Adulterous Relationships

Adulterous Relationships

Status: Finished

Genre: Romance


Status: Finished

Genre: Romance


A life change awaits a young couple living on the seaside - and harborside for that matter - enjoying the good life. Wife Loretta has four extremely close friends. A relationship between husband Logan who has an eye for pretty women and those four friends occurs, perhaps as inevitably as an incoming tide. The life change is triggered when Loretta lines her husband up and says, 'Baby?'


A life change awaits a young couple living on the seaside - and harborside for that matter - enjoying the good life. Wife Loretta has four extremely close friends. A relationship between husband Logan who has an eye for pretty women and those four friends occurs, perhaps as inevitably as an incoming tide. The life change is triggered when Loretta lines her husband up and says, 'Baby?'

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Chapter 11

When a guy has been with a very sexy babe who's out for a hot time, he doesn't expect much beyond lukewarm attention from his wife - his pregnant wife, though she was not ‘showing' yet. Logan was happy to acknowledge he'd enjoyed the unexpected. Loretta had been all over him since his return from Christchurch. She was excited about his Boat Show achievements, excited about the way he was able to walk so expertly on his crutches and exited that he was home again. She'd scarcely left his side for the first three hours he was home, practically following him into the toilet. In bed she was still talking when he fell asleep.

The next afternoon he came home after a triumphant arrival at the yard that morning. After announcing order book details to his team the guys gave him three cheers; it was a very emotionally charged moment for the group of fifteen - all males apart from the admin lady. Logan made no mention of the Chinese company contract that was tantalizingly close. His father and mother now lived in Florida. Royce his dad had taught him as a boy, ‘Never show your hand needlessly'. Good advice, at least in business. Good advice in respect of confessing to infidelity.

Loretta came half-running from the car carrying shopping bags and shrieked when she saw Logan walking to her without crutches.

"You're walking!"


"Really walking."

"Aye, just with a stick."

"Sorry, I'm going on like a cracked record but it's such a shock. Is that thing comfortable?"

"Pretty good, but I moved faster on crutches if I belted it along. I went to the hospital early this afternoon and they agreed I could come out of my cast and go into this pneumatic boot. It has decided advantages," he said, kissing her and smelling her womanliness - a mix of hair spray, perfume and slight body odor that was her signature smell; lovely.

"Advantages? You'll scare dogs, small children and old ladies."

"Thanks very much."

"What sort of advantages?"

"The lesser one is I can take the boot off to shower and swim providing I don't bear weight on that unsupported leg.."

"Swim - oh, you'll love that and so will I."

"The big one is I can take it off when going to bed - I have to support it on a pillow for a couple of weeks, then nothing but until then must not bear weight on it without the boot. The physiotherapist has given me a range of exercises to strengthen leg muscles and improve flexibility."

"Oh darling, that's wonderful. You make coffee while I change. I've been almost driven out of my mind thinking about this afternoon and your leg news has made it even more exciting for me."

It was windy outside so Logan took the coffee to the living room looking out on to the pool.

"Hello, darling."

Logan turned to look and what he saw made him catch his breathe. This was totally unexpected. She was in some of the sexiest underwear he'd ever seen - Loretta, a pregnant woman.

"My body has settled down and my gynecologist says sex will be excellent exercise. We can do anything but keep in mind that activity in moderation is a good guideline and you should be asked not to blow air into my vagina as that can be dangerous to baby should it create an embolism."

"Right - if that's the only thing scratched off my repertoire I'm really in luck."

Loretta turned pink and looked at Logan coyly. "He handed me a leaflet which will please you. One of the recommended positions later on when I get big is your favorite position - curled up behind me."

Logan grinned wolfishly.

"Oh God, you are such a sex-o."

She walked over to him, inviting inspection. She knew he liked sexy underwear - he was always looking at it in her magazines.

"It's s-o-o-o sexy," he drawled.

"I want you to retain this image of me," Loretta said almost shyly. "My body is beginning to change through pregnancy and I'm gradually ageing. Following pregnancy it's doubtful if I'll return completely to the shape I am now."

"I'm fixing it in my mind."

She was sexy in black, wearing a black lace chiffon robe opened wide at the front to display an open bust and zip up front black bustier with garter straps and matching g-string and fishnet stockings. The bustier was beautifully finished in reinforced black embroidered in sheer mesh. She also wore lace gloves extending up towards the elbows, black lace with ruffle trim.

