Curing the virus for medical student

Curing the virus for medical student Curing the virus for medical student

Status: In Progress

Genre: Fantasy


Status: In Progress

Genre: Fantasy


A medical student cured of COVID and participates in a medical research study ... LOT OF THANKS FOR BRITGUY WHO TRANSLATE THIS TEXT.


A medical student cured of COVID and participates in a medical research study ...


Chapter7 (v.1) - Chapter 7: Day 2

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translated by Britguy, thanks for him

Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: June 30, 2020

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Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: June 30, 2020




It was daylight when I woke up the next day.

My genitals were pulling me a little, but nothing painful.

Medical personnel walked down the hallway and every one would see my penis hanging and stretched by the device.

I was about to press the button when the professor came in with Malika and Edward.

He said hello and asked me how I was, but he continued without waiting for me to answer him, and especially without offering to cover me a little more, he started talking again:

- Professor Gitoune: Good. It seems that the whole first phase is going very well. All the stimuli seem to be working. Your blood tests are astonishing, but I consider them very positive.

- First of all, of course at this stage your immune system is not yet effectively fighting the coronavirus, but that's normal at this stage.

- As early as yesterday, we saw a very strong increase in the hormones for sexual development. It seems that we have been very successful in restarting your adolescence. By the way, those little pimples on your forehead could well be acne. Malika, I'm going to prescribe him an ointment, I wouldn't want pimples to spoil the press photos.

Oh no, not press photos, I'm imagining myself on the front page of magazines with the headline "Professor Gitoune takes care of small penises"...

- We have a rather surprising result in your analyses that we will monitor, nothing to worry about, but it could call into question everything we know about sexual training. It's exciting. I don't want to bore you with my speeches, but since you want to become a doctor, it's interesting. Usually Testosterone and Estrogen fight each other and the stronger one prevents the other from expressing itself. That's why women, for example, don't have beards. The artificial awakening of your adolescence, seems to have produced a very strong dosage of the two hormones. Of course testosterone in greater quantity, because you are a boy, but also, and this is quite normal, estrogen, all boys produce it too. But what is very surprising is that the two don't fight each other. Each hormone seems to work on its own.

The teacher paused to look at me. He gently removed the device and his hand caressed my bouncing penis.

- As a result, you can see with the naked eye that your penis has grown slightly larger.

I pushed myself up to see better, YES, YES, YES, YES, YES, YES, it wasn't huge, but it seemed like my penis had grown slightly. It seemed even thinner, but BIGGER !!! when you measure 7 cm [2.8 inches] with an erection and gain a few millimetres it's huge and in only one day !!!

Then his hand came back towards my chest and touched my very sensitive nipples.

- And that's why your breast volume also grew. I think everything will soon be fine, but for a few days you may, as your penis grows, have some disorders such as gynecomastia. But nothing permanent I think.

- Malika, Edward, everything's in order, we're continuing with the planned protocol. New item tomorrow.

- Malika: Rocco, we'll come back when we're done with rounds. Have your breakfast and shower.

During the shower, I had a furious desire to enjoy my new willy. But given the very "public" side of my shower it was impossible. I asked the nurse if she hadn't made a mistake in the size of the hospital gown because it was really short and barely covered my buttocks when I was standing up.

- Nurse: No, I don't think so, and what do you care, do you think people are interested in willies like yours? It's just there for decoration, like on Greek statues, as far as I'm concerned you shouldn't even be allowed to wear a gown.

I know I should have said something, but what? What can you answer to that.

Luckily Malika and Edward came back. Malika is beautiful, I want to do what she asks me to do. They took me to the treatment room. To take measurements first. The good news is that I had gained almost 0.5 cm in length. No thicker, but I don't care. Then they put me back on the hormonal ointment. This time I had no intention of rebelling, I let Malika copiously smear and massage my breasts, my buttocks and even my anus without putting up any resistance. When she attacked my testicles, my precum was already leaking profusely. She didn't skimp on covering my testicles either. Then she took off her gloves and laughed and said, "It's over". Amazed, I dared to say:

- Me: Please, Malika, my penis...

- Malika: What, you don't think it's grown up enough?

- Me: No, please, just a little.

- Malika : Ok but you have to earn it.

