Their Girl Skylar: The Beginning

Their Girl Skylar: The Beginning Their Girl Skylar: The Beginning

Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Every wanted to know how Skylar, Lukas and Nicholas became a thing? Want to know more about them and their wicked sex life? Here's the novel to hopefully answer all of your questions.


Every wanted to know how Skylar, Lukas and Nicholas became a thing? Want to know more about them and their wicked sex life? Here's the novel to hopefully answer all of your questions.

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Submitted: May 22, 2015

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Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: May 22, 2015



Still unsure which way she would go, Skylar continued chatting with MrLibrarian while keeping her husband fully informed of every detail. She and MrLibrarian had moved away from small talk and were talking about their favorite things. His favorite type of  music was jazz and he preferred attending live concerts. His favorite comedian,  'Fluffy' was also his guiltiest pleasure. He was also quite the food snob. He preferred worldly cuisine and fine dining over fast food. When she asked him if he ever had a burger he replied that he had a great burger once in Las Vegas at Chef Ramsey's burger place. She remembered  commenting that his taste seemed expensive and he response was almost as if he was scolding her. To him, life was too short to go for the fast and cheap. He wanted to live life indulging in the things he loved and wanted. Life to him was about living it the way he wanted, unashamed and not to feel pressured by the world's idea of what a good life was. A good life was a life spent doing what makes you happy. She was surprised to know that he knew how to cook. He had his children one weekend and made them risotto dinner after they had went out for sushi for lunch. Skylar told him his children would grow up to be future foodies and he agreed. Had a son, Andrew who just started high school and his daughter Sophie, was just about to finish middle school.


He told her about his ex-wife whom he described as 'bat-shit crazy' who had cheated on him on several out of town business trips. She was Pediatrician and while some might think of that as being a very nurturing type of career he assured her that there was not a nurturing bone in her body. He blamed it on her being around children all day that she was probably burned out and wanted to be an adult instead of a mother at home. She was a good mother. She kept them fed and clothed and helped them with homework but she was quick to give them sugary foods, video games, movies and other types of 'senseless entertainment' as he called it just to get them out of her hair. She never really took the time to spend time with them. He told of a story where his ex-wife took the kids to a cabin for a week one summer in Nashville and instead of taking them outside to explore nature, she took them to the tourist area of Pigeon Forge and let them run wild at the amusement parks and arcades. Needless to say he was very displeased. So displeased that he took them to a cabin in the Rocky Mountains, banned all electronics except for their phones that were to be used for emergencies only and took them hiking and fishing. 


All this sharing started to make Skylar feel comfortable sharing her life  with him. She talked about her 2 year old daughter and how her first word was "Shit!" after hearing Lukas scream at the top of his lungs when he burned his hand on a hot stove that Skylar forgot to turn off. He found it funny that even though her screen name was 'PrettyinPink' she really loved the color yellow because of how it complimented her skin tone and highlighted all her favorite parts of her body. Skylar told him how her seeing her first ever fashion show, which was a show by Betsey Johnson,  pushed her further into fashion and how she was the proud owner of 150 high heeled shoes.



She began looking forward to their daily chats and she was pretty sure he was talking to her during work just as she was chatting with him via her cell phone while she was choosing fabric or designing a new headband. Whether or not she decided to go through with her husband's request, Skylar was happy to have made a new friend and even though they met on a kink website, kink was something they hadn't even discussed. Feeling excited about MrLibrarian, she sent a link of his profile to Melina who completely agreed that while he wasn't Skylar's type physically, there was something about him that even made her curious and that was a good thing.



A month went by and Lukas' Upscale burger and steak restaurant, Butcher's, had a very successful restaurant opening.  They had recently had their first food critic who wrote a very impressive article about how 'heart-clogging good' the food was which actually caused Lukas to tear up a little. He had worked very hard for this success and Skylar was happy to be able to share it with him.  She was so proud of him.


Their other restaurant, Martinelli's, named after them of course, was an Italian restaurant. It was upscale but modern. Aria was conceived in the alley behind the restaurant, a story she would never tell her daughter should the question ever arise. She also could never tell her daughter how Lukas proposed to her. They had just had a lovely dinner and went to a hotel where they had headboard breaking sex when after they finished, Lukas disappeared into the bathroom, leaving Skylar basking in the afterglow.  He came out all teary eyed and smiling and still naked and began telling her how wonderful he was and how much he loved her and how he couldn't see a his future without her in it. Then he got down on one knee and out came the most beautiful sapphire ring. She looked closely at it and realized it was the one she had shown him months before. She said yes of course and they got married 8 months later. She was so happy he didn't buy her a diamond ring. Skylar hated diamonds and as many times as she lost her ring she always counted herself lucky it wasn't an expensive diamond.


