Lust and Propriety

Lust and Propriety

Status: In Progress

Genre: Gay and Lesbian


Status: In Progress

Genre: Gay and Lesbian


Winter Maestri leads Peraza after his parents' suspicious and tragic death. Andyvion, a servant from the household of the new king of the neighboring land, leaves his home and his mates to warn Winter of a plot. Winter will do anything to keep himself and his land free, even take on a fake mate. But Hazeth Montcroix is a bit more than Winter expected and the fake mating may become real, no matter how Winter fights his feelings for Hazeth.


Winter Maestri leads Peraza after his parents' suspicious and tragic death. Andyvion, a servant from the household of the new king of the neighboring land, leaves his home and his mates to warn Winter of a plot. Winter will do anything to keep himself and his land free, even take on a fake mate. But Hazeth Montcroix is a bit more than Winter expected and the fake mating may become real, no matter how Winter fights his feelings for Hazeth.

Chapter2 (v.1) - Prologue: Part 2

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The days that followed were just as busy and chaotic as the previous three days before them. Andyvion and all the other servants in the manor were bustling about like worker bees. The teal Unicorn would be grateful when the whole ordeal was over. In his opinion, all of those preparations just to impress a few neighboring delegates was a ridiculous notion.

Granted, the young man was feeling a bit more aggravated than usual. He had, at the ripe age of twenty-four, been well and truly mated a few days prior. And it wasn't to just anyone; it was to a set of amazing twin brothers. It was enough to make him space out throughout his workdays in daydreams and memories. The problem was that the servants were all so busy that he hadn't had time to be with his mates, other than minute-long conversations and distant greetings.

He had to hand it to the purple brothers, however. Andy had his suspicions that they were keeping an eye on him day after day. Whenever he felt the small hairs on the back of his neck stand up, he would always turn to catch sight of something purple. Sometimes it was a hoof, and other times it was the swish of a tail or even a few strands of purple hair. 

That day had been particularly exhausting for him. As he dragged his feet to his chambers, he didn't feel a single trace of his mates anywhere. At night, they would be the ones that were occupied, of course. The teal Unicorn became a bit restless at night simply worrying about them.

As he walked through the door, the first thing that drew his attention was his pine green pillow cover. It was no longer pine green. In fact, he thought as he scrunched up his nose and pouted, it was covered in a layer or two of cum. With a long sigh and a frown, Andyvion held the corners of the pillowcase and shook the cover free so that he could wash it. He tossed it into his laundry basket and caught sight of something colorful on his rumpled bed sheet. When he walked closer, he realized that it was a peacock feather.

A goofy smile formed on his face as he held it to his heart. The day before, it had been an ancient coin and, the day before that, it was a shiny teal stone that was close to the color of his hair. He walked over to his bureau to place the feather next to his collection and found something else added to another collection of his. A lavender hair ribbon had been tied around a new flask of flower oil in a scent he didn't have yet. The day before, it had been a pair of soft socks. And, the day before that, it had been the comfortable shoes that were currently on his feet.

Andy wanted to see them, talk to them, and touch them. He wanted to thank them properly for their daily gifts and for watching over him. His mates were clever and thoughtful. After all, he certainly didn't remember ever telling them exactly where his bed chambers were, and they still managed to find it! There had to be something he could do in return.

After a quick shower and tossing on his pajamas, the young man dressed his pillow with a clean cover and sat on his bed. He lifted his knees to his chest as he reached down with his hands to gently trace the two chevron markings on the top of his feet. Two dimples formed on his cheeks as he smiled. He finally figured out a great gift for his two mates. With a flop, he rolled onto his side and closed his eyes. He would start his preparations tomorrow.


Nico grumbled sleepily when he was slowly pulled from his slumber by someone gently patting his hair. He loved being petted, but he hated waking up in the morning.

"Too early," Nico mumbled.

A chuckled answered him. "Come on, sleepyhead. I know you had a hard night, but you need to get up. I found Marjory, and she gave me more salve." Vincent brushed his brother's hair out of his eyes. "We need to get some on you, so you'll heal up fast and won't scar."

