Adulterous Relationships

Adulterous Relationships

Status: Finished

Genre: Romance


Status: Finished

Genre: Romance


A life change awaits a young couple living on the seaside - and harborside for that matter - enjoying the good life. Wife Loretta has four extremely close friends. A relationship between husband Logan who has an eye for pretty women and those four friends occurs, perhaps as inevitably as an incoming tide. The life change is triggered when Loretta lines her husband up and says, 'Baby?'


A life change awaits a young couple living on the seaside - and harborside for that matter - enjoying the good life. Wife Loretta has four extremely close friends. A relationship between husband Logan who has an eye for pretty women and those four friends occurs, perhaps as inevitably as an incoming tide. The life change is triggered when Loretta lines her husband up and says, 'Baby?'

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Chapter 15

Loretta has listen to Logan, standing against the backdrop of his flowers, make what she thought would be a confession. But it turned out to be an apology for not being the greatest husband in Devonport - perhaps in the Universe - and ended with a declaration that he'd do better. She wouldn't allow that to happen - Loretta knew her husband too well to allow him to commit to that.

That's because Logan was one of those guys who rarely did anything by halves, and when he decided to commit, he committed, like a limpet. She told him straight, as nicely as possible, that she didn't want him turning into a ‘yes dear' sop and being under her feet. She preferred him being mostly on the perimeter of her life. Just in sight, ready to be responsive when called.

Yes, in sight which mean away from these floozies who gathered. He'd never been caught out although at functions she'd sometime see a woman whisper in his ear and move away with an exaggerated walk. Obviously just some woman checking about the progress being made on her boyfriend's or husband's boat.


She'd picked off hair from his jackets - some of hers, obviously, but she was also aware her hair was brown. Perhaps the hair colored blonde, black and once even red had been blown on to the poor boy's jacket by the wind.


Once she'd jumped in his pick-up to buy some milk and the Sunday newspaper and noticed on the passenger's floor well three scrumpled tissues and a lipstick tube. It was a real fancy stick, now in her make-up drawer for special occasions - Dior Addict Ultra Shine Sheer. Oh, it must have been dropped by some poor little lady he found wandering bewildered on the road and returned to the Rest Home.


So Loretta checked the glove box and found tissues and a holiday pack of condoms. He detested tissues and they didn't have any need for condoms. So she looked in the locker set in the parcel tray behind the two seats of the pick-up. Oh yeah - she found two of her best hand towels missing from the set of six that she'd given up looking for at least two years ago. Once used he must be throwing them into the laundry basket and replacing them with clean ones.

The sly bastard!

Once she came very close, or so she thought, of nailing him. She found some keys in his slacks she was hanging up for him - one marked ‘garage side door', the other ‘beach house'. Obviously a woman's handwriting! She decided to have a confrontation, just to let him know she was on to him. She'd let the axe fall when he was relaxed after dinning, watching sport on TV.

But it came to nothing. He waltzed into the kitchen just before 6:00, patted her ass and gave her a sizzling kiss then went off to the bedroom whistling. He came back within two minutes, frowning.

"Have you found any keys in the bedroom?"

Slightly puzzled that he should be so brazen about it, she went to the kitchen side bench and held them up triumphantly.

"Oh great, bye be back in an hour," he said, grabbing the keys from her.

"Logan! Where are you going?" she accused.

"Over to your parent's place to take Bruno for a run. He's locked in the garage for two days while your parents attend that seminar for the aged in Tauranga."

"Say hello to Bruno for me," Loretta had said weakly. Her parents were attending that two-day seminar and of course - she saw the image of that handwriting and now recognized it as her mother's. Scrawled on sticking plaster it was a little uneven.

You're and angel, Logan.

Loretta topped up her coffee. Although Logan was a tricky sod, he remained her darling. He loved her - she had no doubt about that. He was great fun to live with as usually there was always something going on and if he became a pain she'd tell him to go down and do maintenance on the boat, and off he'd trot thinking she was being kind to him to let him off the leash. Not that Logan could be leashed, by anyone. And that was the whole point about happily living with him: he was a lover, a lovely companion, a bit or a brat, a tease and with the downside of being irresistible to some other women - he was all that rolled into one. Some women wouldn't tolerate the other women bit but Loretta did; hadn't her mother always said one has to take the good with the bad? She also possessed the guilt of what she and her four friends did, but enough of that.


She now had this huge issue to think through. Fiona had just been to see her. She looked her usual chic self when arriving but that was soon blasted away but tears and hand-waving as she related the crisis she and Ethan faced over infertility. They're cried together and after two vodkas over ice they were back on even keel which enabled Fiona to lob the grenade: Would Loretta allow Logan to be a sperm donor?

