Clipped Wings (Redux)

Clipped Wings (Redux)

Status: In Progress

Genre: Erotica


Status: In Progress

Genre: Erotica


Eighteen year old Haley Conway is taken from her small quiet town by a dangerous sadistic man.


Eighteen year old Haley Conway is taken from her small quiet town by a dangerous sadistic man.

Chapter5 (v.1) - Shane

Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: November 19, 2020

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Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: November 19, 2020



Chapter 5: Shane

The inside of the mansion was grand. It was the only word Haley could think of to describe it. The rundown appearance on the exterior greatly contrasted to the luxury of the interior. Everything was polished dark wood, high ceilings and glass chandeliers. Contemporary furnishings in an archaic building. 

Haley hugged herself as she eyed every piece of furniture she passed. The air inside was warm and eerily quiet except for the sound of her and Cole’s boots on the waxed floor. The house seemed to go on forever with a million hallways and rooms. As if it provided everything a human being would ever need. Provided it so no one would ever have to leave.

Haley’s stomach knotted with trepidation. What if she never left? What if she’d be forced to live and die here? Did her father miss her? Had he noticed she was gone yet? She stopped walking and started to back up, though she knew she would be too confused to know where to go.

Cole heard her retreating boots and turned around. He lifted the gun, making her halt her movements. “No way but forward, little mouse.” He cocks the gun. 

She knew better. She had to obey. At least for now. Obey until you have the perfect opportunity to escape. Obey. She nervously played with her fingers as she walked forward to him. He shot her a smile full of arrogance and pulled her forward, his hand squeezing her wrist. 

They made it to the kitchen, and he made her plant her ass in a stool at the island counter, then served her a plate of breakfast food that seemed to have been warming in the oven. 

She was confused. She expected to be eating something disgusting. Not a wonderful breakfast of eggs, ham, grits, and bacon. Even so, she wasn’t hungry. 

"Eat." Cole demanded. 

She looked up at him, then back to the food. “I’m not hungry.”

“I didn’t ask if you were. My orders were to make sure you were fed. Now eat.”

What would happen if she didn’t follow orders? She was too weak to show defiance so instead, she lifted her hands and went to pick up the fork. Each time she’d try to bring a bit of eggs or grits to her mouth, it’d fall off the fork due to her hands shaking. “I’m sorry.” She whispered, putting the utensil back down. Her entire body was a ball of tension and she didn’t know how to calm herself. 

Cole sighed. “Do I have to feed you?”

Haley shook her head but Cole ignored her. He put away his gun, picked up her fork and scooped up some of the eggs. He brought it up to her mouth and she turned her head. “No, I’m not hungry. Really.”

“Again, I didn’t ask if you were. Really. Open your fucking mouth.”

She knew without a doubt that if she had even a bite of food, she’d just throw it all up. Her stomach had yet to settle down from the events from earlier. “I feel sick.” 

“Yeah?” Cole leans into her ear. “Just think about all the shit that Shane’s going to do to you if you don’t follow his orders.” A sick smile spread across Cole’s face. “Imagine what he’ll do to your family back in Colorado. What was that address? 4497 Pro-“

Haley quickly grabbed the fork from him and stuffed down the food, much to his satisfaction. When she was done, she thought that she really would throw up, but managed to keep it down with great effort. 

“Starting tomorrow, you’ll be eating with the other girls.”

The others. “How many are there?”

She didn’t get an answer. 

Cole brought her upstairs to a small bedroom. It was noticeably plain compared to the rest of the house. There were no windows, nothing significant about the room. It was probably the only room that lacked any personality. 

“Put on that outfit and then come out.”

Haley’s eyes went to the outfit that was lying on the foot of the bed. A black lace thing with a pair of heels sitting next to it. 

Her breaths started to shake. 

“No,” Cole said. “Don’t. It’s not going to be like breakfast. You’re going to put it on. The stakes haven’t changed.”

They haven’t. Haley knew this. “Can I at least have some privacy?”



“I said no.”