Nico sighed and nodded, rolling onto his stomach. They'd bathed and cleaned their wounds after their time with the King, Duke of Rathburn. Vincent's injuries had been minor and superficial. Rathburn preferred going after Nico with his harsher games and watching Vincent's reactions. The King had commented on more than one occasion that Nico's screams were sweeter, but the expression in Vincent's eyes while he watched was nearly as good.

That wasn't to say that Vincent got through unscathed. The King was unpredictable in his moods. Vincent had spent more than enough time strung up for the King's pleasure. Sometimes, Rathburn liked to abuse both twins simultaneously.

The twins healed quickly, but the slash marks covering the back of Nico's body were still angry and raw, though they'd stopped bleeding. The salve had a touch of magic in it that would speed the healing and leave no scars. They didn't know what they'd do without it.

Nico was quiet and still as his brother applied the healing balm. Vincent knew it had to hurt, but one wouldn't know it from Nico's response. The older twin sighed softly as he finished and put the lid back on the medicine.

Rathburn had been intense and excited the previous night, worked up about the gathering to come. Knives had been his choice for expressing it. The twins hadn't liked it a single bit but made no objections.

Vincent sat with Nico as the salve worked, petting his little brother's hair.

"I miss Andy," Nico sighed.

"So do I," Vincent agreed. "Do you think we have his schedule down?"

"I think so!" Nico said excitedly. "We have identified several windows of opportunity for cuddles and ravishment of our Andy." Nico turned his head to peek at Vin. "Do you think he liked our presents? Yours were so much better than mine."

"He'll love yours just as much, I promise."

Nico frowned but didn't argue, changing the subject. "Are we going out to check on Kimset today?"

Vincent nodded. "Poor baby's probably feeling neglected. We'll head out to the glade as soon as we can get you up and dressed."

Nico happily agreed.

When the twins arrived at the glade, Kimset was already bounding about in with excited purrs as he rushed over to them, then to its bowl, and back again. He appeared to be eating a heap of all kinds of meats. But, in spite of the excited commotion the pard was making, what drew the purple brothers' attention was the magnificent layout on their table.

A laced cover was laid down and was piled on top with two tiers of finger foods, fruits, and decorative flowers. Pitchers of drinks were beside the tiers of food, and two aqua-hued envelopes were set on the edge. Vincent and Nico glanced at each other before almost simultaneously rushing over to the table to grab the envelopes. They then had to swap the envelopes because they each grabbed the one with the wrong name on it.

As they opened the envelopes, a lavender scent wafted from the letters inside, which were written on a lilac-hued stationery. "Beloved Vin," Vincent read his letter out loud. "I've been wearing the shoes every day. Thank you so much for the socks, ribbon, and lovely oil. I used some of the lavender on these letters! I miss you and love you...Andy.”

"Beloved Coco," Nico read his own letter out loud. ."Your unique finds are like treasure to me. Thank you so much for the feather, coin, and stone. I can't wait to build the perfect box for them! I miss you and love you...Andy."

 Nico grinned. “He called me ‘Coco’!” The Unicorn made a little happy noise.

A moment passed where the twins held the letters to their noses to take in the scent.

"Oh, Vin, just look at his adorably drawn hearts!" Nico chirped.

Vincent couldn't help but grin. "So, so cute." He agreed. "All the more reason to stick with our plan." He pointed out as he laid out a yellow parchment onto the table. The sheet held a detailed layout of the teal Unicorn's schedule and, more importantly, their windows of opportunity.

Kimset bounded over as they were going over 'The Plan,' rubbing against them and nearly knocking them over.

"Yes, baby kitty," Vincent said, patting the huge pard's head. "I see Andyvion got you some yummies."

"Isn't he the best mate ever?" Nico asked the cat as he scratched behind one tufted ear.

Kimset purred louder, as though agreeing, before going back to the haunch of meat in his bowl.

"Our mate really is amazing," Vin comment with a dreamy smile.

"And we need him," Nico said seriously. "So, back to 'The Plan'!"


