Jill Taylor

Jill Taylor

Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Jill Taylor was Playboy magazine's Playmate of the Month for is January 1970 issue. She was a real California girl and while stunningly beautiful she had an exuberant girl next door vibe too.


Jill Taylor was Playboy magazine's Playmate of the Month for is January 1970 issue. She was a real California girl and while stunningly beautiful she had an exuberant girl next door vibe too.

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Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: June 04, 2013



On the day her centerfold was hitting newsstands and being delivered to subscribers all over the world the gorgeous young playmate was home in bed. As the sun rose slowly promising one of those cool, crisp, bright California Decembers, Jill Taylor lightly awakened from her slumber. With the sun beating against the curtain and throwing a delicate pattern on her bedroom wall, she lazily stretched beneath her warm sheets and smiled to herself.


Just before waking, she had been enjoying a recurring dream, recurring a lot recently – an erotic and enjoyable reverie in which she and Mr. Ackroyd were making mad, passionate love in her bed. As always, just as he was ready to penetrate her, she had awakened, feeling somewhat frustrated. That memory turned her smile to a pout and, as seemed to happen often lately, she rather wished she wasn’t so shy and wasn’t so obsessed with her neighbor. Lately, it seemed, in quiet moments she thought about nothing but sex.


None of Jill’s friends had remained virgins and they seemed to enjoy her discomfort as they regaled her with tales of their sexual escapades. Half of those tales, she believed, were bullshit, but, with no experience of her own to go by, she couldn’t really dismiss them outright. Still, she felt that her lover, at least the lover in her dreams could outdo any of the young studs her girlfriends giggled about.


She blushed now, feeling like a silly school girl as she thought about her crush. Mr. Ackroyd had moved next store a few months ago. Jill didn’t notice him much until summer vacation. But when she did she fell hard.  She had been sitting in her bedroom combing her long straight hair when she felt a pair of eyes on her. She studied her mirror carefully and in the reflection she could see the glow of a cigarette in the upstairs bedroom across from her window.  She suddenly realized that he had been watching her for a while.


She stared at the reflection of the glowing amber, unsure of what to do. She could watch his slow, steady breathing as the red tip of the cigarette glowed and faded then glowed again. The rhythm was easy, unhurried, and sensual; for the first time in her life Jill felt a tingling as if a man was slowly pumping into her sex. But what frightened her was the feeling that she was caught in a net. She had the urge to turn around and drop her robe and brazenly reveal her perfect body.  This urge scared her and she shot out her hand to turn out her light. Still the amber glowed as she sat in the dark and she watched until she fell asleep under his erotic gaze.


Hours later she saw her door slowly open and a dark figure slipped silent as an assassin into her room. She felt his warm moist breath and smelled the residue of cigarette smoke as he leaned over her. His hand closed over her mouth before she could scream and his other hand pushed under her nightgown.


His hands were rough and calloused; they shoved her thighs apart and suddenly his cock was hovering over her virgin sex and she screamed out a muffled protest as the huge beast rammed into her.


The scream woke her. She sat up and blinked in wonder. She felt a dewiness between her legs and was surprised to see her own hand pressed against her sex. She struggled for a long time trying to get back to sleep, seeking that dream again.


In the morning she woke and checked Mr. Ackroyd’s window, hoping he’d be there. His room was dark and shadowy and she wasn’t certain. Still she hoped. She strolled around the room letting her robe fall open in the chance she might be giving him a view of her full and firm teenage breasts. All her friends were jealous of Jill’s juicy 37-23-36 figure but this was the first time she was proud of her sexy shape and she hoped it was having the desired effect on her neighbor; she hoped he was watching. 


The next day she sat at her window and watched him mow his lawn.  In the heat he had peeled off his shirt and his muscles gleamed in the sunlight. She caught his glance up to her window and she ducked behind her curtain, but that night she was even more bold as she walked around her room nude, watching for that cigarette’s glow again. But the room next store remained a dark void.