- Me: How do I do that?

- Malika: Make me come...And you'll have some on your little pecker.

- Me: But how?

At this moment, I'm lying on my back, she lowers the table to the maximum and rides on my head like a 69, without giving me time to react, she tips her pussy and rubs it on my face. My nose is looking for air and my mouth starts to work. I've seen it done in a lot of porn, but I've never done it before. The smell and the taste are very strong but my tongue seems to be able to tame this wild clitoris. It guides me towards its pleasure, she moans a little and its juices become more abundant. She says in a breath "Encore" then "Edward, come". At her request, my tongue makes big slow movements to cover her completely dilated pussy, then concentrates towards the clitoris, I don't understand right away that Edward standing in front of my head has just penetrated it. He has his balls on my forehead. His movements are slow and I try to concentrate on the top of her clitoris so as not to touch Edward. But this is impossible. So at one point I lick Edward's shaft and in shock, I pull my tongue in and try to turn my head away. Malika grabs my balls and shouts "lick". I do it, but Edward's movements become stronger and stronger. This forces me to lick Edward's cock as much as Malika's pussy. Especially since Edward seems to like it very much and he pushes further and further. I find myself licking his cock covered in Malika's juice. When my tongue, in spite of myself, licks his balls, I immediately feel the sperm pulsating and filling Malika who shudders and contracts to this sensation.

They have stopped moving but are crushing my face. Edward moves backwards and Malika gets up slowly.

- Malika: Wow, that feels good. It's a good start, but we'll have to go further Rocco.

I don't quite understand what she meant, but I know that my dick is hard as stone and I'm the only one who hasn't come.

After resting to recover from their exertion, Malika takes a tiny bit of hormonal cream on the tip of her gloved finger.

- Malika: As long as you manage to hold yourself back, I'll put the cream on you, the more you hold it the more it will grow, ok? It's up to you to choose how big it should be.

- Me: Malika, no, please don't, please...

- Malika : A word or a gesture and I'll stop. Enjoy it, little boy...

It started from the base of my willy, then her finger went up my shaft, it made its way up my little turgid tassel up to my meatus. When her finger touched it, I thought I was coming... She went around the glans, then, the bitch, she tickled my frenulum and then I exploded. Luckily, she didn't want to leave me like that, and immediately took my sex in her hand and continued masturbating. This way, both my orgasm was not ruined but on top of that my whole cock received a small dose of hormone.

- Malika : I've been nice, but tomorrow, if you really want to have a bigger cock, you'll have to show more willpower. So, in an hour some sport.

Edward pressed a button on the remote control and I fell unconscious.

The doping gas woke me up, feeling pain and a feeling of intense arousal. I was taken to the gym that is used for rehabilitation in the hospital. The female coach put me on a treadmill for 30 minutes of running. Except that when running my hospital gown really didn't hide anything anymore. There were about ten people there and I felt that I was the attraction of the gym for both men and women, especially since none of them were dressed like me.

A little girl of about 12 years old who had a bandage on one ear sat next to me.

- Clarisse: My name is Clarisse, you are very cute, and we don't often see people like you here. Why are you here?

Because of the dope gas, I couldn't talk, as I tried to mime to her. But she didn't seem embarrassed, and she talked while doing the questions and answers.

- Clarisse: And what's your name? Of course you can't answer me. How about "The Boy with the Beautiful Buttocks"? Isn't that funny? And it's not too embarrassing to do sports like that? In any case, I love to see you like that. I've already seen a friend from my class, when he lost a bet and had to swim naked, Ha, ha, ha... Naked in front of his sister, his best friend and me. Can you imagine the shame? I remember, he had a bit of hair on top of his pecker, unlike you. But I like hairless too. Oh? Why does your pecker get straight? Are you in pain? Or is that what my cousin calls "getting hard" in a boy? My cousin says that when boys like girls, their pecker gets straight and gets very fat. I don't think yours is getting fatter, but it's getting straight.

This unbearable girl thought I was a 12-year-old boy and kept insulting me. And besides, it gave me a hard-on without me understanding why. I had to get rid of her.

