Preggo Girl Makes Bank

Preggo Girl Makes Bank

Status: In Progress

Genre: Erotica


Status: In Progress

Genre: Erotica


"Make Bank" - "To make gratuitous amounts of money, in preferably a short period of time. Carl is going to make bank when he hits up that liquor store." - The Urban Dictionary.


"Make Bank" - "To make gratuitous amounts of money, in preferably a short period of time. Carl is going to make bank when he hits up that liquor store." - The Urban Dictionary.

Chapter5 (v.1) - Storyboarding By Starlight

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For those with a foot fetish

Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: April 15, 2019

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Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: April 15, 2019



To say that I was excited about drawing story boards for a George Pooney porn production would be something of an understatement.  The thought, to be honest, had me in hog heaven.  I could barely sleep, pouring over the short script and visualizing the action in my mind.

“Storyboarding?” you might ask, “What the heck is that?”

A storyboard is a series drawings depicting the sequence of events in a film.  It’s similar to a comic book; and the point is to help directors, screen writers and cinematographers visualize the scenes ahead of time: angles, sequence, camera changes.  A good storyboard saves bucket loads of time, energy and expense by developing a concrete plan prior to the actual filming.  It keeps the film crew from kicking the can around for days and weeks and ending up with a warehouse full of footage that will never be used.  It helps identify potential problems prior to the shooting.  It helps estimate the cost of the overall production; and it’s used in marketing TV shows to pitch and sell ad space.

The storyboard gives a visual layout of events as seen through the camera lens.  It is to film makers what blueprints are to builders.  A storyboard for a major production can fill an entire room, floor to ceiling.  For our little porn scenes, I’d hit the highlights and might fill a chalkboard if I worked fast in the allotted time.

The big thing for me, though, the really big thing, was that I had once dreamed, way back when, of traveling to Hollywood and becoming a storyboard artist. - That was before college, and most importantly, before Kim. - And now, here was a chance to experience a little taste of an old dream.

I suppose other people would have been excited about playing in a porno - at least once.  But for me, it was the artistic experience.  Go figure.

And that’s why Kim woke up at about three thirty in the morning, groped around on my side of the bed, found it empty and sat up bleary eyed wondering where I was.

I gave her a little waive from the window seat.  I’d thrown open the curtains and was sitting in our bay window, scratching away in my sketchbook, working by starlight. - Okay ... starlight is a poetic stretch.  It was really more by the glare of multiple streetlights.  But that ... just doesn’t sound as good.

“Really?” she groaned as she looked at me.

“Uh huh.”

She flopped back on the bed, lay there quietly for a couple of minutes.  Then she groaned again, sat up, threw back the covers and padded over to look at what I was doing.

Picking up a random sheet that had fallen to the floor, she glanced at it and frowned.  “What are you doing?  This isn’t the shoot with you and I and the interracial threesome.  This is the creampie surprise scene.”

“I did some work on the other, and I have more time for that.  But I was feeling a little itchy about this one.”

Kim put the paper down and just looked at me with her very best, “Why are you doing this, instead of coming to bed and sleeping next to me?” look.

I shrugged and smiled, “So, are you looking forward to having sex with Rock Johnson tomorrow?”

Kim shrugged, pulled up a chair and flopped down across from me, facing out the window.  Then a slow smile spread across her face, “Well ... I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t.”

Rock Johnson was one of the premier male porn stars in the business, something of a legend.  He worked on a lot on George Pooney productions and was being featured in the travel series that had brought them to the D.C area.  The running theme of the episodes was that Rock Johnson had fucked all the most beautiful women in California; and now, he was traveling around the country to see the sights and get a taste of the hottest starlets and college cuties that America had to offer.

It was a little dopey, but the pick-up, hotel and dorm room sex scenes were pretty damn intense with no small amount of humor in the exchanges between Rock, the girls and other porn stars that occasionally joined him on his tour.

And to be honest, the guy probably had fucked nearly every porn star in California, including a ton of amateur wannabes.  He was essentially a household name for porn addicts.  He’d been in the business for a decade or more; and ... he’d always kept up his blood tests, had never contracted an STD, was strictly monogamous with his wife when he was off camera and not rehearsing.  She, interesting enough, was a rather ordinary looking woman whom he loved dearly and with whom he had three kids.

