Chapter 15:

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As soon as he rematerialised on the receiving pad, two huge hands grasped his shoulders.

“Captain Jean-Luc Picard…we welcome you!”

Seeing his security personnel going for their weapons, Jean-Luc lifted a hand and spoke firmly.

“As you were!”

To his host he smiled.

“Master Fendon…it is a pleasure to meet you again.”

Fendon stepped back and swept his arm wide.

“And here is Qon and Lady Hak. We have waited for this time Captain…you have no idea what we went through during your illness. To know that we were the cause was of great concern for us.”
He stepped forward and gripped Jean-Luc’s hand, lifting it and pressing it to his forehead.

“We grieved for you Captain.”

Jean-Luc smiled warmly and gently retrieved his hand.

“Well as you can see I am completely restored. I would be pleased if we can put the past behind us Master Fendon, your distress over me is unwarranted.”

Qon stepped forward and bowed.

“Perhaps Captain, but as usual your words are wise. Did Garn inform you of our plans?”

Jean-Luc nodded.

“Yes. She said we would be presented to the chamber, attend a formal dinner and complete the evening with a ceremonial rite.”

Qon grinned and nodded.

“Correct Captain. The rite is an ancient one but harmless I assure you. Now, if you would permit it, I will escort your brave and lovely mate to the chamber.”

Jean-Luc bowed and gestured with his arm.

“After you Qon.”

Fendon linked arms with Hak and Jean-Luc. They followed Qon and Beverly out, the security personnel bringing up the rear. As they walked Jean-Luc asked,

“We noted you now communicate with us visually. Why the change?”

Fendon smiled widely.

“We have decided your ship is worthy of the honour Captain.”

Jean-Luc smiled.

“Thank you.”

 They reached the anteroom to find an armed escort of eight immense warriors. As they passed down the double phalanx the men and women bowed and grunted.

The huge black doors swung noiselessly open and in complete silence the group walked down the long aisle to the front. The Starfleet members took their places at the long table, Qon to one side and Fendon and Hak behind the upper desk.

Once they were seated the entire membership of two hundred and fifty beings stood and shouted,

“Hail Picard and Crusher!”

Jean-Luc and Beverly stood, faced the membership and bowed deeply. A loud coughing grunt followed by a rumbling moan signified the end of the formal salutation.

Still standing, the Captain and Doctor turned to face Fendon. The Master stood, his arms upraised.

“Behold! Captain Jean-Luc Picard of the Federation has returned to us. We caused the injuries that kept him away and in our ignorance we also almost took the life of his courageous mate. Let it be known that we regret what happened and we rejoice in their return! Praise the Gods!”

The membership stood and shouted thunderously,

“Praise the Gods!”

Fendon’s upraised hands fisted and he bellowed,

“Praise Picard and Crusher!”

The membership echoed his words.

“Praise Picard and Crusher!”

Qon left his position and, skirting the padded square, came to stand in front of Jean-Luc. In his hands was a sash of gold linked mail. He raised it above his head and waited for silence.

“I claim Captain Picard as my brother before the membership! As Doctor Crusher is his mate, she will become my sister. From this day forth I will protect them with my life!”

Fendon shouted,

“Who bears witness to this vow?”

All two hundred and fifty members answered,

“I will!”

Qon grinned and gestured for Jean-Luc to bow. As he did, the sash was placed over his head to rest on his right shoulder.

“It is done. You are now members of the house of Hurk.”

The huge dark man grinned and stuck out his hand. Jean-Luc took it and shook firmly.

“We are honoured.”






The formal dinner was surprisingly subdued after the tumultuous meeting in the chamber. Now in their dress uniforms and without their security escort, Jean-Luc still wore the golden sash. With only ten people present the Starfleet personnel could relax a little as the atmosphere was restful and easy.

During the third course, Junn, the minister for trade cleared his throat.

“Captain Picard it would seem the Federation is pleased with our dilithium.”

Jean-Luc swallowed, took a sip of his drink and nodded.

“Indeed Minister. As you know your dilithium is the purest example of the crystal we’ve ever seen.”

Junn smiled and glanced at the Master.

“I wonder if we couldn’t expand our trade agreement?”

Jean-Luc’s eyebrows rose and he lowered his cutlery.

“What do you have in mind Minister?”