- Clarisse: But does that mean that you would like to go out with me? Does the boy with the beautiful buttocks like Clarisse? Yoo-hoo? This will go around the hospital... No, I promise I won't say anything, we can kiss in secret, I know a well hidden place. If you want to go out with me, just give me a sign, and not with your little stick straight... Ha, ha, ha.

I cracked. I flipped her off,giving her the finger.

The athletic coach ran up to me and literally ripped me off the treadmill. Without realizing it, I found myself with my ass in the air on her lap getting a masterful spanking.

- Coach: I don't tolerate this kind of gesture in my gym. Clarisse is a great teenager and no child has the right to behave like that towards her. Boys have to learn to respect girls, and that starts at your age.

I was crying like a child when I was beaten by that athletic woman. Then she sent me to the corner with the gown up so that everyone could see my red buttocks. The worst thing was that the corner was mirrored so that everyone could also get a view of my hard little pecker.

A little before the end of the session, Clarisse came to give me a kiss on the cheek:

- Clarisse: Friends must forgive each other, I hope I'll see you again tomorrow, boy with the beautiful butt.

I felt so hurt and ashamed that I think I liked it. A 12 year old girl forgiving the 18 year old boy with the beautiful buttocks.

When Edward came back to get me the coach was still mad and told him everything. Edward told her that teenagers are often difficult, but that he would take that into account.

When he brought me back, he made a big joke of me and my sex appeal for 12-year-old girls.

Later that day, I was getting bored when there was a knock on the door.

It was Malika, which surprised me because so far nobody had bothered to knock before entering.

- Malika : Look who I saw downstairs in the hall, you must know Karine, she's a first year student like you.

And Karine came in with a big smile on her face. Of course I knew Karine: the whole year group knew her. She was the popular girl par excellence. Daughter of a great medical professor, blonde and beautiful, slim and tall, she was a combination of beauty, talent and joie de vivre, because she was also at almost every student party. However, I wasn't really sure she knew me. And besides, in my current position, I would prefer that she didn't remember me at all.

- Karine: Hello, but, but, but, you are ..., ah sorry I forgot your first name...

- Malika : Anyway, the study is anonymous, we are not allowed to say his first name here, but we call him Rocco.

- Karine: Rocco ... Like Rocco Siffredi?

- Malika (laughing): Yes, it's a medical student joke. Come on Rocco, get up and say hello to your classmate.

I didn't want to leave the sheet that protected me a bit and have to appear in the almost transparent yellow hospital gown that was very short. Yet I did, and Karine, intrigued by my nickname, didn't hesitate to look around to try and check. She smiled kindly:

- Karine: Ah, I get the joke. But why are you here?

- Me: Uh... I'm participating in a study to fight COVID.

- Karine: Well, that's great, that's brave.

- Malika: Yes, we test the immune responses of people with ... How can I put it... Small problems (making the gesture with the thumb and the index finger of small penises)

Karine burst out laughing madly, but she also looked very red.

- Karine: Oh, I'm sorry, it's not funny (laughing) but I'm nervous.

- Malika: But don't apologize, we'll take the opportunity to try to at least partially fix it, we won't work a miracle, but everything that is gained isn't truly Rocco.

I nodded my head like a little child.

- Malika : And look a little closer, he looks very happy with his situation...

Oh, no!! My nipples were hard and my penis was completely straight. They formed 3 prominent dots in the front of the material.

- Karine: Oh my God!! What a little pervert ...

- Malika: Don't be too hard on him, he's receiving treatments to revive his puberty and so he has the reactions of a young teenager.

I was as red as a peony, and I lowered my head, without being able to react, I put my hands in front of my sex, but Karine immediately slapped my hand.

- Karine: He reminds me of Eric, the boy I used to babysit when I was a teenager. Every time I bathed him, his little stick would get hard. Of course, I forbade him to hide or touch himself, and I used to play at keeping him as hard as possible in his little pajamas. In those cases, he was willing to do anything the little pervert could do.

She smiles as she visibly recalls a few choice scenes.

- Karine: Actually I think I like little perverts.

And making a gesture that might seem accidental, she brushed my penis under my robe.

- Malika (with a big smile): I'm going to see the teacher, if he wants you to help me with some care then...

- Me: Malika, please don't...

