Money For Souls

Money For Souls

Status: Finished

Genre: Fan Fiction


Status: Finished

Genre: Fan Fiction


Picard and Crusher are kidnapped and tortured by an old enemy with disastrous consequences.


Picard and Crusher are kidnapped and tortured by an old enemy with disastrous consequences.

Chapter1 (v.1) - Money For Souls

Author Chapter Note

Picard and Crusher are kidnapped and tortured by an old enemy with disastrous consequences.

Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: January 17, 2012

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Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: January 17, 2012




Money For Souls.

Captain Jean-Luc Picard had been awake for some time, but lay quietly, his eyes closed, savouring the tranquillity of post-coital bliss. His lover lay entwined in his arms, her head upon his shoulder, her hair splayed across his chest.

He sighed softly and swallowed letting his mind furnish the images of their lovemaking. She’d been insatiable, riding him, cajoling him and finally begging him for more, which he gladly supplied. In truth he couldn’t get enough of her. After loving her from afar for over thirty years she had finally allowed her significant fears to take a back seat to her burgeoning love for him. Eight months…it had been eight glorious months and he was convinced he couldn’t have been happier. Which led his mind to their current position.

They were in a beachside bungalow on the southern continent of the planet Arrgas. Situated in an out of the way constellation, Arrgas provided privacy, beauty and solitude. For the past two weeks it had been just the two of them. He found himself so relaxed he’d allowed Beverly to talk him into skinny-dipping that very afternoon. It had been glorious, watching her lithe body in the surf, letting the exceptional sexual tension build between them. They had shared a leisurely dinner and walked on the beach before returning to the bungalow to make the most extraordinary love.

His hand travelled up and he slowly threaded his fingers through her hair. He was thinking about waking her with a kiss when he thought he heard something.

Opening his eyes, he held his breath and listened and there it was again. A tiny noise…in the living room. Thinking that perhaps a native animal had ventured in, he debated whether or not to get up, not wanting to disturb his sleeping lover. Eventually however, his curiosity got the better of him and he gently eased out of her embrace and slid from the bed. He stopped only long enough to put on his sleep shorts and walked out of the bedroom, his hand reaching for the light.

He saw, briefly, a figure move in the darkness but, before he could react, his hand was gripped and he was swung up against the wall, his arm twisted up his back, a rough hand across his mouth. Close to his ear, a low voice warned,

“Not a sound Captain…your life and the life of the Doctor depend on it.”

He twisted his head trying to get a look at his captor, but gasped when his arm was wrenched higher.

The man hissed,

“Keep still!”

The hand momentarily disappeared from his mouth to be quickly replaced by a gag. It was tied tightly around his head and he felt his lip split. His hands were brought together at his back and tight manacles were applied. He was then pulled away from the wall and pushed roughly into the bedroom. There he saw three figures standing at the foot of the bed. One leaned forward and pulled off the covers, causing the naked Beverly to growl and grope for warmth.


One of the figures moved around the bed and roughly grabbed a handful of her hair. Lifting, he dragged her upright and groped at her breast.

Enraged, Jean-Luc threw himself forward and head butted her assailant, earning him a savage blow to the neck. He fell to the floor stunned and waited until the stars cleared in his head.

The leader of the group pushed Jean-Luc over with his boot. Sneering down at the stricken man he spat on him and grinned.

“Very unwise Captain. If you want you and your…woman to get through this uninjured, you’d better behave yourselves. Understand?”

He punctuated his question with a kick to Jean-Luc’s ribs. He then turned his attention to Beverly.

“You! Put something on.”

Her captor released her and she grabbed for her nightie, which was on the floor beside the bed. Hastily donning it, she cast her eyes to Jean-Luc as he climbed unsteadily to his feet. He gave a surreptitious shake of his head, letting her know to take no action…yet.

They were pushed into the living room where Beverly’s hands were manacled behind her back and she was gagged. Forced to kneel together on the floor, the lights were turned on and the couple get their first look at their assaulters.

They were Orions. Known throughout the galaxy as slave traders, they dealt in people and, on occasion, weapons. They were ruthless and uncompromising, needing little provocation to kill their captives if they proved too troublesome. The leader stepped forward and squatted in front of them.

“I will tell you this only once. Give no trouble and you will survive. If you cause me any heartache, I will punish you…severely.”
Jean-Luc lifted his head and raised his eyebrows.

“You wish to speak Captain? Unfortunately, that’s not something you’re allowed to do. Now, we’re going to take you to our scout ship, where you will be taken to our orbiting vessel. You will not resist or try to make any foolish attempts to escape. I will…punish the other for the sins of the partner. Do you understand?”

The couple looked at each other and Beverly saw the acquiescence in Jean-Luc’s eyes. Nodding, they were dragged to their feet and pushed towards the door. The man who held Jean-Luc’s arm suddenly shoved him face first against the wall and caressed his buttocks.

“You’re a tidy specimen Picard…I’ve been waiting for this…”

The man was roughly jostled aside as the leader remonstrated with him.

“Not now fool! There’ll be time for that later.”

Jean-Luc’s lecherous assailant spun him around, leaned in and placed one hand against the wall He then ran his tongue up Jean-Luc’s face. Breathing his foetid breath over the Captain, he leered,

“Later then…Captain.”

They were pushed out into the night and started on their journey through the bush.






By the time they reached the scout ship they were bloodied and bruised. Barefoot, their captors made no provision for them as they struggled through the undergrowth. They fell to their knees regularly, often hitting their faces on the ground as their hands were still manacled behind their backs.

When they finally broke through into the clearing, they fell to their knees, exhausted. Rough hands dragged them to their feet and shoved them forward as the hatch slowly opened. They were forced into the craft and told to kneel on the floor as their manacles were fastened to chains on the deck. At all times there were at least two men guarding them with disruptors in hand, levelled at their bodies. Jean-Luc was fairly certain they were set on stun, but he didn’t want to test his theory…the threat of punishment to Beverly for his actions stilled his mind.

