Rebecca's Dream

Rebecca's Dream

Status: Finished

Genre: Literary Fiction


Status: Finished

Genre: Literary Fiction

Chapter19 (v.1) - Chapter Nineteen

Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: August 01, 2020

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Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: August 01, 2020



Rebecca’s Dream Chapter Nineteen


On her return home from school, Rebecca was much saddened to find her mother in distress. Although Rebbecca’s mother had tried to raise her spirits, so as not to give concern to her daughter, as soon as she saw Rebecca come into the house, with a sweet smile on her pretty face, she had broken down into a flood of tears and took Rebecca in her arms.

 “Mamma, whatever is the matter?” asked Rebecca, becoming tearful herself.

 “Oh my dear, our situation has become very grave indeed,” replied her mother, still tearful and holding her daughter close.

 “But how can it be worse than we thought mamma?” asked Rebecca. “We knew we were to lose everything.”

“The house is to be sold almost immediately, a man has approached the bank and but for a few legal matters to be addressed, he shall take possession of our home. Unless I find work and we find somewhere to live very quickly, we shall  be out on the street.” Another flood of tears fell as she explained the situation to Rebecca.

 Seeing just how upset her mother was, Rebecca wiped away her own tears and wishing to be strong for her mother, she said.

 “I am sure you will find work mamma and we can look for a dear little place to live and I shall not be at school, so can clean and learn to cook and maybe even do some work myself in a shop, for I am sure I could manage that.”

 “Oh Rebecca, what would I do without you,” said her mother. “I am sure there is no more thoughtful little girl to be found. It will not be easy to find suitable work though Rebecca. I have looked today at what is available and can find only very low paid positions, hardly enough to keep us on and I cannot think of you having to work either, you still need to be educated, even if it is not at the school you’re used to.”

 With a kindly, but serious look on her face and with her youthful optimism, Rebecca said. “It shall work out mamma. I could do a little work after school, which I am sure would be quite fun. I am not in need of new frocks and bonnets, for I have more than I need and I shall not be as I was before, saying I need new things. I love you mamma and that is all I care about. We shall always have each other you know.”

 Once again Rebecca was showing strength beyond her years, which humbled her mother greatly and had the effect of strengthening her own resolve.

 “Rebecca, I love you also and so dearly. It is that which causes me such pain, for you deserve so much more than I shall be able to give you. Sometimes I allow self pity to take hold and I should not do so. I am supposed to support you, but it often seems to be the other way round. I should think myself lucky to have such a beautiful and thoughtful daughter.”

 “Thank you mamma,” replied Rebecca. “Though I am not always so thoughtful you know. I have the best mamma in the World and consider myself very lucky, even though we are about to lose everything.”

 Holding Rebecca to her chest, so as not to show fresh tears beginning to fall,, Rebecca’s mother could not help but give a little smile at her daughter’s words. What indeed would she do without her beautiful  and thoughtful little girl. “Go upstairs Rebecca and put on your new dress,” she said suddenly.

 “But mamma, why would I put on my new dress at this hour?, asked a puzzled Rebecca, before adding. “Besides it is to be sold you know.”

 “I do not want to hear anymore of your dress being sold Rebecca my dear. Go put it on, for we are to take a stroll together and we shall call in at the tea shop. It may be the last treat we have for some time and it shall cheer us both.”

 Rebecca simply smiled at her mother and went upstairs to change. Her mother made her way to her own room. By the end of the week, unless some miracle happened, she was sure they would be made homeless. She would have to take the low paid work and it would not be a ‘dear little place’ they would be living in, but most likely a single room in a shared house and maybe not even in the village they both loved. To find work and get somewhere to live so quickly would prove very difficult, of that she was certain. She would apply for the positions of work in the morning. For now, she was going to take her daughter out, both splendidly dressed in their finest clothes, after which, she would have to let fate take its cause. 



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