Chapter 16: 16

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Gay and Lesbian  |  House: Booksiesilk Classic Group

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"I think this spot is good enough!" Regan said as he led Gideon into a clearing in the woods. The canopy was so vast overhead that the leaves from the trees cast long shadows on the grassy ground. Though neither could see it, they could sense the sun beginning to set and the moon rising. The Omega could already see faint stars in the small view of the sky. "Ready?" he prompted his mate.

Regan quickly pulled his clothes off and laid them down on a nearby boulder. He then began to shift into his wolf form. His face's dark brown markings made it seem as if he had a mask, making his amber eyes stand out. Most of his pelt was as brown as his curly hair, but the underside was cream. He was a sturdy, mid-sized wolf that didn't hesitate to walk over to his mate.

"You're perfect," Gideon murmured, crouching to run his hands over Regan's wolf form. "This form suits you as well as the other." He grinned, gentle fingers stroking the Omega's mask markings. "This especially. Makes you look mysterious, naughty, and mischievous. I love it."

The Omega licked at Gid's fingers in appreciation. Regan had never had anyone other than his family touch his wolf form. He then sat down and tried to appear as if the touches didn't matter to him, even though his tail kept wagging.

Gideon stripped, folding and stacking his clothes beneath a bush. He let the change take him in the familiar, skin-prickling rush and shook himself, settling his thick silver fur. Instead of the steely gray of his human form, his eyes had shifted to warm, whiskey-brown. Gideon stepped forward on black-furred paws to Regan's side. He was an immense beast, towering over his mate. Gideon's head was heavy as he dropped it across Regan's shoulders, letting out a deep, contented sigh.

Regan found himself nuzzling against the Alpha, rubbing against him like a cat. When he realized what he was doing, he stopped and shook his head. He then motioned towards the trees and took off. The younger wolf was relatively fast and agile, able to weave through the trees at the turn of a dime. Despite the energy that he burned up, his heartbeat was steady.

Gideon gave a wolfish grin and chuffed before beginning the chase, letting Regan have a head start before launching himself after his mate. Gideon thought he'd have to slow himself down to make the play last. Instead, the Alpha struggled through gaps too small for his bulk. He scooted on his belly upon the underbrush that Regan zipped through without difficulty. Gideon clambered over a fallen tree that Regan had gone under and noticed that the Omega had paused to look back at him, the tail high and delight sparkling in his moonlit eyes. Gideon's heart warmed with pride. His mate was quick, clever, and intelligent as well as lovely. The Alpha sent a short prayer of thanks to his deity for bringing them together before tearing off after him again.

Regan then began to race seriously when they properly warmed up, picking up a burst of speed until he managed to lose Gideon in the process. When the silver wolf paused to get his bearings, Reg then lunged out at him from behind a tree in a tackle. He let out a soft howl as if he had found his target at the end of a long hunt.

Gideon allowed himself to be taken down, falling dramatically to the loamy forest floor with Regan on top. He licked the Omega's chin in playful surrender. Regan returned the lick on the side of the Alpha's muzzle before snuggling against him. After a moment, Reg shifted back into his human form and gave the silver wolf a kiss on the top of his head before Gideon shifted back, as well. Regan felt a peace inside him that he hadn't felt before. He laid on his back and peered at the stars in the space between the leaves of the trees.

"Thank you, Gideon," he said as he turned slightly to look at his mate. "For accepting me, flaws and all."

"They're not flaws," Gideon said seriously. "I like you how you are. I'm sorry if I ever made you feel differently."

"We all have flaws," the Omega retorted. "We're not gods. But, I do appreciate the sentiment." A wide, cheeky smile formed on his face. "Now, if I remember correctly, you said you'd owe me a favor if I beat you in a race…."

"You got me," Gideon admitted. "You're not going to make me shave my head or stop drinking coffee, are you?"

Regan let out a soft laugh. "No, but I will ask you one thing," he countered. "How do you feel about making love beneath the stars knowing that some gods might be watching?"

"I don't think I'd mind a bit. They must get bored." Gideon's smile was wicked. "You like the idea of them seeing you lost in pleasure? Moaning and calling my name while I fill you again and again?"

"Only if I'm the one on top," The Omega suggested. "I'm not sure if I want the gods to see too many of your goods."

"On top, like you want my ass?" Gideon grinned. "I knew those kettlebell squat exercises were worth it. My cousin is full of it."

