Adulterous Relationships

Adulterous Relationships

Status: Finished

Genre: Romance


Status: Finished

Genre: Romance


A life change awaits a young couple living on the seaside - and harborside for that matter - enjoying the good life. Wife Loretta has four extremely close friends. A relationship between husband Logan who has an eye for pretty women and those four friends occurs, perhaps as inevitably as an incoming tide. The life change is triggered when Loretta lines her husband up and says, 'Baby?'


A life change awaits a young couple living on the seaside - and harborside for that matter - enjoying the good life. Wife Loretta has four extremely close friends. A relationship between husband Logan who has an eye for pretty women and those four friends occurs, perhaps as inevitably as an incoming tide. The life change is triggered when Loretta lines her husband up and says, 'Baby?'

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Submitted: July 26, 2007



Chapter 9

Loretta stretched ecstatically in the kitchen, then emptied the dishwasher, Logan's job. It had been an excellent return to attempts to achieve pregnancy. Although it had been a shock to learn that Sue had seen so much at such close range but that soon passed; she recalled she'd seen Sue and Tony at it full throttle on their deck more than one once. It was true - everyone could have a little voyeur in them, usually primly suppressed; if she was wrong about that, so what? She smiled and pushing a stray lock back and returned to thinking about baby-making.

During the past week Loretta had consulted her mother and several older women - mothers - she knew about their attitudes towards childbirth and thoughts about conception. The suggestion coming loudest was to relax and reduce stress. She concluded that jumping up on to a table and hanging on a parallel bar to spear herself on Logan's ready penis was definitely not a copybook way towards achieving low-stress conception.

In mind-trickling thought, striving to remained relaxed she concentrated on running lovely thoughts through her mind. ‘I love you' used to be the sweetest words ever said to her and they remained a chart-topper. But this new thing of Logan's - lightly breathing into her ear after licking it, ‘Loretta's baby is coming' really electrified her; it made her toes curl.

The liberation of Logan, allowing him to sit poolside, meant much to both of them. He'd found what he now termed privately ‘Loretta's seduction apparatus' was superbly flexible, also being his business work station; he and was spending up to three hours a day problem-solving for the yard, on client liaison and admin, relieving Sid of some workload as his father-in-law had ratcheted up to working fulltime again. With Logan a semi-fixture by the pool, Loretta began swimming more often in the nude and walking around in sexy underwear, as a tease. Her attitude was fuck the neighbors, she had to keep Logan's interest near peak.

Logan's full recovery was the prime goal for Loretta but the sub-target was to speed his recovery to assist her during her periods of maximum fertility. She wanted to be on her back, he still cuddling her, for five minutes after climaxing. All her female consultants had recommended that. That wouldn't be too difficult for Logan to remember being a single-level thought and would soon become a habit. Keep their combined goo working became her immediate post-coital focus.

* * *

On Monday - Nurse Zophoned Loretta apologetic; she'd be fifteen minutes late as she and Sampson had bickered over who'd stained the carpet with coffee.

"That's fine - just come to suit. I'll be off at my usual time of 8:45. It's a beautiful morning so I'll leave him by the pool - he's have his cell phone and the house landline phone as back up."

"You can't! What if he rolls into the pool?"

"His station arrived late last week; it's bolted into the pool surround and the wheelchair locks into it to avoid runaway mishaps."

Loretta confirmed that the chair was locked in properly, kissed Logan and left, forgetting to place the two hanging flower pots on to the parallel bar.

It was a glorious mid-spring day and Zoskipped in wearing...virtually nothing, really; just and wisp here, a wisp there and the obvious see-through of a g-string. Sexy was the polite word for it.

She stood, mouth agape.

Startled, being locked into the apparition, Logan was his usual word-efficient self, "What?"

"That's more than a workstation."

"Er, what do you mean?"

"It's rigged so Loretta can lower herself down on you."

"Um, what do you mean?"

"Oh, don't play the poor innocent with me; that wife of yours as a designer is incorrigible. Ready for your massage."

Logan beamed and said it was not necessary. The way Zoarrived dressed so provocatively and being so pink cheeked had excited him. He beamed triumphantly, "Look".

"Omigod, Logan!"

Bending the truth, he said his mother-in-law talking to him about fondling Loretta had done it. But she was to tell no one because Loretta believed she'd achieved the breakthrough.

"Oh, what a ripper. I won't say anything - look, just allow the other girls to massage you and they'll all think they've done it. That will take pressure off me not to tell because I'll be aware of outcomes."

"Excuse me?"

"It doesn't matter sweetheart, I know that reasoning sounds a little complicated to a man."

Logan looked at her appealingly. "Can we have sex?"


"Oh yes, Loretta's baby. But we could play a little and you could get me off with your fingers?"

Giggling, saying she' think about it, Zodanced off to tidy the house and returned with coffee.

