stopped at his serious command. “I don’t like insolence or rude behavior. So what’s the meaning of this?” He asked sternly. There was silence. “Answer me! I can cancel this proposal with the snap of a finger along with any other you could hope to gain in the future. So turn around and look at me right now!” he commanded harshly.

She slowly, unwillingly turned to face John with her head down and said nothing, the neat curls of her dark hair covering her face. John was getting annoyed. “Nikki...” He stressed.
 “What huh, why should I stay in there and make a fool of myself for a self righteous, arrogant jerk like you!” She sneered

“What did you just say? You must be out of your mind little girl!” John was trying to hold back his rage. “Little girl huh, that’s how it is with you isn’t it? You think you're above everybody because of your money and power?”

“I don’t think anything. I know what I am, because it’s how the world works, it’s how business works, but you wouldn’t know anything about that would you? You're nothing but a small fish in a big pond. You should watch your pretty little mouth or you might get thrown out of the pond all together. This is a tough industry not a daycare center, so stop acting like child that doesn’t know her place!” John warned.

 “And just what exactly is my place to be your inferior sex toy, to play with whenever you see fit?” He laughed.

“So you think because you’ve slept with me that you can act like this is it, didn’t I warn you about that?”

“How dare you,” she hit John’s hard chest, which didn’t even have the slightest effect. His gaze didn’t even shift neither did his expression, that is until he saw tears spring from her almond brown eyes.

“I have worked hard to get where am now. It's nothing compared to where you are, but I earned it just like I'm trying to do with this investment. Even if means tolerating a bully that forcefully fucks me one day to leave me sore, and standing in a meeting he called the next day. I’m just your amusement, aren’t I?” John was shockingly quiet and his expression changed as Nikita continued while sobbing.

 “You come and purposely humiliate me in there, then spit on the notion of investing, cause it’s so beneath you and I’m so pathetic-”


She stopped from saying anymore.

 “Did you tell your partners in there about blackmailing me into sex? I bet they get kick out of it, you probably called this meeting to showcase your handiwork.” She was suddenly caught off by John’s hand reaching out to touch her cheek, but she moved away instantly. “Not another word,” he said to her calmly. “You can go ahead cancel, it’s not like you were going to consider the investment anyhow. I’m just a part of your sick game. I don’t need you here to toy with me I can still make it without this sponsor. I’m good at what I do.” She stormed off disappearing down the hall.

John signed heavily as he let her leave, not knowing what to say to her after that outburst.






















































































































Submitted: June 07, 2020

© Copyright 2022 J.Garcia. All rights reserved.


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I so hope that you are coming back to continue this story

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Can we get an update?

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