- Malika (mimicking anger): You, the "little pervert", have no say! But how rude. You refuse to help a student like yourself, are you sure you deserve to become a doctor? If I were your classmate, I would tell everyone that you're selfish.

- Karine: Don't scold him too loudly, you said he's still a little boy.

- Malika: You couldn't say it better: this morning he got a spanking from the gym coach for bad behaviour.

- Karine: A spanking? A real one? You mean, like...

- Malika : Yes bare-assed, in front of the whole room.

I can't help but imagine that this could go around my year group, that everyone would know that I got a bare ass spanking from a stranger at 18!!!

- Malika : So apologize sincerely, or I'll spank you too.

- Me: I apologize.

- Malika: Better than that, sincerely express what you mean, what you accept...

- Me: Sorry Karine, I didn't mean to offend you. I agree that you should assist Malika in my care.

- Karine: (Kissing me on the forehead) Yes!! And I'm so happy, I don't blame you at all. On the other hand, when I'm in charge of you, I expect exemplary behaviour.

In charge of me? She was going a bit far, but in my situation, it was better if I didn't say anything.

- Karine: I have to go, my father is waiting for me...

My situation, which was already disastrous, was about to get even worse...

Luckily, I was clinging to the good result on my penis.

In the afternoon, Edward came with a beautiful young nurse for the physical stimulation session.

-Edward: I have spent a lot of time concocting this new program and I hope you will give me some feedback about it. We are going to take some protective measures to make sure you won't hurt yourself.

The nurse asked me to lie down on my back, she took two big fleece straps to secure my hands and my chest. She told me that it was just to prevent me from making bad movements. She put a big block of foam under each of my calves which dangerously lifted my short dress, and tied my legs apart down the bed. All it took was one person bending down in the hallway to be able to see everything under my robe.

Then she put another strap on my forehead to immobilise my head. I was starting to get seriously worried. I wanted to tell her, but she put a rubber hourglass-shaped object in my mouth, actually just half of it. Like two ping-pong balls tied together. Then she used a string to hang it above my bed.

-Nurse: Don't worry, you see, you can't swallow it, you can keep it in your mouth or spit it out. It's up to you.

With my head tied by the strap, it rubbed against my lips after I spat it out, but I didn't see the need to have a big baby dummy in my mouth.

She put a blindfold on me, and a pair of headphones, adding "So you'll be quiet with yourself" before some new age-style music invaded my head.

Then she pulled up my robe, taking away what little dignity I had left. I was about to complain when I sensed she was inserting something into my rectum. Without seeing it, I think it was no wider than a finger but much longer.

- Nurse: There, it's ready.

And Edward started the program. He had certainly increased the stimulation compared to yesterday and my blind and deaf state reinforced the sensations, the gentle invisible caress on my nipples from yesterday, quickly turned into a massage or even an impression of sucking on my nipples. I had never felt this before, it was strong and soft all the same, intense, my head was filled with "porn chic" images where a tied up virile man was having his nipples licked by a leather woman or lesbian porn with one woman licking another. I wanted my hands, and if they hadn't been restrained, they would have been directly on my cock to enjoy the rhythm of this sweet sucking.

I understood the hourglass toy near my mouth the moment the program started moving my stimulation towards my lips. My mouth needed to kiss the toy, I was secreting more and more saliva. My tongue went around the ball, sucking it in. I imagined a pulpy mouth, an intense French kiss, then a smooth pussy, a giant clitoris and even Edward's pair of balls, which I had had a close-up of this morning, but I quickly dismissed this idea, preferring that of the giant clitoris. The stimulation of both the mouth and the nipples was so intense that I couldn't breathe or think. Then it was the back, as soft as yesterday, a caress that made you feel like you were floating in the air. Then the buttocks, giant and soft hands that explore each of your curves, these caresses, it made me want to love my buttocks, feeling proud, I felt like having an ass that is revered. This is the image of Malika's buttocks. I imagined this caress on Malika's buttocks, I had Malika's buttocks. I wanted Malika's buttocks. Then the caress became kneading, separation of the cheeks, concentrating on the crack... It didn't bother me at all, because I was imagining Malika's buttocks and not my own. I dreamt of kneading Malika's buttocks as she was shouting like I was shouting now. To plunge my cock into her asshole... At that moment, it wasn't Malika's ass anymore but mine that was being fucked. I suddenly came back to reality and I didn't want to. I was trying to squeeze my ass to keep that invisible cock from coming in, but it was already there. Then I felt its heat, it seemed to pulse and make my anus beat like a heartbeat. I was hungry. I was hungry for cock in my rectum, I wanted to suck it in. I wanted to suck it into my anus like a mouth. In my imagination, I saw myself moving back and forth on a huge cock that was wide but very long. I was the whore of that cock, the bitch of that cock. Then the sensation of the mouth, breasts and buttocks cumulated with that of the anus and it was too much, I felt like I was losing consciousness.