Logan nodded affirmatively when she asked had the neighbors left for work. She stripped and sat beside him chatting while they finished coffee. Zothen jumped into the pool and swam a few lengths.

Fifteen minutes later, athletic Zowas on the adjusted parallel bar suspended on her bended legs and holding her lower lips apart, her hands on the back of Logan's wheel chair, giving him what she called ‘a close-up that really embarrasses me'. Such embarrassment failed to stop her sweetly saying, "Deal with it tiger. He licked and with his good hand massaged her ass. Soon she turned crimson and was gasping.

Nurse Arlene arrived the next day and standing drinking coffee with Loretta as they looked at the kitchen window at Logan at his workstation. Arlene stared.

"We all know I don't have a brilliant imagination like you," Arlene said slowly, but those flower pots are a dodge, aren't they? You've designed that frame to assist you when Logan progresses further."


"It's all right, Loretta. You are entitled to feed on cock any way you can get it."

An hour later after apparently miraculously restoring full flexibility to her patient's penis, Arlene lowered herself under Logan's instructions - she was good, really good. Where Loretta had the edge was her filthy talk and ability to soften her interior so Logan had the impression his erection was passing through a flight of butterflies. He gave Arlene the signal to pull away when his balls was tightening - a slap on the ass. But being a strong and aroused man, the slap was a little too hard and Arlene screamed and let fly. He teetered at that, but managed to defuse successfully. Arlene giggled at the proposal to allow Loretta that evening to think she had resurrected Logan's erection.

It rained on Wednesday, so nurse and patient remained indoors. Fiona asked if she could skip the massage, as she was feeling testy, that her period was due. The disappointed Logan kept his hard secret to himself - Fiona would find out about it next Wednesday.

The next day was also wet. Christine, a strong and physical woman, had Logan's fingers penetrating her silky brown bush and one hand clamped over it to keep it there, and the other blowing on the head of his floppy penis in her hand. It began growing.

"I've done it - look!" she crowed.

"That's great, fancy that, wonderful," Logan burbled. "Won't Loretta be thrilled - I'll pretend she did it when she massages me today. She deserves the thrill - right?"

"Yes, that's fine. Your cock is like velvet - s-o-o-o lovely."

That adoration made Logan forget his request. Christine removed her other hand to play with his nuts. Logan kept his hand in her because the slurping noise was music to his ears. He remembered he'd not requested...too late. Christine's hand jerked repeatedly. Logan patted Christine's head, genuinely pleased, as that had been a great performance from her. He complimented her and asked did she like swallowing goo.

"It's facial ambrosia...if only all women realized it they all would be swallowers; it helps generate near perfect skin, she fanaticized.

She grinned at him obscenely, licking her fingers; Logan was almost tempted to suggest they go again.

Christine emerged from the visitor's bathroom smiling and very relaxed, hair done but still with no make-up on. It was then Logan noticed Christian had beautiful and almost flawless skin.

Restoration of erection really did coincide with changes to Logan's recuperation progress. That Friday Elaine his mother-in-law took him to North Shore Hospital, Christine arriving to help lift him into the backseat of Elaine's Mercedes.

Three hours later Logan was back home a very happy patient - with his new leg case now reduced to run from just below his knee to his toes and sporting a rubber heel mount. His skin had been massaged and treated before returning to the cast and felt incredibly rejuvenated. But there was more - he now had a wide canvas strap around his chest and clamping his right upper arm to his chest, providing stability for the healing collarbone while allowing his lower arm to be used in limited direction. Logan was now able to walk with a stick, although ordered to move only very limited distances.

Returning home triumphantly Logan rested after the short walk-in from the car and after calling Loretta with the news fell asleep. He awoke and noticed Elaine dozing on the top of Loretta's bed. Elaine had been tremendously supportive of him, especially at the hospital, and seemed even more excited than animated that he was. He wondered if he should ask her to take him out in the wheelchair and tutor her into using the trapeze. It was a big risk; Loretta would murder him if she found out.

"Oh, you're awake dear. Let's get you onto your wheelchair and out into the fresh air."

She returned to the house after setting him up at his workstation and re-emerged in a one-piece swimsuit. She had a pleasantly shaped body - albeit with sag and bumps - of a 50-plus woman but so what, thought Logan, aware that it was morally wrong to stick one's mother-in-law; he was only interested if she made the move.

She put the thought to bed. Patting his crotch, Nurse Elaine said she was happy to see her patient up proud on such a grand day. "If I were twenty years younger I'd be having you," she sighed. "But then again I could never do that to my daughter."

"I bet Sid has a great time with your body - you are in great shape for your vintage."

She beamed. "You've made my day, you sexy pup."

* * *

Loretta's office/design suite was filled with the sound of music - she had the radio blaring, unusual for her, and her two assistants had mixed feelings about this. Libby, the younger, liked her music loud while Pam tolerated it - they were both aware a cloud had lifted.

During coffee break Pam said, "So he can walk unaided?"