"That's not what I meant…." Regan responded with a sigh as he straddled the Alpha's hips and leaned back on his hands, rubbing his backside against the other wolf's package. "Figure it out yet?"

Gideon's hips lifted on reflex, grinding against his mate with a groan. "Might need you to show me some more…make sure I really understand."

Regan's smile became a sensual one as he readjusted himself so that he could slide his mate's length inside him. He accidentally squeezed the flesh as he widened the distance between his knees on the ground. A slight wiggle of his hips helped him sink almost to the base. He hadn't the slightest idea what kind of expression he was wearing as he concentrated on the warmth and pleasure.

Gideon's eyes squeezed shut, fingers kneading Regan's thighs as he took deep breaths, fighting the need to flip his mate onto his back and drive them to a quick but spectacular ending. He clenched his teeth and focused on the feeling of Regan's skin under his fingertips, smooth and soft over lean muscle, instead of how tight and hot the Omega was around his cock.

"You make me crazy," Gideon said, voice low and rough, "in all the best ways."

Amber eyes locked with gray as Regan began to ride the Alpha. Gideon handing over the control of even their position spoke volumes to the Omega. As thanks, he wanted to give him bliss. "When we get home, I'll let you tie me up however you want...spank me, handcuff me, anything you want," he told him breathlessly.

The Omega's words had Gideon sucking in a breath and fighting to stay still beneath his mate. The Alpha couldn't stop his short thrust upward, deepening his penetration when Regan rocked downward. Just the thought of Regan tied and spread out on Gideon's bed for ravishment nearly shredded his control. The feel of his Omega tight and hot around him was blissful torment.

Regan's hands trailed up the silver wolf's chest as he leaned forward to whisper into Gideon's ear between breaths. "Or we can try whatever those rings in your 'special room' are for if you'd prefer," he suggested before shifting back and increasing the speed of his undulations. He gasped, reaching down to stroke himself when the Alpha's piercing slid along his inner walls. "I may be yours, but you are also mine, Gideon. Never forget that."

Amidst the amber-eyed wolf's promises and declarations, the slate-eyed Alpha allowed himself to completely let go. His trust in the unruly Omega only seemed to grow the more time they spent together. Gideon had never experienced anything quite like it. He hoped that he'd never forget the sight of Regan tossing his head back as he peaked above him, not even in old age. As their eyes met and Gideon once again saw the fire alight within the amber eyes of his mate, he realized that he needn't worry about a failing recollection. The very memory was engraved into his very core.


Karas stormed through the woods in his human form. Nothing; not a single thing had gone right in the last seventy-two hours. Just when he had finally begun to come to terms with the fact that his best friend was wrapped up in an arranged marriage, their crazy king had decided to send them on a mission that would fuck with the Jeremejevites and cause them grief by stealing a total sweetheart from their prince. As if that wasn't enough, the gods Ra and Abek themselves showed up to fix their mistake.

First, Ra had forced Ferrin to kiss him in their dragon forms, which was a surprising and welcome sensation until Ferrin rushed away from him. They were both so out of sorts that neither realized what the gods had in mind for them. Had Ra called them brats? The periwinkle-haired dragon had barely managed to convince Abek to postpone their task.

Their mating had been reduced to a divine mandate.

Karas was all sorts of upset about it. He didn't want a union with Ferrin, someone he cared so much about, if it meant that he was being forced into it! And what of Ferrin's fiance? What if she had feelings for Ferrin, too?


The aqua-eyed dragon in question ignored the call, walking further into the woods. He wasn't ready to face his friend just then, despite having convinced the gods otherwise. For how long could the two of them delay that kind of command? Wasn't one god's demands a burdensome enough missive? Karas still couldn't wrap his head around the fact that two gods wanted it to happen.

"Karas, wait up!" Ferrin continued to call out. "Please! I'm sorry! You were right about everything. This is all my fault, and I'm sorry."

The periwinkle-haired dragon stopped in his tracks, his hands fisted at his sides. Ferrin had always been such a stubborn dragon. Why had it taken so much for Ferrin to just listen to him? What kind of best friend was that?

"You know what? You should be sorry!" Karras huffed as he turned around to glare at his bestie. His shoulders then dropped as he let out a shaky breath. "But, this is just my fault as it is yours. If I had been more honest and firm, I'd have told you not to go through with the engagement in the first place." Aqua-hued eyes began to overflow with tears. "And now you're… you're forced into this thing…."