And this was the guy, Rock Johnson - his porn star name - that George had in his back pocket to sleep with Kim for the first shoot of that week.

Kim continued to give me a sly grin, “You’re not ... worried about me having sex with ‘The Rock’ are you?  That he’ll spoil me for your cock?”  She leaned back and put her foot out as she said it.  She settled it in my lap, slowly tracing the outline of my shaft with her toes through my boxer briefs.  - Usually I sleep naked, but for sketching in the bay window above the street I decided to go with a more conservative set of boxer briefs.

“Hell no,” I laughed.  “I’m a way better lover than Rock Johnson; and by this time tomorrow, you’re gonna know for a fact that your husband, your husband, is the best fuckin’ lay on the planet.”

Kim giggled, twirled a strand of hair with her fingers and brought it to her lips to nibble, “I already know that.  You’re the best for me anyway.”

“And you’ll know it beyond all doubt,” I said, taking her foot and massaging it, thumbs deep in her soles, making her sigh softly and close her eyes.

“Yeah, he’s just a novelty,” she whispered.  “Still, it’ll be fun to say to the other girls at the club, ‘Guess who I had sex with?’  Then, when they ask how it was, I can tell em, ‘eh, my husband is way better.’”

We both snickered.

Then Kim opened her eyes, “All teasing aside, no matter how good he is, Ethan, you are way better.”

“Yeah, I know.  But go ahead and tell me why.  Cuz I still like to hear you say it.”

“Because with you, sweet husband, it’s real.”

“Oh ... you didn’t have two real orgasms with Chaz yesterday.”

“I had real orgasms, sure,” she smirked.  “But I also have real orgasms on the little thing that holds the toilet paper rolls.”

I paused the foot rub, “You ... haven’t?”

“The springy tube thing?  Sure ... a couple times.”

I stared at her for a second.  “You’re kidding me.  Tell me ... that you’re joking.”

Kim’s eyes glittered.  I started rubbing her feet again.  “The point I’m trying to make is that having your pleasure, even a big fat mind blowing O, doesn’t make it real, not in the sense of making love.”

“What makes it real, then?”

“Commitment,” she said, twirling the same stray lock of hair and giving it a little nibble as she grinned and danced her eyebrows at me.  “I am my beloved’s ... and he is mine.”

“I completely agree.  But really now ... tell me that you did not masturbate with the spool that holds the toilet paper rolls.”

She laughed, “Well ... not recently.  But ... in the past, yes.”

I closed my eyes and shook my head thinking, The mother of my child.

Kim giggled some more and pressed her toes forward into my crotch.  “I haven’t always had you around.  Desperate times you know.  So, how do you envision your wife with Mr. Johnson?”

I opened my eyes, reached out and shuffled through some sketches tucked on the window seat as Kim continued to tease my crotch with her toes.  

The script for the first shoot was pretty straightforward: Kim would be walking home.  The Rock would be jogging by, pause and check her out.  He’d remember her from high school, a hot girl a couple years younger than him.  He’s come up and say, “Hey aren’t you ... I remember you.  You were a Sophomore when I graduated.  She would recognize him and they’d catch up briefly.  He was off at college across the country.  She had just graduated and turned 18 a few days before.  The Rock would offer to walk her home and she would agree.”

The next shots are outside her door in the neighborhood.  Kim thanks him for walking her home and says awkwardly, “You know, I have confession.  It seems a little silly now, but I always had the biggest crush on you before you graduated.”  They pause and smile at each other.  There are two voice overs revealing the thoughts in their heads.  The Rock is thinking, She is so damn cute, I’d love to have a one off with her.  Kim is thinking, I wonder if he has a girlfriend.  I wish he would ask me out.  Sure it would a long distance relationship, but we could make it work.”  Kim says, “Would ... you like to come in for a bit.”

Skip to the next scene.  The couple is in the bedroom, making out in a sudden frenzy of lust, yanking each other’s clothes off.  Naked, they move quickly to the bed.  The Rock sits.  Kim gushes over how big his cock is, straddles him on her knees and lowers herself down explaining how she doesn’t have any condoms and is not on birth control.  “Remember to pull out,” she says.  “I’m not on the pill, okay?”  The Rock nods his agreement.  At that point, he’d say anything.  

