Loving Again

Loving Again

Status: In Progress

Genre: Romance


Status: In Progress

Genre: Romance


Sloan Mitchell is young, beautiful and fun. She is also terribly heartbroken. Her middle school sweetheart died at war, four years after she has yet to open her heart to another. Until Bo Tyler dances his way into her heart...literally.


Sloan Mitchell is young, beautiful and fun. She is also terribly heartbroken. Her middle school sweetheart died at war, four years after she has yet to open her heart to another. Until Bo Tyler dances his way into her heart...literally.

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Submitted: January 10, 2017

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Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: January 10, 2017



"GET DOWN!" Blake yells from behind me. 

An explosion went off to my right throwing me and my men into the dirt. 

"TAKE COVER!" I scream, massive ringing in my ears has prevented me from hearing much else. Running into the bunker I see my worst fears become reality, Jamie's leg is completely gone and Charlie is dead. 

"What the fuck happened back there Blake?" I turn to see my partner but he isn't behind me, "BLAKE?! Blake!! BLAKE!"

Sloan's POV 

"Bo wake up." I am frantically trying to shake him, it isn't working and he's screaming, covered in sweat. I remember this, the dread of the nightmares of war. Quickly getting up, I rush to the bathroom and fill a glass of water. It's then I hear his blood freezing scream. My heart breaks, I know the funeral did this. This is because of my homeless friend dying. Rushing back to the room I throw the glass of water directly into Bo's face, he immediately starts choking on the water, but it has woken him up thankfully. I'm standing shell shocked. I'm scared to say a word, incase he isn't really awake, but the labored breathing, and wild eyes tell me he is. 

"Sloan?" He coughs out wiping his face from the water. 

"You were screaming, I'm sorry, I tried to wake you." I say quietly, "Are you ok? I'll get you some water." I pivot rushing back to the bathroom, when I return Bo has the bed stripped and is taking out new sheets. 

"Here, sit down and drink this, I'll do that." I say, I don't dare look at him, I know the adrenaline is still coursing through him, I don't want him to feel embarrassed I just want him calm.  As I start with the corner of the sheet I feel his arms snake around my waist, I twist in his embrace, snaking my own arms around his neck and into his bed head. His eyes search mine, looking for something, fear? He won't find it there, I'm not scared, I'm hurting for him, I have nothing but compassion for this beautiful man. 

"I'm sorry." He lets out, his voice still clogged with sleep. 

"Don't you dare say you're sorry. I'm the one that should be apologizing, Bob was a trigger for you, this is my fault."

"What, baby, no, this happens for no reason at all, I would have done Bob's funeral regardless." He pulls me in tighter kissing my temple. 

"You wouldn't though, if you never met me, you never would have met Bob. I'm so sorry." I shrug, biting the inside of my cheek trying to keep the tears at bay. "I should go." 

"Meeting you, has been the highlight of my year, baby. This is just the nasty side of war. Please don't let this be a show stopper for us. I can't bare to see you leave." He pulls me in closer, "Besides, you have no car." He smirks 

"Do you want to talk about it? You don't have to but I'm hear and I will listen." I ask running my hand down his face. He dips in and kisses me. 

"Let's make the bed first." 

Bo helps me make the bed, and we slide in the clean crisp sheets, one of my favorite things is snuggling into fresh linens. He pulls me into him and kisses me deeply. 

"I've never had someone to wake me up before, I wasn't sure what to expect from you, yet you surprise me Sloan, you have done this before?"

"Drew, his first Tour, he had trouble adjusting. It didn't last long and before we knew it he was on another Tour." I say weakly

"I shouldn't be putting you through this." 

"Stop, you're not, I am surprisingly ok. I want to be here with you." 

Bo and I sit in silence for a long time, neither of us saying anything, I thought he might have fallen asleep but then he starts to tell me about his friend Blake, how he saved his life and the life of four other men. The attack came out of nowhere when they were out on parole one night and he lost two of his guys, one being Blake. It wasn't long after that that he was shot and received his honorable discharge. He came home with PTSD and drank himself stupid. He got help and started working out and got his life together, saying that Kathy wouldn't have wanted him to just exist, she wanted him to really live. 

That was something I think I really needed to hear.  For four years I have just been exsisting, going through the motions, not letting anyone in close enough to really know me. I've been too scared of thinking that Andrew or his family would think I was over him, but I have been missing out on so much. 

"What are you thinking sweetheart?" Bo lifts my chin to meet his lips. 

