Captured Captured

Status: Finished

Genre: Fan Fiction


Status: Finished

Genre: Fan Fiction


This is for all those Pokemon fanatics out there!


This is for all those Pokemon fanatics out there!

Chapter1 (v.1) - Captured ((Pokemon Version))

Author Chapter Note

This is for all those Pokemon fanatics out there!

Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: April 01, 2014

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Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: April 01, 2014




Running. That's what he was doing. Swiftly through the forest in that unknown land. Zigzagging through trees, desperately trying to throw off those two Pokemon who were chasing him.

But they were smarter than that.

Ike, the 16-year-old with the jet-black hair, who is currently sprinting for his life through familiar trees, has come to really despise Pokemon. Especially that of Lucario, Ninetales, Zangoose, and Mightyena.

It was dark outside, around 10 or 11 PM. Ike's lungs were burning. He had been running for a good twenty minutes, non-stop, in his latest attempt at freedom. The two Pokemon chasing him: a Zangoose and a Mightyena. Both Female and getting seriously irritated with chasing this kid.

"Why don't they just give up and leave me alone!" Thought Ike as he continued to run. Ike looked behind him to see a glimpse of his hunters. Through the darkness, the boy could just barely make out the outline of a Zangoose and Mightyena not too far behind him. Though, he could clearly see their piercing eyes, burning with anger. More than enough motivation to continue running. The wind was on Mightyena's side as she advanced right behind Ike and began biting on the back of his legs in an attempt to slow him down. No suck luck as Ike quickly shook the wolf off of him and continued his escape.

The Zangoose, who finally had enough with chasing this boy, quickly scooped up some nearby stones and began to take aim. With master precision, she hurled three rocks at Ike, hitting him once in the back and twice in the head. Ike felt a sharp pain overcome him as his head began to spin. Becoming uncoordinated, Ike ran smack-dab into a tree, falling unconscious.

The two Pokemon quickly surrounded the fallen human. Making sure he wasn't going anywhere, they finally let their guard down and began to catch their breath, giving their lungs a refreshing break.

"Man, he's getting faster every time. It's getting harder and harder trying to catch him." Said the Zangoose, still panting for air.

"I know. Plus, he's getting craftier. I didn't even notice him ecape from us. Gotta keep a sharp eye on this one." Chuckled the Mightyena.

"Hey, sister. What do ya say we have a little 'fun' with him, eh? I think we've earned it." Said the Zangoose, getting a lustful grin on her face.

"No. We need to get back to the group with our other sisters. We wouldn't want to keep them waiting." Said the Mightyena.

"Fine, fine." Answered the Zangoose, disappointed.

The Zangoose grabbed Ike's leg as she began to drag him as she and Mightyena began to make their way back to their den.

It was a good hour later when the two Pokemon and their little captive returned back to the rest of the group. Ike was still unconscious. In a clearing, deep in the forest, was where the rest of the Zangoose and Mightyena's "group" was nested. There, around a warm fire, awaited a Ninetales and a really impatient Lucario. Both female. Ninetales was the first to spot her two sisters and the boy, still being dragged.

"Look, sister! There they are! They've come back with our toy!" squealed the Ninetales happily as her tails began to wag.

"It's about time, those two slackers." Said the Lucario.

"We got him. It took us a while, but we got him. He's getting faster." Said Mightyena.

"Or maybe you're getting slower. Bring him over here." Said the Lucario.

"You're welcome." Snorted Zangoose as she laid the boy down in front of Lucario.

The Lucario stood above Ike with a face of irritancy. She began to growl silently as she stared daggers at the sleeping boy. "Hey, wake up. Wake up, boy... I SAID WAKE UP NOW!" screamed the blue dog.

Lucario kicked Ike sharply in his side, waking the boy up instantly. Ike howled in pain as his eyes shot wide open. Ike looked around in horror as he realized he had been captured yet again.

"Yay! He's awake! Now we can play with him again!" barked the Ninetales.