Kim looked at the sketch of that moment in the script, examining it:

I notice you have me starting to show a little in this sketch.  Or ... is that just my normal pooch?”

There was a slight hint of warning in her tone.  I glanced down at her tummy.  “Actually you are showing a little sweetie.”

She smiled, “Take off your boxers Ethan.  This is pretty damn sexy by the way.  What’s next?”

I reached down and lifted my hips.  Kim moved her foot as I eased my boxers off and tossed them across the room.  I settled back down and she pushed her foot back into my groin, her toes gently curling around my cock as it rose rapidly in response.

“He grips your ass as you begin slowly rutting on his shaft.  In the script you say, ‘Damn you’re so big!  I love it!  You’re in control right?’  He responds, looking up at you, ‘Yeah babe, I’m good.  Don’t worry, I got this.’” I handed her the sketch:

Kim examined it closely.  “Hm ... the Rock and I do look good together.  But ... I think I look better with you.”

She giggled and traced my length with her toes, bringing her big toe up to the tip of my throbbing shaft.  Then slowly she raised her other foot up to settle in my lap.

“I gave myself a pedicure yesterday afternoon,” she whispered, “Did you notice?”

I cupped her left calf in my right hand and grabbed the ankle sliding her foot against my swollen member.  Her skin felt supple and silky smooth to the touch. I moved my hands down to her feet and began to examine them. Immediately I noticed the soles of her feet were as soft as a baby’s bottom.  I suspected it was the result of Kim’s prolonged stay in the bathroom the previous evening, shaving her legs and applying lotion.  Her feet felt amazing in my hands, smooth and soft. Her toes were also soft to the touch, especially the underside of them.  Her nails were perfectly trimmed and shiny to the point of looking wet. I rubbed each toe and spread them running my fingers in between.I ran my thumbs across her high arch imagining what they would look like in a pair of heels.

“I thought I should look my best for tomorrow,” she teased, “perfect time for a pedicure.  So what’s next?”

There was a slight catch in my breath as I handed her the next sketch for the story board.  Kim and Rock still in a sitting missionary from a profile shot, Kim crying out, “Yes! Fuck!  Grip that ass!”:

Kim looked at it and sniggered, “The dialogue is scintillating, isn’t it?”

“The sex will be scintillating,” I shrugged. “The dialogue is minimal.  But you’re not trying to win an Oscar are you?”

“Nope, just wanna get him hard,” Kim grinned.  “Like ... this ...”

Kim smiled and moved her feet to either side of my cock, which was now fully erect and quite happy with its lot in life.  Her smooth soles glided up and down either side, pinned my cock against my pelvic bone for a moment and then let my shaft spring away a little.

She snickered and began sliding her left foot across my stomach and into my pubic hair as my cock bobbed happily.  Her right toes caressed my length as she ran her left toes through my pubes, occasionally curling them, gripping the hairs and gently tugging.  

“I kind of love the feeling of your pubic hairs running between my toes.  Been a long time since I’ve given you a foot job.”

My breath caught and I gave a soft gasp in response.

“What’s next?” She giggled.

I reached for another sketch.  The script called for the Rock to lay down and for Kim to arch backward, brace on his legs and “ride one out” in the cowgirl with “appropriate encouragement.”  I drew it and added the words “Oh shit!  Just like that, yes, just like that.  Lay back and let me ride it!”:

Kim looked at the sketch and continued her foot tease by sliding her soft golden toes down along either side of my swollen nut sack.  She then began to run the tip of her right big toe up and down along the side of each of my nuts. At the same time she moved her left toes to rub the sensitive glans at the head of my cock.

I shivered and gave a slight jerk.  Kim set the sketch aside and danced her eyebrows at me.  She was clearly enjoying the moment.  I looked down and watched her sexy legs as I felt her soft toes delve gently around my nuts, making me moan softly with pleasure.  “Next,” she said, reaching out her hand.

I searched a moment and handed a sketch of her climaxing in the cowgirl.  It was my translation of the words “ride one out”.  On it I wrote, “Gasping, shaking, breath coming in rapid little pants, Kim worked her clit with frenzied fingers till she cried out.  A huge climax ripping through her body, shattering her senses”:

“Lovely,” she commented, “Except for my mouth.”

