Adulterous Relationships

Adulterous Relationships

Status: Finished

Genre: Romance


Status: Finished

Genre: Romance


A life change awaits a young couple living on the seaside - and harborside for that matter - enjoying the good life. Wife Loretta has four extremely close friends. A relationship between husband Logan who has an eye for pretty women and those four friends occurs, perhaps as inevitably as an incoming tide. The life change is triggered when Loretta lines her husband up and says, 'Baby?'


A life change awaits a young couple living on the seaside - and harborside for that matter - enjoying the good life. Wife Loretta has four extremely close friends. A relationship between husband Logan who has an eye for pretty women and those four friends occurs, perhaps as inevitably as an incoming tide. The life change is triggered when Loretta lines her husband up and says, 'Baby?'

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Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: July 26, 2007



Chapter 13

Logan caught Devonport-City ferry that evening and sat on his favorite side, looking up harbor to the Auckland Harbor Bridge backlit by the setting sun. It was the annual meeting of the Yacht Squadron that evening, a good time for PR and picking up some re-fits or at least plant the seed of thought. He'd find a bed at a cheap hotel as it would be a late night, which much drinking, the last ferry gone. So ferry-overnight stay was the perfect arrangement.

After the meeting closed he did some networking, but not much. He met Ren and her father Tom Smith.

"Networking Tom?"

"Yeah, but money seems a bit tight this year. You two have a drink while I oil wheels. I'll be leaving early; you will be welcomed to ride home with us."


"Steve home minding the apartment?"

"No, he's taken some clients up north big game fishing," Ren said. "Look, want to take me to a club?"

"They serve the same drinks here, only cheaper."

"I want the atmosphere and to relax; there are mostly old crocks here."


They hunted out Tom. "Dad, I've offered to take Steve clubbing. Better atmosphere than here. We'll find our own way home."

"Okay baby - here's the key to the apartment. Sleep there. The doors on both bedrooms lock." He turned away before Logan had time to comment."

"Club or apartment?" Ren asked. "You'll be hopeless trying to dance on those tiny floors with a walking stick. Dad keeps a good liquor cabinet at the apartment for his floozies."

Logan let that one slip by; it was beginning to sound like entrapment but he was okay as he'd promised himself no more nookie on the side. He checked his watch, still time to catch a late ferry. Ren gave the cabbie the address of the apartment. Logan opened his mouth to ask to be let out at the ferry building but instead yawned. He groaned silently, knowing he was turning into Shallow Logan again.

It was so easy. She leaned against him and kissed his ear.

He said, "Do you fuck?"

"Yes, coarse creature, providing you come into my lair.

She led his willing hand between her legs. "I've waited a long times for this; please make it worthwhile."

For the time being she was his to plunder - at least that's how he saw it. He also thought it sad that a well-intentioned guy was unable to go straight; the ‘other' women would not allow that to happen.

* * *

At the clubrooms of the Yacht Squadron Ren had said to her father, almost choking in controlled excitement, "There's Logan Vern."

"So it is; he's here each year of course."

"I want him dad."

Tom Smith looked at her with a raised eyebrow. "Young lady, you are about to marry a fine young man."

"Tell me something I don't know. I want co-operative dad."

"Your mother would be upset with me being in cahoots with you over this."

"I think he's slightly interested dad - it's up to me to spring the trap."

Sighing wearily, Tom suggested she was beginning to sound like her father. That was something that shouldn't be encouraged.

Ren's response impressed him. "We live in a promiscuous community. It's a long settled, close-living area of like-minded people affected by the lusty salt air of living on a narrow peninsula.

"Wow, that must have taken you some time thinking that one up."

"Does it sound plausible?"

"Either that or there's something in the water."

They laughed, touching hands affectionately.

"I've planned it this way, dad. After the meeting we join him and I'll suggest he and I go clubbing."

"He's in a foot brace with a walking stick you idiot."

"He's perfectly capable of sitting on a bar stool and drinking; it's not necessary to dance."

"Of course."

"But I'll ask you for the key, suddenly coming up with the idea that he might like to see the apartment."

"No, that's my private den - and for you on very special and rare occasions."

"My mother would be surprised to learn from me that two of her best friends know that apartment intimately and Logan Vern will screw your neck if learning that his mother-in-law has been in residence over the years."

"You fucking bitch."

"That's an awful thing to call your daughter daddy. But it suggests I take after you."

Tom dug out his keys.

"No, wait till I ask for the key. I don't want him thinking this is premeditated. I need to at least have him on the way there before his sharp mind begins to suspect my motives."

"Right, poor guy. I expect a blow by blow account."

"Yeah, like you always give me, Tight Mouth Smith."

