Chapter 1: Justine Greiner

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: General Erotica  |  House: Booksiesilk Classic Group

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Justine Greiner reclined nude on the pile of pillows on the bed in her dorm room, with her hands on her waist she jutted out her breasts offering them to the man standing in front of her. Her creamy mounds heaved up and down in her excitement and fear. Slowly her legs parted, displaying the thick bush of her virgin pussy.  With her head held up proudly and with bold and demanding eyes she called to the man, "Please," she purred, "Take me now."




A few hours earlier the young girl was in the same room with three of her roommates.  They had pushed two of the dorms beds together and they all crowded on as they ceremoniously passed around a bottle of Champagne.  Justine took a swig and some wine spilled down onto her silk blouse. She giggled and wiped her mouth with the back of her hand.  “I guess it’s time,” she said meekly. 

Rhonda gulped down some wine and leaned over Justine, pushing her down onto the bed.  “Baby,” she said with a hungry grin, “It’s been long over due.  After tonight, no more virgin Justine.”  Rhoda reached down and Justine watched wide eyed as the buttons on the blouse were slowly undone.

Amy unzipped the closure on the side of Justine’s slacks and with Emma’s help tugged them off.  The three roommates looked down at Justine in white bra and panties.  Her large breasts were pouring out over the top of the bra and the sheer white panties did little to hide the thick bush of dark curls.

“Aren’t you a picture?” Rhoda gloated, licking her lips. She pulled her tee shirt off and her tiny breasts seemed to glow bright red.  Amy and Emma stripped off their tops and all three were fondling each other as they watched the reactions in Justine’s eyes.

“She better be a picture,” Amy giggled, “Considering her new job.” Justine pouted a little while the others chortled. She didn’t want to talk about the new job.

Justine’s hands had wandered down to her crotch and she ran her fingers lightly over the top of her panties.  That slight touch shot a spark and Justine’s lips parted in pleasure.  The three girls above her were kissing each other then Rhoda dropped down next to Justine. She lifted Justine up and released the clasp on her bra. Justine moaned as her breasts tumbled out. “Oh, baby, you look delicious.” Rhoda whispered before covering Justine’s mouth with hers.

Emma and Amy squeezed and rubbed Justine’s breasts until Rhoda’s face pushed their hands away. Justine lay back down as Rhoda and the other girls feasted on her nipples and her belly. She had no idea whose hands ripped her panties off but soon the mouths and tongues and hands of three women were exploring every inch of her.  Amy’s blonde head disappeared between Justine’s plump thighs and Emma and Rhoda each had a creamy breast to gorge on. Justine felt wave after wave of pleasure flood through her body.

Her voluptuous body arched as she writhed and twisted, giving herself completely to the three girls. But when Emma picked up the vibrator and turned it on Justine’s body stiffened. 

Instinctively she covered her breasts and bush for protection.  “I can’t do that!” she whined.  Rhoda just smiled.  “In a couple of hours you’re going to have my dad’s dick inside you so we need to loosen you up.”

The buzz of the vibrator filled the room and Justine squirmed but firm hands held her arms and legs. “No, please,” she sobbed but then the vibrator pierced her causing her to gasp.  The tip of the device was all that was in her but Rhoda expertly moved it around and the initial shock soon turned into an eagerness for more. Justine seemed to be struggling against the hands holding her down but she was really trying to lift herself up and into the vibrating machine. “Oh, that feels good,” she moaned. 

Rhoda chuckled, “Not so fast, little girl; you have to pace yourself.” The humming vibrator left her pussy and wandered as if on its own over Justine’s thighs and up her belly and between her breasts.Amy didn’t leave her pussy empty though; her mouth slurped up the hot juices already flowing out of Justine.

Justine was shaking with pleasure now as the vibrator journeyed back down and pressed over her pussy again. Rhoda inserted it slowly, pushing in and pulling out until she snapped.  Justine was a big girl and she flailed wildly, bucking into Rhoda’s hand as the older girl tried to hold onto the vibrator. Amy and Emma couldn’t hold her and Justine’s arms gripped the sheets as her head twisted back and forth.

“Oh god, oh god, that’s so good.” she screamed.

Amy pressed a hand over her mouth, “Shhh, you want the RA to hear you?”

