Adulterous Relationships

Adulterous Relationships

Status: Finished

Genre: Romance


Status: Finished

Genre: Romance


A life change awaits a young couple living on the seaside - and harborside for that matter - enjoying the good life. Wife Loretta has four extremely close friends. A relationship between husband Logan who has an eye for pretty women and those four friends occurs, perhaps as inevitably as an incoming tide. The life change is triggered when Loretta lines her husband up and says, 'Baby?'


A life change awaits a young couple living on the seaside - and harborside for that matter - enjoying the good life. Wife Loretta has four extremely close friends. A relationship between husband Logan who has an eye for pretty women and those four friends occurs, perhaps as inevitably as an incoming tide. The life change is triggered when Loretta lines her husband up and says, 'Baby?'

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Chapter 6

Loretta has passed through the second bleed after giving up on The Pill and now had Logan operated on an interesting program - interesting for both of them. Logan was under instructions to follow her example and keep relaxed about pregnancy; they were to try to avoid tension and what she termed ‘over performing'. Logan found out that meant avoiding humping her at every opportunity, rather to vary the length between sessions. He'd imagined she'd walk around the house nude, and bend over for him every time they met in the passage. But no, the reverse applied as she was apparently becoming addicted to information about being a receptacle to the male's maximized sperm count.

Understandable, Logan refused to read the literature and computer print-outs that Loretta was on about. As far as he was concerned pregnancy was the outcome of sexual connection, not reading, and anyway what was the significance of a temporary reduction of a few million sperm when there were multi-millions of others to do the job - first one home would be the winner? Loretta attempted to explain, several times, about the potential difficulties in the way of conception but his mind would wander, watching her boobs heaving with mini-passion as she lectured him with intensity.

Tension came at times. With all the theories flying about Logan would say, "The biggest trouble with women is they don't understand how a guy's mind works. Loretta would reply rubbish; it was all too easy because the male mind always operated on low capacity. He'd scoff, she'd add more rebuttal; he'd twist the knife and the door would slam and she'd be on the phone to one of her girlfriends.

A diversion for Logan came on Saturday afternoon when the girls gathered at their place to watch a game of netball - a version of women's basketball - on TV. It was New Zealand playing England and because the Kiwis were expected to have the game in the bag before the end of the third quarter the game was of no interest to Logan. Instead he swam thirty lengths of the pool and settled on to a sun-loafer with a beer and adult comic book of patent obscenity.

Arlene sauntered out and sat alongside him for a minute.

"Reading that filth depletes your brain cells," she giggled.

He just grinned and offered to fetch her a beer.

"No, we're all on to vodka slings. There's an injury break, one of the English girls is been taken off the court on a stretcher. I just popped out for a snap professional check: how are you coping with pregnancy?"

"It's tiring me out."

Arlene smiled as she would to an exasperating child and tried again. "When I was a child, I spake as a child..."

"Oh that," said Logan. "It's no longer an issue - I can see clearly now. I'm cooperating like a good boy for Loretta except when she gets tiresome quoting the conflicting views of writers, most of whom are windbags and wouldn't know which end of a penis was the insertion end."

"So I've heard," Arlene said dryly; many times in fact. "However, you seem relaxed about it. So I accept your assurance that the male vulnerability crisis in the approach to fatherhood has evaporated. I must get back to the game, but doing so there are two things I must say. Since being with you my sex life at home has hit new heights; for that I must thank you. The other is a question: You sly dog, what have you being doing to impress Zo- she's asked me if I think you may like her; she wasn't asking in the normal sense of the word ‘like'?

"I haven't a clue; in fact I rarely see her and never alone."

"Well, perhaps one of the others has talked."

"What others?"

"Bye Logan, enjoy your passive sex."

As she walked away he called out, not too loud, "Nice ass!"

She turned, gave him a sweet smile and with the hand behind her back raised her center finger in a very obscene gesture.

Ten days later Logan had walked from the yard to the local shops almost half a mile away; he walked for the exercise and to take a break and a new client had taken up his lunchtime.

A small luxury Japanese car pulled up alongside him; he heard the electric window whirl and a female voice call "Hi Logan, lovely to see you looking so fit."

He peered into the car and greeted Fiona Holmes. She didn't waste words, "Last girl standing wants you."


"Zo you fool; she's wondering what's wrong with her because you haven't bedded her. Bye, have a nice day."