She ran into him at the grocery store and waved to him, giving him a sweet smile. The smile spread into a grin as she saw him blush and stare down at his cart. He disappeared down an aisle and Jill did not see him again that day. But that night he ravished her body, tearing her sheets to make bonds to tie her down so he could have his way with her virgin body. Jill woke in the morning with her sheets twisted in her hands and her sex throbbing with desire to be filled finally.


Later that day he was sitting on his porch and she waved to him as she walked past his house. Again he averted his eyes and disappeared into the shadows.


The rules of the game were set now; everyday they would exchange quick glances whenever they passed each other and every night Jill would try to entice him with a display of her virgin body. 


And every night she slept and dreamed, spreading her shapely legs to receive him; she felt she was deeply in love with him. Enough so that she thought she could now give herself completely to a man. Sure, in the past, she had enjoyed passionate embraces and her share of fumbled gropes, but each encounter ended the same, like a few nights ago as she and a boy she had known from school had made out in his car-- he had undone her jeans and pleasured her pussy. She shivered with delight at his touch but then flashed on an image of Mr. Ackroyd. She pulled the boy’s hand out of her pants and demanded to be taken home. That night she furiously fondled her sex, imagining it was Mr. Ackroyd taking her.


After about a week of this cat and mouse game Jill looked over at his window; she was ready to strut and vamp for him but his shade was drawn and it remained that way from then on. Jill pouted fetchingly and tried to pleasure herself with her own hand but she could only gaze at that closed shade in frustration.


Trying to see him was an obsession now but days went by before she saw her quarry again.  She was at the grocery once more and there he was in line. Drawing on all her courage she walked right up to him. “Hello, Mr. Ackroyd,” she said sweetly.


“Hello, Jill,” he said, then he turned to the cashier and paid. He swept his grocery bags into his arms and gave her a solemn nod before he abruptly turned and left. The pretty young girl almost burst into song, thrilled that he knew her name.


And now, lying in her bed with her silk sheets around her body, she thought back to that moment and realized her nipples were hardening with excitement once again. She had recently taken to sleeping naked, to further enjoy the cool feel of the silk against her skin. Thinking of Mr. Ackroyd’s body as she had seen him several times working shirtless in his yard, she took the sheet in her hands and began to pull it gently across her breasts. She sighed deeply as the silk caressed her nipples, and she realized her pussy was becoming wet with anticipation. Thinking of Mr. Ackroyd, her blue eyes sparkled as she ran a hand down her belly. As she spread her legs, she slipped a long slender finger deep inside.


Across the yard, Mr. Ackroyd was dealing with his own sense of frustration. He had awakened while dreaming of Jill; awakened with a raging hard-on once again. Mr. Ackroyd had had his share of women, but there was something about Jill that really turned him on. He found himself thinking about her all the time and he was aching to make love to her. He badly wanted to hold her body close, feel her large firm breasts pressed against him, smell her blonde hair and look into those sexy eyes. Like Jill, Mr. Ackroyd had images imprinted in his mind; he could close his eyes and watch her strut sensuously around her bedroom. Since that first night when he noticed her brushing her hair he had avoided seeing her; he kept his shade drawn against temptation but still her soft body danced through his skull and the warm glow of her skin drove him to lust.


At the moment, though, Mr. Ackroyd was in the shower, his long thick penis in hand, stroking away his sexual frustration. He had lathered himself up with plenty of soap and, as the water rinsed away the fragrant soap, he thought of Jill while he stroked.


The next afternoon brought another adventure for the young girl.  She had stopped at her mailbox when she came home that afternoon and found some of Mr. Ackroyd’s mail mixed in with her family’s. Along with the bills was a magazine wrapped in green paper.  The return address was just PB, Inc., 919 North Michigan Avenue, Chicago, Illinois. Something about this magazine seemed magical, even in the nondescript green wrapper, and she really couldn’t help herself as she slid it out of the wrapper.


Jill was stunned to see the Playboy logo appear and she shoved it back into the green wrapper before she could see any more. She had heard about Playboy but she’d never seen it before.  She pushed the mail into his slot and rushed home, frightened by the thoughts and images filling her brain.