“We have developed some technologies your organisation might be interested in. I know you may think our medical expertise is lacking, but I can assure you it’s not. There is a very good chance we could share some very profound discoveries with you. And you can rest assured they’ve all been thoroughly tested.”
He chuckled.

“After all our enemies have some uses eh?”

Swallowing again, this time with a dry mouth, Jean-Luc took a deep breath.

“That’s a very generous offer Minister but the Federation does not share technology with non-member worlds. You would have to join the Federation to do that.”

Junn frowned.

“But what of Cardassia? From what I hear there will be sharing of technology with them and they’re not joining your Federation.”

The Captain closed his eyes briefly and sighed.

“That is an isolated incident. We have been at war with Cardassia for a very long time. In order to build a lasting peace, concessions were made. One of them was to share technology as it was determined our levels of technology were so similar.”

Junn sat back and placed his cutlery on his plate with great deliberation. Adopting an innocent face he asked,

“That wouldn’t have anything to do with your injury would it? My information tells me you opted to use a Cardassian medical device before the treaty was ratified. What was that…a gesture of good will…or desperation?”

The Captain’s eyes darkened and his face became a stoic mask.

“Tell me minister, what business is that of yours?”

Somewhat taken aback by his cold, suppressed anger, Junn held up his hands.

“Oh it’s none of my business at all. My dear Captain I only seek a better trade agreement for my people.”

Jean-Luc nodded curtly.

“Then kindly confine yourself to what is relevant. If you require more trade I will inform Starfleet and they will send appropriate personnel to negotiate with you…within the bounds of our laws.”

The chastened Minister bowed his head.

“Thank you Captain.”

Fendon’s booming laugh resounded around the table.

“Well done Captain! You are a warrior with the spoken word too.”

The rest of the dinner was uneventful and, as the last of the dishes were cleared away, the lighting changed, plunging the room into darkness. Beverly’s hand found Jean-Luc’s under the table and he squeezed in encouragingly.

Suddenly two bright spotlights illuminated a cleared area and four naked, oiled people emerged from the shadows. Two men and two women adopted classical poses then remained absolutely still. Minutes ticked by as the tension slowly rose.

Gradually the assembled guests began to hear soft music. It grew in volume and as it did the figures started to move. At first they danced alone, their solo interpretations of the music mesmerising but as the music slowed in tempo they paired off and the dance became decidedly erotic. For fifteen minutes the dancers indulged in a public display of foreplay, the men erect and the woman’s skin flushed darker with arousal. The music mirrored their escalating desire, the tempo slowly increasing and the volume growing.

With a cacophonous crash of cymbals the couples fell to the floor, copulating furiously. Behind them, on a huge screen were images of Fendon and Hak, Qon and an unknown male and Jean-Luc and Beverly all making love.

In the darkness Beverly looked at her lover to see his head bowed, his hand rubbing his brow. She squeezed his hand under the table and he looked at her, seeing her rueful smile. He sighed and shook his head.

With the triumphant cries of the couples on the floor, the lights came back up and the screen deactivated. Fendon stood and smiled at his guests.

“As we celebrate the lives of Captain Picard and Doctor Crusher, we pay homage to the Gods with this expression of the continuance of life. The offspring conceived here tonight will be called Picard and Crusher.”

Jean-Luc and Beverly stood and bowed. The Captain cleared his throat and willed his flushed skin to subside.

“We are honoured, thank you.”

As they regained their seats waiters brought out large jugs filled with sparkling deep purple liquid. Beverly and Jean-Luc watched as the viscous fluid was slowly poured into huge goblets. Fendon stood and addressed his guests.

“It is the custom of the S’Run to end this particular ceremony by drinking all of the Xarr in your goblet. It will do you no harm, but it will enhance your act of sex. Enjoy, honoured guests.”

It took some time to swallow all of the thick liquid, the taste intriguing both officers. With their mouths warm and tingling, Fendon took their hands.

“Farewell Captain, Doctor. I hope you return one day…or perhaps I might come to Earth. May your journeys be safe.”

Both officers bowed and Jean-Luc said,

“I hope we can return one day Master Fendon and if you ever come to Earth I will personally escort you on your tour.”

Fendon stepped back and Qon said quietly,

“Farewell my brother and sister. Fight well.”

Jean-Luc tapped his badge.

“Enterprise two to beam up.”