Back at the office Logan stared at the calendar girls for inspiration, worry lines streaking his forehead and the boyish look far removed. What had he done to deserve this? His heart was heavy; the logical conclusion was if Fiona and Arlene were talking to him like this they also were discussing it with Loretta. He'd not heard from Christine but knew she was keen on gossiping. No inspiration came from the calendar girls. Oh hell, he was up to his neck in it. He could deal with Loretta's wrath but what if it upset her pregnancy tempo?

Logan groaned, releasing he was such a louse.

Fiona phoned the next day. The message was curt. "Meet Zoat the Starlight Gym tomorrow evening at 6:00 - it's my monthly night out with Loretta to the movies and dinner."

Logan opened his mouth to say something, he didn't know what, when the phone connection was cut. This time inspiration came from the calendar girls. The calmness of their frozen photographic images on the wall facing him led him to the conclusion that many women were unable to avoid dropping into adulterous affairs because they were made to adapt to that role. He tried, but couldn't fault that theory. Suddenly Logan had no idea of a louse's feelings!

But the gym meeting didn't take place, not that it mattered. Wednesdays was always a busy day for Loretta, who was a dispensing optician as it was the prime day for the precision-made lenses to arrive by air from the plant in Australia. So Logan entered the supermarket at 4:00 with Loretta's shopping list.

"Hello Logan."

He halted, eyes widening. Standing before him in a body suit and red leather jacket and matching heels was Zo hair piled high and red lips resting in a near-perfect ‘O' waiting for his reply.

A vision of infamy hurled through Logan's mind: his bare buttocks plowing into Zospread over her trolley, alarms ringing, shoppers watching horrified and two burly security guards unable to halt Logan's frenetic thrusting until the one guard who was educated simply tipped over the trolley, bringing Logan and Zoto a climatic finish despite their injuries. Aisle Seventeen at the supermarket would commemorate that day with the insertion a floor plague reading, ‘This Was the Exact Spot'. It would become the most congested aisle in any supermarket anywhere with women shoppers gathering to exchange details of the dastardly deeds of philandering men and unfaithful women.

"Hi, Zo You look gorgeous. How's Sampson?"

"He's in LA at a financial consultancy symposium."

For some reason Logan was delighted to hear that. "What about my complimentary remark?"

"I prefer to ignore it and ask that you keep your flirtatious flippancy for your floozies."

"Pardon me - floozies? Isn't that work rather archaic."

A faint smile appeared. "It suited my attempt at playful alliteration."

"I see," said Logan, when it seemed he didn't. But then the bulb lit and he acknowledged her wordplay. "Something like the sexy shagger sated herself seven times sublimely, satisfying snickering supermarket shoppers."

"That's disgusting Logan, and you know it. Out of my way."

"I will, providing you have dinner with me."

Zolost her sharpness and said almost disbelievingly, "You want to take me out to dinner?"

"Yes, is that a crime?"

"No. But what kind of dinner?"

Logan rose to the challenge, brushing back his wayward fringe to capture her attention then attempted a deliver seductively: "A portentous dinner at the Ulrich Brothers' Fish Restaurant."

"A portentous dinner; what's that?"

"It's for you to find out."

Zostruggled to find an objection and finally one came to her. "We can't go there; I go there regularly and so do some of my friends."

Logan pulled out a comforting smile. "Unless you propose doing something indecent to me there I cannot see a problem."

Zos mouth returned to a big ‘O' and she decided not to comment.

"Is meeting there at 6:00 okay?"

She nodded. He stood aside and she walked by, head down, in deep thought of a woman who'd either forgotten her grocery list or a woman struggling with her conscience.

Logan shrugged. He was not confident she would show up, looking like that. But it didn't matter; he'd decided to eat out and it was one of his preferred local restaurants. He arrived five minutes early to be able to greet her arrival. But Zowas already seated, dressed in black with a colorful hair band, looking chic. Logan was pleased he'd decided to dress up.

Buzz Ulrich saw Logan arrive and darted over to him, slapping him on the back and handing him a bottle of beer. Logan excused himself and headed to the table, Zowaving at him, just the once. So cool.

She jumped up and kissed him, the violet eyes smiling and the perfume a hint of seduction? At least that's what Logan hoped; he'd longed to be seduced to find if he were suited to the role She indicated he sit opposite her in the booth.

As a horny teenager Logan had resolved to regard each seduction as his first, to give it his best shot, although knowing he probably had 10,000 couplings lined up ahead of him. Now thirty, he still practiced that approach though no longer marveling at his wisdom for setting that standard when almost every female seemed intent on scoring with him.

Desperately he wanted to tell Zothat he was sorry she apparently thought she was deficient in some way and that he'd always admired her and being rather shy in her presence because she was so elegant, so talented and aloof due to the demands of her profession. But he knew she'd regard that as the prelude to seduction so attempted conversation at a higher plane.