"Christ, you've become very much like me. Steve is far too good for you."

"Steve needs a good career and a woman who will push him daddy. I appear to have fallen into that role. His expertise in bed endears him to me."

"Then why tonight with Logan?"

"I began wanting him as a teenager dad, but he wouldn't look at me."

"I wonder why?"


* * *

As they neared the apartment Ren could see Logan's body language was ‘active' probably it was his dick fighting his conscience. She must keep calm and focused - soothing him through this patch of uncertainty.

"I'm rather tired tonight so I hope I don't fall asleep on you," she smiled, feeling bright and horny. She leaned against him and felt his body slump; she'd won, confirmed when he sent her mind spinning, asking lewdly did she fuck. Did she what!

"It's small and functional - not like the mini-palace the company owns down in Viaduct Harbor that mum thinks it's hers and hates VIPs being accommodated and feted there."

Logan wondered why they were here instead of down there in the bright lights and nosy neighbors.

It was a tall and narrow renovated former office block, now one apartment per floor. They rode the elevator - seeing no one and presumably no one seeing them.

"It's too small a unit to have a doorman, she said. Commercial cleaners come in once a fortnight to keep the place tidy and the morning after whenever dad has been in residence."

"As you are so much like your father in personality and manner, I guess I'm not the first male you've wheeled in here."

"You're the first in five years."

"Ah, practically a virgin."

She giggled and said she liked his humor, stroking his butt softly as they reached floor seven.

Ren knew he'd regard the structure of the interior as uninspiring: a concrete oblong subdivided into a huge lounge and a huge bedroom with integrated bathroom and dressing room. She pointed out there was no kitchen, just a bench for making coffee and perhaps preparing breakfast. He'd observe the fittings tasteful and expensive, original art on the walls and a small chandelier. She closed the drapes cutting off the lights of nearby building, saying there were glimpses of the harbor beyond the nearby wharves with limited views of the outer gulf.

"Very nice."

"Elderly women occupy the other apartments in ones and twos - daddy wouldn't have a clue who they are. He comes and goes like a shadow."

Ren dashed off to turn on the spa bath and then pulled out a bottle of Bollingers.

"With the compliments of daddy. Please open it while I turn on the music - there are speakers in the bedroom and bathroom."

After a few minutes she asked Logan to fetch the bottle and she smiled, feeling him following her like a lamb.

Ren had been successful as a company ballerina, under-studying for dancers in major roles at times but never winning such a role outright. That dancing career also included being professionally trained in drama and she'd loved that aspect of her art, especially wicked roles. She reveled at being an enchantress in real life, and played at being a seductress with suppressed passion that would ultimately explode, earning her many encores. Her mission tonight was two-fold: to have Logan to nail her at last and to show him what he'd been missing.

Placing her glass on the side of the spa bath, she said seductively, "Undress me."

Logan, who'd been standing a little awkwardly, obliged, moving over to the sultry-eyed woman with the heaving bosom - just as Ren meant him to see.

It worked. "Christ you look sexy."

Logan handled her carefully; she was so small.

She was quite unlike the robust women he was used to, Ren mused, breathing a sigh just loud enough for him to hear as his hands touched her.

As he unbuttoned and removed her light-weight dark blue velvet jacket - the spring evenings were still cool - Ren cut her natural blinking rate back and make sure her eyes never left his face, her lips held at a slight pout. There were eight buttons to unfasten and by the time he reached the last two he was fumbling. Very delicately she pressed her right leg forward and smiled triumphantly when it made contact: he was very erect.

"What are you smiling at?"

"I just felt your erection on my thigh."

"It's hard because your perfume is strong, you're acting so sexy and there's an exotic scent pervading this entire room."

"Can you identify that smell?"

"Rose petals and some kind of oil fragrance."

"Good boy; you deserve to be seduced."

She bent her leg forward again for another sneak test and the freed penis slid over her stocking. Good boy, he'd unzipped so deftly she'd not noticed. She dropped a cool hand on to it.

"You're putting me off my task," he whispered huskily.

"Become a multi-tasker."

He grinned and pulled off her chemi and stared at what lay beneath. Well, obviously the big-boobed girls he knew had to reply on wire and push-up design to avoid sag; she was in a pull-on stapless nylon and spandex bandeau bra. Time for an intelligent test.

"I just pull it off?"

She smiled, lifting up her arms and drawing her shoulders in. As it departed from her Logan kissed her, so gently, not of this quick double slurping kiss and switch to utter focus on shoving it in. Her arms had fallen around his neck and he now pulled back to just look at her, his eyes appearing slightly amused. With a jolt she realized something about him. In her sexual life so far she'd only experienced two men whom she'd decided were women's men: Steve and now Logan. Little wonder Logan had felt this affinity by inviting Steve to consider working for him - or more likely with him.