Soon they lifted off and ascended quickly, the docking instructions given in Orion, a language neither officer was familiar with.

Unable to see what was going on, they waited with trepidation as the short ride to the mother ship ended with their arrival. They felt the small craft settle and the hatch opened to the loud voice of another Orion.

“Fragg! You did it!”

The leader lifted his arm and pumped his fist.

“Did you doubt me Urdon?”

“Never comrade! Come, a glass of ale awaits you.”

Fragg turned to his men, pointing to two individuals.

“Take them to a holding cell and restrain them, then come and drink with us. We have much to celebrate!”

As the prisoners were led away, Urdon came forward and clapped his hand on Fraggs’s shoulder.

“You realise…this could make us rich!”

Fragg grinned, exposing his broken rotting teeth.

“When will you let him know?”

“Soon. These two will start a bidding war the likes of which we’ve never witnessed before. Just think of it. We have, in our custody, the Captain of the Federation flagship…and his woman, the Chief Medical Officer. There’s no limit to the amount of latinum we can ask.”

Fragg rubbed his filthy green hands together and eagerly accepted the goblet of ale that was pressed into his hands.

“But what about him? It was he who wanted them in the first place.”

Urdon wrapped his arm around his compatriot’s shoulders and whispered conspirationally,

“We get the bidding as high as we can…then we add a hefty slice…then we contact him and tell him the price.”

“But will he pay it?”

“Oh yes…he’s made that quite clear…money is no obstacle.”

“Gods Urdon…we’ll be rolling in latinum…who will you contact first?”

Urdon ran his hand over his bristled chin and frowned.

“Now with that we’ll have to be careful. We don’t want the Federation getting wind of it. I’d say the Ferengi… and the Romulans of course and possibly the Breen…we’ll see. But for now come and feast…we must toast our good fortune!”







Jean-Luc and Beverly were led through the dark corridors of the ship and eventually shoved into an untidy room about three metres square. At each end of the room a pole extended from the ceiling to the floor, anchored at both ends and unmoveable. Their shackles were connected to the poles allowing them to sit or stand, nothing else. Their captors left them but fortunately left the light on. Jean-Luc looked at his lover and grunted to get her attention. Her head came up and he was alarmed at how scared she appeared. With the gag still covering his mouth, he looked at her intently and slowly blinked his eyes, hoping to show her his determination and love. Her chin came up and the wanted look of defiance crept over her face. Jean-Luc smiled, making his eyes crinkle. Beverly recognised the look and sent back a grin of her own. He nodded and slowly slid to the floor, crossing his legs and moving his tongue against the gag, trying to dislodge it.

They were left alone for over two hours and, as they sat on the floor, they wondered what was in store for them. When the door burst open, they both jumped, alarm skittering across their faces.

The man who’d fondled Jean-Luc stepped into the room and stood over him, a lascivious leer on his features. He grabbed Jean-Luc by his upper arms and hauled him to his feet. Standing a head taller than the Captain he placed his face close to Jean-Luc’s and leered,

“I’m going to enjoy this.”

His hands left Jean-Luc’s arms and roughly pulled down his shorts. As his hand rudely groped the Captain’s genitals, his other hand tugged down the gag and gripped Jean-Luc’s face as his mouth descended on Jean-Luc’s in a coarse kiss.

In a reflex action, Jean-Luc’s knee lifted and struck him firmly in the groin. The Orion grunted and pulled away, his hands going to the affected parts. He glared up at the Captain and growled,

“You’ll pay for that Human!”

He came at Jean-Luc and punched him in the stomach, then the head. As Jean-Luc struggled to stay conscious he was hit again and again and again. The blows rained down on the defenceless man until he sagged in his bonds. His manacles were unfastened from the pole and he was thrown face down on the floor. The Orion straddled his legs and cut his shorts from his body.

“I was going to be gentle…but seeing as how you like it rough…”

Barely able to function, Jean-Luc heard him undo his belt and trousers. He felt the rapist’s hands grip his buttocks when the door suddenly opened and his assailant was pulled from his body.

“You idiot! What have you done to him?”

The assaulter pulled up his pants and stood sheepishly.


The newcomer dragged Jean-Luc to his feet and held him against the wall.

“Look at him you fool! Fragg wants them unharmed. You’ll have to answer to him…I’m not going to take the blame for this!”

“Don’t! He’ll kill me!”

“You should’ve thought of that before you decided to take your pleasure with him. Get some water and clean him up. I’ll get Stett he’s the closest thing we have to a Doctor.”

Pointing to Jean-Luc he hissed,

“And leave him alone!”

Beverly called out trying to get their attention.

“You shut up…or you’ll get the same treatment.”

Immediately silenced, all Beverly could do was look at the semi conscious man who was her best friend and lover with compassion. Jean-Luc was re attached to the pole and the Orions left.

They were alone for only a few minutes. The rapist, Jiss, returned and threw a bucket of cold water over the Captain. He gasped, his head lolling. With another bucket of water, Jiss grabbed a stiff rag and wiped the blood and water from Jean-Luc’s body being particularly rough with his genitals. Jean-Luc moaned and fell forwards only to be pushed hard against the pole.

“Stand up Human! And stop your moaning or I’ll finish what I started.”

Opening his swollen eyes, Jean-Luc managed a glare, which earned him a painful gripping of his testicles.

“Don’t push me Captain…I’m not finished with you yet.”

“Let him go Jiss! Go and play with one of your boyfriends and leave him alone.”

Jiss reapplied the gag and backed away from Jean-Luc releasing him. He turned to the speaker and spat on the floor.

“You’ve got a smart mouth Stett. One day it might just get you killed.”

Stett chuckled and wiped his hands on his pants.

“Well one has to die of something.”

Snarling, Jiss stalked out of the room and Stett walked over to Jean-Luc. Taking his head in both hands, he raised it and looked into the Captain’s eyes.