"Magnificent, my centerfold luscious fuck," he drooled. "Come drink your coffee; sit on my knee."

While she sipped, Logan sucked. Soon he had the exposed breasts noticeably swollen and the nipples at rigid attention.

"Gawd, I'm becoming a little unstable," she muttered.

Logan's response was to unzip, pull her g-string aside and gently entered her, jiggling against the sides as it headed in as far as it could manage. He then sat still, allowing her to pull back from the precipice.

"What erotic thoughts and feelings," she murmured, looking a little wild-eyed and breathing through her mouth.

Kissing her neck just below the ear he whispered, "And I want you to remember this moment forever."

They were acting in concert, gentle and savoring the moment, acknowledging that their time together was turning towards a new direction; in a few months a third person would slot in between them. Although neither of them wanted much to change apart from the arrival of the baby, wider change was inevitable.

Logan tried to conceal his sadness but she spotted the frown.

"We've had it all Logan, we've been so lucky. We'll find new high spots ahead of us."

"Guess so."

"Let's go to the bedroom and get that boot off you; I promise to handle you gently."

The time came near.

"Aim at my boobs."

He was being treated, Logan thought, knowing she didn't particularly like mess everywhere but here she was with the big invitation. Obviously the new underwear was heading for the wash anyway, as they'd both worked up a sweat.

The smile changed to a wicked look as she changed her position, now stretched over him, her legs inside his. After two or three slow thrusts she picked up tempo and then he felt her vagina clamp him, better than she'd ever done - as good as Arlene and almost as powerful as Zo Well, she'd been swimming a great deal and was doing like stretching exercise exercises mornings and night. It became almost too much for him.


She uncoupled and scrambling backwards a bit to give him room.

"Oh goodie," she giggled. "Ready to go again darling?"

Who's the new scriptwriter? She usually collapsed and waited to be handed a towel and then to be cuddled and spoken to softly. "Are you on medication?"

"No, just trying to please you. This will be a rough patch for you and I'm feeling so well just now I thought a bit of theatre mixed with sex would be appreciated. I feel I can manage another one - it must be the extra vitamins I'm taking. Oh look - it's ready; I can excite it even more."

Logan awoke, feeling drained but very happy. He turned but she wasn't there. The bedside clock indicated almost 5:00. Since the hoist had been removed her bed was back in its old position - he looked up and saw her, back to him, nude and in deep sleep.

He reached for the hospital's crutches that he'd retained just for this purpose. Leaving his boot off he walked with his repairing leg off the ground to the pool and lowered himself with hand grip down the upturns of the stainless steel ladder into the water without mishap. Being in the heated pool again was brilliant and he began swimming lengths, powering with his arms and with just the gentlest of leg movement as he'd been instructed.

Twenty minutes later Loretta came out, looking radiant. She screamed the obvious, "You're in the pool!"

"Take off that swimsuit."

"The neighbors...oh, what the heck!" Off came one-piece swimsuit and she dove in, cutting through the water like a porpoise to join her darling.

An excited Logan phoned Loretta at the office on Thursday morning.

"You sound happy."

"Bursting, actually. Just had a call from Shi Hua, interpreter and executive assistant with the Chinese shipping group that want a motor-sailer built here. I've arranged to go to their hotel in the morning with Ethan as my lawyer for the signing of the contact along with Zhang Jiafu who turns out is chairman of the company - I was told he was just a director. The plans and specifications of the areas we will fit-out arrived by courier earlier this morning. My higher guesstimate has turned into a firm estimate of $1.213 million and that has been accepted."

"Darling, that's wonderful. You must be so happy."

"Yeah, but we have some tough talking to do - there are penalty clauses for late finishing. We must ensure the clock doesn't start ticking on us until the vessel is delivered and winched up on to our slipway. Thank God dad and grandfather optimistically poured such a heavy-duty slipway all those years ago."

"So, want me to organize the big party tomorrow night?"

"Yes please - make it quality catering and booze. How many should we invite?"

"The four senior guys from the yard, my folk, the girls and their hubbies, eight guys with partners representing your top suppliers and the two top dogs and partners from the naval dockyard."

"That sounds about right. Want me to help phone them?"

"No, on Tuesday I invited them on stand-by but without giving a reason. I'll get one of my assistants to confirm this morning. After what you told me I couldn't see you missing out on that contract."

"Wow, you work a hair-trigger. Should we have it at home rather than the yard?"