"Not yet, sister. First, I'm gonna teach this boy a lesson for running off again." Said Lucario, not taking her eyes off Ike. Ike said nothing, only looking down at his feet.

The Mightyena spoke up. "Oh, come on. Don't hit him again. Look, we brought him back here so--"

"WHO IS IN CHARGE HERE!" snarled the Lucario, showing her fangs to Mightyena. Mightyena backed down. "I AM IN CHARGE! I'M THE BOSS! IF I SAY THIS BOY NEEDS TO BE PUNISHED, THEN I'LL BEAT HIM UNTIL I PLEASE!"

No one said anything. They all knew not to cross Lucario. She was Alpha female. She had made that clear a long time ago. Lucario turned her attention back to Ike who was still looking at the ground.

"Get up, boy." Said Lucario. Ike moved not an inch.

"I SAID GET UP!" yelled Lucario as she kicked Ike in the chest. Ike fell backwards, wincing in pain. Lucario grabbed Ike by his dirty shirt and hoisted him to his feet. She began throwing a flurry of punches and kicks on Ike as he just stood there and took his beating. This was nothing new.

"WE GIVE YOU FOOD AND SHELTER AND YOU SHOW NO GRATITUDE! I WILL NOT BE DISRESPECTED BY SOME LOW HUMAN!" barked Lucario as she hit the boy on every word. Blood began to leak from Ike. He didn't ask for this life. Once he was a normal boy who had friends and went to school and just lived a happy life. But, one day, he got curious and went into the forest and he spotted a Lucario. That was two years ago...

But presently, Zangoose covered her eyes. She didn't like it when Lucario beat Ike. No one did. Lucario slammed Ike into a tree and got right in his face. They were about the same height, if Ike wasn't a bit taller.

"Now. You're gonna get on your knees and swallow what I give you." Said Lucario with a sneer on her face. Taking a mouthful of blood, Ike spat in Lucario's face. Everyone present looked on in horror, waiting for the inevitable. "Boy, you just damned yourself right to hell." Said Lucario as she began to wind up for one explosice punch. Ninetales, having enough of this, quickly reacted by grabbing Lucario's arm before she could connect with Ike. Lucario glared at her. Everyone else looked on in shock. Out of Lucario's three other 'sisters', Ninetales was the one who was least afraid of her.

"Stop this, sister. He's lost too much blood. If you hit him again, he's going to die!" Said Ninetales.

"Let her kill me! I don't want to live if it means being a sex prisoner to all of you foul Pokemon!" Said Ike finally. He had had enough of this life. Being a slave to these horny Pokemon for two years was not his plan.

"YOU ARE MY PROPERTY! I'LL DO WHAT I PLEASE WITH YOU! IF I TELL YOU TO SUCK MY PUSSY, YOU'LL DO SO UNTIL I CUM IN YOUR FACE!" yelled Lucario at Ike at the top of her lungs. The alpha female shoved Ninetales off of her and turned back to Ike.


Ike looked over to the Mightyena who had seen all of this take place. She had a look on her face that said, "Just do it and get it over with...".

Even though these four Pokemon raped Ike on a daily basis, out of all of them, Mightyena was at least the nicest rapist. If that was even possible.

Reluctantly, Ike slowly got on his knees as the Lucario grinned in victory. "That's right. Lick it. Lick it good." Said the Lucario with a hint of cruelty in her voice. Ike slowly began to lick the dog's pussy as she put a paw on his head. Lucario pressed her cunt deeper into Ike's face as the boy got a good whiff of her enticing scent. Small groans began to form from Lucario as she began to pant. Tears began to form in Ike's eyes as he continued to please the alpha female. He hated his life. He hated these Pokemon, especially this Lucario he was going down on. Every day was the same: Ike would wake up and eat the berries that one of the Pokemon would bring him. Then, they would take turns raping him, satisfying their horny, nymphomaniac desires for a little while. Then at night while everyone was sleeping, he would try to escape. He usually had a good 15 minutes head start. But they always caught him. Though, he was getting faster and more muscular. That's how it's been every day for two long years...