And that was the moment Ferrin knew he'd fucked up. He had been pressured into the engagement because their crazy king had insisted upon it. So, when the gods stated otherwise, he felt pretty happy and free. But, he didn't realize that Karas had been feeling an entirely different way the whole time.

"Forced? No, Karas, we're free." Ferrin insisted as he rushed over to grasp the other dragon into a hug. He pressed a kiss to the top of his head. "I was never going to go through with it. If it wasn't for that kidnapping mission, I'd have already told you I was planning on eloping with you to go live with the humans or something!"

"But, we know next to nothing about living among humans…." Karas keened.

"Well, if the next king Abek appoints is as crazy as the one he just banished," Ferrin decided. "Then, we'll just have to figure it out together."

"Does that mean that you really want us to be mates?"

"Why is that even a question? Isn't that what eloping is all about?"

Karas grabbed his best friend by his long, sky-blue hair and tugged him into a kiss in response. He'd never been more relieved in his life. Neither of them was perfect. Hell, the two were a total pair of idiots. But, there was no one else he wanted to spend his life with.

They broke away to shift back into their dragon forms to finish what they'd started.


"Wow, they're huge-hey!"

Regan's wide eyes were quickly covered by Gideon's hand. As they were making their way back, they paused to investigate the ground shaking and the plumes of fire they saw in the distance. After what they had experienced, they feared the worst, only to realize that it was merely a pair of pale blue dragons fornicating.

"We should head back before we're accidentally roasted or side-swiped by one of their massive tails," Gideon suggested.

"Good point. Let's go back," Regan agreed. "I'm actually looking forward to going home and staying there for a good while."

Gideon barely managed to hold back a snort of amusement. He never thought he'd see the day his precious Omega willingly wanted to stay home. But the Alpha certainly didn't want to jinx it. So, he merely allowed his mate to lead the way back.


When the queen of the fire opal dragons said that she wanted to challenge the tailors, Honey didn't realize that she had forced them all to work overnight to find and create an entire closet's worth of clothes in all shades of blue. His hands touched the different fabrics, each one softer than the last. This was entirely too much. Did Jedrek even have enough room in his closet for all this?

"My sweet dragon," Honey called as he voiced his concerns aloud. "Would your mother be offended if we only brought back a fourth of these outfits?"

A shiver rolled down Jed's spine at the thought of Honey rejecting his mother's gifts. "Yes," he responded. From that moment on, he'd hide nothing from his mate. "However, she would take it out on me and not you…she'd also find a way to send the clothes back with us by force."

The blond wolf was quiet for a moment. "And you wouldn't mind half your closet becoming blue?" He eventually asked.

"I'd welcome it," Jedrek replied as a feral grin formed on his face. "It would be a reminder that my treasured mate is living with me every time I see it."

Honey felt a slight smile tug at his lips. "Then, help me choose one to wear as we say our goodbyes."

"With pleasure," the dragon prince responded as he did just that, handing his mate his favorite ensemble out of the bunch. "We weren't brought any breakfast…likely out of fear of interrupting us. But, if we go to the dining hall, there should be plenty of food for all of us, Gideon and Regan included."

"Then, let's go find them," Honey suggested.

When the two of them headed over to the dining hall, they saw no sign of the two wolves. However, on their way out after having breakfast, Honey was swept up into another hug by Regan. The blond hugged him tightly, amused that the amber-eyed wolf was far too fast for his dragon to catch. Jedrek looked like he wanted nothing more than to peel Regan away, but Honey shook his head in warning. Reg, too, had come for him, and he deserved the hug. The blue-eyed wolf had been too disoriented the day before to fully appreciate that fact. As the two Omegas pulled away, Honey finally took in what Regan was wearing.

"Did the queen dress you, too?" the blue-eyed wolf asked as he noted the matching outfits Regan and Gideon wore in gold and silver.

"Yeah, we're all looking hot!" Regan commented as he stood up straighter and showed off his bright, golden vest. "Not gonna turn down a gift from royalty. Talk about quality fabric…."

Honey mused at how Regan, so different from him, had become a steadfast friend in such little time. Clarissa was the closest person to him while growing up, but the brunet was someone he equally wanted in his life. It didn't matter how different they were.

