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Status: In Progress

Genre: Fantasy


Status: In Progress

Genre: Fantasy


thanks for PJM for the traduction, for his help and support. it a reedition of ancient board


thanks for PJM for the traduction, for his help and support.

it a reedition of ancient board

Chapter8 (v.1) - Chapter 8: A Restless Night

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Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: June 05, 2020

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Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: June 05, 2020



The house was quiet for a while, and then Eric broke the silence, and whispered to Rémi:

“Are you asleep?”
“No, how can I sleep with such a great erection!!”
Eric said, “I’m the same, I’ve got one to die for.”
Poor Rémi countered, “but at least you have your hands ...”
“Yes, but I want it to be you that relieves me,” said Eric much to Rémi’s surprise.
Rémi said, “Its fine for you to say that, but there’s no way I can do it while I’m tied up like this!!”

Immediately Eric moved over to Rémi’s bed and lay down behind him.  He had already slipped off the underpants he’d been wearing when he got into bed.
Rémi protested, “No, no, I think you are sick Eric ...”
He responded, “Shut up, you are my servant.”
“Yes, ... But not ... but,” was all Rémi could say though he wanted to say that he might be a servant but what Eric wanted was going too far.
“Shh.Listen It's simple, I'm sure you're not going to agree to give me a blow job, are you?”
“Actually, are you stupid or what?
“Shut up, servant, I want you to bring me off”
“And how do you expect me to do that when I have my hands tied behind my back,” objected Rémi.
“Exactly, there is no need for you to look, I’m just behind you, just take hold of it with your hands.”

Rémi felt Eric’s hot erect penis against his buttocks. Rémi, a little fearfully, moved his hands around the very warm flesh which was pressing against him.  Immediately, Eric began making almost imperceptible movements, thrusting very gently his organ up and down in Rémi’s hands. Rémi could feel Eric's young manhood sliding between his fingers, and he tried to imagine what it must look like in its erect state.  He could tell it was thinner than his own, even if it might be just as long as his own phallus.
While Eric quietly masturbates himself behind Rémi, but using Rémi’s fingers, Rémi realizes that it doesn’t bother him as much as he had expected.  His initial humiliation is turning to enjoyment and a desire to find out more about this younger boy’s genitals which he had always assumed to be rather undeveloped when Eric had covered them with one hand earlier.  Rémi grasped the base of Eric's cock and then explored his balls, rolling them in his scrotum, mentally trying to compare them with his own. Eric groans with pleasure and strengthens his movements. Rémi could tell that he had found the right position to please Eric, and he is becoming aroused himself, as it excites him too. Gradually, he becomes more confident, and he allows Eric's organ to approach the cleft between his buttocks.  Eric presses his stiff flesh along the cleft of Rémi without ever going too far. Meanwhile Rémi imagined that Eric was excited like a madman behind him. Eric tries to go further, but Remi's hands hold him back, and Eric wisely doesn’t press further.  However, Eric’s excitement is mounting, and he suddenly rears up, grabs Rémi’s chest and squeezes it hard. In a last movement of his thrusting hips, he produces a flood of cum that floods hands and the line of Rémi’s buttocks and Rémi’s bed.

Rémi panicked.  “Good grief! What have you done, I’m screwed now.”  Eric asked what he meant, and Rémi explained that Melissa would look at the sheets in the morning and think it was he who had ejaculated and messed them up.  She would accuse him of suffering from premature ejaculation.

Eric still didn’t understand what Rémi meant, so Rémi, after making Eric promise to say nothing to Juliette, explained his discussion with Melissa which had resulted in him being tied with his hands behind his back overnight to see if he ejaculated when his hands were nowhere near his genitals.

Eric said, “So what do you think will happen when she sees your sheets in the morning?”  Rémi said, “I’ve no idea, but do you think you can do something to help?”  In response Eric said, “You’re kidding, it’s all too funny for words.  I promise I won’t say anything, but I want to see what happens.”
Rémi pleaded, “No, no, please don’t.”  Eric responded unkindly, “Well I won’t do anything to make it worse, but you are the one who messed things up and at least allow me to enjoy you.”

“What do you mean?” Rémi said.  Eric didn’t give a verbal answer instead, Eric took hold of Remi’s erection, which surprised Rémi and he turned over onto his stomach to prevent it.
“What are you doing?”, said Rémi.  Eric said, “You might as well be hung for a sheep as well as a lamb, you are damned anyway, so you might as well let me release your pent up tension like you just did mine.”

Remi hesitates, but Eric is right, damned for damn ... and he turns on his back. Leaving free access to his still aroused sexual organs. Eric then places a sheet on Rémi's head so he cannot see what Eric is doing - it will be easier, he thinks.
Eric begins by taking it gently, looking at Rémi’s genitals, evaluating the size, the thickness of Rémi’s erect organ, and admiring the youngster’s proud attributes.
After a little while Eric tells him, “I love him, he is tall, massive with a lovely cap; mine is ridiculous next to yours”.
Rémi replies, “Surely not.  You know mine's grown a lot this year, in a year yours will certainly have changed too”.
Eric does not answer, but hopes that what his friend says it true.  He starts slowly going back and forth on Rémi’s shaft with both of his hands, fingering the smooth cap, then one of his hands goes down and caresses Rémi’s scrotum, feeling the soft smoothness of it and gently rolling the well-made twin orbs within the soft pouch.

“It's good, don’t stop,” Rémi says.  “You are supposed to be my servant,” echoes Eric laughing.  To have better access to Rémi's balls, he raises his legs, and then slides a finger under the scrotum while continuing his sweet masturbation. It's like an electric shock for Rémi who squeezes his buttocks. Immediately, masturbation stops.
“Continue”, chokes Rémi.  “Let yourself go”, Eric answers, and when he feels that Remi relaxes his buttocks, he resumes slow masturbation.
At the same rate he now massages the area under Rémi's scrotum with one hand while using the other to stroke his penis at the same time.  Rémi 's body makes signs for Eric to accelerate, but Eric resists. Instead, he lifts Rémi 's legs completely and folds them on his belly. Remi feel that his anus is now very exposed, but he lets himself go, trying to relax as much as possible despite the mounting excitement he feels in his loins.

Rémi suddenly realised that perhaps Eric intends more than masturbation given his exposed position and he shouts “No”, to Eric.  “Don’t worry,” Eric whispers, “You won’t lose your virginity tonight.”  In fact, Eric releases Rémi’s erection, and takes hold of his own stiff organ.  Eric then holds both of their penises together.  He begins to masturbate both together.  Rémi feels the younger boy’s penis pressed against his own, and Eric’s scrotum pressed against his scrotum, their balls moving together in unison.  While it is awkward it’s also intense and Eric is aware that Rémi is moving towards a climax.  Eric quickens the rhythm and almost at once both boys’ organs begin spurting jets of steaming sticky milky white male juice on Rémi’s chest.

There is silence for several seconds until Rémi just says “Thank you”.  Eric began to remove the sheet which had been covering them and immediately put on his underpants, before Rémi
had a chance to see Eric’s ‘little Willy’.

Rémi muttered to himself that one day here would certainly see Eric’s little zizzi, as he turned over and fell asleep.

© Copyright 2020 Igor. All rights reserved.


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