Loretta was too generous in spirit to immediately say no; she told Fiona she would think about it.

"Have you asked Logan?"

Fiona looked so startled that Loretta knew the answer would be no before Fiona expressed it.

"What form of donorship?"

"Donorship of sperm for in-vitro fertilization is one option, a very expensive option."

"Or some other option?"

"Ethan has told me he'd accept Logan sleeping with me, but only for the purpose of getting me pregnant."

"I see."

"It's a hell of a thing to ask, isn't it?"

Loretta hesitated and then asked if the positions had been reversed would Fiona had consented to a husband swap.


"You answered that very quickly."

Fiona sniffed and used her handkerchief. "You should not find that surprising. Ethan and I have spent hours and hours discussing this, examining our options."

"Of course, I should have realized that. I'll think deeply about this and let you know as soon as possible."

"I'm prepared to accept whatever you decide and if it's no the approach lapses - I wouldn't approach Logan."

Normally Loretta was a quick and decisive but this was no ordinary decision. How did she feel about it? She felt extremely sympathetic especially for Fiona. But the enormity of this pushed the boundaries of friendship to the limit - being asked to accept her husband helping one of her best friends conceive a baby. Anxious and emotional, Loretta poured another coffee - her third. She poured it down the sink and filled the cup with water, knowing she ought not to have been imbibing caffeine anyway, being pregnant - being luckily pregnant. She then visualized Logan bounding up and down on somebody - someone she could not recognize but assumed it was Fiona.

Oh God!

A few minutes later Loretta decided the best way out was to tell Logan, let him decide and then to accept his decision - utterly. Being Saturday he was out racing on Cedric Neilsen's 83-foot ‘Advertising Action' as stand-in sailing master. If he wasn't too drunk when he arrived home hours after the race ended, she'd ask him them and call poor Fiona. God, she and Ethan must be feeling they were in the pits.

Loretta was floating in the pool, belly up and admiring the increased size of her belly, when Logan came out on to the patio, dropped his walking stick and dove in, fully clothed.

"You're early."

"It's 3:40," he said, looking at his waterproof stainless steel watch. "I knew if I went on to the club house I'd be there for hours. You seemed so bright when I left this morning I thought they'd be a good chance of getting my leg over, an increased chance if I came home with only two rums in my belly."

"Why can't men say make love? Leg over sounds disgusting."

"I use it because it's so graphic - makes me feel like pawing the ground."

That comment raised in Loretta's mind the bouncing backside she'd pictured earlier."

Logan preferred being told anything straight. Bugger the preamble he was always saying. "How would you like to fuck Fiona?"

He grinned and asked what pills was she on?"

"None, I'm pregnant you silly bum. Answer me."

"What, is it Fiona's birthday?"

"Answering a question with a question is not an answer?"

"I fancy her but couldn't do that; it would be adultery."

Smiling thinly Loretta told him he was a good boy. Then told him about the problem Fiona and Ethan faced.

He looked positively sad: "I'm really sorry for them; they don't deserve that."

Loretta said Fiona had been to see her and asked if she'd consider allowing Logan to be a sperm donor or better still to sleep with her until she conceived. "Oh, I added those words ‘or better still' but knowing Fiona that's what she'd be thinking."

Logan said why was he been told about this. What was her decision?"

"I was unable to decide. I thought I'd raise it with you and accept your decision absolutely."

"Thanks very much. So I now decide I'm going to jump at the chance of banging Fiona day and night or whatever the schedule is and one night you jealously crush my nuts in the garlic press."

Unable to prevent it, Loretta screamed with laughter. Logan had to steady her from falling off her water mattress.

"God, that was so funny," she said, holding out her mouth to be kissed. "I said I'd accept your decision absolutely and swear to you that's how it will be."

"I'll think about it."

"Do that. She didn't actually say that Ethan agreed with direct injection but in reading her body language I fancy it's his idea - I know they both admire you as Fiona has told me often enough over the years."

Loretta was in a sundress bending over basting the roast in the oven when she heard Logan come up behind her. He flipped up the back of her dress and his fingers danced playfully.

"Oooh - tonight's my lucky night, is it?"

"Only because I feel like it."

He pulled the hem back down and poured her a juice and removed the cap from a bottle of beer.

"Call Fiona and Ethan over for dinner - we have enough in the oven, don't we?"

"Yes, of course, but they may wish to be told over the phone."