"No, Smith and Son Marine's gin palace has been offered to us, without charge. Tom Smith says had your father not given him a big interest-free loan when his company hit the wall they would not have survived, so here's the chance to bond the next generations."

"That generous of him. I do all my business with Tom rather than that daughter of his who is a stuck up bitch."

"I wasn't aware there were any women you couldn't handle."

"What do you mean?"

"I'm so excited for you, and for us, darling. Catch you tonight. Bye."

What did she mean? He'd never been within five feet of Ren Smith, or Ren Tosland as she was now? What did she mean there are no women he couldn't handle? And why did she avoid answering? Was she having some sort of crack? Bloody women and their cute ways.

The Smiths' 54-foot Power-Cat ‘Hip-Hop' was an excellent venue - on the water away from gate-crashers, the music up loud with little chance of neighbors complaining. Some of the people onboard would be associated with the big fit-out - supplying material and fittings and the naval dockyard contacts would be requested to help haul the unfinished vessel up the slipway with one of their six-wheel vehicles supporting a huge winch.

Logan was only too well aware of the amorous greetings he received from his five ex-nurses, including his mother-in-law that would not have gone unnoticed by their husbands - and Loretta. He turned to look apologetically at Loretta each time it happened; each time she winked at him, beaming. That bemused him.

Tom Smith worked Logan into a corner to find out which yard had won the Chinese contract to build the vessel and what firm would be rigging her out. He received the details, confidentially, and looked pleased.

"I enjoyed staying with your parents last year - we had three weeks with them; all boating and golf, only a little short of being in paradise. Your dad said you'd not visited."

"No, we've met up with them twice in France since the wedding but I haven't slotted a visit to Florida yet but look forward to making a visit."

"Ren!" Tom called and a small-boned short woman with spiked black hair walked daintily over to them.

"You remember my daughter Ren."

"Of course, we played together as kids then she went away to a fancy boarding school and then won a ballet scholarship to England. After that we never saw her until she returned a couple of years ago."

"You mean after my marriage break-up."

"Oh, was that the reason for your return?

"You still have a smooth tongue Logan Vern."

Tom had achieved what he wanted so scuttled off to the bar to join a couple of cronies.

"Look, why don't we bury the hatchet Ren; you have all but taken over from your father and in business we need to work together."

"Why don't we want to associate with me socially, you never have?"

"What do you mean?"

"Whenever we are at a venue together you just smile at me and walk on."


Ren looked at him full on. "You've never fancied me. The story goes you've laid almost every unmarried woman in Devonport but you haven't bothered tapping my shoulder."

"Rumors are bad news Ren. Most of the unmarried women in Devonport haven't a clue who I am and certainly haven't been intimate we me. Besides, I'm a married man."

"That hasn't stopped you getting into Arlene Royal."

Logan eyed her steadily, refusing to be drawn.

"I called into the Boat Show in Christchurch and the body language between you just before closing time wasn't something for an absent wife or husband to see. Well?"

"Okay, I'm not squeaky clean."

"I bet. So what was wrong with me?"

Logan knew he had to say something otherwise she could flare up at him. "You were too short, too thin, wore you hair up and practically had no boobs."

"Christ, Logan. Grow up will you. All these years I thought you were up yourself, thinking I was not intellectually good enough for you."

"Me thinking that?"

"Oh shit, how could I be so stupid? Of course, it was the boobs. Just look at Arlene, and Maggie Thomas and Wendy Prime who teeter on their high heels because of what's packed into their bras. And look at your wife, for God's sake - she's virtually the Goddess of Boobs."

Logan thought it was appropriate to offer something. "Can we bury the hatchet and start again."

"I suppose so; yes why not."

"You're going with Steve Lucas, aren't you?"

Ren said that was a quaint way of putting it, but yes. Steve would have his divorce in another couple of months then they would quietly marry.

"Why not have a society wedding - weddings are good for business."


"Weddings pump people up and make them feel good about you - you married that German count - or was that cunt - and no-one in New Zealand knew about it until his arrest and you filing for divorce. Now everyone, well at least the women, will acknowledge you are doing the decent thing by marrying a local guy. Both your families are Top Ten families on this peninsula."

"Are you sure about this?"

"Definitely - but why don't you talk to Loretta about it."

"She also looks down on me."

"Bollocks, she's never done that to anyone in her life. You lived for your dancing, you idiot, virtually excluding everyone from your life. Then you went overseas. Fat chance you had of making friends."

