Their Girl Skylar: The Beginning

Their Girl Skylar: The Beginning Their Girl Skylar: The Beginning

Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Every wanted to know how Skylar, Lukas and Nicholas became a thing? Want to know more about them and their wicked sex life? Here's the novel to hopefully answer all of your questions.


Every wanted to know how Skylar, Lukas and Nicholas became a thing? Want to know more about them and their wicked sex life? Here's the novel to hopefully answer all of your questions.

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Submitted: May 24, 2015

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Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: May 24, 2015



It was a chilly Saturday morning and Skylar dressed Aria in cute pink skinny jeans and and her white Elmo sweater. She covered her light brown curls with a knit cap and and black wool dress coat that had just the right amount of flare at the waist. She always wanted Aria's look to come across easy, cute and effortless. She heard her mother knocking at the door and cshe carried Aria to go and answer it.

Skylar opened the door and saw her mother dressed in skinny jeans and a light weight cowl neck sweater. She was smiling until her eyes fell on Aria.

"It's 58 degrees right now going on 68 later this afternoon. My baby is going to burn up in all those clothes." She reached out for her grandaughter and held her in her arms.

"Coats are made for taking off, mother." Skylar forced a smile as her mother fussed over Aria who just loved the attention. 

"I know, dear. I'll have her back later this afternoon We girls are going to do some shopping and get some lunch."  She kissed her daughter on the cheeks and began walking towards her car.

"Just no sweets or candies, mom!" Skylar yelled after her.

"Lots of cupcakes and sweet treats? Give her a sugar rush?" Her mother yelled back sarcastically. She turned around and laughed. "Grandma's just kidding, isn't that right Aria? Say, she's just kidding."

"Just kidding.." Aria smiled brightly and Skylar shook her head, "No bad habits mother, either." Skylar warned.

"Alright." Her mother conceded.

"Say, see you later mama." Skylar's mother said to Aria.

Aria waved at her mother who blew kisses back towards her darling daughter. "Later mama!" Aria screamed.

Skylar watched her mother put Aria in the car seat in the back of her car and drive off. She was once again home alone since Lukas left early this morning for work. She had been to work her shop in the city and all was well. She had taken home some customer feedback and felt inspired enough to make 3 new textile designs and sent them to her other assistant Layla who was in charge off getting new patterns printed on the fabrics. In her email to Layla, she made sure to as that she order a 1 yard sample for each so she could get a really good look.

She finished with her emails and began gathering the laundry from the bedrooms.Skylar loved her laundry room. It had the basics, washer, dryer, folding table and iron but she also got a garment steamer and a  clothing line against the back wall so she could dry her bras and delicates. She had even put a chaise by the large window, which gave her a view of her backyard, so she could relax with a book, her computer or sketch a new design in her sketchbook. This was her favorite room in the house.

Skylar fixed herself a cup of tea, grabbed her cellphone and laid back in the chaise in her while the laundry was in the washing machine.  She signed into the adult site and saw that she had several new messages but none from Nicholas. They hadn't spoken to each other since Wednesday night. She didn't know him well enough to worry but she felt a bit concerned. Was he no longer interested in talking to her? Did she really move to fast? Or maybe this was all about power play? Should she message him back or would that be too needy? Maybe he was just busy and forgot. Was she really that forgettable?

Skylar took a deep breath and counted to 10. If she wasn't careful she would have to go back on her anxiety medications. Skylar liked to think things through before doing them and by thinking things through she sometimes over analyzed to the point of having an anxiety attack. She had always suffered from axiety since she was a child and it had been kept in check with the proper medications prescribed to her by her therapist. When she met Lukas she worked hard with her therapist to get her medications lowered and when they had decided to have a baby, Skylar worked with her therapist to help her get off the medications so she could enjoy pregnancy and motherhood naturally. It was hard but with the support of her mother and Lukas, Skylar was able to get off her medications completley. She was still a little anal about things and someimes seemed a bit neurotic but she was happy experiencing emotions instead of bypassing them.

She decided not to worry about Nicholas and instead watched 90's reruns on her phone.She caught on a few of her favorites and even got to watch the newest Hell’s Kitchen between folding and ironing. After putting away the laundry she vacuumed the bedroom and swept floors. She was preparing another cup of Jasmine tea when her phone buzzed alerting her that she received a text message. She looked and saw it was from Nicholas.

‘What are you doing today, Skylar?’


Skylar toyed with the idea of ignoring him but it just was not in her nature. Instead she finished fixing her cup of tea grabbed her phone and walked into her living room and plopped down on her couch. She took a moment to form a response.

‘Well, I just finished my housework and now I’m enjoying a nice cup of tea and the silence of an empty house.’