"Let me take a good look at my new son," Jedrek's mother mewled as she nearly squeezed the life out of the blond wolf. "Just as I thought, you look so handsome and elegant in our garb. You must wear them loud and proud to show those werewolves that you're one of us."

"Mother, please don't tell me that the reason you drowned him in clothing was to show him off from a distance," Jedrek pleaded.

"Of course not," the queen countered. "They are my gift to welcome him into the family. However, that does not mean that he can't wear them with pride wherever he goes."

"He's part of the Opal Fire clan now," the king agreed as he gently clapped Honey's shoulder in affection.

Jedrek would have argued further, but a quick signal from Honey made him shut his mouth back up. The fact that the treasured wolf wanted to make a good impression before his family melted his heart. Yet, the dragon still felt like he needed to get his mate far, far away from that very family.

"Is everyone ready to head back?" Jed asked aloud. When the others were in agreement, he shifted into his dragon form. "Then, let's go."

"Woo!" Regan whooped as he helped Honey clamber onto his mate's back and sat behind him. He then reached back a hand to help his own mate on.

"Are you certain there are no other means of traveling back?" Gideon asked hesitantly.

"It'll be fine, love," Regan assured as he handed him a candy drop. "Suck on this ginger candy. It should help settle your stomach until we land."

The Alpha gulped hard, wary of the ginger drop in his hand. But, as soon as Jedrek began to move forward, he placed the candy in his mouth and clung tightly to his mate. Flying was officially his least favorite mode of transportation. Regan's trill of joy filled his ears as Jedrek took off, but Gideon kept his eyes tightly shut.

Once they were finally back in Gideon's backyard, the slate-eyed wolf was unstable on his feet. But, he did not release the contents of his stomach onto one of his bushes. Regan was right there by his side, rubbing his back, just in case.

"I can't thank you enough for helping Jedrek track me down," Honey confessed. "And for all of your other help before then. I am grateful to have met you."

"As are we, Honey," Gideon responded, giving the younger wolf a gentle smile. "We look forward to seeing you again."

"Which will hopefully be soon!" Regan added as he reached out to give one of Honey's hands a squeeze. "Us Omegas gotta stick together, remember?"

"Definitely," Honey agreed.

"Are you feeling better?" Jedrek asked Gideon. He was relieved when the Alpha gave him a nod in response. "Then, Honey and I will be heading out."

"I think I'll have a glass of wine and lay down for a while," Gideon muttered aloud to himself as he entered his house.

Just as Honey and Jedrek began to walk away, they heard a loud growl followed by a "SIMON!" They peered over their shoulders just in time to see Regan duck inside to either play mediator or add fuel to the fire. Neither of them stuck around long enough to find out.


Jedrek was looking forward to relaxing in his own home with his mate. But, he frowned when he saw a familiar red convertible parked on his driveway. The twisting in his gut intensified when the door to his house burst open, and a disheveled Clarissa rushed out to cling to her cousin. What in the ever-loving hell was she doing in his home?

"HONEY! Oh, thank the gods!" Clarissa sobbed. "I've been trying to get a hold of you like crazy! I thought your giant mate had tricked you and abandoned you somewhere!"

"You thought I what?" Jedrek growled. His attention then shifted to a male vampire leaning against his door frame. The long-haired ravenet had the gall to wave his fingers at him in greeting. Really? After having broken into his house for who knows how long? Jed would have to ask Gideon to help him set up a robust security system on his property soon.

"I'm so glad I didn't call Uncle Stanley right away," Clarissa continued. "He'd have had a heart attack, and everything would have been so much worse."

"I'll give him a call as soon as I charge my phone back up," Honey thought aloud. "And you no longer have to worry about my mate and me. We'll be fine from now on."

"You better be," Clarissa insisted as she sent Jedrek a sideways glance as a warning. "Now you know what I'm capable of for the sake of my best cousin."

"I am not above sending you, and your accomplice to jail should this happen a second time," Jedrek replied.

"I'm shaking in my boots," she drawled sarcastically. "Like my mate doesn't have the money to immediately bail us out."

"Wait, mate?" Honey squeaked as he took hold of both her hands and gave a little hop of excitement.

A blush formed on his cousin's face. "Well, after going so far as to help me break into the house of a dragon…which, Kindred Khonsu, do you know he's a dragon?" Honey nodded. "Anyway, Amadi's clearly the one for me."

"I'm so happy for you," Honey told her.

"Now that I know you're doing better, I'm happy for you too, Honey."