The first window was critical, as it was twenty minutes long. After the maids in the beige uniforms set out the baskets of recently washed sheets and clothing out on the lawn for the maids in the burgundy uniforms to set out on clotheslines, they were allowed a thirty-minute interval for lunch. Andyvion took five to seven minutes to eat his food, which usually consisted of fresh fruits and tea. And, then, he would clean up a bit in the restrooms near the kitchen. At least, that was according to the maid that they bribed for that particular information. So, that was the best time to strike. The twins waited down the corridor of that particular restroom until the teal-haired Unicorn walked towards them.


Andyvion had made good on his plans to surprise the purple-haired twins early in the morning. Luckily, the great pard had taken a sun nap for most of the time that it took him to set the table up. Andy had then laid down the meats in Kimset's bowl and gave it a gentle pet on the head before rushing off to start with the daily laundry.

He could practically perform his daily tasks blind from experience. As soon as he set his washed laundry down, he headed over to the kitchens to grab a snack. He felt like eating a mix of berries that morning. He ate a bowl full of grapes, strawberries, and raspberries, which he then downed with a glass of water. Andy then hit up the restroom near the kitchen, which was always kept tidy and clean by the staff, and washed up a bit. He even splashed his face with water. He dried up his face with one of the towelettes laid out for them on the counter and walked out. Almost immediately, he felt goosebumps as he walked down the hallway. Was someone watching him again? Were two certain someones watching him again?

Two certain someones were hiding behind a door, shushing each other until they caught sight of their mate. They were struck silent at the sight of him. He really did look like a girl if one didn't know better. There was a certain curve to Andyvion's hips and the way those hips swayed when he walked that was almost feminine. It didn't detract from his attractiveness, though. It was just another facet of their mate, and it suited Andy somehow. He was small and petite. He wasn't girly, and he didn't swish, but he passed for one easily. It was actually kind of fun and exciting. A secret between the three of them. An important secret that kept Andyvion safe.

The twins were so enraptured by the sight of him that they almost missed their chance. Nico let out a soft sigh, which made Andy turn his head in their direction. It spurred the twins into action, throwing the door wide open and bursting out to grab their mate and drag him back in, locking the door behind them.

"Whoa!" Andyvion gasped as he was suddenly hauled into an empty room with his two mates. "Vincent! Nico!" He greeted as he gave each of them a hug.

Nico promptly burst into tears and clung to Andy. The night before with the King had been even harder than usual. It wasn't the pain, he was used to that, sometimes he even was able to enjoy it. The problem was that it had all felt wrong. He didn't want Rathburn to touch him; he wanted Andy. It hurt his heart to submit to the King, and he couldn't help but feel he'd betrayed his mate somehow.

Vincent looked as bewildered as Andyvion, but took a moment to throw a spell on the door that would keep it locked and block any noise from inside.

"Nico, what's wrong?" Andy whispered as he ran a hand through Nico's purple locks and rubbed his back. "Are you ok?"

"I'm sorry." Nico shuddered and tried to fight his tears. "You should have only mated Vin. I'm not worthy of you."

A deep frown formed on the teal Unicorn's face. "You both are equally as warm and thoughtful." He insisted. "And you both are strong...I'm the one that shouldn't be worthy of you."

Nico and Vincent looked at him like he'd said that Rathburn was great for warm cuddles.

"What are you talking about?" Vincent and Nico asked, their voices blending perfectly.

A shaky smile formed on his face at the reaction he drew from them. "Now then, will you tell me what's wrong?"

"Indeed," Vincent added, unused to not knowing his brother's mind.

Nico pulled away and went to sit on the edge of a chair. His eyes wouldn't meet theirs.

"I'm a whore." Nico's fingers twisted together. "Vin is always so strong when Dukie...uses us. Even when he fucks us, Vin seems above it all. I'm just dirty and weak." Nico shivered. "And I let him do it every night since we mated. I never tried to stop him or get out of it. I'm dirty, and I betrayed our bond."