"I think I want to start taking pictures again, and I think I want to travel. You're right, I have only been exsisting these last four years, I don't want to do that anymore. You were so lucky to have her you know?" I say sincerely 

"I didn't mean you were just exsiting, but I would love to travel with you, and I would love to see your work." He pecks me again and I melt into his touch.

How can it be possible that I have found another man who is incredibly sweet and so interested in me. I can't help but smile at the thought that maybe Drew and Kathy had something to do with it. I don't know if I believe in all that but the thought does warm my heart. 


"Do you think maybe, I don't know, that maybe, Drew and Kathy maybe-"

"If I know Kathy, she definitely did. She knew just what I needed when I needed it, and I know I could have never stood a chance with you on my own accord." He laughs 

"You definitely don't give yourself enough credit, you're kind of amazing." I blush. 

"Is that so?" He mocks as he runs his hand down my spine leaving delicious tingles behind. 

"Mmmm, I think you know the effect you have on me." I breathe

"I think I need reminding." 



Bo's alarm screamed for us to wake up at 5:30. Groaning I rolled over and shut it off, I felt like I had just closed my eyes, and now I have to get up. Bo gently pulled me closer to him mumbling something about 5 more minutes. Turning to face him, I see his eyes are still shut, my god he is incredible, even sleeping. 

"Good morning gorgeous, how did you sleep."

"I'm not sure I actually did." 

"I know, I'm sorry about that, I gotta get you home though, I have an early meeting." He kisses me on the forehead and pulls me even closer. 

"I'll start the coffee, you can get ready."

"Or you can come shower with me."

"I have nothing to wear, and you broke my panties." I remind him.

"I did didn't I? Well, I'll just have to take you shopping won't I?"

"That isn't necessary, I can afford my own underwear." I giggle and crawl out of bed. Pulling on one of Bo's shirts I head down to make the coffee, I see the dogs wiggling by the back door so I slowly open the slider. 

Checking my phone I see that I have a missed call from Nicole, I decide to call her back while I make the coffee. 

"Hey girl what's up?" I chirp out

"You do realize what time it is don't you?" She yawns into the phone 

"I do but you called me. I stayed with Bo, I left my phone down here."

"Oh really?! Well, when am I going to meet this guy Slo, it sounds like it's getting serious, I need to approve it first, you know the drill." I did know the drill, we've done this as far back as I can remember, except I was the one giving the approval

"Yea, well I'm the one that is usually giving it. I've never been on the receiving end of this." I laugh


"I really like him Nic. Like really really like him, I don't know what I'm doing."

"Awwwww Tiny's got a boyfriend!!"

"Shut up, you're not helping! We're going to the club Friday can you come?" I offer

"What?! Hell ya! Does Keenan know? We can make a night of it! Maybe we can get his bitch wife to come too!" She yells

"Doubtful, but I'll tell him, maybe Mikey can get the night off and bring a date too? I'll see if Bo wants to bring anyone too. I'm not sure if he wants to be overwhelmed with all of you. But I'll ask."

"Ok, so I'll come early and we can get ready together? What time you want me? 7?"

"Can't I'm talking to the in laws at 8 so come around 8:30?"


"What did you want before?"

"Oh yeah! Well, I wanted to check in mostly, and I wanted to tell you about Mikey's new fling! She is awesome!"

"Oh great! So he will have a date! I'll make Keenan give him the night off. What color hair does this one have?" I ask, Mikey likes wild women, just like him. Someday he will meet a normal person and he won't know what hits him, but for now he's going a little crazy.

"That's the thing, she's got brown hair! Normal! No face tattoos no piercing, she's like really normal. I hope he keeps this one." 

"Whoa! Hey listen, Bo just came down the stairs, I have to run, I'll see you Friday?"

After hanging up I turn around and Bo is propped up on the counter looking extremely hot, he doesn't even have to try, while I'm swimming in his shirt, with wild hair. 

"You know, you're making it very difficult to concentrate right now. How do you take your coffee?" I breathe 

"Me, you're the one looking so damn sexy in my shirt, it doesn't help knowing you're naked underneath. I think I may have to cancel my meeting." He swaggers over to me and my breath hitches. He runs his index finger along my bare shoulder. 

"We should get ready to go."

"We should, but I don't think I want to." He bends placing lingering kisses to my shoulder, I tilt my next to give him better access. He groans as the dogs start barking on the other side of the door. 

"Cockblockers." He growls, I laugh

"I'll be right back, I'm going get ready to leave." I hurry to the stairs, afraid to linger, he could easily have me bent over the counter. Not that I would mind but I do have to get to work. 


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