It was a 11PM on a rainy night and Skylar couldn't sleep. She took her laptop into the living room and read through some fashion articles. She felt herself becoming nauseous after reading an article about how harem or as she called 'diaper pants' were making a comeback. That was one trend her company was not going to offer to their customers.  Feeling like she needed a little pick me up she signed onto the adult website and saw that MrLibrarian had sent her another message. Skylar mentioned to Lukas that she and MrLibrarian hadn't talked about anything kinky or sexual and if that meant he wasn't interested in her in that way. He told her that if a man talked to her, then he was interested in her sexually. She of course argued that not all men were that single minded but when he challenged her to actually think about all the straight guy friends she had and how many of them asked her out, she dropped the conversation. She hated when he was right and thankfully he wasn't right often.


 She opened up the message and saw a phone number along with a few sentences.


'This is my cell number. Please note that my asking you to call me is not a demand nor is this power exchanging. I simply want to talk to the woman with whom I enjoy chatting. Late evenings and nights are best for me.'


The message was sent 10 minutes ago so she knew he was up. She wondered if was drinking a glass of whiskey and smoking a cigar while waiting by his phone for her call. He probably wasn't smoking a cigar because he had told her he wasn't a smoker but he did enjoy the occasional glass of whiskey or bourbon. He loved red wine and had traveled to many places simply for wine tasting. Unsure of what to do, Skylar tip-toed into the bedroom so not to disturb her snoring husband, grabbed her phone and returned to the living room. She pressed his number into her phone and just stared down at it. This was a big step. What would they talk about? What would he sound like? Would he speak as well as he typed or was he a fake. There was only one way to find out. Feeling bold, Skylar pressed the green button on her phone and listened to it ring. It rang 3 times before a man who sounded very west coast but a very educated west coast type answered the phone.


"Hello there, 'PrettyinPink'.


Skylar froze. She was tempted to hang up the phone but she didn't want to appear childish so she responded back with. "Good evening, MrLibrarian."


"What do you think about sharing our real first names, Pink?"


She knew he was asking but it felt more like a request. "My name is Skylar."


She heard him whisper her name to himself and chuckle. "That is a beautiful name. You may call me Nicholas."


Skylar changed her sitting position to indian style. "That's very strong name." She complimented him.


"Thank you, Skylar." The way he said her name made her heart flutter. She could feel herself starting to get wet.


"You wanted me to call you?" She asked, biting down on her bottom lip.


"Yes. I wanted to hear your voice, Skylar. I want to talk to you about something we have yet to discuss. Do you know what that is, Skylar?"


He kept repeating her name. It was something some Dominants did to make sure they had a submissive's attention. It was also a way to get into one's head.


"I think so." She said softly.


"Then tell me, Skylar. What is the topic that I wish to discuss?"


She hesitated, unsure in her answer. "Sex?"


"That sounded like a question. Will you give me an answer to my question, Skylar? There is no need for you to be shy." The way he spoke to her made Skylar want to kneel at his feet and lay her head across his lap. He was confident. He was patient, yet demanding. She loved the familiarity of it.


"Sex. I believe you wish to talk about sex with me." She said with a confident smile on her face that faded once she heard him chuckling.


"My dear, you are moving too fast. Sex is always last."


Skylar felt her ears and cheeks burn from embarrassment. "I'm sorry." she apologized.


"No. Do not apologize, Skylar. There wasn't a wrong answer to my question. I wanted to know where your mind was. You must be a horny little nymph. Does your husband not fuck you enough?"


Skylar felt taken aback. "Our sex life is fine." She spoke defensively.


"Well aren't you the firecracker! Just fine? Is that why you are here on this site? Because I think that while you love your husband and enjoy your sex life, you feel as if something is missing. Tell me, Skylar. Am I wrong?


He saw through her like a run down cliché. "No. No you aren't wrong. I've been out of the lifestyle for a few years." She confessed.


"No matter. If you are a true submissive, it will come back to you naturally." He told her.


"I am a true submissive."


"Time will tell."


"I guess it will." Skylar smirked. "So tell me. Why did you choose the name, MrLibrarian?"


"Because, Skylar, I'm an English professor."


"Oh that must be wonderful. I tutored english in high school!" Skylar giggled as the memories of teaching correct grammar and helping her fellow students understand poetry flooded back into her mind.


"You are a nerd, aren't you, Skylar? Were you also the teacher's pet?"


"I might have earned that nickname in high school and vocational school." She beamed over the phone proudly.


"Something tells me you would make an excellent pet, Skylar. Would you like to know what I do to my pets?"


Feeling curious she responded with, "Yes."


"What you should know about me Skylar is that I very much enjoy control, almost as much as I love inflicting pain.  My punishments for disobedience varies and not all involve physical pain. I use restraints but not gags. I want my pet's mouth free for whatever I choose to use it for and clear in case my pet needs to use her safeword. I always respect the safeword and my pet will always be taken care of. Tell me Skylar, why do you like pain?"


"It is in pain that I find my strength. It reminds me that no matter what I go through, I am strong enough to take it."


