Their Girl Skylar: The Beginning

Their Girl Skylar: The Beginning Their Girl Skylar: The Beginning

Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Every wanted to know how Skylar, Lukas and Nicholas became a thing? Want to know more about them and their wicked sex life? Here's the novel to hopefully answer all of your questions.


Every wanted to know how Skylar, Lukas and Nicholas became a thing? Want to know more about them and their wicked sex life? Here's the novel to hopefully answer all of your questions.

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Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: May 27, 2015



Skylar arrived at her husband’s restaurant, Butchers. She loved it. She walked in and the staff all politely greeted her and some even asked how she was doing. When she and Lukas had first gotten together she had been called every name in the book, She had been called a ‘traitor’ from some black men for her dating a white man and some people even called her a gold digger because of their age difference. Luckily Skylar had thick skin and great support system from her very mixed family. The only time those comments bothered her was when she had her daughter with her and Skylar, being a bit of a spitfire was quick to correct someone’s ignorance as she was not yet ready for her daughter to experience ignorance and hate.

She walked through the kitchen where Chef Walen greeted her with a loud voice. He was a tall man with gorgeous hair they he kept in a neat pony tail and had gauges in each ear.

“Chef Walen! Hello! How are you?’ She gave him a hug and smiled.

“Very excited about this new menu. Will you be tasting it as well?

“I’m not sure yet, let me have a talk with the owner first and I’ll see.” They shook hands and Skylar walked into her husband’s office where she found him leaning back in his chair with his feet on the desk reading some papers. She shut and locked the door behind her and he looked up at her from behind his no frame glasses. He was so sexy in his glasses. He swung his feet off his desk.

“What a pleasant surprise, baby. How are you?”

Skylar walked around his desk and sat on his lap. He tossed his papers to the side of his desk and wrapped his big strong arms around her waist.

“I’m fine. Aria is with mom and I’m pretty sure mom is going to try to sneak her some type of junk but I’m fine. A bit horny now, looking at you in your sexy black suit.” Skylar leaned over her husband and stared into his blue eyes. She slowly removed his glasses and placed them on his keyboard. Lukas lovingly looked up at his wife and caressed her cheek with his fingers just before pulling her in for a kiss.

Skylar moaned and Lukas broke their kiss to bite down on her bottom lip.

“And you came here wearing pants.” He shook his head and lifted her up off his lap and sat her on his desk. “Lay back baby, let Daddy take care you.”

Skylar’s heart skipped a beat as she laid back on his desk, her head hanging slightly off the edge.  Lukas removed her shoes and placed them on the floor. He knew better than to throw her shoes. She loved them as much as he loved his phone. She closed her eyes as she felt her husband’s hands slowly unbutton her pants. She lifted her butt off the table for a moment as he shimmied them down her legs. He left her panties on. She heard him walking to where her head was and opened her eyes. He was standing with his crotch just above her face. She gave him a big smile and giggled.

He lifted up her shirt to expose her breasts which were almost double a handful for him.  Lukas released her boobs from her black bra and tweaked her nipples hard. Skylar gasped. He continued tweaking them until she arched her back off his desk and climaxed in her cute polka dot panties. That was one of the many things he loved about his wife. Her body was so sensitive and it was so easy to make her cum.

Skylar tried to slip her fingers into her panties but her husband told her no and guided her hand to his pants zipper instead. Skylar smiled wickedly as she unzipped and unbuttoned his pants. She put her hand through the hole in his underwear and pulled her husband’s hard cock.

“No hands, baby.” He took off his jacket and tossed onto the seat of his chair. After loosening his tie he pulled his pants and underwear down to his ankles. When he had the restaurant built, Skylar had read that a fine dining establishment nearby had been robbed at gun point and made him take serious safety measures. One off those measures was making his office into a safe room that was beautifully soundproof. Lukas could fuck his wife as hard as he wanted and Skylar could scream as loud as she needed and no one would be able to hear it.

“Open wide, baby.”

Skylar opened her mouth and Lukas shoved the entire length of his 9 inch cock into her warm, wet mouth and down her tight throat. His big, round, hot, sweaty balls pushing down on her nose. It had taken them months of practice but with much patience, Skylar became an amazing deep-throater. Skylar massaged his cock with her tongue, her humming making him moan from such delightful vibrations.

Lukas’ hands moved from her breasts and glided gently down between her legs. She was so wet. He pushed 2 fingers inside her and she rotated her hips. Lukas felt himself drooling. He grabbed the scissors from his pen holding container near his computer and cut her panties off. Skylar squealed but Lukas ignored her. He knew she wasn’t happy about him cutting her panties but what he was about to do to her would put a smile back on her cock stuffed face. Since Lukas was much taller than his 5’2 wife he was able to lay over and devour her. With a firm grip on her thighs, he held them apart and lightly licked her clit. Skylar dug her nails into the sides of her husband’s tight ass as he licked and sucked on her clit. Lukas felt her body begin to tremble under him as he thrusted in and out of her mouth. She was close to coming again. He pushed 3 fingers inside her wetness and wiggled them as he licked her. Skylar tapped him on his hip and just as Lukas pulled his cock out of her mouth, she let out a loud “Fuck!” as he fingered and licked her into another orgasm.