For the rest of the day Jill was pouty and nervous; she went to bed early and tossed and turned trying to sleep. Suddenly she sat up in bed and yelped with joy as an epiphany came to her. Like a happy child she clapped her hands together with glee. She knew exactly what she was going to do.  She fell asleep giggling with delight and when he burst into her room he tossed away the sheet and pulled her legs up against his chest. Supporting herself on her shoulders, she arched her back and lifted her ass up to receive him. His cock plunged into her pussy and he hammered her through the night until the dream melted into the morning sun.


Everybody noticed a change in the pretty young girl now; she was blissfully happy and serene and often seemed to be daydreaming. What they didn’t know was that she had cooked up a plan to make sure that Mr. Ackroyd would finally take notice of her and allow himself to break the silence between them. 


She had sent some pictures of herself to Playboy and now a couple of months after her eighteenth birthday she was going to appear as Miss January 1970.


In Jill’s neighborhood, the mailman came late in the day.  Since she had learned about Mr. Ackroyd’s subscription to Playboy she made a point of discovering what day the January issue would arrive at his house. Today was the big day at last.


At 6:30 p.m. sharp, Mr. Ackroyd got home from work.  Jill watched out her window as he emptied his mailbox and pulled out some letters and the green wrapped magazine.  Earlier in the day she had put a note in the box: Dear Mr. Ackroyd, (she wrote) This is your neighbor Jill Taylor. Please open your mail right away.  If you like what you see, I’ll be waiting. xxxxx Jill. P.S. the x’s are kisses. xxx J. A lump went to Jill’s throat as she imagined him opening her centerfold.


Perhaps her plan didn’t quite work the way she wanted though; about ten minutes after collecting his mail Mr. Ackroyd was crossing his yard with an angry look on his face.  Jill panicked for a second and hid behind her door as he pounded it; she was alone in the house expecting his visit but she was surprised by his rage. Taking a deep breath she finally opened it a crack. He could see her eyes flashing in the darkness of the room.


“What the hell is this?” he hissed but already her innocent gaze was melting him.


“I thought you’d like it,” the pretty girl whinned.


“What are you talking about?”


Jill could already sense him softening; she opened the door a little more letting more light fall on her blushing face and delightful curves. She wore a low cut dress which revealed plenty of her lovely firm breasts. “Well, don’t you think the pictures look good?” She instinctively used her womanly wiles to continue her seduction.


Mr. Ackroyd stood silent for a minute then slowly shook his head in disbelief. Jill noticed his eyes staring at her luscious cleavage. “This is insane,” he muttered.


“I just wanted to please you,” she said softly.  She opened the door widely and stepped aside as an invitation but he stood firmly in place.


“This is insane,” he repeated. “You’re my neighbor. You’re underage…”


“I’m eighteen now,” she interrupted a little petulantly. She smiled slightly as his eyebrows arched in surprise.


But still he stood his ground, struggling against the urge to push her down onto the floor and rip her panties off. “This is ridiculous; I am not going to get involved…”


She looked at him forlornly and touched his arm. “Please,” she said softly. “Come in for something to drink.”


He pulled his arm away abruptly. “No way am I going to go into your house and be alone with you.”


A tear glistened in Jill’s eye. “Please, I just want to get to know you better.”


The conversation continued that way for a few minutes. The longer he stood there the more he felt himself being ensnared in her seductive web. Finally, in order to escape before he did something foolish, he agreed to take her out to a movie the next night.


Jill was on cloud nine all day. She had convinced her family to go away for a few days to leave her to deal with the fallout from her playmate appearance. She kept the phone off the hook and anxiously counted the hours until her date.


The next evening he made his way to Jill’s door and knocked, then was surprised when she pulled it open almost immediately.


“You’re here!” she squealed as she wrapped her arms around his neck and pulled him close. He could not resist of course; he was drawn into her impossibly sexy vortex. As they kissed, Jill pushed against him with the full length of her body and Mr. Ackroyd felt an immediate stirring in his crotch as he squeezed her. Jill squirmed with pleasure as his arms engulfed her; she was almost afraid to believe her fantasy was becoming real.