“I’m not making the Mona Lisa here,” I sighed as her toes continued their frisky play with my personals.  “I’m just scratching stuff out as fast as I can to give a rough idea.

“Change the mouth,” she smirked and tossed it to the floor before asking, “But ... what if I can’t actually just cum on command like the script calls for?”

“That’s why you’re using your fingers in the sketch,” I said.  “That, or I suppose you could fake it.  Or maybe they just keep filming till it looks plausible according to what the director wants.”

“Hm ... you know I’ve never been good fake orgasms.  I don’t think I can actually fake my whole body trembling like jello in an earthquake.”

I laughed.  I’d never heard that particular simile before.

“That’s how Kenzie said I climaxed yesterday.”

“That’s um ... pretty damn apt, actually.  You do that.  Though it’s more hips, thighs and hands than your whole body.  Sometimes your legs get in on the action, jerking and stuff.”

“You tremble all over,” Kim snickered, “Though not as violent as my tremors, you shake more like ... a scolded puppy when you cum.”

Kim slid her toes up from my nuts and began to trace the tips of both big toes around the base of my cock.  I could feel my shaft twitch and jerk uncontrollably with each rub.  The sensation was incredible and her feet were beautiful, the look of her pretty nails against my skin, shining in the streetlights streaming through the bay window at night.  It made me start to rock my hips.  My body trembled like a scolded puppy.

Kim held out her hand.  I handed her the next sketch: “The Rock raises himself up after Kim’s climax tapers off.  The two of them share several slow deep passionate kisses, as she continues to rhythmically weave her hips in deep circles on his shaft.  ‘You’re still in control?’ she asks.  ‘Oh yeah, I could do this all day!’ he pants.  ‘Mm,’ she giggles, ‘I like the sound of that.’”:

“Oddly enough,” Kim sighed, “We probably will be doing it all day, literally.  Over and over in the same sequence, looking for just the right take.”

“No doubt,” I said, closing my eyes as her feet continued to move, “The appendix has several POV sequences to be filmed with ‘Henry’ during the Rock’s refractory periods.”

“Henry, who the fuck is Henry?”

“Didn’t you read the whole thing?” I laughed.  “Henry is The Rock’s cock double. Apparently he looks almost identical to him from the neck down.”

Kim’s mouth dropped open, “So ... I’ll be fucking The Rock ... and his cock double ... all day.”

“I’m sure there will be coffee breaks.

She shook her head, “That could be heaven ... or hell, possibly both.”

“Heaven early, hell by four o’clock.”

Kim nodded and laughed.  Her toes, which had paused momentarily, got back to work.  She pressed the toes of her left foot into my inner thigh.  Then slowly she spread her big toe and second toe of her right foot around the middle of my shaft and began stroking up and down my length, nice and slow.

“Oh fuck!” I breathed.

“You need lotion?” she grinned.

I shook my head

“Just tell me if it gets too rough.”

I nodded.

“Any more?”

I sucked in my breath, kept my eyes closed and answered, “The script calls for several changes in position at that point and different camera angles.  There are fellatio and cunny sequences.  There’s doggy on the bed and standing both.  Several pov shots mixed in and floor shots from underneath during the standing sequences.  Most will be shot with the cock double, I guess.  There’s a sitting missionary on the short dresser with a lot of passionate kissing.  You basically get lost in passion and have another orgasm.  I didn’t have time to do those.  So I sort of skipped to the end.”

“Show me,” Kim grinned.  She raised her spread toes high on my shaft.  Then moved her left foot over to the base and spread her first two toes around my shaft there.

“Fuck baby,” I groaned. “I’m gonna cum if you do that!”

“Are you?” She grinned and kept at it.

I handed her the next sketch of her and Johnson in a folded missionary.  The caption read: “Purring and giggling with post orgasmic bliss, Kim barely notices as Rock Johnson rolls her to her back, hooks his arms beneath her bent legs and continues thrusting ‘The Rock’ in and out of her in long delectable strokes.”

“Ooo,” Kim said, “Now this one, I really like.  Can you finish this one please and put it in your naughty comics portfolio?”

“Yes,” I agreed, not entirely sure what I was agreeing to as I said the words.  Her feet were so damn good:

“Fuck, I love watching you squirm,” Kim whispered.