"What, because of embarrassment?"


"And yet they are suggesting I help them out by fucking Fiona? Something doesn't add up here."

"Well, I'll invite them. Ethan has suffered a terrible jolt to his manhood."

"Babe, so long as he's still getting an erection and feels the effect of ejaculation he's retaining the feeling of manhood. He has no feeling that when he shoots the result is less than perfect; he'll only be sorry that he's failed Fiona."

"God, you men can be so brutal in your thinking."

Fiona and Ethan arrived attempting to look very relaxed. Fiona was dressed in a sexy sundress with a shawl because the spring nights were still cool. Ethan was dressed just like Logan, in a polo shirt, white baggy shorts and sneakers without socks. Although only thirty, Ethan's fair hair was already thinning at the temples and his thickset body carried too much flab, signaling he had no interest in sport and fitness and that it could also be a matter of genetics.

"Great to have you over guys," Logan said smoothly, taking the wine offered by Ethan. "This is a cool choice Ethan." He kissed Fiona and said without lowering his voice, "Nice tits."

There was a shocked silence. Logan glanced at them and said shrewdly, "You two have a problem but it's not the end of the world and life goes on. Loretta and I are your friends - close friends I believe - so it's our role to keep you pumped up and normal. Got that? Ethan, you are no less a man than you felt you were before you received the bad news, right."

"I-I guess so. But this is serious stuff, Logan and I really don't think you should be treating it as if it scarcely matters."

"It does matter mate, and I feel for you. Deeply. I'll blub on your shoulder if that's what you want and fondle your balls and tell them to behave."

"Logan, that's enough!"

"No leave him, Loretta. He's right but he's caught me on a low. Please get me a slug of whisky."

"Let's all have a whisky and make a night of it," Loretta said brightly, looking at Logan and shaking her head.

"Thank you for the compliment about my breasts, Logan. It made me feel quite heady."

"It made me want to thump the lout," grinned Ethan, accepting the drink Loretta handed him. "He must be very difficult to live with."

"We rarely have lows in this house," Loretta said. "Come and sit down and let's get this matter out of the way; he's not yet told me of his decision."

Logan often managed to surprise her but this time Loretta sat impassively listening to him, quite dumfounded. He agreed to assist, subject to conditions. In six months from that day he'd willingly donate sperm to assist pregnancy and remain in the program for as long as it took. He did not favor directly depositing the sperm because he believed that no matter what Loretta said she would find it difficult to accept him doing that and if it dragged on for months he could become addicted to Fiona. His participation depended on a legal document being signed by both couples covering all the issues likely to arise, and that the legal consultancy should be a lawyer specializing in assisted reproduction who was not known to any of them.

Ethan took charge. "Loretta?"

"May I be frank?"

"Please do."

"I'm surprised, greatly surprised that that Logan decided to forgo the opportunity of direct fertilization as I know he greatly admires you Fiona. I agree with that choice, however, as direct intervention carried a big emotional tag, even much later on should it prove successful. You could have sought assistance of a sperm bank and it rather pleasantly overwhelms me that you jointly have expressed a preference to have Logan involved. At the outset I said I would support his decision."

Ethan smiled a thank you. "Fiona?"

"Logan's decision is fine. I would have worried about the deep-seated reactions of you two had he opted to seduce me over and over again. Oh God...the thought of that leaves me weak-kneed."

Ethan smiled warmly. "I like it when you're at you sexy best darling. Well, Fiona and I had discussed possible outcomes and what Logan has decided, even to an independent attorney, was our preferred option. We also decided if any offspring under this generous arrangement should give you two concern, because of a likeliness to Logan then we would leave the district."

"Well, that's all settled. I'll get the wine," Logan said.

"Logan, why did you decide not to become involved for another six months?"

"Loretta told me Ethan was still in the hands of a medical specialist, Fiona. It occurred to me that something could result from that."

Two weeks later Ethan had an operation and was home that evening. Tests the following week indicated it had failed. A week later another procedure was attempted and the verdict was perhaps he know had an eighty percent chance of being able to participate in a natural pregnancy.

* * *

The day after Logan's complete recovery party, he and Loretta left for Los Angles on a twelve-hour flight and after a break of under four hours left for Tampa, Florida where they arrived six hours later.

Travel-weary and desperate to see this mission succeed, Loretta was pleased Logan had slept a great deal during both legs of the flight and moderated his drinking - as he said, "To help ensure I don't unwittingly antagonize the old man."

He meant his father who rarely gave an inch in a confrontation, his best pupil at that being his only son.