It was the sweetness of the caress on my testicles that made me come to my senses. It made me feel like I had beautiful chubby balls like Edward's. The caresses became a soft and very exciting suction, it made me feel like they were swelling with pleasure. Then the sensation moved to my willy. But there, my impression is quite different, the sensation is soft and pleasant, but I really have the feeling of having a very small pecker. Hard, but thin like a pencil. There is indeed a sensation of caressing and sucking, as for the other stimulated parts, but less strong and as if it was so small that the invisible hand or the invisible mouth didn't move and it just stayed put. As if my little pecker was too small to be wanked. Then the cycle stops. How frustrating.

Like yesterday, Malika came to pick me up at the end of the third cycle. I was so sweaty that she made me take a shower before going to see the psychologist. And it was in the shower that I realized that I must have given a strange show to the people who passed in the corridor in front of my bay window.

Seeing the psychologist again was an ordeal.

She started asking me to tell all my dreams from last night and if possible in order. I immediately blushed, she understood that and took Malika and Edward out.

I was not proud when I told her about my vision of those breasts. She tried to remain impassive, but I could tell that she seemed a little surprised and also a little happy.

She made me describe all the scenes three times, she asked me to be very precise.

She thought about it for a minute and started to ask me:

- Shrink: Why do you think you couldn't imagine your body with Edward's penis?

- Me: I don't know.

- Psy: Did you find his penis beautiful?

- Me : Yes, it was perfect in my dream.

- Shrink: Do you think you'd like to have the same one?

- Me: Sure, who wouldn't?

- Shrink: Well maybe you would.

- Me: Yes, but I just can't imagine it, it's too different from me.

- Psy : Do you particularly love an animal, real or imaginary?

- Me: Yes, why? I love squirrels.

- Shrink: We'll talk about it tomorrow. I'll bring Malika and Edward in and we'll start your session.

- Psy: And how did it go with you today? He didn't rebel?

- Malika: With us, no, he was very good, but at the gym, he got nasty with little Clarisse, he had to be spanked and punished by the coach.

- Psy: With Clarisse who is so brave and kind? But why?

- Me (a little ashamed): She took me for a little dumb boy and I think she was interested in me. I am not a little boy...

- Shrink: Well to a certain extent (laughs), you are a "little" boy. I'm going to make sure you're not mean to her anymore. She has so much courage, she doesn't deserve what you did to her. Come on, let's get started.

I reopened my eyes, knowing that a lot of time must have passed, but I had no memory of it.


In the evening, an imposing black nurse came into the room and drew the curtain in front of the bay window. She had a strong Creole accent.

- Nurse: So I was asked to take care of the little man. It's true that at your age you have hormones boiling. I remember, my first boyfriend, he squirted out before he even managed to get my panties off!!! So we'll start with the unpleasant things and we'll finish with a little sweetness ?

I got the blood test, the cotton swabs in my nose and mouth.

- Nurse: Good, and now let's move on to the swab that our hot young man is interested in. The nurse looked like a diva and removed the first two buttons from her nurse's gown revealing much of her huge bodice.

The nurse paused when she saw my penis.

- Nurse: I understand better why you would want it to grow. How old are you, my boy? 18 ... I can't believe it ... I'm sure my 12-year-old son is more developed than you are. It's true that in our family, we're well provided for, but right now...

-Well...Is it what I'm telling you that gives you a hard-on like that? Do you like my breasts?

-Then go ahead and play with your little man in front of them.

She then gave me the sample tube, took off two more buttons, lowered her bra and showed me her two melon-sized globes. After that day, I was so excited, that I came after just a few movements. I was so surprised myself that the first spray missed the vial and landed between my nipples, luckily I quickly rectified and was able to fill the tube a little. She looked at me with amusement.