He broke the kiss and held her at arms length and Jill could tell he liked what he saw. She looked just like the first page of her centerfold spread with a form-fitting pink halter top and shorts, her honey blonde hair brushed to one side and her eyes sparkling. Even her freckles looked sexy.



She could sense a change in his attitude; he seemed more relaxed, even aggressive as he took in her irresistible body.  He had changed.  He spent the previous night gazing at her centerfold and he was quickly becoming hypnotized by her beauty. Snapping himself out of his reverie he called his brother and described the situation.


“Holy shit!” his brother screamed into the phone, “You gotta do her.”


“I don’t know, Frank. Marie…”


“Forget Marie, Reg. You’ve been divorced for a year. She took you to the cleaners and now your luck is turning.”


“She’s just eighteen, Frank.  She’s my neighbor.”


“She’s a playmate. She wants you. She lives next door—so what.  Means you can do her anytime you want.”


“Frank, I don’t like the…”


“Reg, she’s a playmate. She’s hot for your body. It is your patriotic duty to fuck her.”


Reg Ackroyd spent the night dreaming of Jill’s lips on his cock.


Now she was standing before him ready for action. “You look great. Let’s go.”


Jill let out a soft sigh of satisfaction as she slipped her arms into his and let him escort her to his car.


The movie was Midnight Cowboy. Mr. Ackroyd had heard that it was a steamy flick and he hoped Jill would be aroused by its erotic imagery. Popcorn and Cokes in hand, they settled in at the rear of the nearly empty theatre and settled back to enjoy.  Jill snuggled against him as the lights darkened and they held hands through the previews, ignoring their snacks.


The film turned out to be a downer but there were several interesting sex scenes. As they came on, Mr. Ackroyd couldn’t help but notice that Jill was rather squirmy in her seat as she watched.


The movie progressed; Mr. Ackroyd found Jill squeezing his hand tighter. As the pair on-screen tore at each other’s clothes and fucked over the tiles of a Scrabble game, Jill let out a nearly silent “wow” when she saw the pleasure in the actress’s face. She leaned to rest her head on Mr. Ackroyd’ shoulder and he felt the stirrings of a hard-on as he watched the action.


Mr. Ackroyd turned to kiss Jill and she met his lips hungrily, mouth open, probing with her tongue. She put a hand behind his head to pull him close as he reached to touch the skin of her bare belly. Jill started a little as he ran his fingers over her belly, which quickly became goosebumpy from his touch. As they continued to explore each other’s mouths, Mr. Ackroyd eased his fingers under the stretchy material of Jill’s halter top to cup a breast in his hand. As he found her nipple hardening, Jill plunged her tongue deep into his mouth and reached to put her arms around him. Although things were awkward with the armrest between them, Mr. Ackroyd fondled Jill’s breasts as she kissed him fiercely.


As Mr. Ackroyd enjoyed the feeling of Jill’s nipples firming up to his touch, she ran a hand down his chest and under his shirt. As she touched his belly and felt his belly button, Mr. Ackroyd felt his penis stiffen more. As she ran her fingers over his chest and touched his nipples, he hardened to his full length, his penis pushing uncomfortably against his pants. He was glad nobody was sitting near them.


Now it was an aroused Mr. Ackroyd who was squirming in his seat. As the light of the movie flickered over them, Mr. Ackroyd moved his hand from Jill’s breast to touch the inside of a silky smooth thigh. As he did, Jill stopped kissing him and pulled away a little to look into his eyes. As she looked at him, she invitingly spread her legs further; Mr. Ackroyd moved his fingers to her crotch and touched her through the fabric. As he did so, Jill closed her eyes and tilted her head back in pleasure.