"Oh, Coco..." Andy responded softly as he held Nico's face in his hands. "You did it in order to survive, neither of you really had a choice." He admitted. "That doesn't make you dirty or weak at all. Our bond isn't flesh and bone on its own!" He continued as he took one of Nico's hands and pressed it over his beating heart. "It's how we feel about each other and how we're on each other's thoughts. Doesn't matter what he does to you, I'll still love you. Even if you never wanted to make love to me again, I'll still love you." He then pressed a firm kiss to the younger twin's lips.

"I'll always want to make love to you," Nico whispered as he pressed their foreheads together. "You really don't hate me, Andy?"

Vincent flicked his brother's ear. "You're being dumb. Andyvion knew what we have to do to get by when he mated us."

"Vin's right," Andy agreed as he gave Nico a tight hug. "But I still can't stand seeing you suffer like this. If it gets to be too much, we'll just move to another country and start over! What do you think?"

The twins frowned, drawing back slightly.

"Maybe..." Nico started.

"If we knew our parents were okay..." Vincent continued.

"And we could visit them often." Nico finished.

"But, where could we even go?" Vincent asked.

"Of course we'd come back to see our parents..." Andy replied. "As for where to go...I have a close friend in Peraza.  Well, he's my only friend, really...we sort of grew up together for a while back when the royal families of Cha Borolan and Peraza spent their summers together." He explained. "But, then the king and queen died..." A frown formed on his face. "Both kings and queens died..."

"All around the same time," Nico pointed out.

"Not exactly, but close enough," Andy admitted. "In any case, I'm sure Winter still remembers me! He'd help keep us safe. I'm sure of it."

"Wait, Winter Maestri?" Nico asked.

"The crown prince of Peraza?" Vincent added, just as confused.

The teal Unicorn nodded. "Mm-hmm, the two royal families had a great rapport, and my parents would bring me with them whenever the king and queen visited Peraza. And I would look after Winter whenever we were there. He was so adorable!"

"You're adorable." Nico nuzzled Andy's throat.

"Completely adorable." Vincent nibbled the other side.

Andy couldn't help but swallow hard. "And you both are beautiful," He whispered as he reached out to gently tug on a section of purple hair from each of their heads. "...thank you for the gifts."

"You liked them? Really?" Nico bounced a bit on the bed.

"Coco was convinced you wouldn't like what he got you." Vincent mussed his brother's hair. "I told him he was being silly."

Nico scowled at his twin.

"I loved them all," Andy responded with a grin. "Well, almost all...I can't believe what you guys did to my pillow case.”

The twins were shameless as they grinned.

"It smelled like you," Vincent pointed out.

"And it was soft and humpable," Nico said with a shrug and a laugh. "Just like you."

A vibrant blush formed on the servant's face. "I-It's not like I didn't have replacement covers, anyway..." He stated.

"We'd rather cum on you." Nico winked.

"Or in you." Vincent nodded.

"Or you on us." Nico licked his lips.

The blush darkened another shade. "I...I don't have to go back for another twenty minutes..." He confessed. "Wh-what would you like to do?"

"You," the twins purred, pushing Andy gently to the thick rug on the floor.

Though his face was still a vivid red hue, Andy didn't waste any time in shedding his uniform. He certainly didn't want it getting soiled, not when he had to go right back to work. After a quick second to think, he gave Nico a bright smile. "Want to be inside me this time?" He offered.

Nico clapped and nodded. "What form would you like me to be?"

"As we are right now, there's not much time. A-and I have something to confess." Andy pointed out as he presented his backside to Nico. His opening was already lubed and a bit loose. His voice fell to a very soft whisper. "I've been using a buttplug with lube every night."

The brothers were silent as they stared at their mate. Andy fidgeted, worrying for a moment they weren't happy with his confession. Then they fell on him, hands and lips running over every bit of Andyvion they could reach. Nico couldn't contain himself, snuggling behind Andy and fingering the servant's sweet little hole. He really didn't need preparation, but the violet Unicorn still played with him a bit, hunting down and teasing Andy's prostate.

Andy whimpered and shoved back against the fingers as he all but clung to Vincent. "Wh-what about you, Vin?" He asked in a trembling voice. "What do you want to do?"