Skylar laid on the desk, panting, with her husband’s still hard cock rubbing against her face. She laughed and licked the head of his cock.

“Oh no, sweetheart. That just won’t do.” Lukas stepped out of his pants and walked over to the other side of his desk. Skylar bit her bottom lip and raised herself up on the back of her elbows. She licked her lips and watched her husband stroke his large cock.

“You taste good.” Skylar gave him a toothy grin.

“So do you, baby. “He grabbed her by her legs and dragged her butt across the warm desk, wet from her cum until it was just barely off the edge. With the only warning being his devious smile, he slammed his cock into her pussy. Skylar made the cutest squeaking sounds as Lukas fucked her hard and deep. Lukas was so close to losing it. She was beautiful. Her face was covered in his sweat and pre-cum and the pleasurable sounds she made pushed Lukas over the edge and he let out a loud animalistic growl as he filled her full of cum. He leaned over and kissed her forehead before pulling out of her and falling back into his chair. He smiled at her as she he tried to catch his breath. For a moment, neither of them moved. Their panting took over the silence.

Skylar readjusted her bra and pulled her shirt down. She sighed and slid her fingers between her legs. “So much cum and no panties…” She licked the cum off her fingers and glared at her husband.

“I’m still not sure why you were even wearing panties..or pants for that matter.” He chuckled as he handed his wife a box of super soft Kleenex.

“Use these a lot, do you.” She smirked as she took a few to clean up the wet mess between her legs.

Lukas just shook his head at her. “Other than this wonderful quickie, what brings you in today?“ He grabbed a few tissues and wiped off his cock.

“Nicholas. He wants to something and I wanted to run it by you.” She slid off the desk and picked up her jeans off the floor. After she wiggled herself back into her jeans she walked around the desk and picked up her husband’s clothes.

“I need to be dressed for this conversation?” He asked sarcastically as she passed his clothes to him.

Skylar rolled her eyes at her silly husband.

“Ugh! Alright.” Lukas stood up and began to redress himself. “What is it that he wants to do? Must be serious if you didn’t feel like we could discuss this over the phone.”

Skylar sat on the edge of his desk and crossed her legs.

“He wants to skype, Lukas.” She looked at him to say something but he said nothing. He just looked her, baffled. “Did you hear me?”

Lukas shook his head and laughed. “I love that you came here. I mean, spontaneous sex with my ‘hot as fuck’ wife is the highlight of my life next to mom’s lasagna and when our daughter does something brilliant which is almost every day but this question, Skylar, is something that could be quickly answered over the phone.” He zipped and buttoned his pants and tucked his shirt in.

“It’s serious to me, Lukas so don’t go making fun of me are telling me I’m being anxious or paranoid.”

“Honestly, baby, it’s Skype. You’ve already been talking to him and you both have seen what each other looks like so a video chat session sounds fine to me. What’s the problem? Tell me what’s going on in that mind of yours?” He sat back in his chair and straightened his tie.

“I just feel like, maybe, things are moving too fast.”

“Is it that or has he awakened something in you that you just weren’t prepared for?” Lukas looked seriously at his wife.

Skylar shrugged and when that didn’t receive a response she said, “He makes me feel like I did before. I’m nervous because part of me really wants it but a part of me is scared. I don’t know what will happen and I don’t want to destroy who we are.”

Lukas reached out for his wife’s hand and held it. “Nothing can destroy us if we don’t let it. I trust you. I think you should do it, Skype him, and see where it goes. Don’t overthink it and don’t go with the flow. Trust yourself. Listen and watch. It’ll help you with your decision.” He lifted her hand to his mouth and kissed it. Skylar’s mind was always on, always going and he was happy to be her anchor when she needed it. Lukas was more mellow and even-killed. When it came to moods and personalities, he and Skylar seemed to balance each other out.

Lukas knew what the risks were with him asking his wife to get a long term playmate but it was safer than letting her go off to parties and “play” with other men. Even if he asked that she wouldn’t do it. She only did those other things because he was with her and she loved him enough to entertain his perversions. With things getting much busier than he expected, he didn’t want her to miss out on the kinky lifestyle they loved nor did he want her to feel neglected. He loved her. Lukas would do anything for his wife.

Skylar seemed to relax and he kissed her cheek. “Oh, Chef Walen asked if I was staying to do some tasting.”

“”You should stay and do some menu tasting with me. He’s done something new and as you know, I value you opinion”

Skylar gave her husband a big smile and they walked out of his office and into the kitchen where they met with Chef Walen to discuss his newest creations.

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