“Ah…there’s life there I see. Well let me look at you.”

He let go of his head and his hands travelled over Jean-Luc’s body. Humming to himself, he ignored the Captain’s distressing groans as he probed and pushed his many injuries. Finished, he stepped back and picked up the rag that Jiss had left. He tied it around Jean-Luc’s waist and nodded with satisfaction.

“Well you’ve seen better days, but it’s nothing that’ll kill you. You’ll survive.”

He turned and left. Jean-Luc stood only a moment longer before he sank to his knees. Beverly made an alarmed sound and all he could do was shake his head.






Urdon and Fragg sat in Urdon’s quarters deep within the bowels of the ship. The voice over the communicator whined in the particular tone all Ferengi used when they were bargaining.

“No one is worth that much…you must be mad!”

Fragg sat back and grinned as Urdon leaned forward.

“You’re forgetting who they are! Just think of what he carries in his mind. You could pass on the cost to a third person…with a substantial profit. All I want to do is off load them…I have no interest in politics. And remember…Human women are very hot-blooded. Surely a Ferengi of you stature would want a Human woman…especially this woman…did I say she had red hair?”

“Red hair you say? How intriguing. How tall is she?”

“Oh she’s tall and lissom…a beautiful specimen.”

“Still one thousand bars…each…”

“A bargain!”

“I’ll get back to you.”

“Well don’t wait too long…I have other interested customers.”

Alarm crept into the Ferengi’s voice.

“One hour! Give me one hour!”

Urdon winked at his companion.

“You can call…if they’re still for sale we can talk. Urdon out.”


The communication was cut and the two men sat back laughing. Fragg leaned forward and slapped Urdon’s knee.

“I’ll bet he sweats!”

Nodding Urdon placed another call, this one to the Romulan Empire.

“Yes that’s right, I want to speak to Turok, Commander of the Obsidian Order. Tell her it’s Urdon of Orion calling. Yes, I’ll wait.”

Within minutes the stern face of the dreaded Commander appeared on the screen.

“What do you want Urdon?”

Without preamble, Urdon addressed her.

“If you had your choice of acquiring a Federation prisoner or two…who would you choose?”

The woman snarled.

“I’ve no time for your games Urdon. State your business or close this channel!”

“Very well. I have, in my possession, Captain Jean-Luc Picard and Doctor Beverly Crusher of Starfleet’s flagship. What would you give me for them?”

The Romulan’s eyes widened then hardened.

“What do you want?”

“What…no pre-emptive posturing Commander?”

“Out with it Urdon…what is the price?”

Urdon smiled and sat back in his chair.

“A bargain really…fifteen hundred bars…each.”

“I see. Have you contacted anyone else?”

“Oh just a few…customers of mine…valued customers Commander.”

“When do you require my answer?”

Sitting up, all geniality gone, Urdon peered at the screen.

“Soon Commander. Time is running out. I don’t want the Federation on my tail, the sooner I can off load them the better…that’s why they’re so cheap.”


“Yes Commander, cheap!”

“Very well, I’ll contact you soon. By the way…what condition are they in?”

“Excellent! Don’t I always provide matchless merchandise?”

“We shall see. Turok out.”

The two Orions sat back and breathed a sigh of relief. It was never easy dealing with the Obsidian Order. One had to watch one’s back. Fragg rubbed his hands on his thighs and licked his peeling lips.

“Right now…the Breen?”

“Perhaps. They’re a skittish lot…we don’t want to frighten them. We’ll play the Ferengi off against the Romulans and when they reach their limit, I’ll put in a call to the Breen.”

“And what about him?”

“Patience Fragg. We only approach him when we’ve exhausted all other bidders.”

“Damn but you’re good!”

“I know.”






For two days Jean-Luc and Beverly stayed shackled in their room. Occasionally they were allowed to use a bucket as a toilet and they were fed periodically, but they were never permitted to talk to each other, each being fed one at a time. Jean-Luc suffered with his injuries and Beverly knew, despite Stett’s proclamation, he was in trouble. He seemed to doze a lot and was unable to stand for any length of time. He slowly began to not respond to her calls and she worried fiercely as to what she could do. One afternoon, as she was being fed, she chanced her luck and spoke to her captor.
”I want to see the Captain of this vessel.”

“Shut up and eat!”

“Look Captain Picard is very ill. What will your Captain do if he dies?”

The Orion took the time to carefully place the bowl and spoon on the ground. He then held Beverly’s face with one hand and calmly slapped her with the other.

“I said…shut up.”

Biting back her tears, she pleaded…

“For God’s sake look at him!”

The Orion sighed, but turned and cast his eyes over Jean-Luc. What he saw disturbed him. The Captain was slumped forward on his knees and blood dripped slowly from his gagged mouth.


He rose quickly and went to the Captain, using his hand to hold up his head. He left soon after and Beverly realised he’d forgotten to re-apply her gag. Gently she called to her friend.

“Jean-Luc! Can you hear me?”

He didn’t respond. Louder she pleaded,

“Jean-Luc come on…it’s me, Beverly…Jean-Luc…wake up!”

She nearly cried with relief when his head lifted. He turned to the sound of her voice and she gasped. His eyes were swollen shut and blood covered most of his face.

“Jean-Luc I think they’re going to help you. If I can, I’ll see if I can talk them into letting me treat you…they don’t seem to have a real Doctor on board.”

He nodded slowly, the action seeming to cause him pain. He sat back on his behind and gently eased his legs out from under him. Beverly could see the livid bruising to his torso and knew he was suffering.

“Hang on Jean-Luc…”

The door suddenly opened admitting Urdon and Fragg. They both went straight to Jean-Luc and lifted his head.

“Will you look at him! Fuck! Who did this?”

Beverly cleared her throat.

“It was a man called Jiss. He tried to rape him.”

“Fragg get Jiss down here now!”