Skylar swore she could hear him making an animalistic noise in his throat. She wondered if she had aroused him. She knew she certainly peaked his interest.


"Well, Skylar, I am going to let you go now. Have pleasant dreams."


The phone went dead and Skylar sighed. She was so turned on. She slipped her hand down her pants and into her panties. She was so wet. Not wanting to go to bed sexually frustrated, Skylar went in the bedroom and slipped out of her clothes. Naughty thoughts filled her already dirty mind as pulled the sheets off her sleeping husband and pulled down his pants.


Lukas began to stir feeling his wife's warm mouth. He opened his eyes and yawned. She was so beautiful.


"Well hello down there." He smiled down at her.


Skylar just moaned and looked up into his blue eyes. The vibrations from her moaning made his toes curl.




Skylar woke up to her daughter sitting on her chest, making her very happy she dressed in her fleece pants and tank top after having sex with Lukas last night. She turned over and saw Lukas was still asleep and there was a bit of drool dribbling from his mouth.


"Let's play, Mama." Aria began clapping her hands. Skylar looked up at her darling daughter and snorted.


"Ok, sunshine. Let's eat first and then we can go play." Aria screamed with excitement as Skylar carried her into the kitchen. Lukas didn't budge. He was a heavy sleeper which came in handy for him during Aria's teething fits. Aria would wake up screaming some nights when her teeth started coming in and Skylar would always get up and put orajel on her daughter's gums. When her mother reminded her that she had rubbed whiskey on her gums when she was teething, Skylar protested that she was not going to get her baby daughter drunk. She asked her mother-in-law, Antonia, and she didn't like the idea of whiskey and suggested Skylar use rum instead. Skylar just stared at her in disbelief. After many more sleepless nights and 2 incidents of almost falling asleep behind the wheel of her car, Skylar gave in and rubbed a cotton swab dipped in whiskey on her daughter's gums and they all slept peacefully.


She sat Aria in her highchair and poured Honey Nut Cheerios on the table for her.


"I eat it, Mama" Aria picked up pieces of the cereal and ate as her mother fixed herself a hot cup of jasmine tea. She looked at the microwave. It was 9AM and Lukas would be waking up soon so she started a fresh pot of coffee for him and  grabbed a medium sized pot from the bottom cabinet of her kitchen island. She filled it with water and placed it on the stove. She would fix him boiled eggs and turkey bacon for breakfast. All she wanted was bowl of cereal.


The water began to boil and her phone rang just after she dropped in 4 eggs. She looked at her phone and saw that it was her mother.


"Morning Mother." Skylar greeted.


" A good morning to you too, sweetheart!" He mother said cheerfully.  "How is my grandbaby?"


"Entitled. Messy and mommy's little sweetheart." Skylar said while watching her daughter start to play with her food. She was lining up her cheerios in a single row across her little table.


"She's 2 years old, Skylar."


"Yes, mom, I know and no, I do not want her to grow up too fast. I'm just a little overwhelmed. She's an angel really." Skylar placed the turkey bacon in the microwave and grabbed a box of cereal out one of the upper cabinets. She had convinced her husband that white cabinetry would reflect light making the kitchen seem brighter and bigger. Her biggest regret was forgetting how babies and toddlers loved flinging sticky food and tomato sauce everywhere. She worked hard to keep her kitchen spotless and skipped giving her daughter any type of sauce unless it was gravy on her potatoes.


"Well this is what you wanted. A home, a husband, children, not to mention a great career. You are sounding a bit ungrateful."


Skylar rolled her eyes. "Overwhelmed, mother, not ungrateful. My childhood dreams just came true faster than expected. In fact, I'm way ahead of schedule. Who knows, I might retire at 40." She frowned as she heard her mother laughing at her.


"Let's be realistic, sweetheart. Any who, I just called to see if I can come and get Aria this weekend. I want to take her to the zoo."


Skylar turned off the stove and removed the bacon from out of the microwave and sat the plate on the counter. "No way. Nope. I don't want her to think that animals being raised behind bars and glass is normal."


"Honey, you aren’t normal and I say that with nothing but love." Her mother was great at making insults sound like she cared. "I'm not taking her to the circus, just the zoo."


Skylar counted to 3 in her head and took a deep breath before responding to her mother. "Fine. Just make sure you tell her that animals do not behave that way in the wild."


"Skylar, breath sweetheart. Aria is just 2 years old. You have years to teach her all these things. At her age, she's just going to be excited to see the animals."


"I said fine, mother."


"Alright. I'll be there Saturday at 10AM. See you in a few days. Tell Lukas I said hello!" He mother hung up and Skylar looked at Aria who had now stopped lining up her cheerios and was laughing as she flicked the them off her table and onto the floor, one by one. Skylar shrugged and decided to let her daughter have her fun and poured herself a bowl of cereal.


She was just finishing her cereal when she heard Lukas' footsteps heading towards the kitchen. "Mmmm…bacon."

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