"I-I don't know what to say."

"Kiss me and thank me and come to lunch with Steve on Sunday at noon - bring your swimsuits as we'll have a barbie by the pool; the forecast has Sunday fine with a light northerly."

"That's good of you but won't you first have to check with Loretta?"

"Loretta allows me to make my own important decisions. Also she's on a roll as she's pregnant."

"Oh fancy, so am I, confirmed only two weeks ago."

"Well then, have you ever heard of two newly pregnant women not becoming friends?"

Kissing and thanking him, Ren said she was right about regarding him as being intelligent; his mind had a cutting edge. Logan wasn't too sure about that.

"Give me a call," whispered Fiona as she kissed Logan good night when they docked just after midnight at the end of Friday night's big party.

"Call me," whispered Arlene, rolling a tongue in his ear.

"I need us to get together again," Zowhispered, delivering that with a pelvic thrust.

The other two ex-nurses Christine and Elaine just wished him a very good night.

On the way home he told Loretta he'd invited Ren and her boyfriend Steve to lunch on Sunday.

"Okay, you do a barbecue. I'm not sure that I like her," Loretta yawned.

"She's just found out she's pregnant."

Loretta screeched, "What? Please ask them over early."

"I told her noon."

"Oh, I guess I can manage to wait that long."

The page one photo of the Business Section of the Herald on Saturday morning showed the contract signing between the boat builder and the Chinese corporation. Shi Hua stood to one side of the group holding up a drawing of the vessel.

Tom Smith called. "I owe you one, Logan. I had the boatyard signed up for us to supply the rigging and all hardware throughout on Friday. They'd had two other quotes from when they did pricing, but both those firms indicated they wanted to review their quotes upwards so the supply contracts were given to me."

"That's great, Tom. Shi Hua told me that this craft at this level of luxury will set a precedent in Shanghai so rival companies may be coming down here with orders. Shanghai is a big place and there are other big cities with marine-based companies that host VIPs on the water. This could have huge potential for us but they could go anywhere to get them built, even in China."

"Sounds good. Ren tells me you two have sorted yourselves out and that she's going to your place for lunch tomorrow. That's great news. But my wife is upset that you've convinced Ren to have a big wedding. Glenda is ashamed her daughter is a divorcee and shamed she is carrying a baby out of wedlock."

"We can't please everyone, Tom, but it will be good for business, I assure you. But be prepared to take Glenda through another shock; I'm going to suggest to Ren tomorrow that she has Loretta design and make a wedding dress - a white wedding dress."


Logan laughed and told Tom the notoriety she'd get from wearing white would establish his daughter as a North Shore mini-icon.

"Yeah, it probably could do that providing Ren and you and Loretta survive Glenda's wrath."

* * *

"A wedding in white! You're mad," Ren said shaking her head.

"I happen to agree with Logan," Loretta said calmly. "He thinks any notoriety could enhance your re-establishment in the community but in my view it's the wish of most women to marry in white. What do you think, Steve?"

"I wasn't aware there were alternative colors for a bride."

"I can't believe I'm hearing this," Ren groaned. "It's a conspiracy."

Loretta led Ren to the computer room. "This is still very rough, I sketched it last night and did the coloring and textures this morning. It's a chantilly lace empire gown with spaghetti straps and satin hemline, with a beading of artificial pearls on the bodice and the beading is repeated on the crown of the circle-cut cathedral veil. If it suits I suggest you ask your parents to buy you a four-strand choker of real pearls as your engagement gift."

"They'd love that. I've said no to so many of their suggestions they don't know what to give me. Do you mind if I sit here alone thinking about this? My first impression is your dress design in a dream."

"Not at all - I'll fetch you another juice."

Later, watching the two women chatting almost touching head-to-head, Logan learned that Steve was branch manager for a chain of building supply warehouses. He'd completed an apprenticeship in building but quit after a year in his first real job to go globe-trotting and returned three years ago to become assistant manager at his present workplace and was promoted six months ago.

"Like it?"

"It's okay, but being a chain business is so regimented that the challenges are pretty thin."

Logan was losing interest until Steve added that he worked evenings and weekends in partnership with his widow mother, buying houses, renovating them, and then flicking them on.

"You're a handyman?"

"Yes and I love it especially ripping out kitchens and installing new ones. I also do the plumbing and electrics, subject to inspection of course."