Fragg left and Urdon squatted in front of Jean-Luc. Shaking his large green head he was inspecting the bruising when Beverly spoke again.

“You know I’m a Doctor?”

“What of it?”

“He needs to be treated by a Doctor…a real Doctor.”

“Shut up woman!”

Beverly shifted in her bonds and leaned forward.

“What if he dies?”

With frightening speed, Urdon swept across the room and gathered his fists in her nightie.

“I said…shut up!”

Fragg came back in, dragging Jiss by the collar of his tunic. Urdon released Beverly and rounded on the man. Pointing at Jean-Luc he hissed quietly,

“You did this?”

“He asked for it…he kneed me in the balls!”

“Because you were trying to fuck him!”


With deliberate slowness Urdon unholstered his disruptor and casually checked the setting. Raising it, he aimed it at Jiss’ head.

“Give me one good reason not to kill you.”

“NO! Urdon please I beg you…he asked for it…”

The blue light of the disruptor was bright in the room. Jiss screamed but it was cut short as his body disintegrated. The smell of vaporised flesh hung heavily in the air as Urdon holstered his weapon. He sniffed and hitched up his sagging pants and turned to Fragg.

“Give her anything she needs to treat him. If he dies, so do you.”

Fragg’s mouth flapped open then snapped shut. He turned on his heel and left the room leaving Urdon to contemplate the Doctor.

“You’d better save him woman, or you will follow in Jiss’ path.”

Beverly nodded and breathed a sigh of relief when he left.

“Hang on Jean-Luc…hang on.”









Fragg returned with Stett. As Stett once again examined Jean-Luc, Fragg went to Beverly and roughly began to re-apply her gag, stopping at Stett’s behest.

“No wait, I need to talk to her.”

Grunting, Fragg backed away and watched as Stett crouched in front of the sitting Doctor.

“You know how to treat him?”

Beverly nodded, watching him closely.

“What do you need?”

“First I want to examine him…properly.”

Over his shoulder, Stett instructed Fragg,

“Unshackle him and lay him out on the floor, then come and free her.”

Without a word, Fragg did as he was requested. Soon Beverly was kneeling beside the Captain, running gentle hands over his body.

“I need a tricorder, a bone knitter and an auto fuser…also a tissue regenerator. Do you have any drugs?”

“You mean besides recreational?”

“Uh huh.”

Stett thought for a moment then lifted his head.

“I believe Urdon has some antibiotics in his cabin…”
”Get them and some pain killers. Some of these wounds are mildly infected.”

Turning to Fragg, Stett was curt.

“Watch her.”

Beverly felt Fragg’s eyes roam over her as she assessed Jean-Luc. He lay quietly, his eyes closed, but she knew he was conscious. Leaning forward she said softly,

‘”It’s going to be ok Jean-Luc, I’ll have you better in no time.”
He swallowed and reached for her hand. Beverly jumped when Fragg moved forward and slapped his hand away. He glared at Beverly and she gulped with nervousness.

“Please…he only wants to hold my hand…”
”Shut up woman! You just do what you’re supposed to do and make it quick.”

The three of them were silent then until Stett returned. In his hands was a bag, which he placed on the floor. He pushed it towards Beverly then sat back and watched.

With more confidence than she felt, Beverly opened the bag and breathed a sigh of relief when she recognised the requested instruments. The tricorder was an old model, but still adequate for the task. She scanned Jean-Luc thoroughly and noted the broken jaw, nose, fractured eye socket and broken ribs. His internal injuries weren’t too severe; mostly bruising although his liver was extremely tender, she was confident she could heal him.

It took half an hour to properly fuse the broken bones and another twenty minutes to seal the cuts to his face and body. She insisted they remove the gag and she sighed when she saw his split lips. It took but a moment to heal them and as she did, she remembered how tenderly he’d kissed her when they last made love.

Her last task was with the tissue regenerator. As she passed the instrument over the affected areas, the livid bruising faded and he breathed easier. Before long he lay quietly on the floor feeling much improved.

Without taking her eyes off her lover, Beverly asked,

“Where are the drugs I requested?”

Stett sniffed noisily and pointed to the bag.

“In there.”

Beverly opened the bag and peered in. She saw two short bottles and a pouch. She retrieved the pouch and opened it and was astonished to find a hypodermic syringe and needle.

“No hypospray?”

Shrugging, Beverly sighed and looked closely at the bottles. She dimly recalled the names on the labels as being for antibiotics and analgesics. Not exactly overjoyed by her lack of choice, she nonetheless fitted the needle to the syringe and drew up a quantity of each liquid.

“Is there anything to clean his skin? A swab of some sort?”

Fragg came and stood over the pair, bent over and spat on Jean-Luc’s leg.

“Try that.”

Showing no outward emotion, Beverly used the rag around the Captain’s waist to remove the spittle. She then gently urged Jean-Luc to roll onto his side. He did and she quickly injected him into his buttock. As she withdrew the needle, she tenderly rubbed the area and pressed it firmly to stop any bleeding.

To Jean-Luc she said softly,

“It won’t act as quickly as a hypospray, but you should be pain free soon.”

He nodded; pleased his eyes were no longer swollen closed. It made his heart swell to look into the eyes of his best friend. He was about to speak when Fragg interrupted.

“Are you finished?”

Beverly nodded and was about to suggest that he be allowed to lie flat for some time when Fragg stooped over and gripped Jean-Luc’s upper arms.

“No wait! He needs…”

The slap to her face was sharp in the quiet room.

“I’ve told you…shut up! I say what happens here, not you!”

With effortless power, Fragg hefted Jean-Luc to his feet, manacled his hands behind his back then connected him to the pole. He roughly pushed his head up and applied the gag.

“There Captain Picard…all better! Now you woman…”

After he’d manacled Beverly’s hands behind her back, he pushed her against the pole and fastened her to it, then gagged her. He stood back slightly and, with a leer, lifted his hands and mauled her breasts. When he saw her tense her legs, he gripped her chin painfully and forced her to look at him.

