Adulterous Relationships

Adulterous Relationships

Status: Finished

Genre: Romance


Status: Finished

Genre: Romance


A life change awaits a young couple living on the seaside - and harborside for that matter - enjoying the good life. Wife Loretta has four extremely close friends. A relationship between husband Logan who has an eye for pretty women and those four friends occurs, perhaps as inevitably as an incoming tide. The life change is triggered when Loretta lines her husband up and says, 'Baby?'


A life change awaits a young couple living on the seaside - and harborside for that matter - enjoying the good life. Wife Loretta has four extremely close friends. A relationship between husband Logan who has an eye for pretty women and those four friends occurs, perhaps as inevitably as an incoming tide. The life change is triggered when Loretta lines her husband up and says, 'Baby?'

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Submitted: July 26, 2007



Chapter 12

The days went quickly and the weather became warmer. Steve would be starting at the yard as general manager midway through the following month, the wedding dress was underway and because Mrs Smith tended towards hysterics if caught in crisis, Ren snared Loretta to assist in the wedding planning.

Logan was swimming and exercising so much he felt ready to run a half marathon. The boot was a pain in the hotter weather so he made an appointment to see his orthopedic consultant but was told a Dr Stewart had replaced him.

Dr Stewart turned out to be Di Stewart, who before their marriages had shared carnal adventures with Logan as she was a yachtswoman and had been a member of the squadron since she turned twelve.

"Ohmigawd, you're maturing into a fine specimen."

"You're not too bad yourself - those swells under that white coat are real tits."

"Boobs, please. Yes and larger than you'll remember; I have two small children."

Again there was no feeling of interest in seducing Di - even for old times sake. Logan was beginning to feel pure which quite confused him; he was more comfortable awash in guilt.

Doc Stewart was no pushover. Logan pared it down to no boot, no crutches - just a walking stick. But he was given the choice of remaining with the boot and no walking stick or just a light fiberglass brace and walking stick. He chose the latter and at the door asked, "May I kiss you?"

"Yes, chastely; I am married."

Chastely it was and yet she displayed no great hurry to break away.

Logan left the hospital feeling almost a free man. An hour later, after looking at the latest x-rays Doc Stewart had decreed: "You may throw away that cast and return the walking stick to the hospital on the 21st - that's in eleven day's time. Now don't cheat on me."

After reasonable sex that evening - Loretta experienced a little discomfort - they settled down with iced soda water ready to go to sleep.

"I'd like you to listen while I talk to you very seriously - okay?"

"Okay," he said. He didn't think he was in the gun and found it was a confession: She was admitting to having been a naughty girl with her four best friends.

"It's not funny, Logan."

Forgetting he'd undertaken to only listen, Logan asked when did it start.

"When we were seniors at high school. The boys were boring with pimply faces. We considered ourselves to be lush, like ripened peaches."

"Singly our as a group?"

"Arlene and I did it first then a couple of sessions later we involved the other two and a couple of sessions later we had our first foursome."

"How amazing; how interesting."


"Sorry. Did you use strap-ons?"

"No, never. But over the years we used an assortment of girlie toys."

"Hmmmm. And you're wondering what I think of this?

"Yes, I pulled out of the group just before we celebrated you winning that huge contract."

"You want the truth?"

"Of course."

"I'd suspected you girls were more than best friends a long time ago - I had niggles about it before we were married. But I just accepted it was a game you played and it was the business of what your girls did for your mutual enjoyment."

Loretta smiled and kissed his shoulder. "You are so understanding, Logan. Fiona and Christine have always been terrified of their husbands finding out."

"What about Arlene?"

"She was confident he'd understand as he's not particularly enchanted about having sex."

"And Zo"

"I'll quote her - ‘My Samson wouldn't believe it if told; he'd believe I was too saintly to do such a thing'."

Logan said he appreciated being told and asked would she resume with the girls after the baby was born.

"No, definitely not. In fact we all believe it's come time in our lives to close that chapter. The four of them are attempting to get pregnant and Fiona phoned this morning to say she's missed her period."

"I have a vision of four women pushing buggies."

"You may well be right. Thank you, darling for being so understanding and so generous with your acceptance. I'm so relieved as you no idea how stressing it was to prepared to make this confession.."

"That's fine - I'd like to have seen you four at it."



The room went quiet, Loretta's breathing steadied. Logan waited, not fooled. It took less than ten minutes.


"Yes darling?"

"Have you been unfaithful to me - I mean apart from the ones I know about?"

"Hell no?"

"Are you sure?"

"I think I would remember sinking into unfamiliar depths."

"That's disgusting, Logan."

"Shafting some other woman when I'm married would be even more disgusting darling."

"You said some other woman, Logan, but what about my friends, Fiona, Arlene, Zoand Christine?"

"Oh them, well that's a little different. You were aware when Arlene and I did it when we went out in the boat to discuss my crisis at the thought of fatherhood."

"Don't you count that as being unfaithful?"

"No, because you virtual set it up to happen and as soon as I arrived ashore I confessed."

Loretta said he was a good boy doing that and of course she was to blame for that unavoidable seduction.

"Have you shafted Arlene since then?"

"No, of course not," he lied, adding the punch line, "She's a married woman."

"What about Fiona?

"What's the attraction there - she's a cold bitch."

"Zowouldn't let you near her so what about Christine?"

Logan had thought out his answer. "Why would I, compared with you I'd imagine she'd be like a bag of cabbages and probably bossy."

"Really? You sometimes say the nicest things about me in a round about way."

"You've made me so happy. Good night darling."

"Good night sweetheart."

Logan remained tense like a sentry awaiting a sneak attack.

"Who was the best out of those four?"

"Are you still awake? It would have to be Arlene, wouldn't it as she was the only one I tried and that was only once."