Her toes and husky voice made me squirm.  She moved her left foot and began sliding her right foot up and down my cock in a slow milking fashion, two toes still spread around my shaft.

I passed her the next sketch: “Suddenly Kim sucks in her breath sharply and hisses, ‘Don’t stop, don’t stop, gonna cum again, gonna cuuuu ... oh ... oh ... ahhhhh!”:

Kim looked at it and laughed, “I don’t ever sound like that when I cum.”

I looked at her with lust glazed eyes and nodded.

“I do?”

I nodded again.

“Oh ... okay,” she laughed, “Maybe I do.”

I handed her the climax sketch: “Suddenly Kim shivers and shakes beneath Rock as another orgasm renders her senseless.  Rock raises his head, grunts and strains, their hot breath mingling.  The audience immediately knows what Kim doesn’t yet realize in her ecstacy.  He’s lost control.  He’s pumping his semen deep inside of her.  Deep into her unprotected womb.”:

“Oh ... okay,” she laughed, “Maybe I do.”

I handed her the climax sketch: “Suddenly Kim shivers and shakes beneath Rock as another orgasm renders her senseless.  Rock raises his head, grunts and strains, their hot breath mingling.  The audience immediately knows what Kim doesn’t yet realize in her ecstacy.  He’s lost control.  He’s pumping his semen inside of her.  Deep into her unprotected womb.”:

“You know that does happen,” Kim said, continuing to glide her foot up and down.  “Sometimes I’m so lost in the moment, I don’t even know that the guy is blasting away inside of me.”

“Does that ... happen ... with me?” I asked, trying desperately not to blast away.  “During ... mutuals?”

“Probably ... yes,” she paused and looked thoughtfully out the window.  “But usually I know with you.  Maybe it’s because we're more in tune as husband and wife; and ... I’m much more alive to your body.  Or maybe ... maybe it’s just because you’re a lot bigger.  And your cock bucking and bursting is just ... you know ... more!”

I groaned, “Yeah ... I like that last explanation, let’s go with that one.”

“Is that the last sketch?”

I shook my head and reached to the side.  The last one I’d finished was Rock rising up: “‘Damn baby, that was good, so fuckin’ good,’ Rock breathes.  ‘What ... you’re not done?’ Kim pants.  ‘Yeah baby, it was so good, when you came that last time; and you told me to keep going, I couldn’t stop myself.’  ‘What? No, NO!  Pull out, pull out,’ she cries.’  Rock lifts up and eases his now floppy cock out of her.  Kim gasps in horror as she realizes the truth.  She gets off the bed and dashes to the shower.’”:

"I like that one too,” Kim said.  “The camera will have to zoom in and catch the cum leak before I dash, I’m sure.”

“Yeah,” I groaned, reaching down and stopping her foot, easing it back in the barest nick of time before I shot my sperm out in a giant arch in the starlight.  I took several deep gulps of air, trying to slow my heart rate and get back in control.

“And what’s on the sketch pad now?” Kim asked.

“Just ... the caption,” I said, shaking.  “I was gonna start the shot of you in the shower.  It reads, ‘In the shower Kim tries desperately to wash the sperm out of her muff.  In the background Rock is saying, ‘Hey don’t be like that.  It’s not a big deal.  Listen, um, I really gotta get going.’  He makes a hasty departure as Kim slowly sinks to the floor of the shower, weeping.”

Kim smiled took the sketch pad from my hands and tossed it to the floor.  Standing and taking my hand, she pulled me off the window seat and towards the bed.  

“The last scene will be at about 35 weeks,” I said.  “You bump into him again, very pregnant.  He looks at you stunned, recognizing you.  You’re steamed as hell and say, ‘Hey you! We need to talk!  His eyes widen in fear and he makes a break for it.”

“Yeah, I did read that part of the script,” Kim said, “Lay down.”

I lay down.

She stripped off her t-shirt, climbed on the bed, straddling my body and guiding my cock deep inside of her wet spreading labia.

“Oh ... fuck ...,” I groaned as our bodies melted into each other.  “I ... don’t think I ... can hold off Kim.”

“So don’t,” She smiled and traced my face with her fingers.  “Grip that ass, Ethan.  Tremble.  Squirm.”

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