“Oh no woman. You’ll not do to me what the Captain did to Jiss…I’m much too clever for that, but I will tell you, if you manage to hurt me…I will hurt your Captain. Understand?”

With no other option but to acquiesce, she nodded and dropped her eyes. He fondled her breasts again and let one hand drift lower to graze her mons. When he heard Jean-Luc’s growl he laughed and turned.

“Hey Stett…look at this. Our intrepid Captain is manacled and gagged, but he still wants to fight!”
Fragg wandered over to Jean-Luc and gripped his face tightly.

“I’ve got some interesting news for you Picard. Jiss had a lover who’s really pissed off with you. If he wants to come down here and finish what Jiss started…I’d have no objections…as long as he didn’t damage you…too much.”

He winked lecherously and kissed Jean-Luc on the forehead.

Laughing, the two Orions left the room, turning off the lights as they went.




Fragg entered Urdon’s cabin to see him finishing off a call. Urdon gestured for Fragg to refill his goblet with ale and he complied, also filling one for himself. He took a seat opposite his leader and waited eagerly. Urdon took a long draught and wiped his mouth with the back of his hand. Fragg sat forward, almost shivering with tension.

“How much? What is it up to now?”

Urdon grinned and sat back in his seat.

“Five thousand bars each!”

Five thousand? Gods….Gods that’s…”

“Yes it is and it’s going to get bigger. I just spoke to the Cardassians, they’re interested too.”

“And the Breen?”

Urdon scowled and sniffed wetly, hawking back some mucous into his throat.

“Those bastards are out of the running…so are the Ferengi. They’re too worried about the Federation.”

Fragg frowned and scratched his crotch.

“We’ve had them what…three days? How long can we afford to keep them?”

“Not much longer. I hear their ship has begun a search.”

“Their ship? The Enterprise? Urdon we’d better off load them soon…”

Urdon stood abruptly and paced around the room.

“I know that fool! But we have to have enough time to close the deal. I didn’t go to all this effort not to make a killing.”


“Enough! If you don’t have the balls to see this through then get off my ship!”

Fragg jumped to his feet, spilling his ale.

“No! I’ll stay Urdon, I’ve invested too much also.”

Nodding Urdon clapped Fragg on the shoulder.

“Good. Have faith Fragg, just a little longer and we’ll be rich beyond our wildest dreams.”






Commander Will Riker stood in the living room of the bungalow holding his Captain’s clothing. At his side were Counsellor Deanna Troi and Lieutenant Commander Data. They were talking to the resort’s manager. Will looked down at the harried man.

“And they left no word? Nothing to suggest they were leaving?”

“No Commander. When they didn’t return the pass chip I sent one of my employees down here to see if they had decided to lengthen their stay. He found the bungalow as you see it.”
Deanna’s lilting voice was heard next.

“Have you instigated a search?”

“Yes Ma’am. As far as we can tell, they’re not on the island.”

Data was holding the Captain’s shirt.

“Commander Riker, all of their belongings are here. Why would they leave them?”

Will shook his head and sighed.

“I don’t know Data, but I intend to find out.”

Tapping his comm. badge, he called his ship.

“Riker to Enterprise.”

“Enterprise here Sir.”

“I want a full scan of the island I’m on. Search for human bio signs and if you come up empty, extend the search to all landmasses on the continent. We’ll verify any human bio signs you find.”

“Aye Commander.”

Dismissing the manager, Will turned to Data.

“My friend I want you to go over this cabin with a tricorder. Look for DNA, cellular debris…anything that might shed some light on this mystery.”
”Aye Sir.”

As Will turned to Deanna to issue more orders, a call came through from the Enterprise.

“Enterprise to Riker.”
”Riker here.”
”Sir we’ve scanned all the other landmasses and there are only three human bio signs. I contacted the central government and they’ve supplied all relevant details. They check out Sir, it’s not Captain Picard or Doctor Crusher.”

“Damn. Ok Enterprise. I want you to check the interstellar traffic over the past week. We need to know who’s been visiting.”

“Aye Sir. Enterprise out.”


Just then Data, who had been scanning near the door, called out to his Commander.
”Sir I believe I have found something.”
”What is it Data?”

“There is DNA on the wall here inconsistent with the Captain or Doctor Crusher.”

“Can you identify the species?”
”One moment Sir.”

The officers stood in tension as the android second officer went about his task. Frowning he re-checked his readings.

“It is Orion Sir.”

“Orion? Oh damn.”

“Will, you don’t think…”

Holding up his hand he silenced the Counsellor and again called his ship.

“Enterprise this is Riker.

“Enterprise here Sir.”

“Concentrate your scans to look for the ion trail of an Orion ship.”

“Aye Sir.”

They only had to wait a few minutes.

“Commander Riker?”
”Yes Lieutenant.”

“We have it Sir. Two…no three days ago. A class Broud ship.”

“Data is there any evidence of transporters being used?”
”No Commander.”

“Right! They must have had a shuttle. Enterprise scan the immediate area and look for a landing site for an Orion shuttle craft.”

“Yes Sir…Sir approximately two kilometres from your position. I’m sending the coordinates to Mr. Data’s tricorder.”


“I have them Sir.”

“Ok let’s go!”

The three friends exited the bungalow and, following the tricorder’s directions, soon covered the distance to the landing site. They stopped periodically as Data detected DNA traces of the missing officers. As they stood in the clearing, Will ran his hand through his beard.

“Ok we know who and how. Now we need to find out where. Let’s get back to the ship.”









Urdon sat back in his chair and drew deeply on the smoking glass container in front of him. Fragg waited patiently as his leader closed his eyes and exhaled.

“This is good, very smooth. Where did you get it?”

Laughing, Fragg took his turn and prolonged the breath considerably.

“I ‘borrowed’ it from one of the crew…he won’t need it any more.”

