Chapter 2: Chapter Two

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Celebrities and Fan Fiction  |  House: Booksiesilk Classic Group

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He was at the park again, as usual, lost in thought as he strolled around aimlessly. Today was one of his bad days, one of those days where he felt like the world constantly rolled between his chest and his shoulders and refused to give him peace.

His eyes kept their focus on the ground while he walked, hands shoved deep into his pockets as his brain went over moments in his past and his thoughts spiraled and turned over what-if scenarios in his head.

He thought about that first time he hung out with Sang-hoon and his friends at the park, they’d sat around on the picnic tables and drank beer and vodka straight from the bottle as they passed a lit blunt around them. His heart had hammered in his chest, his skin heated in excitement and fear, it was just a wondrous thing to him, back then, that they even knew he was alive much less wanted him to hang out with them. He thought about how Sang-hoon had pulled him close and brushed his cheek with a thumb, his lips hovered over his in silent permission before they were a tangle of lips and tongues at the door of his building. Sang-hoon had reeled him in, made him feel comfortable and safe, told him he was the only one for him. He was so smooth with a sweet tongue but Yoongi should've known better, he should've paid attention to the signs.

He shook his head slightly as he thought with a heavy heart, how much he could've avoided in his life if he had been more realistic instead of thinking that someone like Sang-hoon would really want him.

Yoongi was so lost in thought he completely missed the small white dog rushing towards him and stumbled back in shock when the dog jumped up his leg, a small paper bag clutched tightly between his teeth.

The dog seemed fairly familiar to him as he stooped to fluff his fur. His lips curled up slightly in a soft smile while he pulled the paper bag from the dog’s mouth and looked inside. There was a single blueberry muffin and a note inside.

-“Hi, I’m Gureum and my owner, Jungkook, says Hi.”

Yoongi smiled brightly at the dog as he rubbed his fur a little bit more, he even giggled a little when the dog rolled over for a tummy rub with his tongue hanging out and he panted lazily.

“Well, Gureum, you seem nice. Want to be my friend?”

Yoongi laughed as the dog gave him a resounding bark and squirmed while he playfully tickled his belly. He looked around the park for his owner, his lips lifted high on his cheek and filled with genuine joy for the first time in a long while.

Yoongi looked around the park and noticed the young man on the other side, big gummy smile on his lips as he watched Yoongi closely.

Ah, so it was his dog and his name was Jungkook.

Yoongi felt a tight knot in his stomach and his heart beat just a little bit faster at the thought that the young man had noticed him too. He lifted his hand to wave at him, his cheeks suddenly warmer as he watched him wave back at him.

This was how it went for several weeks. Yoongi went to the park as usual, strolled around for a while before he sat in his usual place. Eventually the dog came to him a paper bag clutched tightly between his teeth with a note and a treat inside.


The plan was fool proof. He had noticed the guy never looked at anyone long enough to meet their eyes directly and knew that, if he wanted to meet him, he couldn’t just walk up to him because the man seemed too shy for such a direct approach. Jungkook had thought about it long and hard for days before it occurred to him that, if the man found solace in a dog park, he must really have liked dogs. He thought about buying him his own puppy, maybe, but it would have been too weird for him to just walk up and hand him such a big responsibility. It puzzled his brain how to approach the man until he took one look at Gureum and realized that he could send him notes through the dog.

After figuring out how to approach him, Jungkook, then, had to battle with what he wanted to say so he approached Jimin and Taehyung with his idea, one afternoon.

“What do you guys think, though?” Jungkook asked, biting the inside of his cheek nervously.

“I mean, it’s not completely weird but it’s a little unusual using your dog to talk to someone.” Jimin said as he brought out snacks and drinks to set up for their game night.

“Yeah, but it would just be until he feels comfortable enough to talk to me himself.” Jungkook shifted his eyes to Taehyung and silently begged for his assistance.

“I mean, Chim, it could work, and it is kind of cute even if it’s weird.” Taehyung added in Jungkook’s defense with a smile.

Jimin had taken a deep breath and looked between them for a moment, eyes shifting swiftly to and fro.

“Okay fine, I approve, but if you scare the man away I will punch you.” He raised small, seemingly harmless, balled up fists at them both, but Jungkook knew from experience, they packed a mean punch.

Jungkook high-fived Taehyung excitedly as they grinned at each other. They spent the next three hours going back and forth while they played poker and discussed what jungkook wanted his first note to say since it would determine if the man, actually, accepted any forms of communication from him. Jungkook looked across the table at his two friends who had been there for him through so much and wondered how he became so lucky in the first place.


Jungkook wrote and rewrote the note maybe eight times before he felt satisfied with it but his greatest struggle was standing in a bakery, clueless and dumbfounded, as he stared at the array of treats. What would even be an appropriate hello treat anyway? He looked at the variety of pastries for a long moment, his mind reeling in confusion before the store clerk called him over.

“Hello, can I help you?” She asked, voice soft and kind but a twinge of confidence clung to the edge of her words.

“I want to get something for someone but I’m not sure what to get.” He lifted his hand to rub at the back of his neck as he felt his ears turn bright red.

