Adulterous Relationships

Adulterous Relationships

Status: Finished

Genre: Romance


Status: Finished

Genre: Romance


A life change awaits a young couple living on the seaside - and harborside for that matter - enjoying the good life. Wife Loretta has four extremely close friends. A relationship between husband Logan who has an eye for pretty women and those four friends occurs, perhaps as inevitably as an incoming tide. The life change is triggered when Loretta lines her husband up and says, 'Baby?'


A life change awaits a young couple living on the seaside - and harborside for that matter - enjoying the good life. Wife Loretta has four extremely close friends. A relationship between husband Logan who has an eye for pretty women and those four friends occurs, perhaps as inevitably as an incoming tide. The life change is triggered when Loretta lines her husband up and says, 'Baby?'

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Submitted: July 26, 2007

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Submitted: July 26, 2007



Chapter 3


A couple of weeks after adultery with Arlene, and he taking adultery virginity, Logan went to the Devonport business area near the ferry terminal linking the city, taking some contracts to his lawyer and buddy, Ethan Holmes.

Fiona Holmes was just leaving the office as he arrived.

"Hi," he said and kissed the offered cheek.

"Good morning," she said. "Are you and Loretta well?"

"Never better. Must say you look dishy."

"Excuse me?"

Logan scratched his head and grinning, said, "You look very sophisticated dressed like that and with that French roll."

Fiona stared at him then turned to walk away but after three steps turned and came back to him. "Never, never before have you commented on my personal appearance. And most men wouldn't have a clue what a French roll was. Has Loretta made you attend finishing school?"

"I honestly don't know why you are picking on me like this," he said, looking affronted. "All I was trying to do was to be nice."

Fiona looked at him steadily, momentarily biting her lip. "You've always been polite to me, always. But never have you exhibited an interest in me."

He asked what sort of interest and she said, lowering her voice, "A more than friendly interest."

"What, in your body?" he asked, looking at her taunt breasts and then back to her face.

"I can't think of anything else about me you'd be interested in."

Logan looked embarrassed and apologized, saying he should have stuck to the script and not made an unwelcome personal comment.

Fiona smiled. "I have yet to decide whether it was unwelcome. Don't keep my husband from paid work for too long. Bye."

Logan watched her walk off, noting the seamed stockings. He rather liked seam stockings, especially on nice legs like hers. She was probably heading for the ferry to cross to the city to shop. She turned and saw he was staring at her. He waved but she just resumed walking, giving no indication that she'd seen him.

* * *

The creep, he was eyeing her up, thought Fiona, as she continued walking to the ferry terminal, wondering if her seams were straight. Looking at her like that indicated Logan might be a legs man, or had a stocking fetish - or both. The last time she'd had an affair the rotten sod had tried something disgusting and that was the end of him. Logan would be much more responsive to her needs and preferences.

Having it on with Logan? Her heart skipped a beat. Oh God, I can't. Loretta is one of my best friends. She decided to bury the thought.

Three nights later the thought returned. Fiona was under Ethan who was panting away, doing a very good job. Her mind suddenly switched and she was imagining it was Logan pounding her and she came without warning.

"That was early for you," Ethan said, grunting to a finish.

Reluctantly Fiona buried thoughts of being with Logan and repositioned for Ethan.

The next Sunday morning Ethan lifted the kitchen chairs on to be table while Fiona mopped the floor tiles and as he lifted down the third chair it caught the back of the fourth, sending it crashing to the floor. The impact split the top rail.


"It's all right darling. Accidents happen."

"Thanks - Logan will fix it. Can you run it across to his yard tomorrow?"


Logan emerged from the office as Fiona drove up. He looked like a real working boss in a filthy white polo shirt, baggy khaki shorts, thick socks and boots.

"Oh, my favorite girlfriend," he joked, voice neutral. "Ethan phoned earlier to say you'd be calling. I'll work on the chair this afternoon - I'll need to cut a new rail, reassemble it and wait for the glue to dry - will drop it back to you tomorrow after work. Come up to the office and lunch with me - I ordered extra for you."

"I really think..."

"It's all ready."

Fiona followed him up the stairs. He scoffed four meat sandwiches and a buttered scone while she nibbled her two wholemeal bread egg sandwiches and she fed him the half of the angel cake she didn't want. Somehow during that playful piece, totally out of character for her, he managed to suck her finger. Unable to help herself she moaned, very briefly.

She sat back into her chair on the other side of the desk and he rocked back on to his chair, a booted leg planted across the desk to balance his precarious position. But there was nothing precarious about his question: "Have you ever thought about having sex with me?"

There is was, delivered full and frankly, no way out by claiming she couldn't understand the question and her face color was betraying her.

"Sort of," she managed, dunking her lips into her coffee cup.

"And that means...?"

Damn him, she didn't have to come clean but decided she wanted him to hear this. "I do find you attractive and sometimes my mind runs away on me."

He smiled lightly and looked at the pictures on the right to his right, her eyes following his gaze. Pinned above the pictures of yachts and launches repaired or renovated in the yard was a row of twelve calendar girls - probably looking sexier because of the way their bodies were clothed than had they being photographed in the nude.

She realized he was looking at her again and met her gaze.

"Your body is much thinner than all of those women."

"Thinner, yes, but even thinner women can have curves."

"Flip out a tit and show me."

She stood up and shouted, "You filthy bastard" and marched to the door, stomping down the stairs and surprised he didn't come after her, apologizing and pleading with her not to tell Ethan.