Urdon raised his eyebrows and snorted.

“Ah our friend Jiss I take it?”

Fragg nodded with closed eyes.

“Fool. He could’ve taken his pleasure and no one would’ve known. What does Fertrule think?”

“He wants to avenge his lover obviously. I wouldn’t be surprised if he didn’t pay the Captain a visit.”

“Well make sure he knows not to damage him too much. I’ll not hesitate to kill him if I loose money because he’s ruined my goods.”

“Already done.”

They smoked for a time growing more mellow with each puff. Eventually Urdon stirred himself and tapped Fragg’s knee.

“It’s time we made a very important call.”
”You mean…?”

“Yes. I’m going to call him. I’ve gotten the bidding up to seven thousand bars each and I’ve reached the end. They won’t go any higher.”

“Fragg frowned and leaned forward.

“How much will you add?”

Urdon grinned slyly and squinted his eyes through the smoke.

“Three thousand…each.”

“Three thousand! That makes…ten thousand each! Gods Urdon…”

Urdon waved his hand at his standing compatriot.

“Sit down Fragg, sit down. He will pay, don’t you worry. Remember he’s wanted them for a long time.”

“But why? Why would a man…any man be willing to pay twenty thousand bars of gold pressed latinum for two Humans? Even given their positions…twenty thousand?”

“I don’t know and I don’t want to know, it’s not my business. All I care is that he pays! Now…I’ve heard their ship has left Arrgas, no doubt on our trail. We have one, maybe two days to get rid of them. I’ll make the call now and we’ll see what he has to say. You, my dear Fragg, may leave. This is between him and me.”

Fragg stood and grinned down at the large green man. Taking out his dagger, he wiped it on his thigh and brandished it through the thick air of the cabin.

“Twenty thousand bars! Yes!”








Jean-Luc got slowly to his feet; his internal injuries still a little tender. He took a steadying breath and looked over at his lover, finding her vibrant blue eyes already on him. He grinned behind his gag and nodded his head. Beverly shook her hair back and grinned back, pleased that he was keeping his spirits up.

 When the door slowly opened they expected a crewmember with either the toilet bucket or some food. Earlier they had been visited by Stett who gave them a cursory examination and left, but he left the light on, delighting the occupants.

The man that came in put them immediately on alert. He was a big man and his face wore a scowl. In his hand was a dagger. After he secured the door, he came fully into the room and stared at Beverly. He cocked his head and walked to her, his hand taking a lock of her hair. Raising the dagger, he sliced through the lock and held up the severed remains.

“See how easy that was? You make any fuss and I’ll slice you just as easily. Understand?”

Beverly nodded, closing her eyes and expecting the worst. She was surprised, however, when he left her and stepped up to Jean-Luc.

His voice was low and deadly.

You…you little Human are responsible for the death of my partner! I have come to finish what he started.”

Jean-Luc shook his head in a futile gesture as Fertrule gripped the rag around his waist and pulled it free. He raised his knee and the dagger was at his throat in a flash of steel.

“No Human. You will accept me or I will injure your companion. I don’t care about the repercussions…you killed my lover and I want revenge.”

He freed the chain from the pole and pushed Jean-Luc into the middle of the room. With his hands still restrained behind his back, there was nothing he could do.

“Get on your knees and put your forehead on the floor.”

Jean-Luc stood still, his mind racing. His assailant’s low voice garnered his attention. He turned to find him running his blade down Beverly’s face. A thin line of blood welled and ran down her face, dripping from her chin.

“Do it!”

His heart hammering in his chest, Jean-Luc dropped to his knees and slowly bent forward. He heard the man move behind him and he closed his eyes, outraged, disgusted and frightened as to what was about to happen.

The man forced his legs apart and fondled his buttocks.

He heard the man undo his belt and pants, then his hands were on Jean-Luc’s hips. He felt the pressure and then searing pain as he was penetrated.

He moaned and retched behind his gag as the assault went on, the pain etched into his very soul.

Beverly cried silently as she witnessed the violation, unable to do anything but watch in horror as her best friend and lover was brutally raped.

The rapist growled and grunted loudly signalling an end to the assault. Fertrule climbed to his feet and placed his foot on Jean-Luc’s rump. Pushing sharply, he shoved Jean-Luc onto the floor then stood over him and spat deliberately on his head. He hoisted Jean-Luc’s limp body roughly to his feet and re-fastened his manacles to the pole. He pulled down the gag and gripped his face firmly, leaning in he kissed the Captain, his tongue rudely invading his mouth.

He stepped back and grasped Jean-Luc’s testicles.

“There now Human…that wasn’t so bad was it? I can tell from experience the more you do it the better it becomes. And Human…I’ll be back to see you…later.”

He squeezed Jean-Luc painfully, then replaced the gag, and left abruptly. Jean-Luc fell to his knees, tears streaming down his stubbled face. Beverly stared at him intently and noticed blood on his legs. She wondered what internal damage had been done.





The Enterprise entered the Goran expanse and reduced speed to one-quarter impulse.

“Tactical, full sensor scan.”

“Aye Sir…but it will be limited. The expanse has unstable neutrinos and ionic radiation. It will limit our sensory ability.”
“Can we follow the Orion signature?”

“I don’t know Sir.”

“I see. Riker to Engineering.”

“Engineering here.”

“Geordi we need to tweak the sensors. Apparently the expanse has…”
”I’m already on it Sir. If I dump some of the warp energy into the forward sensor array, we should raise efficiency by a factor of twelve…about 75%. Not full, but close to it.”

“Thank you Engineering. Let me know when we can continue.”
”Aye Sir.”

Deanna rose from her seat and stood looking out the forward view screen. The expanse stretched before them, a swirling multi-coloured hotch-potch of gasses and rubble, the leftovers of a cosmic cataclysm.

“Can you sense them?”

The raven-haired beauty turned to her lover and sadly shook her head.