"That’s okay, we can figure it out together.” She answered, softly, with a smile that put jungkook at ease and boosted his confidence a little bit.

In the end he had settled on a blueberry muffin with no frosting as the best treat and folded the paper bag carefully with the note tucked inside.

He noticed the man almost instantly when he got to the park, his hands shoved deep in his pockets, head tucked into his chest and lost completely with whatever was going on in his head. He was sad again today, the shadowed look on his barely visible face pulled at Jungkook’s heartstrings and his chest ached as he watched him walk. Jungkook had sat down on a nearby bench and watched him take two full laps of the park before calling Gureum over.

He ruffled his fur excitedly, getting the dog hyped up as he jumped about with Jungkook’s cheers and praises. When he thought he was excited enough to follow his instructions, he sent him off with the bag in the man’s direction and watched with shallow breaths, chest heavy and head dizzy with nerves.

Jungkook watched Gureum sprinting wildly then jumping up at the man’s leg and startling him from his thoughts. He bit his lip nervously and waited to see if the man would be upset for the sudden intrusion and, in relief, his chest sagged heavily when the man stooped down to ruffle the dog’s fur playfully. His eyes quickly diverted as he noticed him looking around for the dog's owner. He gave them time to talk for a moment and get to know each other but, when Jungkook looked back at them, he was crippled on the park bench again.

Jungkook had seen flashes of emotion in the man's eyes before, he had gotten a taste of what the man might look like in a moment of pure joy but the sight before him was nothing previous observations could prepare him for. The man was stunning when he was happy, his eyes were bright and filled with excitement as he talked back to the dog, the corners of his lips were pulled high up on cheeks that were now puffy balls between his lips and eyes. This man was a treasure to behold and Jungkook felt awestruck and breathless watching him.

Jungkook absorbed everything he could from the moment, he committed to memory the way the man talked with a pout while teased the dog, how easily his hands moved with care as he tickled him and especially the sound of his laugh, it was like a breeze floated around him and stroked at his arms comfortingly. Jungkook shivered, vibrating with the high of the simple sounds leaving the man's lips, he wanted more, was willing to buy the man a treat everyday if he needed to to get such a reward. His plan was an absolute success and Jungkook made the conscious decision that he would stop at nothing to keep this man smiling for as long as he could.

After his second treat, the man had started replying back to him with a single note as well. Nothing really changed about their routine, the man still walked around the dog park with a brooding expression and Jungkook still stayed on the other side and gave him space. They only added the fact that, now, Jungkook sent a treat with a single note and while the man played with Gureum his face was the brightest and happiest Jungkook had ever seen him.

It wasn't until the middle of the second week that Jungkook realized he never asked for the man's name. In his head he referred to him as Kitten, which was strange given where they unofficially met and which explained why, now, Jungkook was nervously standing in the bakery once more as he waited for his usual order, the weight of the note heavy in his pocket as he shifted constantly. Today's note was longer than usual, there were his normal two or three sentence rants about his days but also there was a small question at the end. Jungkook was unsure how the man would react to his question, he wasn't expecting an answer but he was definitely hoping for one.

At this point, Jungkook no longer had to hype Gureum up to go to the man. Once he got to the park and he was already ready to spring off in his direction. Jungkook had to be careful to fold the bag properly before his dog clutched it between his teeth. Today the man was sitting on his usual seat under the big oak tree so Jungkook released the leash and pointed his dog in the right direction as he took the nearby seat while he waited.

The man sat staring straight ahead, gloss-eyed and stiff with his hands shoved deep inside his jacket pockets and his face void of any emotion. Jungkook wondered what it was that troubled this beautiful man so much that he barely had reasons to smile. What happened in this man's past to make him so reclusive and withdrawn?

Jungkook kept his usual distance and watched as Gureum approached the man excitedly. The dog yapped and jumped around at the man's feet for a moment with no response before he sat on the grass and quieted down. Gereum must've sensed the man's distress because he jumped up on the bench and released the paper bag in the man's lap before lying beside him. Jungkook's heart drummed thick and heavy in his chest as he watched the scene unfold. It had taken the man a full ten minutes to notice Gureum's presence and that worried Jungkook even more, he took the bag with a deep sigh as a small smile tugged his lips upwards, he removed the note and read it for what felt like hours to Jungkook before he pulled a small piece of paper and a pen from his pocket and wrote a quick response, he, then, folded his note and put it in the paper bag after he removed the muffin. He ate the muffin silently and stroked Gureum's fur to comfort the whining dog now lying on his lap.

Jungkook watched them for maybe another fifteen minutes before the man gave the bag back to the dog, sent him over and left. Jungkook removed the note and tucked it in one of his front pockets and allowed the dog to go off and play with the others for a while.

It wasn't until they were back in the privacy of their apartment that Jungkook opened the note and what he saw made him gasp and sit down for a moment. He wasn't expecting this at all but he was so happy he got it.

-I was wondering when you would ask. My name's Yoongi, Min Yoongi. Call me sometimes? [xxx-xxx-xxxx]

He read the note again for the umpteenth time before he pulled his phone out and dialed.


Submitted: February 28, 2021

© Copyright 2022 IdrinkJoonJuice. All rights reserved.


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