Once again on their ship, Jean-Luc stepped off the pad and turned to his lover.

“I want to file my report to Starfleet. You go to our quarters, I’ll meet you there soon.”

The Doctor smiled and nodded silently. Within minutes Jean-Luc was in his Ready Room engrossed in his work. Beverly, having arrived in their quarters, took a leisurely shower then, dressed in nothing but panties and T-shirt; seated herself at Jean-Luc’s desk. She was idly filing her report when she became aware of feeling somewhat aroused. She shifted in her chair and frowned, endeavouring to keep her mind on her work, but the sensations continued to grow.

Jean-Luc absently rubbed the back of his neck and tried for the fourth time to concentrate on what he was doing. Images of a naked Beverly kept infiltrating his mind and he had an erection that wouldn’t subside. With an exasperated snort he tabbed off the computer and pushed his chair back from the desk. Looking down at himself, he shook his head and growled softly.

“God woman…what have you done to me? I have no control.”

He stood and walked stiffly into the bathroom where he splashed cold water onto his face. He was leaning forward, gripping the basin when a call came through.

“Crusher to Picard.”

He looked up and closed his eyes; even the sound of her voice aroused him. He struggled to keep his voce even.

“Picard here.”

“Are you alone Captain?”

He swallowed and took a steadying breath.


There was a moment’s silence before she spoke again, the desperation clear in her voice.

“Jean-Luc come back to your quarters…now! I need you.”

He flexed his jaw.

“I’m on my way.”

He was only two steps away from the door when he realised he couldn’t exit the Ready Room in his current physical state. He stood still, closed his eyes and concentrated fiercely. It was no use. His mind was filled with erotic images of Beverly serving to make matters worse. With an annoyed grunt, he doffed his tunic and held it in front of himself; by now so desperate to get to his lover he really didn’t care who saw him. He walked briskly out of his inner sanctum and marched straight to the Turbolift, ignoring the officer on watch.

It took all his control not to run through the corridors.

Beverly was restlessly pacing in front of the desk when the doors suddenly sighed open and a very agitated Captain barrelled in. They stood motionless, staring at each other for several seconds before rushing into each other’s arms and kissing passionately.

Jean-Luc pushed Beverly backwards until her behind met the desk. By the time she registered that, she had torn off Jean-Luc’s vest and undershirt, exposing his chest to her hands and mouth. The Captain grabbed her shirt and dragged it up and over her head. His mouth descended to her breasts as her hands frantically wrestled with the closure of his trousers. Pulling back, he suddenly gripped her buttocks and lifted her onto the desk. With one broad arc of his arm, he swept all the items on the desktop onto the floor.

Beverly succeeded in undoing his pants and pushed them down, taking his erection in her hand and stroking him quickly. He growled hungrily and eased her back to lie cross the desk. While his mouth again attacked her breasts, his hands ripped her panties from her body. She arched up to him, biting his shoulder. He pushed her legs wider and brushed her hands away from his penis, taking it in his hand and guiding it into her with one hard stroke. Beverly cried out, her hands gripping his shoulders. Jean-Luc set a punishing rhythm as his hands kneaded her breasts.

The both felt their climaxes approaching rapidly and Jean-Luc quickened his thrusts but an astonishing thing occurred. They reached the point of fulfilment and stayed there, on the brink…teetering on the edge but not toppling over.

They both cried out in anguish and ecstasy as they hovered, so close but unable to achieve release. Jean-Luc leaned down and slowed his thrusts until he was sliding very slowly in and out of his lover. Beverly mewed and wrapped her legs around him, savouring the delicious sensations. He kissed her tenderly and nuzzled her neck as he continued to make love to her, their entire nervous systems converted into one super-sensitive erogenous zone. Everywhere they touched excited them, every kiss; every breath was laced with fire as his inexorable slow thrusts carried them back to the brink.

As the sensations escalated, Beverly’s panting moans became continuous. With sweat running freely down their bodies, Jean-Luc rose up and placed his hands either side of Beverly’s head. He looked down at her and gasped roughly,

“I love you.”

Unable to reply, tears welled in her eyes as he began to thrust vigorously again. This time they travelled to the brink and fell over it. With their cries echoing around the cabin, they found physical and emotional nirvana.

Jean-Luc collapsed on his lover, their panting and soft moaning the only sounds in the otherwise silent quarters. After some minutes Jean-Luc lifted his head and kissed Beverly’s brow.