- Nurse: Size and stamina, you have all the makings of a champion !!! A word of advice, never try to date a black girl. With your performance, you'll just become her pet. And we love that, well-trained little animals.

Her tone was always playful, but now more bossy. She picked up, with her finger, a bit of the semen between my nipples "And we blacks love to have docile little animals.” And unexpectedly, she stuck her finger in my mouth. "Lick it good...", she moves her finger which now goes back and forth in my mouth.

Why I am unable to resist, I do not know. But obediently, I suck her finger and when she rubs it between my nipples to take more of my seed, I open my mouth to welcome her again. I don't want it. I don't like the taste that makes me gag, but I accept it. "And you're a funny animal, you're a funny one. I have to take care of room 27, when I come back, be clean and ready to sleep. And take care of your hard sausage, or you'll have to sleep with it.

She's getting dressed, and opens the curtain wide. "I'm sure you like to put on shows..."

- Me: No, please.

- Nurse: Okay, but then get ready and wait for me to play with it.

Come to think of it, I didn't let up until she got back 20 minutes later.

- Nurse: I see you're ready. Get down on your knees on the bed.

- Me: Okay, can I, uh... please, can I... can I see your breasts again?

- Nurse: Yes, of course you can, you rascal. They're beautiful, I'm quite proud of them. Go ahead, feel free to touch them. Hey hey hey, don't forget why you're here... rub your little stick, you want to come on my tits? Go ahead... There you go... That's good. Now you know what I want, I'm sure of it: Go ahead, lick my breasts, clean everything...

It was very exciting to cum on her breasts, but I had guessed in advance the price to pay, so I did it without arguing.

- Nurse: All right, enough playing around, we're gonna set up your equipment for the night.

Once I had been injected and my willy stretched by the device, she wanted to open the curtain. I asked her not to.

- Nurse: It's mandatory for reasons of medical supervision. But you're afraid we'll see your little pee-pee? I'll put this pillow in front of it, so you're protected. Good night, sweet boy.

And she gave me a nice kiss on the forehead.

And the series of dreams began, first with the nurse's breasts. Then as a squirrel... Yes, a squirrel. A voice said to me, would you like to become a squirrel just to see? So if you really want to be a squirrel, Abracadabra, become the most beautiful squirrel. And I became a squirrel. I was me and a squirrel, I had my head and my body, but in squirrel version.

Then I was naked. My penis was getting longer, but it was still mine. It was growing not changing in shape or width. I was happy, it was 9, 10, 11 cm and it went on, it was great, 15, 16, 17 it seemed huge and thin, always straight as an arrow, then 20, 25 cm I became worried, I looked around me: nobody. 40 cm, 50 cm, I tried to walk, but while moving it hurt, 80 cm, it touched the ground, and it continued. I shout "stop, please, no". It stops, and shrinks at high speed, it goes 20 cm, 15, 10 cm, "stop" 7 cm (my size) STOP, 6, 5 4, it's a baby's willy. 3, 2, 1 cm, I only see a very small acorn, then it disappears, I have 2 testicles and nothing left in place of the willy. Then finally, it grows back and returns to its 7 little centimetres. Pff, I've never been happier. [2.5 cm = 1 inch]

Finally, I'm in a hotel room on a comfortable armchair, I'm naked and I look at the bed. On the bed, Malika is naked, beautiful. She's on her knees and on her elbows, she's sucking Edward's cock, his beautiful cock. She's very talented. He moans. We already know what's going to happen soon: She's going to turn around and he's going to take her doggy-style. He will take her hips with both hands and penetrate her forcefully. But for now it's the calm before the storm, she sucks him, looks at him, plays with his glans. A voice says to me: wouldn't you want to be in his shoes? Of course I would, if that's what you want, then Abaracadabra take his place. And I find myself on the bed, on my knees and on my elbows.... with Edward's dick in my mouth and the certainty of what will happen next.

I can repeat the dream dozens of times, but I can't manage to change roles and to take the Edward's position

In the end, a little blonde girl tells me, you are twelve years old when you are with me and you are the sweetest boy I know.



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