“No. It could be the interference or they may be too far away…either way, I feel nothing.”

“Well the Orion ship entered the expanse twenty four hours ago and they’re our only lead. We’ll find them…even if we have to use a white cane.”

Deanna turned and took Will’s hand in hers. Looking up into his troubled blue eyes, she whispered,

“Have faith Will.”

He nodded resignedly and took his seat in the Command chair.







Fragg entered Urdon’s cabin cautiously, peering into the dimness and spotting his Captain sitting at his desk, seemingly asleep. Stepping further into the room he ducked his head and studied Urdon, tentatively inching his hand toward the PADD that rested near his right hand. The dagger sliced effortlessly through the back of Fragg’s hand pinning it to the desk and bringing a cry of pain from the man.

“Tsk, tsk Fragg…you should have more patience!”

Fragg, gripping his wrist and groaning through his teeth, stared at Urdon and eventually got his penitence.

“Oh here…I’m sorry.”
He wriggled the dagger free and wiped the green blood on his trouser leg. Fragg cradled the wounded hand against his breast and summoned a glare for his Commander.

“Why the hell did you do that for? I was only…”
”I know what you were trying to do Fragg and it won’t work. You were trying to get a look at things that are, quite frankly, none of your damn business!”

“Well fuck Urdon there was no need to stab me!”

Urdon let his head fall back, his ponytail draping down his broad back. A hearty laugh broke from his chest.

“I didn’t stab you fool! That was just a pinprick! Now stop your whining and listen carefully. He has agreed! We meet with him near Dellos V in four hours. We, my friend are going to be rich.”

The pain in Fragg’s hand faded as he closed his tangerine eyes and dreamed of his impending wealth.

“Will you meet with him alone?”

Urdon chuckled and cocked his head.

“Do you think I’m a complete fool? No my friend you will come, well armed and with some strategically placed crewmembers. I have every intention of living to enjoy my prosperity.”

Fragg nodded as he absently wound a rag around his hand.







The next time an Orion came in with the bucket, Beverly called out inarticulately and caught his attention. With facial gestures she aroused the crewman’s curiosity and he slowly approached her. Cautiously he reached up and slid the gag from her mouth.

“We need Stett…quickly! My companion has been raped.”

The man laughed crudely and strode over to the hunched Captain. Using his foot, he pushed against Jean-Luc’s chest and watched as his head lolled. Growing concerned, and aware of his standing orders concerning the prisoners, he left quickly. Beverly stretched her jaw and managed to lower the gag even further.

“Jean-Luc…are you all right?”

Too ashamed to look at his lover, he shook his head, tears again flowing down his face.

“Jean-Luc Stett is coming. He’ll allow me to treat you, I’m sure of it.”

Blood was now smeared all over Jean-Luc’s legs and he lay on his side, occasionally moaning.

Stett entered with a snarl and walked straight up to Beverly.

“You woman, have interrupted my meal. What is it now!”

“The Captain has been raped!”

“Yes I know! Fertrule has been bragging about it. What of it?”

“He’s been injured…possibly badly.”

“Nonsense. He’ll just have a sore arse, nothing important in that.”

“No you don’t understand. Humans and Orions differ in many ways…physically and, usually, it’s a traumatic thing to be anally raped by anyone.”

Stett cast a casual glance at the captain and frowned at what he saw.

“You say he’s damaged?”

Beverly nodded and held her breath as Stett considered his next decision.

“Well there’s nothing to do. Fertrule will undoubtedly be back for more…we might as well wait until he looses interest, I’m not going to bother my Captain with your problems.”


He spun with startling speed and slapped Beverly across the face. He then re-applied the gag and sneered into her face.

“I will tend to him when Fertrule has finished with him…not before!”

As he left he switched off the lights.

Jean-Luc’s quiet moans were the only sound in the room.







The Orion ship entered orbit above the third moon of Dellos V and Urdon looked over his men.

“Now remember I want you on your toes. I’m not sure what we’ll encounter down there, but your main job is to protect me. If anything happens to me, you don’t get paid. Understand?”

The men shuffled and grumbled their agreement.

“Right. Get into the runabout and take your stations.”

Fragg stayed at his Commander’s shoulder as the surly men positioned themselves. Only when they were seated did the two remaining men board the little ship.

It took only ten minutes to pilot the craft to the surface. At the pre-arranged coordinates, they landed and the men deployed around the shuttle in a defensive phalanx.

The communication device in Urdon’s hand crackled into life.

“To your right, one hundred and fifty metres, you will see a tunnel. Go to it and enter. I will send a guide once you are inside.”

The men trudged across the misty surface, the atmosphere only just supplying enough oxygen to sustain them. The found and entered the tunnel, meeting the promised guide within minutes. A tall shrouded and hooded figure gestured for them to follow. The floor of the tunnel gradually became a steep decline and the men felt their ears pop as they descended. The reached the branch of four tunnels and the figure unerringly chose the middle one. That was the first of many junctions they traversed, all the time descending.

Eventually, after a tortuous trek, they found themselves in a vaulted room, lit from above with strips of light the like of which none of the Orions had seen before. There were many tunnel entrances around them and they raised their weapons in suspicion. A voice from the darkness allayed their fears.

“I take it you have what I asked for?”

Urdon bobbed his head and shielded his eyes against the glare with his hand.

“If you mean Picard and the Doctor, then yes, I have them.”

“And they are?”

“Safe and sound on my ship.”

“I see. How did you envisage the…sale…taking place?”

Urdon laughed nervously.

“Well…I envisage…you giving me the latinum and me returning to my ship and sending down the goods.”

“That would involve a modicum of trust.”

“Yes it would, wouldn’t it.”

“I’m not accustomed to that level of trust…it is, after all, a very large amount we’re talking about, isn’t it?”

Urdon spread his hands and grinned winningly.