“My God Beverly…that was…”

She smiled blearily up at him and nodded.

“Yes it was wasn’t it?”

He pushed himself upright and pulled her up with him, enfolding her in his embrace. After some minutes of silence Beverly pulled back and lifted a trembling hand to caress his face.

“Do you think it was that drink Fendon gave us?”

Jean-Luc shrugged.

“Probably. He did say it would enhance our lovemaking.”

Beverly chuckled and nuzzled his neck.

“Boy if ever there was an understatement…”

The Captain sighed as Beverly nibbled his earlobe.

“Do you know I had to walk through the ship with a raging hard on? It started in the Ready Room and the bloody thing wouldn’t go away. All I could think about was you and doing that only increased my arousal. Good God Beverly…if I couldn’t have you…”

The Doctor sighed and ran her fingers over his nipple making him shiver.

“I know; it was the same for me. I was filing my report and I suddenly became aware of being…horny. Very horny. All I wanted was you…immediately.”

Jean-Luc chuckled and kissed her softly.

“Can you imagine what Will could do with that drink?”

Beverly laughed.

“Oh my Lord, Deanna would be in our debt forever.”

The Captain eased back and slipped out of his lover. Beverly glanced down and grinned saucily at seeing him still semi hard. Her finger trailed down his length.

“Haven’t had enough yet?”

He took her hands and encouraged her off the desk.

“Let’s go have a shower and we’ll see.”

Their shower was protracted and highly erotic. They made it to their bed where they made love again. The last thing that crossed Jean-Luc’s mind before oblivion took him was,

“Thank you Fendon.”









The next day the couple had a rare shared day off. After a leisurely sleep in, they rose reluctantly and settled in for a late breakfast. Beverly was daintily eating a croissant when she offered,

“I’ve been talking to medical.”

Jean-Luc’s eyebrows rose and he tilted his head.

“Oh? What did they say?”

The Doctor sipped her coffee and waved her hand dismissively.

“The usual rigmarole but the bottom line is I’ll be welcomed back. They’re interested in letting me continue my research and…here’s the juicy bit…the current head, Doctor Hovv J’Kul is rumoured to be after a posting to a Starship. Admiral Burran intimated that if he gets it, I’d be a shoe in for the position. And this time I’ll be promoted.”

Jean-Luc hands stilled.

“Promoted? To what?”


His face split into a rare full grin.
”Beverly that’s marvellous! I can’t think of anyone who deserves it more…congratulations.”

She chuckled and winked at him.

“Yeah well I haven’t got it yet so let’s not count our chickens.”

The Captain resumed eating.

“And what about your desire for…hands on medicine?”

Beverly smiled widely.

“No problem. I can have any case load I want.”

Jean-Luc sighed with happiness and nodded.

“Excellent. You must be very happy.”
“I am, but mostly I’m looking forward to settling down with you.”

He smiled tenderly and sat forward.

“Actually I have some news on that front. I hand command to Will tomorrow and take my position as Admiral. Two days after that we’re rendezvousing with the Hargraves for a lift back to Earth.”

Beverly refilled their cups.

“The Hargraves? Who’s the Captain?”

Jean-Luc’s eyes twinkled.

“Stewart Bligh. Do you know he’s a direct descendant of William Bligh?”

Seeing his obvious excitement over this titbit, Beverly frowned.

“William Bligh?”

His face animated with enthusiasm, Beverly hid her amusement.

“William Bligh was Captain of the HMS Bounty. He suffered a mutiny led by Fletcher Christian in seventeen eighty-nine. He and some loyal crew were set adrift and it was only through superior seamanship that they reached Java. Later in his life, in eighteen oh five he was appointed Governor of New South Wales in the fledgling colonial Australia. Eventually, in eighteen oh eight the people and government troops rebelled against his severe rule and arrested him, incarcerating him for two years. He was taken back to England…still under arrest but was exonerated and in time made Admiral. In all a wonderful life and a fascinating man.”

The Doctor smiled and wiped her mouth with a serviette.

“Well let’s hope his great, great, great whatever he is keeps a lower profile.”

Jean-Luc snickered.








The change of command ceremony took place in the forward lounge. As Will assumed command, Jean-Luc personally added the fourth pip to his collar, taking it from his own uniform. Gripping the younger man’s shoulder he said softly,

“It has been an honour Will. Do me and the Enterprise proud.”