"Yes, in short bursts during the next few days, limited to around two minutes an hour. His circulation needs to adjust and his strength will return as will his confidence in his balance. Trying to walk while keeping weight off his left foot and avoiding trauma to his right shoulder must be awfully difficult for him. A physiotherapist at the hospital spent considerable time preparing him for the first steps - mum said the counseling was obviously loaded with psychological confidence-building stuff. Waste of time really, as my Logan is one of these blokes who just gets up and does it."

"Ah, is that why over the years you always come to work looking like a cat that's just had cream," Pam cackled. They all laughed; the way Loretta was feeling she'd laughed at anything.

Young Libby, a computer graphics student who worked with Loretta two days a week as part of her university studies, had cleaned up on the computer Loretta's rough freehand sketching done on electronic tablet. It was a wedding suit for the mother of the bride who'd had a definite idea of what she wanted. Libby now sat beside Loretta watching the color infills being done - applied ‘splashes' being mixed, lightened or darkened in places and feathered then selected tones of black being added to represent shadow and Loretta then expertly using the brushes in Photoshop to create the impression of textures and folds and creases - some obvious, others barely noticeable.

It took only three minutes.

"Gosh, you're so deft - far more expert than my tutors."

"Wait till next year, you'll have tutors displaying more expertise then in your final year you'll be blown away."

"Professor Robbins says you were one of the finest tutors the department ever had."

"That's cute of Betty to say that. Why don't you guys get her to show her talent? The demonstration that wowed us was her self-portrait which she then morphs into a sex godess; you'll have to journey and search hard before you see better computer art than Professor Betty Lennox's output when she'd on fire."

The thin-faced blonde loaded with yet unreleased talent placed her hand on Loretta's. "You are so inspirational to me Loretta - not only in how you run your company and your massive creative input but just as a person. I hope I can grow into a woman even only half as good as you."

"That's nice, but look elsewhere if you want a role model, starting with you own mother." Libby began to protest about that.

"Hush, listen to Loretta," said Pam, mother of two and one of Loretta's pregnancy consultants.

Libby continued, saying that everyone in the workshop knew that Loretta was married to one of the country's most famous yachtsmen who'd won international trophies, Logan been decorated by France for abandoning a single-handed race in the Southern Ocean to go to the rescue of a disabled French competitor, exposing himself to unbelievable danger, according to the rescued sailor.

"Libby," Loretta said softly. "Other people's husbands and other husband's wives do extra-ordinary things at times. You'll come to learn that."

Loretta then heard with amazement Libby declare that Loretta was a real heroine. "We all came within a whisker of losing our jobs here when your husband had that accident. Your friends came to your rescue and you decided to keep on working. That shocked me, I though that was so callous; I would have chosen my husband above everything else. But my mother rejected that, telling me once you were confident you husband was in safe hands you put aside your personal desires and returned to work to save jobs, as you thought that was your duty."

"I'm sorry, Libby; that's putting it on a little thick."

Pam joined them, eyes flashing and asking, "Then why did you reappear here so soon knowing Logan needed you, or at least someone like you?"


"Go on."

"Because I couldn't let you guys down. No one could step in for me at short notice at the stage we were at. Anyway, I came to the brink of giving you all a month's notice with the opportunity of being rehired later on."

"But you didn't."

"No, people rallied - especially my father," Loretta shrugged helplessly. "All I had to do was to swan in here and says, ‘Right girls, on with it'."

"Get the girls, Libby," Pam said. "Tell them it's time. You Loretta, dry your eyes and redo your makeup. Everyone will be in here in a few minutes."

Fifteen minutes later Loretta was alone in her room, crying, looking in awe beyond a sheath of flowers at the exquisite vase, around the neck of which been added a silver oval attached by a very fine silver chain; etched into the oval were the words, ‘Loretta - We Love You'.

A few minutes later Pam appeared with the box and repacked the gift. "Come on, grab the flowers and I'll carry this out to the car; you're going home early."

Smiling, too choked to say anything, Loretta walked through the large workroom to a banshee of cheering and clapping.

Driving home she felt as if she were riding on air, that just one drop of sperm and she'd be pregnant in a flash. But that could not be; she was in her so-called ‘safe' period.


"Jesus," her mother gasped as Loretta drew out the vase. "It's not finest Jingdezhen porcelain but it is Chinese porcelain and still would have cost big bucks."

"I know. They reduced me to tears and some of them were crying. It was so beautiful."

"What, crying?" Logan asked.

"Yes, bonehead. I felt just like in Paris when they were draping that gong around your neck."

"Really? I guess it means that those dames really like you?"

Loretta burst into tears.

Nurse Elaine took charge: "Toddle off to your workstation, Logan and watch that ramp. Things are a little too sensitive for you to be here right now."

"It's lovely seeing you walking," Loretta said, and bowed her head into new tears..

Logan made his exit dangerously fast.

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