Justine continued to moan with pleasure as each of the girls took turns with the vibrator.  By time they’d finished Justine was a quivering mass of erotic bliss.Finally the young girl relaxed, melting into the sheets with a satisfied look.  They all snuggled together and lovingly caressed each other.  Their pleasure was interrupted by a ringing telephone.  “Ohmigod, that’s my dad!” Rhoda shrieked.  She picked up the phone and spoke briefly.  Then she jumped out of bed and pulled on some clothes. “Get Justine dressed while I go meet him.”

The dorm was co-ed so it was not unusual for men to be in the lobby.  Rhoda’s dad attracted some attention though; he had an athletic build and a youthful face, but his thick gray hair and dark serious eyes showed that he was a man of experience.  He smiled when Rhoda came down and gave him a hug.  Ever since his divorce a year ago she’d been extremely affectionate and protective of him.  “Well, Rhoda, what was the big emergency that you wanted me for?”

“Well, Daddy,” Rhoda said taking his hand, “It’s going to take some explaining.  We better sit down.”  She led him to a couch away from everybody else.  She sat with her head close to his and spoke like a conspirator.

“Remember when you moved me up here in September and you met my roommates?  Well,” and her voice got even lower, “I couldn’t help but notice that you took quite a fancy to Justine.”

“Rhoda! For Christ’s sake!”

“Daddy, come on,” she whined, “It was soooo obvious.  And besides who could blame you; she’s gorgeous.  And what a body!”

“Rhoda, please,” he said exasperated.

“Besides, I know you haven’t been laid since Mom left you.”

The man was on his feet. “Are you out of your mind? How dare you talk to me this way?”

“Daddy, sit down.  This is important.”  Once he was settled she continued.  “Look Daddy, I’m worried about you.  You’re a good looking guy.” She held up her hand to prevent his interruption.  “The fact is, Justine took a real shine to you too.  She’s kept talking about you and asking about you.” Rhoda smiled, “She’s not the first girlfriend I had who wanted to jump on your bones.” Before he could object she got serious.  “But now something big has happened.  And something really good too.  It’s like a fairytale really.”


“Here’s the situation Daddy. Justine is leaving school.  Something really big has come up.  She’s going to Los Angeles and she’s going to be a model.”

“What does this have to do with me.”

“Daddy she’s going to be a model for Playboy magazine. She’s going to be Miss April or Miss May or whatever.”

“Rhoda, I’m not sure what to think.  Justine’s a lovely girl I admit.  I’m not sure I approve of her choice though. I certainly don’t approve of her leaving school.  But, more important, I simply can’t see what the emergency is ... Oh, I see, you want me to talk to her, talk her out...”

“Yes, Daddy, I want you to talk to her, but you’re not going to talk her out of it.  She’s leaving school tomorrow and you’re going to drive her to LA.”

“You want me to drive her halfway across the country?”

“Believe me, you’re going to love it.  There’s more though.  Daddy,” she said taking his hand, “I need you to listen and keep your mouth shut.  I know what’s best here.”

Rhoda took a deep breath and dove into her story.  “Justine’s going to LA and she’s going to be in Playboy and hanging out at parties and everything.  But the thing is, she’s still a virgin and... sit down and calm down!  And she doesn’t want to be, and she, well, we really, we decided that we could solve two problems at once.  You take care of her, and she takes care of you.” Rhoda knew how to gage her father’s fuming and she was already confident that he’d grant her wish. He needed one more little push. “You know,” she whispered, feigning embarrassment, “I want to fuck her myself.”

“Stop that!” he growled, indignation reddening his face. Rhoda pretended to be ashamed but she grinned inside, knowing that Justine was in for it now. Rhoda’s dad would fuck the shit out Justine just to punish her for making his daughter a dyke.

He sat quietly looking sternly at his daughter but his mind was elsewhere.He was thinking back to when they had moved Rhoda into the dorm.  It was a hot late summer day and when he met Justine she was wearing a tight tee shirt and tight cutoff jeans.  The shirt was tied in a knot revealing her flat belly. She kept looking at him with her large round eyes. The message on the tee shirt in bold letters read: Easy Pickings.