The big man straightened and nodded.


Jean-Luc returned to his quarters to begin the arduous task of packing. Beverly had already made a start and he’d achieved a remarkable amount when she came home from her shift. He looked up, surprised when she disappeared into the bedroom without greeting him. She soon appeared with her hands behind her back.

He stood and closed the carton he’d been packing.

“What have you got there?”

She smiled enigmatically and produced a small box.

“Gregory Quinn gave me this with strict instructions to tell you…‘it’s about time’.”

She opened the box and took out two gleaming Admiral’s bars. She pinned them either side of his collar then stood back to admire him.

“Hmm, not bad.”

He straightened and adopted his command visage.

“Aren’t you supposed to salute or something?”

The Doctor sniggered and stepped up to him, sliding her hands up his chest to encircle his head.

“I’d prefer the something.”

As she nuzzled him he growled softly.

“I think that can be arranged.”

He picked her up and carried her into the bedroom. The next hour was lost to passion.










Three days later Jean-Luc was standing in the spacious guest quarters on the Hargraves. In his hands was the blue and white plaque from the wall outside his former quarters on the Enterprise. With a wistful sigh, he ran his fingers over the printing and shook his head.

“So many years…”

His unsettling introspection was broken by warm hands encircling his waist. Beverly’s chin rested on his shoulder as she solemnly looked down on the plaque.

“Second thoughts?”

He smiled.

“No…no regrets either, just…nostalgia. This…”, he raised the plaque, “signified who I was…what I was and for too many years to admit to, it was enough.”

He turned in her embrace and tossed the sign onto the sofa.

“But then there was you.”

The Doctor smiled, her blue eyes sparkling.

“And then?”

His smile widened into a grin.

“And then that…”, he pointed at the plaque, “faded into insignificance beside my love for you. When you let me make love to you that first time on S’Runnin I was so happy…so awed by the reality of what we’d done, I feared my intensity would scare you away.”

Kissing him softly, Beverly shook her head.

“Never Jean-Luc. It was just as profound for me…and in truth I always knew it would be. I had considered making love to you so many times…but it would never be just sex, it was always going to be something that touched our souls and I feared I would ever be ready for that. You, my darling Admiral, changed all that in one glorious night of passion and I’ve not been the same since. Thank you my love.”

The kissed tenderly then parted to sit on the sofa. Beverly sat back and contented herself to watch him.

“Are all our possessions safely in storage?”

Jean-Luc smiled.

“Uh huh. I was down in the cargo bay this afternoon. Everything is there and ready to be transported to the house.”

Beverly leaned her head back and closed her eyes.

“Good. Now we need furniture…I’ve got almost everything else we need in a storage facility in Canada. How long until you have to report for duty?”

Jean-Luc leaned back and encouraged her to settle against him.

“Two weeks. What about you?”

“The same. Well that should be long enough to settle in. Will command supply a ground car?”

Jean-Luc’s voice was a deep quiet rumble.

“Hmm. I’ll be having a transporter installed too.”

Beverly chuckled.

“Ah the privileges of rank.”


They sat in companionable silence for several minutes before Jean-Luc stirred.


She adjusted her position and mewed.

“Hey come on…I want to talk to you.”

Sighing, she sat up, but maintained contact with him. Smiling into his eyes, she tilted her head.

“What is it?”

He took her hand, frowning.

“Do you remember what you asked me to think about? What you requested I not reject out of hand?”

The Doctor took a deep breath, her smile fading.

“You mean the subject of having children?”

He nodded, the frown deepening. Beverly sighed and squeezed his hand.

“Jean-Luc don’t worry over it, I never meant it to trouble you. I’ll be perfectly happy with just the two of us.”

He looked up and Beverly was shocked at the intensity of his hazel eyes.

“I’ve been thinking Beverly and I’m beginning to realise just how much I want to have children with you. Somehow you’ve awakened something buried so deep inside me I never knew it existed, but the more I think about it, the more appealing I find it.”

She lifted her hand and tenderly caressed his face.

“You’ll be a wonderful father.”

He smiled ruefully and lowered his head.

“There’s one thing though…and you can blame my traditional upbringing…again. If we’re to have a child…or children…I want us to be married.”

He lifted her hand and kissed it.