She pressed send and took a sip of her hot tea. She leaned back against the plush cushions and sighed. The first sofa she wanted was $4000 and it was made with linen. Getting pregnant quickly changed her mind and instead she picked out a rather large and comfortably plush microfiber sofa in lime green. It went splendidly with the deep rich blue walls. As she was remembering how long it took her and Lukas to decide on a sofa, her phone rang. It was Nicholas. She answered after the 3rd ring so not to seem too eager.

“Hello there, Skylar.” His voice was warm but a bit raspy.

“Hi.” Her voice came out a little louder than a whisper.

“Do you clean every Saturday morning?” He asked her.

“Actually I clean every day but I do laundry on Saturday mornings.”

“So are you are neat freak, Skylar?”

“My husband and mother have been known to call me anal.”

“Anal?” He paused and Skylar swore in her head. She hoped her didn’t take that in a sexual way.

“I enjoy anal, Skylar. In my experience an anal submissive is a bit of a perfectionist and eager to please. These types of submissives hate to disappoint. My type of girl.”

Skylar felt as if she were being hugged by him. He made her feel all warm and fuzzy. “Will you tell me more about your type?” She heard him take a deep breath.

“I love a challenge. Give me a girl who has a little fight in her but knows her place. If she forgets her place I have no problem breaking her and putting her back in her place where she belongs. I love a 3-hole slut who can take a bit of pain. She understands that the bruises and marks I leave on her are rewards. My type of girl will know and fully understand that she belongs to me.”

That last sentence sent chills up Skylar’s spine. She shivered. This is what she missed, control, power play, flogging, all the things she had stopped doing a few years ago.

“I’ll take a girl that’s honest. My inbox is crowded with girls of all ages who want to try things with me but I prefer someone with experience. A girl who is too eager will not use her safeword because she feels if she does so she will be a disappointment. That is a headache I do not need.”

“Consensual. Sane. Safe.” Skylar said the 3 words that most people who were in the lifestyle said they were looking for.

“The emphasis for me would be, safe. I’ve been known to draw blood at times. I want someone who knows their limits and how far passed them they are willing to let me go. Someone who has experienced subspace. I don’t want to be someone’s guide into the lifestyle. I want to enjoy myself.”

“I have to ask you. What happened to your last submissive?” Skylar asked. Some of those who had decades of experience in the lifestyle even had resumes complete with references. This was not a weird question to ask.

“I divorced her.” He admitted. “She started out as my submissive but she outgrew the role and became a Mistress. That would have been fine if she had not cheated on me.”

“I’m so sorry to hear that.”

“Why? It’s a happy ending for both of us. She is remarried to her submissive, a role I would never take on and I am happy being who I am. The children are not fans going back and forth but they are doing well.” He chuckled. “Sometimes things don’t work out. That is life, Skylar.”

“This is true. Life can be complicated.”

“Yes, it can be. How are you with making a decision on whether or not you will fulfill your husband’s request?”

Skylar tousled her wild curly hair and sighed. “I’m not sure. It is something I miss.”

“Tell me about your thinking process.” He sweetly commanded.

“Well first I think everything out and then write it all down. I weigh the pros and cons and then analyze the pros and cons, breaking them down until I can’t anymore. After that I do some research and start the process all over again.”

“Wow. You are quite anal, aren’t you Skylar?”

“I am. I just want to make a good decision.”

“I’m sure whatever decision you make will be a good one. But instead of burying yourself in research, why not open up and do a little dirty work. Get out and take a chance with some ‘hands on’ research. There’s only so much you can do in your head. You cannot experience feelings in your head, my dear.”

Skylar knew he was right. There was only so much she could do in her head and on paper, but she was nervous.

“It’s okay to be nervous, Skylar.” He said as if reading her mind. “Do you have Skype, Skylar?” he asked.


“I want to see you, Skylar. Will that be okay with you? To see you in the comfort of your own choosing?”

“I guess so.” Skylar shrugged her shoulders.

“I refuse to take that response as an answer to my question. When you are feeling surer of yourself and more confident, I want you to call me and tell me that you want to Skype me. Leave a message if I do not pick up and do not call me with your answer today. Take a few days to think about it. Do you hear me, Skylar?

“Yes Sir. I do.”

“Good. We will not talk again until then. Enjoy your weekend Skylar.” The phone went dead.

Skype would be a big move for her. She would need help with this decision and called her mother.

“Hi Skylar.” Her mom chirped. “All is fine with Aria.”

“I’m sure it is but that’s not why I called. I have to go to the city to see Lukas and I was wondering if you could keep Aria for a bit longer. You know, have dinner and a movie but no popcorn.”

“Not a problem, sweetheart. What is with you and not allowing Aria the innocence of junk food?”

“Thank you mother. I knew you would understand.” Skylar said before hanging up the phone. She ran into the bedroom and into her large walk in closet. She grabbed her skinny dark denim jeans, a scoop neck yellow top and brown nude heels. After making sure she had everything she needed in her purse she walked into the garage and hopped into her car.


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