He’d already seen her back when Pam checked her. She can try to at least undress and redress quickly and keep her back to him. She took off her boots and the clothes that they gave to her before grabbing the black nighty off the bed. It was short and see-through much to her embarrassment. She started to put it on.

“No, everything has to come off.” Cole said behind her. 

Haley took a deep breath, put down the dress and then pulled down her panties before stepping out of them. 

Cole’s heavy footsteps started to get closer behind her and she quickly pulled the nighty on.

His hands grabbed her ass hard and she winced at how rough his hands were. Her cheeks became red as his body heat crowded her from behind. 

“Pam said you weren’t supposed to touch me.” She whispered.

“Pam’s not here. Neither is anyone else.”

Someone cleared their throat behind them and at the same time, they turned their heads to see a tall man standing in the doorway. 

Cole immediately backed away while Haley nervously eyed the man in the doorway. She was thankful for his interruption, but if Cole was afraid of him, should she be as well?

The man was taller than both her and Cole. Cole’s head would probably come up to his chest. 

He had short platinum blonde hair that was long at the top and short at the sides, along with piercing eyes that looked almost silver. She’s never seen eyes like that before. But how could she if she spent most of her life sheltered in the house?

He stepped fully into the room, looking at her with an air of indifference before his eyes cut to Cole who was backed against the wall, eyes darting nervously between her and the man as if the Devil just entered the room. Has he?

“Ghost, I..I was just…”

“You were just...what exactly?” The man’s voice was deep, calm.


Without taking his eyes off of Cole, he spoke to Haley. “Go to the hall for a second.”

Haley didn’t move at first. The air had gone from uncomfortable to heated with anger. She could feel it wafting from Ghost although his face was perfectly neutral. 

Ghost met her eyes. “Go.” He demanded, his tone authoritative, and Haley did not hesitate. She grabbed her heels from the bed and hurried outside of the room. She barely took a step into the hallway before the door slammed behind her. 

She waited against the wall, hearing nothing but silence from the other side. Maybe a couple words from Cole, a short response from Ghost. The room was silent again before there was a loud audible snap. A loud scream bellowed out from the room, making Haley flinch away. A few seconds later, Ghost opened the door. 

Cole’s crying could be heard from inside before Ghost shut the door and looked down at Haley. 

“Go on,” He motioned behind her. “Shane’s office is that way.” 

Haley didn’t hesitate to move. She walked down the hall with Ghost following her. He was far more intimidating than Cole. She was too nervous to run so she followed his orders.

Ghost didn’t pull her along or make her follow him like Cole did. He walked behind her, his gaze focused on her and it made her far more uneasy than Cole ever did, even though Cole actually saw her naked down below. 

She was directed to turn the corner and came upon a long hallway. A runner spread out from one end of the hall down to the dark wooden double doors that had two men standing on either side of them. Haley had no doubt in her mind that it was Shane’s office they were guarding. 

Her feet were glued to the floor. Ghost didn’t grab her, nor did he walk up beside her. 

“All you’re doing, little one, is putting off the inevitable. You have no where to run. Nowhere to hide. So walk forward.” His voice held no anger, no arrogance. It was the voice of resolve in his tone that made fear take hold of her throat in a tight grip. 

Her eyes began to burn as she walked forward, closing the distance between herself and the doors. Even though she walked slowly, not once did Ghost rush her or make a comment about her slow steps. He just followed her. 

The two men, one tall with a bald head and tattoos, the other slightly shorter with a large frame and black eyes, opened the double doors. Haley and Ghost entered, and Haley’s eyes assessed the place with apprehension and curiosity. The room held the smell of fresh pine, cinnamon and leather with a hint of cigarette smoke. It was bizarre how the combination of those smells mixed into something that was almost comforting to Haley. 

The office was medium sized with two bookshelves on either side of the walls. Dozens of books of all sizes and colors lined the shelves neatly. 