Andyvion's lovely cock was hard and dripping. Vincent smirked before diving down to catch his mate's precum on the tip of his tongue, then sucking the tip into his mouth.

"Ahn!" The teal Unicorn moaned as his fingers raked through Vin's hair and dug into his scalp.

Vincent winked at his brother; a signal Nico figured out easily. Nico winked back. As Vin swallowed down Andyvion's hard cock to the back, Nico replaced his fingers with his dick, sliding into seat himself snugly inside Andy's tight velvety heat.

"Celestials!" Andy cried as he was breached and engulfed by heat all at once. His shaft gave a happy throb inside Vincent's mouth. He reached down with one hand to gently stroke the back of Vin's neck, where his marking resided and began to squirm. "W-wouldn't it h-hurt Vin this way?" He asked Nico.

"Hurt?" Nico asked, confused, as he circled his hips and Vincent moaned from the soft touch on his mating mark.

"Hn!" The teal Unicorn whimpered in response, barely able to think straight. "Just want you both to be safe..." He whispered.

"Mmm," Nico purred as he began pumping slowly into Andy's depths. "What's not safe about fucking Vin's mouth? He'll love it."

Vincent made a little hum of agreement as he began sucking Andyvion's sweet length in earnest. He adored the way his little mate tasted and felt. Andy's flesh was warm and hard, slightly salty with sweet precum. It was perfect, and made Vincent's own length turn into a steel rod.

"Well, if you're s-sure," the young man conceded as he reached back with his other hand to cup the back of Nico's neck. He grinded back against Nico with every other thrust as he bit his lower lip. All that Andy could think of was how glad he was that he had been prepping himself night after night just for this kind of occasion.

"Fuck his mouth, Andy," Nico whispered as he snapped his hips forward, shoving his cock deep into the smaller man, pushing Andyvion forward to choke Vincent.

Vin didn't object, swallowing hard and moaning when he could get a breath.

Andy keened, his hand clutching the back of Vin's scalp as he followed along with Nico's movements. As the pleasure continued to build, he tossed his head back onto Nico's shoulder. "Ah!"

Nico suddenly stilled. Vincent whined amethyst eyes peeked up at Andyvion, begging for more. Andy saw that Vin had freed his own cock, smearing the precum around the tip, but not taking himself in hand. The violet Unicorn teased himself without mercy.

"Why'd you stop?" Andy mewled as he squirmed against Nico. He peered over at the purple Unicorn with a pout. His aquamarine eyes were dilated with lust.

"Awwww, poor Vinvin," Nico purred. "He wants so much to feel you thrusting hard and deep in his mouth, all the way to his throat, rubbing his tonsils." Nico licked the shell of Andy's ear. "He won't let himself come until you've pleasured yourself thoroughly in that hot wet mouth of his." He nipped the lobe. "And me? I want to feel you pushing back onto me. Fucking yourself on my cock, love. I want you to take your pleasure from us. We'll adore every second."

With a gulp, Andy nodded. He wanted ever so desperately to please his mates. He glanced down at Vin. When he deemed him ready, he gave a shallow thrust into his mouth and swung back against Nico. With the hand on the back of Vincent's neck, he kept him in place as he began to find a rhythmic pace.  His gaze never left the older Unicorn's.

Nico moaned softly in Andy's ear, whispering encouragement and adoration.

"We've never known anyone like you," The purple-haired man whispered. "You don't realize how special and precious you are to us. You're like this amazing light that saved us." He kissed Andyvion's shoulder. "You saved us from despair. We'd decided we couldn't take what he did to us anymore...we were giving up. But with you, we can endure anything if it means we have the chance to see you, love you."

Vincent gazed up at them, the truth of his brother's words shining in his amethyst eyes.

Tears began to brim in Andyvion's eyes, but he closed them and focused on the task at hand. He wanted to give them pleasure, as well. But, most importantly, he wanted to get them all out of their everyday hell. When he opened his eyes again, there was a new fierceness, one born from the desire to protect and care for his mates. His thrusts became more confident and precise as he made sure not to hurt Vin and took Nico further into him from behind.