By women's men she meant men who were genuinely interested in women besides what lay on the woman's chest and below her belly. Like just the way Logan was looking at her now - soft, entirely non-threatening and gazing at her playfully and, with her knees weakening, with admiration.

Oh, if only she could keep him!

Resuming, Logan dropped her skirt; there being no panties to pull off didn't seem to bother him. He just licked his lips the once and said, "I adore the laced tops of stockings. She was wearing dark blue high-hi's to match her jacket and even she had admired the look in the mirror after putting the first one on.

She'd assumed he'd drop to his knees and lick out her pussy. But no, he ran two fingers through the crease of her mouth and then licked her lips; she found that so erotic and they locked stares.

"Ready?" he whispered. She nodded, without knowing what for. He picked her up as if only lifting a pillow and lowered her into the scented water, barely making a splash. She almost expected to hear audience applause.

He stripped and the flashing images of curves, angles, muscles and sinews gave her heart palpitations. God, for a man coming out of accident trauma he was in wonderful shape. Plus big balls and big cock - perfect!

He chose to sit sideways rather than end to end; it was not a large bath. She scrambled on to his lap, careful not to snap off his erection, and lay in his arms. He began teasing a nipple with his tongue. Aware her breasts were tiny, probably the smallest he'd had in his hands since high school days, she wasn't embarrassed. If her assessment were correct - that he really liked women - he'd accept her physical shape for what it was. She wiggled her ass, trying to sit on his thingy but he wouldn't allow it, clamping it between his legs the meanie. She made do with sweeping a hand over his chest slowly and the eroticism she felt triggered several delicious flutters through her body that made her sigh. He played with her nipples and stroked her face and ears, bringing her right on edge. When her buried his mouth into her throat Ren reached desperately for his cock and with relief felt his legs move, allowing her to pull it free. It was big, but she'd had bigger, not that he would learn that.

Sense finally separated them. They washed quickly and went through to the bed, dripping.

"Let's rest on the top of the bed - it will dry overnight," she said.

He nodded. "I'll be catching the 6:10 ferry so you probably won't see much of me in the morning."

"Just wake me to kiss me goodbye. Will we ever do this again?"

"Who knows, perhaps I'll try to be first on your wedding night."

"Funny boy." Flopping on to the bed and rolling over she opened her legs.

"Is that my invitation.?"

She sighed.

"You look very petite. Do you think..."

"Yes. The opening and depth of flexibility of a woman's vagina bears little or no relationship to her size just as big men don't possess all the big dicks and some are surprisingly small."

"I suppose I knew that. Now, let's get at close look at this pussy - a very close look."

Ren felt on fire as Logan unhurriedly went to work on her.

They cleaned up a bit after that entr and fell back on to the bed without a plan. Logan chose to keep the strain off his healing leg. He swung his upper body to the right, snuggling in hard against Ren and pulling her in so her shape followed his body line. Realizing what was on, she pushed her left leg against his and staying on her back rolled her right hip and bent leg well over, giving him easy access from the rear. They began tonguing and Logan had his left arm free to either work her breasts or to rest it on her hip to control the rate of her rocking, once they were underway. Ren, resting partly on Logan's upper chest, had both hands free, her right arm able to hook under her rolled over leg to touch herself very comfortably.

Exhausted, they fell asleep, initially connected. He awoke with a groan, feeling as if he'd been turned inside out, walking into the bathroom before he remembered he should be using his walking stick. No damage appeared to be done.

Logan slipped out, without waking Ren; she was sleeping deeply and as far as he was concerned they'd had a night of it and it was over. He smiled: No wake-up kiss and he would escape the pleas to stay and the tears if he refused.

He tip-toed into his home, grabbed some fruit and a slab of cake for breakfast and wrote his sleeping wife a note:

Hi Darl, fabulous night, exhausted with a hang-over. Call me at work. You looked too peaceful to wake up for a kiss.

He changed, grabbed his keys and propped the note against the alarm clock where she'd see it. Logan then drove off whistling as if he'd accomplished a significant mission of merit instead of cheating on his wife and cheating on Steve who he'd recently befriended.

Loretta phoned, sounding lovely and speaking to him so nicely and being so pleased he'd enjoyed himself. Snapping his phone shut Logan frowned, feeling the guilt slipping around him like a sea mist. His stomach tightened and his mind slipped out of gear. This was not good but he was saved by an incoming call. He took it, smiling.

And so ended the carefree days of Logan Vern - hero and louse.

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