A large flawless wooden desk faced the door with a black leather chair pushed into it and miscellaneous papers thrown carelessly on the desktop. Haley did notice a closed gray laptop beneath some of the clutter. He had to have Wi-Fi. She turned and her eyes went to Ghost, and then Shane. 

Shane was sitting on a black leather couch, smoking a cigarette with a book in his lap. His eyes were looking down at the pages, but the hint of a smile curved his lips as Ghost spoke silently into his ear. Was he telling him about Cole? Why would Shane find that amusing? Maybe they were talking about her?

She hugged her middle as she just remembered what she was dressed in and what she must look like. 

Ghost pulled back. 

“Thank you, Ghost.” 

He nodded once and went to the door. She almost asked him to stay with her. The last thing she wanted was to be alone with Shane after he hit her and after what Pam and Cole insinuated. 

But Ghost closed the door, leaving the two of them alone. Haley’s eyes slowly went back to Shane who hadn’t taken his attention away from the book yet. 

She took a deep shuddering breath, feeling cold. She surveyed the space around her once again.

In the corner, there was a black spiral staircase that led upstairs and she wondered what was up there. The bodies of the others?

No, she’d smell them if that was the case. She shook the thought from her head and looked back to Shane.

“Have a seat.” He said, his eyes still on his book. 

Hesitantly, she walked over and took a seat in the chair across from him. 

She waited patiently as he seemed to be on the last page of his book. He let out a soft laugh when he finally closed it and placed it in the seat next to him. “It never gets old.” He takes one last drag of his cigarette and puts it out. 

His emerald green eyes finally settled on Haley. He wordlessly assessed her outfit and she felt a hundred spiders crawling up her skin. 

She tried to cover herself with her arms and close her legs.

This made the corner of his lips turn up in amusement. “This look on you isn’t flattering at all.”

That was...unexpected.

She looked down at herself. He wasn’t attracted to her in this? 

He wasn’t ogling her. So what was the point in putting her into the nighty if he didn’t like it? Did all the girls have to go through this? Get Shane’s approval this way? So if he doesn’t like how she looks, what was he going to do to her?

“Your mind is spinning, isn’t it, butterfly?” He sits forward, elbows resting on his knees, fingers entwined, dangerously beautiful but intense eyes locked on hers in deep concentration. She found it hard to look at him for too long so she focused on something else in the room. 

A painting caught her attention. A man and a woman stood in a field. A black malicious evil seemed to be spilling from his mouth, sliding down his body and creeping toward the woman who looked down at it in horror. 

“Look at me when I’m talking to you.” Shane’s voice held a bite of edge to it that sent the hairs on Haley’s skin standing. Her back was stiff, spine straight and eyes on the verge of tears as she gave him her attention.

He tilted his head as he studied her face. Something must have caught his attention because he stood up, causing Haley’s breaths to kick up with panic. 

She was sure that he knew that he scared her, so he didn’t react to her fear as he closed the distance between them.

She was sitting back into the chair, her back pressing hard against it as her nails dug into the arms of the chair, eyes wild and wide on Shane as he stopped in front of her. 

She trembled as he reached out and tore off the butterfly bandage from her lip to reveal what he’d done to her the night before. He didn’t touch the cut but caressed her jaw. “I could have controlled myself a little better.”

Haley pressed her lips together hard. Shane’s touch was fire. An uncomfortable one that scorched her skin and singed her nerves.

He pulled his hand away and walked over to a cabinet to her left. He filled up a glass with dark liquor and drank the contents with his back to her. 

Haley’s eyes moved to the double doors, and then to the stairs. How fast was Shane? Beneath his black suit, he seemed to take care of his body well. Broad shoulders, muscular arms that packed muscle but not overly so.

He looked strong, but that didn’t mean he was fast.

She had barely scooted an inch off of the chair before Shane spoke, his back still to her. “Don’t make a decision that’s going to get you hurt, butterfly. I really don’t want to have to break that pretty face of yours.”

She immediately froze up and he poured himself another drink.

She stayed where she was, her focus going down to her fingers which were restless. 