Lucario began to moan and shake. She threw her head back as Ike kept lapping his tongue in her furry cunt.

"OOOOOH! That's it! I'm gonna cum!"

Seconds later, she came. She screamed as her orgasm shook her, her juices spraying all over Ike's face. The juices mixed with his tears. After she recovered a bit, she looked back down at Ike.

"Now, drink it. Drink my juices and don't you miss a single drop." Demanded Lucario.

Ike obeyed and began to lick his face clean along with Lucario's dripping cunt. When he was finished, Ninetales advanced onto Ike. She began to push her nose at the boy's cock through his pants. Lucario glared at her.

"What do you think you're doing?" asked Lucario. Ninetales backed away a bit.

Ninetales answered nervously, "I...I was going with-"

"And WHO said I was done with him?" retorted Lucario coldly.

"Well...he just licked I-"

"I'm done when I SAY I'm done! Did I say 'I'm done'?"



Ninetales backed away towards the other two 'sisters'. Lucario turned back towards Ike who looked defeated.

"Now, take off your pants." Ike said nothing and slowly undid his pants and boxers, revealing Lucario's prize.

"I don't know why you're always so sad. You get to fuck the Alpha Female every day. You should be proud." Sneered Lucario as she began to fondle Ike's member until it was stiff. Ike tried his hardest not to moan, as it would give Lucario sick pleasure.

"Oh, yes. It's such an honor to have sex with a dog who couldn't find someone of her OWN species to mate with." Said Ike, enjoying what little mockery he could do.

"You watch your tongue boy." Growled Lucario as she violently shoved Ike to the ground on his back. Lucario sat atop Ike and positioned her entrance at his member. She then violently slammed down onto his cock and immediately began to bounce up and down. The sudden thrusts gave Ike more pain than pleasure, although he wouldn't consider getting raped a pleasure.

"Grab my hips." Demanded Lucario. Ike obeyed and put his hands on her rocking hips.

Ike began moaning and Lucario growled at him. "You better not cum early, boy!" threatened Lucario. Not wanting another beating, Ike tried his hardest to stay in control. The other three Pokemon watched in lust as they stared at Ike's cock as it entered and exited Lucario's cunt. Ike cursed himself for ever going into the forest that fateful day, two years ago. That Lucario had been so nice to him when he first met her. But that turned out to be a trap as he was knocked out cold by a sneaky Zangoose from behind...

Ike was brought back to reality as he heard and felt Lucario cum. She screamed out to Arceus as her insides squeezed at Ike, causing his own orgasm as well. Ike tried his very best not to cry out, but alas couldn't. It gave sick pleasure to Lucario to know that Ike enjoyed her. Ike cursed himself for not having self-control.

"Did you like that?" sneered Lucario.

"No." said Ike flatly. Lucario got off of Ike with a grin on her face and sat up against a tree next to the dimming fire.

Lucario signaled that she was satisfied and Ninetales happily advanced towards Ike.

"Ready for me, Ike?" said Ninetales playfully. From a mix of being exhausted from sex and having just been beaten within an inch of his life, Ike fainted. Ninetales cried in disappointment.

"Lucario always does this. She beats him, then she fucks him, then he passes out." Thought Zangoose with a look of irritancy. She looked over to see the cruel Lucario fast asleep on the tree. She looked back at Ike who was out cold on the ground.

"Well, I guess that's that. Can't be helped." Said Mightyena, going to sleep, knowing this would happen.

"At least we know he won't try and escape tonight." Said Zangoose.

"But...that isn't fair..." said Ninetales sadly. Zangoose walked over and put her arm around her sad sister.

"Don't worry, sister. Tomorrow is a new day..."

As the fire slowly went out.

((Please, give me feedback on what you thought of this. I'm hoping to make it go on for a long time. Also, I will be putting up another little booklet with the pics of the main characters, Ninetales, Mightyena, Zangoose, Lucario, and Ike, soon.))

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