"Is it time to meet the in-laws, my mandazi?" Amadi prompted as he handed her the keys.

Clarissa let out a dreamy sigh. "Do you know how wonderful it is for a man to trust his mate to drive?" She admitted. "Text me later, cuz."

"I will," Honey affirmed.

Jedrek looked on in shock and disgust as the female beta pulled out of his driveway and took off at an inhuman speed with her utterly unphased vampire mate smirking beside her. He needed to remain calm. Honey would not be pleased with him if he burnt them both to cinders.

"I'll make sure she never does that again, my dragon," Honey insisted when the other two were out of earshot. "And I apologize in her stead."

The anger building up inside Jedrek deflated right out of him like a balloon. His mate was beside him. Honey was safe. The violet-eyed dragon didn't even care if his cousin and her mate robbed him blind.

"I want you to be happy," Jedrek admitted. "And seeing her makes you happy. So, she's family to me, too."

The smile that the Omega gave him was well worth it.




As Regan walked in between Gideon and Jedrek, he was well aware that he either looked like the adopted son of a hot gay couple or some kind of lackey fought over by two corporate tycoons. The vampire or two that walked by gave all three of them a heated glance, while the wolves gave them at least a yard of space. It made total sense to the Omega that no humans were around that block at night.

"So, you're sure that this pet shop is open this late at night?" the brunette asked aloud.

"I called ahead of time, and they said they hadn't sold her yet," Jedrek affirmed.

"And you are certain Honey would want such a pet?" Gideon questioned.

"Yes and no," the dragon responded. "When we walked past it after dinner, he gazed at her for several seconds longer than the others…." He had already wasted too much time picking out a gift for his beloved Honey's birthday. So, when he saw the attention he gave the little creature at the window, Jed could think of nothing better to buy him.

"It's ok, love," Regan reassured his mate. "Honey will adore anything that Jedrek gets him. The point is that he is the one that has to actually choose and buy the gift. Though, he's really cutting it close, getting it the night before. I had his gift ordered and wrapped two weeks ago."

The pure chagrin on Jedrek's face was priceless. When they stepped inside the pet shop, the amber-eyed Omega suddenly realized why that particular pet shop was open so late at night. The person at the register was a green-haired vampire with mesmerizing gradient eyes.

"Welcome to my shop. My name is Angelo," he greeted them. "Did one of you inquire about the creme Vienna marked holland lop eared bun?"

"Yes, that would be me," Jedrek responded as he stepped forward.

"Have you ever cared for a lop-eared rabbit before?" Angelo inquired.

"No, but my mate and I are responsible," the violet-eyed man replied. "And I'll spare no expense in equipment, food, and medical bills."

"In that case," Angelo mused before turning towards his employee at the back. "Choco-bat, bring over the black bun, along with the weather-resistant hutch and ramp and the usual rabbit supplies."

"On it!" The orange-eyed vampire blurted out before rushing about the store at an incredible speed to gather everything. Regan had a feeling that the real reason Jedrek asked for them to join him was to help him carry everything back to his place. Several moments later, the three of them had their arms full.

"I'm excited for those two lops to have a home," the orange-eyed vamp admitted. When he noticed someone else walk in, a bright smile formed on his face. "Oh! Looks like it's time for me to clock out for the night."

When Regan turned towards the door himself, he nearly dropped the bags of food and equipment that were in his arms. His gasp was so loud that it drew the attention of everyone in the shop. The man was a wolf. Not just any wolf…he was taller and broader than he'd last seen him in a News interview. He even rocked a shorter hairstyle that made him look more gallant than he'd in the older magazine clippings he secretly kept tucked away in a binder. However, there was no denying that he was-

"Th-The Great Eli!" Regan squeaked aloud.

"How am I "great" or any sort of "legend" again?" Elias whispered loudly to his mate. "It's only been three years."

"Hmm? But, you've always been great in my eyes," Nolan admitted before giving the redhead a kiss on the cheek.

"Sweetheart, are you alright?" A concerned Gideon questioned.

Regan nodded, his mouth still slightly opened as he gazed at his idol. "Honey is going to flip when he hears about this!"

Elias and Nolan sent them a farewell smile and waved before heading home.

Just when Gideon thought that all was said and done, his mate turned to face the shop owner one last time on his way out the door.

"Hey, can I apply for work here!? I can totally cover the day shift."


Submitted: June 20, 2022

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