“Perhaps, but with goods like these…very rare…and highly prized…”

“Oh I understand…completely. I also understand how you played the Breen, the Ferengi, the Cardassians and the Romulans off against each other, inflating the price until you finally called me. Just how much did you add Urdon? For your services.”

Urdon swallowed convulsively and cast a glance at Fragg. The men were beginning to shift nervously and the tension inched higher.

“Oh really! Look I’m a businessman! If I don’t make a healthy profit there’s no point in the venture. I had to go to a lot of effort to secure your goods, it wasn’t easy to arrange you know…AND I’ve got the Federation flagship breathing down my neck. I put a lot on the line for you.”

“No doubt, however I have a suggestion.”

“And that is?”

“You take half the payment, the balance received when you deliver the…goods.”

Urdon took but a moment to digest the proposal before coming to his decision.


He strode toward the voice with his right hand extended only to be stopped by a shrouded figure who placed his gloved hand squarely on his chest.

“I would prefer it if we had no physical contact Urdon. I hope you understand?”

Urdon nodded, his attention altered when an antigrav appeared out of one of the tunnels, piled high with crates. He swaggered boldly up to it, stopping its operator. He unsheathed his dagger and prised the lock on the top crate. The lid sprang up to reveal the gleam of bar upon bar of gold pressed latinum. His grin widened when he repeated the actions on several more crates.

“Excellent! You have made a bargain…you will not be disappointed!”

“I sincerely hope not. Show them out.”

The draped figure stepped forward and indicated the way out. Pushing the antigrav before him, Urdon had trouble calming his racing heart. As they neared the surface he whispered to Fragg,

“We’re almost there…just an hour more and we’ll be rich.”








Beverly heard Jean-Luc stand, his chains making a metallic tinkling on the pole as he rose. She imagined her lover, head bowed, his noble face a mask of pain. Unable to see or speak to him, she felt the rising frustration and fought her bonds, only making her wrists bleed. When the door suddenly opened and the lights switched on, she was momentarily blinded. She did, however, recognise the voice.

“Well Captain…are you ready for me again?”

Beverly blinked her watering eyes as she watched Fertrule free Jean-Luc from the pole. In blind terror, the Captain lashed out with his feet, only receiving a savage blow to his kidney for his troubles.

“Have you forgotten Captain, what I will do to your woman if you resist?”

His head lowered in defeat and his body was slammed against the wall. A large hand went around his throat and squeezed. Jean-Luc struggled to breathe, lights dancing in his eyes. As his vision started to grey, he was thrown face down on the floor and felt his assailant push between his legs. He tensed his body and tried to roll but the man was too strong. With an evil laugh he stuck Jean-Luc’s head against the floor and, as the dazed Captain tried to recover his wits, he was raped again.

When Fertrule pulled away there was bright blood on his body. He wiped at it with disgust and kicked the suffering man who lay whimpering on the floor.

“Look at what you’ve done Human…Gods what a mess!”

Picking up the rag from the floor, he wiped himself clean and pulled up his pants.

“With a bit of luck I’ll see you again later…Captain.”

He dragged Jean-Luc over to the pole and brutally twisted his hands up his back to fasten the manacles to the iron shaft. With cruel hands he wrenched Jean-Luc’s head up and spat in his face.

“Be ready for me…and remember my lover!”

With that, he slammed Jean-Luc’s head against the post and left, leaving the lights on.

Beverly screwed her eyes shut, willing away the tears of anguish that ran down her face. She looked over at her Captain to see a broken man. He was slumped awkwardly at the base of the pole, seemingly uncaring that his arms were strained up his back. Bright blood was pooling under him.








“I’ve got it Sir. It’s faint, but I think…with a little luck…there!”

Will strode to the science station and stood beside the Lieutenant on duty.

“Good work Myers. Feed the coordinates to the con.”

“Aye Sir.”

“Con when you’re ready, engage at half impulse and follow that trail. And for God’s sake, don’t loose it!”

“Yes Sir!”

Will regained his seat and glared at the swirling gasses that had been stymieing their efforts for the last three hours. Deanna, as always, sat serenely by his side. He felt her presence brush his mind.

“Patience Will…”

He turned to her and smiled, slowly nodding.






Urdon and Fragg hurried through the dark corridors of their ship, intent on securing the balance of payment. They burst into the cell and stopped dead in their tracks when they saw the Captain.

“Not again! Fragg can’t your men control themselves at all?”

Pointing to Beverly, Urdon motioned for Fragg to remove her gag.

“What happened?”

“He’s been raped and beaten…twice!”

“So? What damaged him?”

“The rapes! It’s not the same for Humans…we’re different…”

“Fuck! Fragg get Stett in here!”

Soon a nervous Stett stood before his enraged Captain.

“You knew?”

All Stett could do was nod.

“He was already damaged and you allowed Fertrule to have him again…causing more damage?”

“Well…I didn’t see the point of healing him when it was obvious Fertrule hadn’t finished with him. How was I to know that…”

“Because I told you!”

Beverly seethed with anger.

“I told you he was badly injured and you did nothing!”

The flicker of metal was almost too fast to see. Stett raised his hand to catch his severed ear as it fell, the cry of shock dying on his lips when his Captain said,

“If you weren’t needed for you medical knowledge I would kill you as you stand! As it is you’ll have to do without your ears.”

 With a flick of his wrist, Stett’s other ear fell from his body.

“Now Stett, you will assist the woman in repairing his injuries…and be quick about it!”

The chagrined Stett left immediately to return quickly, his head comically swathed in a bloody green bandage. He carried the same bag as before and Urdon and Fragg looked on as Beverly was released to tend to her comrade. With Stett’s help they set him free and laid him out on the floor. The cuts to his head were quickly sealed but the internal damage was extensive. The inner and outer flesh was torn and bruised, bleeding badly. Beverly looked up at her captors and asked.

“I don’t suppose you have any coagulants?”

“What are they?”

“It’s a drug that helps the blood to clot.”

Urdon looked at Stett who shrugged his shoulders.


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