Logan tapped his fingers briefly and then, "Like to consider a job change?"

"What, work for you?"


"No thanks, know very little about boats and wouldn't fancy working in tight spaces."

"Generally no tighter than working in small channel kitchens."

"No, I suppose not. Don't quite know where I'm heading but I suppose something will come up."

Watching the visitors leave - Ren had kissed him with the familiarity of an old friend - Logan sucked his bottom lip watching the car disappear. Was he losing it or what? He'd gone into the master bathroom and there was Ren starkers, straight from the shower after her swim.. He'd heard Loretta tell her to use one of the guest bedrooms.

"Huh," she'd gasped, but instead of covering up turned to face him. Although each tit was no more than a handful, the areola was huge and the nipple bright pink. Unabashed, he looked down and saw she only had hair, trimmed to a triangle, above the hood of her clit.

Ren caught the angle of her gaze and pushing her groin forward said, "Do you like it?"

"Yeah, very neat. Cute tits too."

"I thought you would like them once you saw them unveiled. That's why I slipped in here, hoping you would pop in. I've been standing here nude for ten minutes waiting."

"What for?"

"One never knows; I've found this sort of thing works on the principle of installments."


"Never mind."

Watching the car turn the corner, Logan figured out what she meant by installments. A peek this time, a wee touch the next, perhaps a lick and then a date to meet at a motel and put all the lesson together in an almighty climax. But he doubted it was going to happen; he was changing. When she'd flashed her pussy at him like that he'd scarcely felt anything - some reaction of course, because it was a lovely looking pussy. But the flash-thought of filling it hadn't hit that tiny spot in his brain like it usually did. Yet minutes later when Loretta stooped to pick up her towel and he saw the basic shape of her pussy against the straining material, that little spot in his brain fixed his eyes on the pussy shape as if caught in the beam of red laser. That interested him: what did it mean?

Logan didn't dare hold the fleeting thought that he might be reining back carnally. The prospect of eliminating his erotic adventures with other women was potential shocking enough to stop his heart beating, permanently, so postponing a leisurely examination of that issue until it could be conducted alone under a relaxing environment was the sensible thing to do.

"They make a nice couple."


"Why are you staring down the street?"

"What street?"

"Sometimes I despair, wondering if your worldly awareness goes on holiday."

"Well, I am male."

"Yes dear, how silly of me to not have anticipated that response."

Just before 9:00 the phone went.

"You go, I'm loving watching this tear-jerker"

"No, I'm waiting to see the guy to tell the stupid women to stop bellyaching."

Loretta stomped across the room to the phone and Logan caught half of the conversation.

"Hi, Ren. That's great - yes $770 and I'll give you a discount of twenty-percent."

"That my discount for friends."

"Well, you are now."

"Thank you. Yes I can easily make those changes - no big deal."

"What, in six weeks. Good, Logan will be out of his pneumatic boot by then."

"Yes, he's here. Bye."

Loretta reached the sofa just in time to hear the hero tell the heroine to quit bellyaching.

"That was Ren. She's buying the dress and they're getting married in six weeks. She says Steve wants to talk to you."

"I don't want to be his best man."

"He won't be asking you - he'll want a more handsome man than you and at least a couple of years younger and who acts like a gentleman. That gesture is disgusting, Logan."

"Hi, Steve, congratulation on setting the date."

"Yeah, it's been all go here this evening with Mrs Smith called around for crisis talks. There were tears, then hugs. She's agreed to the white dress and will pay for it and we set the date."

"These are difficult times for a guy Steve."

"Thanks for the warning, mate. What I want to say is Ren says I'm a dope not at least listening to what you may have in mind for me if I measure up. Please give me that chance."

Logan said he wanted to reduce his workload so would be appointing an administration manager and a general manager as his deputy. The current person in line for the deputy job had declined the offer of promotion. "I'm interesting in looking at you for that position. We will soon be working two shifts, but the current foreman is happy to supervise the late shift, which will run Monday to Thursday. I need to free myself to spend more time on hunting out new business and working on client liaison."

"Like going out sailing with them and taking them to the races and the casino."


"It's necessary work; some poor bastard has to do it."

"You humor is appreciated as we're a happy lot down there,"

They agreed that Steve would drop in at the yard on the way home next evening.

Loretta was interested in this development, saying Steve seemed a nice guy and she hoped it would work out.

"My sentiments exactly. Let's hope the building supply firm put him through intensive management training."

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