At one point during the chaos of the moving the two of them found themselves alone in Justine's room.  She was emptying a box; her legs were straight and she was bent at the waist with her plump ass high in the air.  The frayed fabric of the denim cutoffs could barely contain her juicy flesh.  Without thinking, he rested his hand right on her ass.  It felt so warm and plush and an electric charge sparked between the two.  Justine wriggled her bottom as she looked over her shoulder and smiled.  Just then somebody else entered the room and the two stood straight up and blushed.  Flustered, the man left the room and made sure he was not alone with her again that day.  But she had often haunted his dreams.

He must have been daydreaming because now Rhoda was shaking his arm, "Daddy, Daddy? Listen, Justine is waiting for you upstairs.  What do you say?"


When Rhoda went down to meet her dad Amy and Emma stayed behind to arrange the room and prepare Justine for her tryst.  They separated the beds and dimmed the lights.  They lit candles even though they were prohibited by college rules; but they were planning to violate more rules anyway.  They turned to Justine and dressed her in sheer white panties and a lacy see-through white blouse. Emma brushed her hair as Amy lovingly closed the tiny buttons.  When they were done they arranged Justine’s voluptuous body on a pile of pillows and quietly left the room.

Justine lay there alone, waiting anxiously.  She cupped her own breasts and breathed heavily, enjoying the feel of the full ripe flesh.  Her hands drifted down and she began to stroke the lips of her pussy through the fabric of her lingerie.  Her head sank back as her finger probed and found the spot that sent her flying and soon her hand was vibrating vigorously as her feet, flat on the sheets, glided up and down uncontrollably. Her head twisted back and forth and she bit her lip to keep from calling out. The pleasure seemed limitless but finally her hand stopped and rested as she fell into an erotic dream.

Still in her reverie she heard a deep masculine voice whisper her name, “Justine?”  Her eyes were closed as she turned her head to the sound and felt hot breath on the soft skin of her cheek. “Mmmmm,” she purred and snuggled closer to the warmth she sensed near. She was on her side and in her dream strong hands were tracing her ribs under her blouse. They came to her heaving breasts and engulfed them, letting two thumbs grind against the thick hard nipples.  Again she purred and brought her knees up to her waist; they brushed against the bare skin of two muscular legs.  “Mmmm,” she moaned as the warm body next to her filled her dream.  She jutted her chest forward into the hands massaging her nipples.  Her tongue darted out and moistened her lips and a hot mouth caressed hers and lightly brushed over her closed eyes.

In her dream Justine felt the fabric of her blouse tighten and she heard the pop of the first pearl flying off as the blouse was pulled open. The cool air of the room rushed against her milky skin and she sighed as she felt her body being bared. She rolled blissfully on her back and her creamy breasts spread out like two scoops of luscious ice cream; with her eyes still closed she felt a warm mouth melt the creamy flesh around her nipples; the same mouth covered her chest and face with kisses and greedily pushed into Justine’s soft, hungry lips.

The kiss was endless in the dream; Justine’s body writhed against the body over her and she moaned with pleasure; she gulped down the tongue and refused to give it up, snaking her tongue around it over and over.  When she released it she followed it back into his mouth and explored and tasted all of him, still twisting and wriggling her body in ecstasy.

The mouths separated but Justine found fingers in her mouth now as, in her dream, a hand caressed her bare flat belly. She sucked on the fingers happily until the strong hand moved down over the edge of her panties.  She stiffened and trembled as she waited anxiously for the hand to touch her deepest spots.

“Oh yeah, baby,” she murmured with satisfaction as the fingers traced the outline of her sex under the lingerie. She arched her back and in her dreamy state her eyes opened slightly.  Even though she was planning on it, the sight of Rhoda’s dad still startled her. She held her breath for a moment before speaking.  “You came,” she said in a hushed voice.

“Are you sure about this Justine?”

“I’ve been dreaming of you inside me every night,” she purred as she slipped the blouse off.

“I’ve been dreaming of you too.” He helped her slide the panties down her legs.  She kicked them away with a girlish giggle then looked at him soulfully. Her big brown eyes glanced down and saw his erect cock pointing at her. “Can I touch it?” she asked shyly.  He just nodded. Her fingers stretched out and slowly reached forward.  He groaned at the first spark of her touch. “When you put this in me I want you to feel good; tell me how to make you feel good.  Is this nice, when I touch it?”