Shane said nothing for a long moment and she hadn’t looked up. She knew he wasn’t looking at her but she now knew that that didn’t mean he wasn’t focused on her. After a moment, he turned around, his eyes latched onto her. She could feel it. 

“I’m aware that you’re a virgin. I’m not surprised, nor am I displeased.” Haley’s cheeks warmed as Pam and Cole’s conversation came to mind.

Virginity still intact.”

“No doubt Shane’s going to enjoy that.” 

There was no doubt in her mind that Shane was a sick pervert, but she wondered why he’d enjoy the fact that she was a virgin. Wouldn’t a man prefer that the girl had a little experience?

Haley remained quiet as she looked at him, silently questioning why he was saying this. 

He slid his hands into the pockets of his black slacks that fit him perfectly, molding to his strong legs, as well as revealing something big and pronounced that made Haley blush. Despite that, she didn’t look away from him. She was too afraid of him making a sudden move. 

He slowly paced the room, seeming to be in deep thought before speaking again. “Have you ever done anything sexual with a male or female?”

Haley didn’t see how any of this was his business, but she knew better than to deny him an answer. “No.”

“Not even a kiss?”

She looked away, remembering her first kiss in sixth grade, and then another in ninth. But it had never gone further than that with either boys. “Yes.”

Shane nods and then stops pacing to meet her eyes again. “Have you ever made yourself cum?”

Her cheeks were hot with blood as she stuttered, taken off guard by the question. 

She had made herself cum, plenty of times. But what did any of that have to do with her being here? 

“Before you think of lying to me, you should know that I’ve read your journal. You talk about fucking yourself quite a lot, butterfly. And here you are, trembling in front of me if I so much as say the word pussy.”

A lump formed in her throat. He read her journal. He stole her and invaded her privacy.

“I take it the woman in that picture inside your bag was your mother.”

It wasn’t just what he said that had her emotions flipping, but the way he said it, with this slight smile on his face. 

Her body temperature rose. Not because of embarrassment this time. But anger. A boiling simmering sensation that went off in her head. She shot forward in her seat. “Fuck you!” She screamed, surprising herself. She started to become light-headed and prayed that she wouldn’t pass out like she sometimes did when her anger got out of control. She gripped her reality as hard as she could, struggling to stay grounded. 

Shane kept his gaze on hers as his eyes slowly went blank. His smile was gone and his body was tense. Something about her tone must’ve triggered something inside him. Gone was the charming, amused, curious Shane. Something else had taken his place. He advanced on her and Haley stood up, holding her hands out as she backed up.
“S-Shane.” She ended up backing up against his desk, and before she could dart away, he was on her. 

It happened so fast, she couldn’t register it. Before she knew it, she was bent over his desk, her breath leaving her. Horror gripped her heart as she felt his hand between her legs and his fingers pushing inside her. 

Haley cried out and closed her legs as tightly as she could, yet it still didn’t stop him from going deeper. Burning pain assaulted her as his nails scraped along her walls. Her own nails scratched along the desk, trying to get away as she screamed. 

Shane pressed her head into the desk, making her lay still as he took his fingers out. He showed her that they were covered in blood. “Every time you disrespect me, I’ll make it worse for you here. How well and long you live depends on how you treat me. Is that understood?”

Haley looked away, her entire body shaking. 

“If you don’t want to answer, there’s another hole that I haven’t explored yet.”

“Y-Yes.” She answered quickly. “I understand.”

Shane hums in agreement and walks away from her. 

Haley stood there, bent over, afraid to move. It felt like bees were stinging her between her legs. 

The door opened and Shane said something to someone. 

A large hand grabbed Haley’s arm. She flinched and whimpered.

“We’re going to your room.” Haley turned her head to see Ghost, looking blank-faced at her. He helped her stand straight and she followed behind him. Each step was painful but as long as she was leaving Shane’s office, she could deal with it. 

She didn’t look at him but she could feel his eyes on her. 

“I’ll see you again soon, butterfly.”


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