Fiona charged back to her workplace where she was practice nurse at a small medical center humiliated, knowing she was responsible for that. Instead of reacting angrily she should simply have said "No - let's converse as friends otherwise I'm out of here." He would have bended to her demands as he was not a womanizer.

An hour later when calm she phoned Logan.

"Hi Logan."

"Hi Fiona."

"Sorry I flipped, rather immature of me, don't you think?"

"No, you thought I was disgusting and acted accordingly. I deserved to have you bite my balls out."

"What, I mean why?"

"Have you thought about my dick Fiona?"

She took a deep breath; this was crazy. She ought to slam down the phone.

But Fiona was aware she desired a different outcome and invited Logan to stay for a drink tomorrow night when he returned the chair, saying Ethan would be across at the city attending a Law Society cocktail party.

"Will I lap more than orange juice?"

"Bye, Logan," she panted, feeling her breasts straining in her bra.

Fiona waited quietly, listening to dreamy classical music to keep her emotions in rein. She'd hunted around for her sexiest clothing, deciding she wanted to be seduced by this crazy Logan who inexplicably was displaying rampant sexuality.

He arrived wearing a clean T-shirt, tidy shorts and wearing expensive sandals and carried in the repaired chair carefully. I've matched the color finish but it needs to harden - give it a couple of days before it's used.

"It looks a lovely job," Fiona said.

"You look amazing."

Thaw of the Ice Maiden she said but to her delight he replied he'd never regarded her anything more than being a little reserved.


"Not at all."

They stood awkwardly until he asked, "Show me a tit, Fiona."

She moved deliberately in slow-motion, having rehearsed this scene in her mind, expecting it to be requested, and wanting to draw it out.

Slowly Fiona slipped her left arm out of the wide neck of the blue lurex top, pushed down the pale blue and laced-trimmed bra and drew out her breast, aware the nipple was rising because of her thoughts and having squeezed it as she dove in to fetch it out.

"Beautiful, considerably larger than I expected. Very lickable."

"Without the bra I droop a little."

"So what? So do I when I loose my erection."

Fiona giggled and said he seemed so understanding. She had a request and put it to him: "I don't want to do it in our bed."

"That's fine; I had the same thought. The kitchen table will be wonderful."

"What? We eat off there."

"I gathered that was the primary purpose of the table, but they have other uses."

"I'm not sure about this."

Logan told her not to even think about it; just let it happened. He pulled off her top, slid the bra off the other boob and then gathered her in his arms and kissed her, softly.

Fiona felt herself thawing very quickly. "This is lovely, you kiss so sweetly." She opened her mouth but there was no invasion. So her tongue entered his mouth and a few moments tangling with his, withdrew her tongue and his came charging into her mouth after it.

Feeling her skirt drop to her ankles, Fiona stepped out of it and he bent down and undid the straps of her shoes and off they came. Logan lifted her on to the table, awareness of his strength making her gasp.

Slightly bewildered she stood, watching him remove his clothing. The sight of his cock excited her and then as he pushed her legs apart she realized what he intended doing.

"I've had a bath but there may be a bit 0f residue odor."

"I'd be disappointed if there wasn't," he said, massaging her breasts.

It was all too much, and Fiona trembled as an orgasm floated through her at quite a pace.

"No one has licked me there for years."

"Shave down there and invite Ethan to dinner."


"Eat you out, as they say."

"He won't, he describes the odor as an anathema."

Logan grabbed her ass cheeks and squeezed. "Here's want to do - shave and bath and then get him highly excited, liking sitting against him and playing with him while you're both watching something interesting on TV. Some drinks will help. Then go to the bathroom, perfume your pussy and when he comes following you holding his erection give him the ultimatum: no pussy for that dick unless he first eats pussy; that you deserve full service. Say it."

"No pussy for that gorgeous dick unless you first eat my beautifully presented pussy; I deserve full service sweetheart."

"Fiona, that's even better. That should do it: it would have me firing before I even reached you."

"Oh God, Logan. You're the sexiest man I've ever had touching me. Lick my pussy; I'm as tight as a drum."

That little session left her red-faced and gasping and the next thing she knew she was on her back on the table with Logan returning with a cushion and shoving it under her butt.

"Why the cushion?"

"You'll see."

What Fiona saw was stars - multi-colored stars, as Logan stroked her into ecstasy. He was playing her like a violin and touching her wall-to-wall.

She finished first and held up her breasts as his target.

They parted, reluctantly. "We can't have an affair, Logan as our partners are bound to find out.

"Just occasionally?"

"I'll think about it. I'm certainly keen to learn more - you are so good for me. I'll never be a cold bitch to you again. I thought you'd do bonkers over my stockings and suspender belt."

"Oh, they were great, but I'm a pussy man. Goodnight sweet Fiona.

She waved him off and dreamily went inside to run a bath.

Almost asleep amid foam, Fiona wondered whether he'd be interested in getting lucky with any of the other girls. Christine might prove more than he could handle. God, Loretta was lucky to have him - or was she? He was an adulterer.

* * *

Life at home at the Vern's house was moving smoothly. Loretta had come off contraception pills and was now waiting for her body to adjust to the routine of the reproductive cycle. She was filled with optimism but ready to try to cope the set-backs and frustrations if pregnancy failed to eventuate.

She'd resumed light gym training to sharpen the fitness and read websites almost daily looking for anything of interest from medics and women in a similar situation like her writing about pregnancy. She was particularly interest in reading about diet, for both couples. Logan was absolutely cooperative and keen to assist her achieve her goal.

She'd felt like suggesting to Logan that he could get together with Arlene again, but kept her silence, a little scared Arlene might fall for him, or he for her.

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