"Finish your supermarket shopping okay today?"

She blinked and said yes and waited for the next question.

"It's nice in here."

She looked around and remarked she couldn't notice anything that had changed.

To Logan's immense relief Buzz appeared and after observing he hadn't known they knew each other asked in his usual manner, "What do you guys want to drink."

Zosaid a bottle of house Chardonnay and Logan nodded approval, thinking she was fitting into her role nicely. Both were aware the wines here were very basic, the three brothers, their parents and older sister wanting everyone to concentrate on the fish, not the wine.

Buzz looked at Zoe and asked: "Does Sampson know you are here with my old mate?"

"No, but it's none of his business."

"Good one, Zoe," he chortled, going to another table and asking, "What wine do you guys want?"

"The service here is lax but the inquisitions are interesting," Logan whispered and her eyes widened in acknowledgement.

The wine arrived, unopened, but at least it had a screw cap.

"Enjoy" was the sophisticated comment of Buzz, dropping a small plate of complimentary roasted kumara wedges and dip on the table.

"Thanks Buzz," they chorused.

Logan continued making the conversation wondering if she would fall asleep. During a pause he heard one of her shoes drop and a stocking foot began traversing his leg slowly, up toward his crotch. Their eyes met, she smiled, running a pink tongue tip over her top lip. "I'm not wearing panties." A red blind appeared in front of Logan's eyes as he realized her seduction of him had commenced. Oh God, please don't pass out, he thought, and with relief was again looking into those violet eyes that had now darkened. Either that or Buzz had turned down the lighting.

Zohad felt humiliated when lying in bed Fiona had told her, in extreme confidence, she'd had sex with Logan as had Christine and Arlene.

"How lovely for you," she smiled, hurting deeply. Logan barely talked or even looked at her; what did he find wrong with her?

"When did he bowl you?"

"He hasn't."

"Oh, too good for him, are you?"

"No, of course not. In fact I w-wouldn't mind having sex with him. I am particular but I rather like him. I used to be so jealous of him and Loretta as they had it all, but that gradually faded as I realized Sampson was doing his best by me and my career began to flourish."

"Well, you're not missing anything that would burn a hole in your heart."

Zoasked had Fiona found him disappointing. When Fiona affirmed that Zocaught the lie and Fiona told her all about it. "Try him, see for yourself."

"He doesn't want me," she sobbed. "He never looks at me deeply nor talks to me beyond the banal."

"Oh darling, you know how men are."

"Not very well, outside of randy dancing partners, half of whom are confused about their sexuality. He just doesn't like me. I've seen the way he looks at your ass when you walk by him..."

"Oh God, not in front of Loretta?"

"Yes, but I must admit he is good with his timing; as far as I'm aware she sees nothing untoward. As you know she's very proud of us and loves him flirting with us, though I'm always odd girl out."

"He sees you as beyond his reach, darling, because of your artistry."

"You honestly think that?"

"Yes, whatever else darling? You know we all think you have a fabulous looking and sweet pussy. Why don't you get near him and see what he thinks."

"What, bare my pussy to him?"

"No, silly. Expose him to your natural sexuality before getting up close and personal, as they say. Take the initiative."

"Oh God," Zosaid, wiping her eyes. Could you just drop a hint if you find the opportunity...just hint that I'm interested."

"Of course, I'd love doing that for you. He's really going to love these classic breasts of yours. Let's go for a swim."

In the restaurant Zofound it hard-going. At no time did Logan attempt to flirt with her or if he did she missed it. Yet his mood was great; friendliness exuded. This was so confusing.

They talked and sipped wine in a cubicle she'd chosen for it partial privacy. Yet still he didn't make the expected overture. She decided to do as Fiona suggested - take the initiative. Kicking off a shoe she began running her foot up his inner leg and attempting to flash her eyes expressively, brazenly announced she was not wearing panties.

Lucy Urlich didn't quite dump the plates in front of them, but they certainly didn't arrive gracefully. Lucy knew them both but would not have seen them together previously.

"Where's your husband," she asked as if the cardinal sin had taken place already.

"Away minding his own business," Zosaid primly, and was rewarded with a thump on the shoulder from the 200lb fisherman's daughter who sniggered, "You're a funny one, Zo"

"God they're rude," Logan laughed easily. "If it weren't for their expertise with fish in getting it out of the water and to the table no one would eat in this parody of a family restaurant."