"Would you like to try them all?"


The small voice projected a strained, "Really?"

"Of course, they all have juicy bodies. But I can't, darling, because I'm a good boy married to you."

"That's so sweet of you Logan. You know, I was so resigned that something would happen between your and your nurses with them massaging around your penis. Even my mum could have been tempted by a younger man's meat."


"Oh, sorry. Did I say that?"

Logan faked a yawn. "If that the end of conversation. I need to recuperate in case you want to go again in the morning."

"I think I'm grinding to a halt, darling. It may be only temporary but why don't you talk quietly to Arlene - I think she'd help you out. Just don't go running off with her, huh?"

Logan patted his dick affectionately. "I'll think about it and will only approach her when you see me being tortured in denial."

"Look, either you approach her soon or I will. She'll need time to think about it. I don't want you walking around here miserable with blue balls."

"Blue balls, how do you know...?"

"We girls talk about many things, Logan Vern. Now shut up and go to sleep. I'm very tired."

Logan tossed and turned, unable to fall asleep. Who would sleep easy after lying massively to his wife like that? The darling, she trusted him. Thank God his gutless infidelities had been only with her best friends - that might save decapitation. What if he confessed to Loretta in his sleep!.

Suffering, he staggered out to the pool, hopping because he'd forgotten to grab his walking stick. He swam countless lengths until he realized he was pooped. If he swam a few lengths more he could just empty his lungs and sink to the bottom, thus ending the life of one of the world's great evil fornicators.

Cripes, Sol Adams was due at his office at 10:00 in the morning to pay the deposit for the $37,000 replacement of his teak decking. He swam to the side, tired and satisfied, remembering to hop on the way back to bed.

* * *

Also not sleeping were Ren and Steven.

"How is it we didn't know Logan and Loretta last week and now she's helping orchestrate our wedding and Logan has offered me a job that pulls in $10,000 than I'm getting now and it appears to be four times as exciting?"

"Search me, darling, but some things just happen. Try to work it out and your toes will fall off while you're frozen in time fence sitting."


"Translated that means what the fuck, darling; why worry?"

Steven frowned. "You're being smart-assed and demeaning, Ren."

"Yes, aren't I?"


"Get a life Steve, and get focused. You have been offered a lifeline; it will drag you out of the swamp and to a couple of levels below the dudes working the fast lane."

"You mean a more important job."


"Then why didn't you say so?"

"Because being mundane is an insult to my intelligence and to my role in being supportive of you. My goal here is to encourage you to take big steps forward rather than to mince along like a bunny."

"Plain English seems to have deserted you this evening."

"Steve, I'm marrying you because of the way you use that dick of yours and because of the potential I see in you; you're in a trough of mediocrity at present so I'd appreciate it if you don't try my patience any further."

Steve said he heard her loud and clear. He asked why she trusted Logan when earlier she'd called him an ass-hole.

"Do you know what a hero is Steve?"

"Yeah, Superman and guys that single-handedly take out a machine-gun post armed with only a rifle and two grenades."

"Oh yeah? Logan is one of that unsung heroes who never talk about their deeds. She told Steve about Logan's rescue of the French yachtsman in the Southern Ocean - succeeding against immense odds. And then spoke about a feat much closer to home.

"Three years ago the squadron's racing fleet was scuttling in to harbor ahead of a storm lashing Coromandel Peninsula that had been expected to head north; you were working in Ireland. Instead of heading out it sea it swung to the west in a savage hook and caught the fleet, breaking rigging and demasting a couple of yachts that were abandoned. A little boy with the cute name of Tommy Tucker, five years of age and due to start primary school on the Monday, was swept off his parent's yacht and disappeared into the gloom and rising seas. Thank God he was in a lifevest. His parents and two other nearby yachts attempted a search but found nothing before they were forced to retreat."

Ren wiped her eyes.

"It appeared hopeless. But Logan, not sailing in the fleet that day, had following the drama on radio in his office at his boatyard. He put to sea in his grandfather's one-third size replica of a 1930s Cornwall lifeboat, a double ended self-righting boat, but only 13ft 6in instead of 40 ft. It had a 6 hp inboard diesel engine. He disappeared into the gale once he rounded North Head. All he had to go by was the heading the boy's yacht was on when the youngster was swept overboard. Logan figured the drift would take the lad into the vicinity of Brown's Island, turned on the searchlight and commenced a search pattern."

"He found him didn't he?"

"Like many searches on the point of being abandoned Logan spotted the lifeless Tommy Tucker, not drowned or unconscious, but fast asleep, saved by a proper lifejacket designed for a child."

"Were his parents pleased?"

"Were they what! The port's communications watch-keeper spotted the returning double-ender and through night glasses noticed the boy was lashed against Logan, suggesting he was alive. It was just before 11:00 and the watch-keeper sounded the siren and everyone maintaining a vigil at the Yacht Squadron knew what that meant. A flotilla of power boats went down in the relative shelter of the harbor to meet the returning rescuer. The boy was taken off and transferred to the Commodore's launch carrying his parents. While this was going on Logan disappeared into the darkness, off home. Thankfully a reporter and photographer from the Herald tracked him down and made the deadline to tell this remarkable story. Six months later Logan went to Wellington to receive a medal for bravery presented by the Governor-General. He's been involved in greater drama but that one in local waters captured the heart of the public."

"Loretta's made quite a catch there."

"Don't I know it," sighed Ren. Steve knew what that meant but was smart enough not to mention it.

* * *

Loretta was unwell again and was anxious for Logan to contact Arlene but he was adamant. "No, and that's my final word. I'd reckon the majority of pending fathers in this country don't hump some other woman just because their wife is temporarily out of action."

"You being very noble."

"One has to be with a wife acting like a procurer."

She flushed and said she was very proud of him.

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