“Beverly, will you marry me?”

The Doctor swallowed, her eyes shadowed. Jean-Luc saw her expression and frowned.

“Beverly? What is it?”

She broke contact with him and stood, going to the viewports. Wrapping her arms around herself, she stared out at the passing stars. Jean-Luc rose and went to stand behind her, watching her refection in the clear aluminium. His voice was soft, but the Doctor heard his uncertainty.


She raised her eyes and addressed his reflection.

“Jean-Luc…I love you, you know that.”

He nodded silently.

“And you know I want to spend the rest of my life with you.”

He nodded again.

“Well why marriage? If we have children they will take your name, I have no objection to that, in fact I’m all for it. Why do you want to use marriage to formalise our relationship? There’re other, less stringent ceremonies we could use.”

Jean-Luc lowered his head and rubbed his brow. His voice reflected his confusion.

“Beverly you married Jack…I can only assume you, at one time in your life, accepted the institution of marriage. I want to marry you because of the commitment it implies, not the legality. My parents married and spent their lives together, very happily I might add. I want that for us.”

Beverly turned and folded her arms.

“That wasn’t because they were married Jean-Luc. They loved each other and chose to devote themselves to their relationship. Look, you’re right that I did, a long time ago, believe in marriage, but I’ve changed over the years and I’m not so sure now. What concerns me now is hurting you.”

He smiled and pursed his lips.

“I’m not hurt Beverly, just somewhat confused. Nevertheless I have a request, one that you asked of me recently.”

Beverly smiled.

“And that is?”

His smile was crooked but sincere.

“Think about it…don’t reject it out of hand.”

The Doctor relaxed and held out her hand, her eyes filling with tears as he took it.

“Okay my love. Who knows I might just change my mind.”

He took her in his arms and whispered in her ear,

“You’d be such a beautiful bride.”

She sighed and rested her head on his shoulder.










It had been a hectic twelve days. After the three-week’s journey aboard the Hargraves, the couple spent the following days setting up their new home. With engineers installing all manner of things underfoot, the couple went to bed each night exhausted and rose early to plunge back into the mayhem.

Finally, with two days to spare they were settled. All the work was done and their home was equipped and functioning. After dinner, they sat out on the balcony, enjoying a glass of wine. Beverly stretched out her legs and rested her feet on the railing.

“I got a communiqué from Medical this afternoon.”

Jean-Luc sipped his Chablis and closed his eyes.

“Oh? What did they want?”

“They informed me that Hovv J’Kul has got his position on a Starship. I am now officially being considered for the head of Medical.”
Jean-Luc’s eyes snapped open and he grinned.

“Well, that’s good news. When will you know?”

“Next week some time.”

He grunted softly and snapped his fingers.

“I had a message too…from Will. He wants to throw a party next time they’re back in this sector.”

Beverly huffed.

“And what does he think that little…soiree was in the lounge before we left? That was real alcohol he served…my hangover was evidence of that.”

Jean-Luc chuckled.

“Apparently by Riker standards that was merely a warm up.”

Beverly sipped her wine and waved her hand.

“Whatever. When are they due back?”

The Admiral yawned.

“Six months. Their wedding is being arranged…my God I certainly don’t envy Will…he’ll have Lwaxana Troi as a mother-in-law!”

Beverly sniggered.

“There I told you…marriage gets you into trouble.”

Jean-Luc sat up and placed his, then her glasses on the table and rose, pulling her to her feet.

“If there’s any trouble to be had, I’ll instigate it. Now let’s go and make a baby.”

Beverly chuckled.

“You know you can be awfully cute sometimes.”

He raised his chin and stared imperiously.

Cute? I have it on good authority that Admirals don’t do cute.”

Beverly kissed his nose but her expression sobered.

“Jean-Luc…about the baby thing…I’ll probably need fertility treatment, it won’t happen quickly.”

His eyes softened and he nodded.

“I know.”
Then he brightened.

“But that doesn’t mean we can’t practice.”

The Doctor giggled and sighed.

“Okay not cute…how about endearing?”

He thought about that for a moment then nodded once.

“Very well, I can live with that.”

Beverly nuzzled his neck and purred,

“I love you.”

He kissed her temple and closed his eyes.

“I know.”





Submitted: July 05, 2013

© Copyright 2021 Heather Smyth. All rights reserved.


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