Zoleft her foot where it was, disappointed that her wriggling toes had not encouraged the soft mass to harden.

Looking at her black-seared kingfish steak she asked, fighting against nervousness, "Is my foot okay there?"

"Very welcome. Do you want me to unzip?"

Zoalmost lost it and managed to swallow without choking on the fish. "Finish your main and then do it."

"Yes ma'am," he smiled, melting her. He attacked one of the specialties of the house - The Steamed Three Fish Dish.

Twenty minutes later he slouched in his high back seat, a silly look on his face. Zonow had both stocking feet massaging his dick and had risen from outside his trousers. She could feel slight wetness on her feet but she'd not been able to achieve blast off. For Sampson being able to last longer than a couple of minutes when being administered too like this was a real achievement.

"Like it?"

The silly look remained but he communicated: "Hmmm."

Zowanted him totally but where could she take him to ensure she achieved that goal?

Finally they both knew that the preliminary was going nowhere so closed down the operation. She imagine herself crashing to the floor when failing to complete a complicated dance step. That deflated the explosively rising feeling she attempting to trigger within herself, filling her with frustration and humiliation. She gritted, who'd said sex was easy?

They stood in the car lot at the back of the restaurant.

"Where can we go?" she asked. "I don't want to go home."

"If madam would care to follow me to the boatyard," he said coolly, flicking the button to electronically unlock his pick-up doors. Zofollowed suit and then drove behind him, lusting for his body but attempting to subdue that desire.

She's been to the yard many times over the years as the girls and their husbands were always invited there to Logan's annual Christmas Party for clients, suppliers and friends. Males called it ‘Devonport's most extravagant piss-ups of the year' while women next day were left wondering what had happened to the last twenty-four hours.

The office was typical messy male but at least the sofa clean. She flicked off her dress, standing clad only in high-heels and black thigh-hi's.


"What?" she asked, looking with dismay at the photographic prints of twelve voluptuous calendar girls on the wall.

"Your body, it's classic, the way a young women's body is meant to be, not like those over-fed babes you're scowling at."

"Thank you; how sweet of you to say that."

"What do you want me to do?"

Zosucked in her breath. "I've never allowed this before, but have often wondered about the sensation. I'd like to try reverse cowgirl."

Logan quickly removed his clothes and shoes, proudly displaying his erection to her. He loved her assertiveness.

"Oooh," admired Zobefore spinning and bending to grasp near her ankles, displaying taunt skin without surplus fat stretched over bone, muscle and sinew of two symmetrically beautifully rounds split into a crevasse displaying two orifices, one substantially larger. Not a single hair was in sight.

"Classic," murmured Logan. The cheeks wriggled in apparent pleasure.

He dropped to the floor and Zoe dropped to squat over his groin, facing away from him. She had a lovely back, perfect skin so he didn't mind the view.

As Logan lay still, Zos slender fingers guided him in and then waggled and sighed heavily. She was light and athletic and required very little assistance from his palms on her butt, assisting her to rise and fall. Indeed she was so well balanced and strong he felt almost superfluous apart from one thing.

"This is lovely - I feel everything," Zosaid triumphantly.

Her rhythm was slow and measured, she leaning back for a while to give him access to her breasts but later, her breath coming in gasps she leaned forward and squeezed, sending Logan off roaring like a wolf eyeing full moon, or something like that.

They dropped off, sleeping for fifteen minutes or so. Logan accepted the responsibility of being home and asleep by the time Loretta arrived home from her late dinner after the film; that left him protected in case she arrived home with any thought of having sex. It would be unusual for her to bring him awake just to have her way with him.

"Time for me to go," he said, blowing into Zos ear

"Oh, I've been asleep. That was a really beauty, Logan. You must be feeling very proud of yourself."

"I was assisted by your magnificence," he leered.

They parted, kissing. "I take it this is a oncer?"

"He sighed. It would be safer if it were. But who knows?"

She asked would he forever display a more demonstrative liking for her.

"Of course, although you gave me the best clamp I've ever had I also now know you better emotionally and realize what an exceptionally talented and approachable woman you are. It is a privilege to know you."


"And emotionally."

* * *

Next morning Loretta kissed him awake and said he'd slept through the alarm. "You must have had a hard day at the office yesterday."

"Yeah, the final session was a real grind," he said, dangerously, then biting his tongue.

"Poor boy." She tussled his hair affectionately but he didn't feel he was such a louse when she answered him when she said she arrived home just before 1:00 am.

"What on earth were you doing?"

"Oh, the sort of things girls do," she said vaguely. "Come on, get ready for work, buster."

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