Loretta had met the parents - Gaynor and Royce - only three times, at her wedding and twice in Europe. Prior to her being courted by Logan (at least by his impression of what courtship was) Royce suffered a mild heart-attack and reneged on an agreement to sell the business to Logan five-years' hence. They had fearful rows over that, despite Royce's delicate medical condition. Finally Logan was given the ultimatum, to come up with the money or else the boatyard would be put up for sale.

Logan had not long returned to New Zealand so his credit was not good with the banks. He'd all but given up when Tom Smith sat down alongside him at the yacht clubrooms. As Logan had told her, the conversation went something like this:

"Hear you're a little short of money."

"If you call one and a half million at little short, then yes, that's right. How come you know?"

"Was out sailing a couple of days with your father. First time he's been out since the fright over his ticker."

"Yeah, he wants to try Florida while there's still life left in him."

They had a couple of drinks and Tom led Logan over to another group. He said to Logan, "We are your buddies; give me a yell when you want d the money - a mortgage over the boatyard land was good enough security for us. We here have collectively agreed to come up with the money, all thirteen of us."

Logan took it like a man: "Thanks guys, I believe the next round of drinks is on me."

Loretta saw Gaynor waving at her and rushed over. Gaynor's eyes bulged and she shouted, "You're pregnant!"

Welcome to America, thought Loretta, under the impression she looked fat around the belly but not pregnant. Gaynor smothered her with kisses." They turned to watch the ritual.

The two men took it casually.



"You look fit."

"So do you."

"Gaynor's just informed the entire airport that you're turning me into a grandfather."

"Yeah, but if you don't like it I'll try to reverse the process."

"Don't bother, I like it. Boy or girl?"

"Dunno, we decided to wait and see what pops out."

"Like we did. The missus looks healthy."

"Yeah. Can't understand it; she seems to like you."

Royce rushed over and wrestled Loretta from Gaynor. "Welcome to Forida, young woman. You'll be one of the prettiest mothers around. We'll go on a shopping spree while you're here for baby stuff. I'll pay to have it shipped to Auckland."

"Oh, Mr Vern..."

"Royce, please. You're part of the family."

Gaynor gave her son a sly wink, very happy to see this occurring. "You'll have to allow Logan to call you Royce."

"He can, but I prefer dad; it tells me he respects me."

"That's fine dad."

Royce unhooked from his daughter-in-law and said proudly, "My, aren't we one happy family."

Holding Loretta around the waist Royce said, "You guys will be tired. We'll get you to bed for a sleep - our home is just under thirteen miles from here. We'll wake you to walk down to the pier to watch the sunset."

On the last day of the visit, Loretta and Gaynor sat in a golf cart and watched a son being properly reunited with his father. The two had battled out at golf. Royce played three times a week while since marriage Logan had averaged little better than three rounds a year.

Royce was five holes up at the turn. Finding his old groove, Logan began pegging him back. At the last hole Logan was left with a 30-foot putt to halve the game but his father was only three feet from the hole. Logan's first putt ended three feet past the hole and his second went in. Royce's putt traveled barely a foot and he dropped the next for the draw, holding his disbelieving son around the shoulders and saying ungrammatically, "You did good son."

There were tears all round at the airport at Tampa next morning.


Riley Ella Vern - known to her father as Rev - was born a perfect baby and her rather pregnant godmother Arlene and Loretta's very pregnant close friend Ren were thrilled for Loretta that she'd gotten what she'd wanted, a girl.

All four grandparents were at the naming ceremony. Christine and Alex are living in Canada, but sent a present. Zoand Fiona, both pregnant, were hostesses, acting very much like aunties.

Next day out fishing, Ethan, Quinn, Sampson and Steve were advising Logan what to eat and at what time of the cycle he should use his best shot so he could deliver in the time Loretta had allotted him - she wished to be pregnant again within the next year. As more beer was consumed the men finally agreed none of them knew what they were talking about as advisers to Logan. He said that figured. Quinn finally confessed he'd heard of a sure way involving ice and bananas.

Gaynor sat beside the pool watching her wee granddaughter being nursed. "It seems we all want a male playmate for Rev, I mean Riley. A friend of mine who raised four boys because they lived on a huge ranch in those days swears by this method: you have sex as early as 24 hours before ovulation to no more than 12 hours past ovulation."

Loretta said she'd try that. "That sounds better than the suggestion of Ren's mother: have sex standing up with Logan's nuts wrapped in ice and both of them chewing bananas. Thank goodness men don't listen to such nonsense."


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