The man couldn’t speak but the look of delight on his face was enough. They lay side by side kissing and fondling each other; Justine’s warm hand never left his shaft but she used her other hand to race up and down his body in excitement as his fingers gently parted her pussy lips and teased her clit. Each of her moans became deeper and longer. Her mouth would open wide and her eyes would close as sparks burst inside her.

She smiled and pushed her tongue all the way out she slowly licked his body from his face, down his chest and belly.  She looked up at him as she grasped his cock and held it near her lips.  “I’ve wanted to do this since I first saw you.” With a grin and a gulp she swallowed his shaft.  She slurped along its length and then slipped it out.  She stretched out her tongue and wrapped it around the cock and licked and nibbled. He struggled to contain himself and when she saw the tip throbbing and about to burst she gulped him down again and swallowed his juices as he streamed into her mouth.

She kept sucking, refusing to be satisfied until his mouth dove down onto her bush and licked at her lips.

She yelped with pleasure and arched into his face, feeding her juicy body to him. She came quickly than locked her thighs over his head and came again in a series of frenzied torrents. When she was finally satisfied she crawled forward and arranged herself on the bed seductively.  He stood up to shake himself and to take in the beauty of the gorgeous body spread out before him.

Justine  reclined nude on the pile of pillows; with her hands on her waist she jutted out her breasts offering them to his hungry mouth. Her creamy mounds heaved up and down in her excitement and fear. Slowly her legs parted, displaying the thick bush of her virgin pussy.  With her head held up proudly and with bold and demanding eyes she called to the man, "Please," she purred, "Take me now."

Her panting breath was quick and shallow as he climbed back on the bed next to her. She turned her body towards his and both of them took hold of his shaft.

Both of them watched in awe as the tip disappeared between her swelling lips. “I want you in me; I love this in me.” She shifted her body into his, slowly impaling herself on his shaft. She looked at him with eager desire until the shaft reached one of her many hot spots; the cock touched something inside her and sent a lighting bolt up her spine.  Justine’s eyes clenched tight and her mouth formed a wide O.  Fearing that he hurt her he leaned back but she thrust her hips into him. “No, no,” she begged, “Give me all of it.” He slipped his arms around her and held her soft shoulders as he pushed in.

“Oooohhhhh,” she moaned as the cock buried itself in her heavenly delights. “Yeaahhhhh,” she cooed as he slid back.  Each time he pulled out her sheath tightened around him; each time he pushed in she gushed her juices around him and melted his body into hers.

Side by side they danced against each other.  Inch by inch he conquered that voluptuous body. He pushed in and she moaned and purred; he pulled out and she sobbed with pleasure.  In and out he pumped into that delicious flesh.

“Come here, baby,” she moaned as she rolled onto her back.  She squeezed her breasts together and locked her legs around him.  “I want you deep in me; really do me now.” Her hips jammed up into him and she set a faster pace, even as her pussy clenched his cock tighter and tighter like a velvet fist.  Her nipples swelled and her breathing was deep and moist in his ear. Deeper and deeper he sank into her plump and tasty body.

“Yeah, come on, baby, yeah, oh yeah, deep, so deep, so hard, oh yeah...Oh, oooh, oh god,” she moaned as her body thrashed and writhed in a massive orgasm. This bliss was only the overture for even more delight as she wrapped around him tighter.

In and out of her sweet honey he dipped and plunged.  “Come for me baby,” she pleaded, “Come deep in me baby, so deep.” And she felt a spark and then the electric charge of his seed filling her.  She let loose and every cell of her body glowed with lustful energy as spine-tingling lighting bolts exploded inside her.  Her hands were scratching and clawing and her legs squeezed tighter and tighter.  Suddenly as a colossal bolt of his seed filled her she seemed to jolt and lift off the bed for a moment, then the pleasure shifted from a brutal explosion to a soft dream.  She came again and again, drifting off to sleep even as he continued to pump into her.

She woke late in the night and her mind wandered over the events of the day and the path to her future. The man snored next to her; she imaged a camera photographing her nude body and she imagined Clint Eastwood seeing those photos and coming to the Mansion to ravish her body. She smiled to herself, ready to be a playmate.

Submitted: September 29, 2013

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