The twins moaned in unison. Nico reached forward to pluck at Andy's tight little nipples. The hand that Vincent wasn't using to tease his erection slid down Andyvion's shin to grasp one of Andy's slender feet. Vin's fingers massaged the sole as his thumb stroked the mating mark on its top.

Andy let out a gasp as that simple touch was enough to have him stumble over the edge. "Ahn!!" He cried out as he spilled himself into Vin's mouth. "S-sorry!" He mewled when he realized he gave no real warning.

Vincent just grinned after swallowing, his tongue sneaking out to catch a streak of white that had escaped his lips. The violet Unicorn scooted upward to steal a kiss, letting Andyvion taste himself.

"Where do you want our seed?" Nico purred as Vin nipped Andy's lip.

"Inside, outside, wherever you want," Andy panted against Vin's mouth, completely lost in the rolling pleasure.

"I want to spill inside you," Nico whispered as he gave a teasing thrust.

Vincent got up on his knees with his fingers wrapped around his throbbing cock.

"I want to paint you with mine," Vin growled.

"Yes," Andy hissed. "Do as you please!" He keened.

Vincent took Andyvion's hands in his own. The servant's hands were rough and calloused from years of hard work. They were strong and capable. They felt amazing as Vincent pressed them to his needy flesh. He held Andy's grip tight around his shaft and began pumping his hips, fucking his mate's blissful grasp.

Andy licked his lips as he carefully dug his thumbs into his mate's hot flesh. He felt a surge of eagerness rolling through him. To be marked inside and out by his mates was sure to quench the drought of days past.

Nico gripped Andy's hips, holding him tight as he pumped into him.

"Andy-love, you feel so good," Nico moaned. "Tighten down on me when you want me to come."

"So close," Vincent gasped, thrusting harder into Andyvion's grip.

Andy bit his lower lip in concentration as he carefully tightened around both shafts. His inner walls closed in around Nico's flesh, and his hands tightened their grip around Vin's.

Nico gasped, pounding hard into his mate as he began to spurt deep inside him. Meanwhile, Vincent's eyes rolled back as his cock throbbed and twitched in Andy's grasp as he sprayed his load across Andyvion's throat and chest with a growl.

The teal-haired Unicorn whimpered as he felt Nico's shaft pulse a few more times inside him. He carefully let go of Vincent's spent member and tugged the older man into another kiss. Vin laid down, snuggling close to Andy, uncaring that he was smearing his own seed across himself and his mate. He hummed contentedly as Nico wrapped his arm around both of them, nuzzling into Andy's soft hair. It smelled like flowers and sunshine. Their mate was like a sweet spring day. It felt so nice, so safe.

Andyvion peered over Vincent's shoulder as he looked at the grandfather clock on the wall. He let out a soft snort when he realized he still had ten more minutes with his mates until his next task. So, he held them both close and basked in their warmth. The three of them needed security and peace...and if that meant smuggling even their parents over to Peraza, then it would have to done.

The brothers petted and snuggled him, not realizing the thoughts filtering through Andyvion's head. The twins tried to live in the moment, stealing what happiness they could until they were called again to entertain the King. It had become more and more of a struggle over time... until they'd found Andy.

All the things that had become unbearable fell away when they touched him. So, they held him tight and close while they could.

When a few more minutes passed, Andyvion reluctantly pulled away from the twins and asked them to help clean him up for his next task of the day. "I have another break just before dinner..." He told them out loud.

"Oh, we know," they told him with wicked grins as Vincent threw a cleaning spell on Andy's front and Nico did the same with their mate's back.

"Oh?" Andy mused out loud as he pulled on his maid uniform and tied the apron around the back. "See you both then?" He asked aloud.

"And feel us," Vincent purred as he stroked a hand down Andy's back.

"Mmmm, possibly taste us." Nico stole a kiss, his tongue teasing his mate's.

The twins reluctantly let Andy go. They'd see him, and more, later. As the teal Unicorn left them, the twins hugged each other tightly. Without Andyvion, the world was a little colder and lonelier. The violet Unicorns would always have each other. But, they hoped Andy would be a part of their little circle forever.

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