But just as Mr. Ackroyd was thinking, all right, she took his hand and moved it back to her breasts. He was a little disappointed, and more than a little horny, but he didn’t want to turn her off. His spirits lifted quickly, though, when he realized that, as he touched her breast again, Jill was looking at his crotch. Mr. Ackroyd quit fondling her and spread his legs apart, so his penis pushed hard against his pants. “Go ahead,” he whispered. As Jill looked into his eyes once again, she tentatively reached to put her hand on Mr. Ackroyd’ pants, feeling the stiff penis beneath. “Mmmm,” he moaned a little, hoping to encourage her. It seemed to work, as Jill began to rub him and feel with her fingers.


But then, in a classic case of bad timing, the film ended and the credits began to roll. As the handful of people in the theatre began getting up to leave, Jill quickly removed her hand from Mr. Ackroyd’ crotch and he from beneath her halter top. “Damn,” he whispered, “I was really enjoying that. Too bad you had to stop.”


“I know,” she whispered back. “You felt wonderful.” She kissed him again. “Want to leave now?”


Still hard, Mr. Ackroyd chuckled. “I can’t go yet, babe. Gotta wait ‘til this goes down.” Jill also laughed as Mr. Ackroyd turned in his seat so nobody could see him from the aisle as the lights went up.


As they left the theatre hand in hand, Jill couldn’t help but feel disappointed. She had wanted him so bad and it had been the first time she touched him. Still, she felt they had made some progress toward sex. He had seemed more open to herand the fact he had spread his legs so she could touch his crotch, well…


The ride back to Jill’s was a quiet one. Mr. Ackroyd was feeling a little disappointed and a little frustrated, while Jill was quietly dealing with feelings she was unused to. When Mr. Ackroyd had touched her crotch in the theatre, she could feel herself getting wet and didn’t want to embarrass herself by having something show on her white shorts. She could feel Mr. Ackroyd’ disappointment when she moved his hand away, but… And when she had touched his penis through his pants, she was a little surprised at how solid he had felt. She had also been deeply surprised, and a little embarrassed, at the hot feeling that had flashed through her as she touched him. There was little doubt now, she realized, that she wanted Mr. Ackroyd to be her first man – as unsettling a thought as that was.


Hand in hand, the couple walked from the car to Jill’s  door. As she dug in her purse for her key, Mr. Ackroyd wrapped his arms around her from behind and kissed the back of her neck, nuzzling her sweet scented hair over her shoulders. As she turned the key, she squirmed around in his arms to kiss him. In a tight embrace, the pair nearly tumbled into the house when the door opened. Both laughed and Jill pushed Mr. Ackroyd away as she flipped on a hallway light. “Have a seat, I’ll get us a beer.”


“Sounds good,” said Mr. Ackroyd, who eyed Jill’s tight rear as she walked to the kitchen. He noticed a fire set up and he lit it; the flames jumped up quickly adding a sensuous glow to the room. Sitting on a loveseat, Mr. Ackroyd again felt stirrings in his crotch.


“Here you go,” said Jill, sitting a cold beer on the coffee table in front of the loveseat. Jill opened a bottle herself and perched on the seat as well.


“Thanks,” said Mr. Ackroyd, picking up the beer. Both took a sip and set their bottles back on the table.


As she did, Jill moved closer and kissed Mr. Ackroyd once again. “Thanks for taking me to the movie, I really enjoyed it.”


He kissed her back. “You’re very welcome. I thought it was great, especially the hot and heavy scenes. I didn’t care for some of the depressing parts. The other stuff though, wow…”


“Yes,” said Jill, blushing slightly. Those scenes were really… something.”


“Yeah, they were,” he said, and moved closer to kiss her again. Jill kissed him deeply back, her mouth open, her tongue wet and slippery. Looking into her eyes, Mr. Ackroyd gently touched her face, then ran his fingers down an arm. “I really got turned on back there.” As he whispered to her, Mr. Ackroyd continued running his fingers over the skin of her arm. He then took her hand and kissed the back of it before kissing the tips of her fingers, each one in turn. After kissing each finger, he gently sucked on her thumb, then licked the tips of her fingers. Eyes closed, Jill leaned back into the soft material of the loveseat, enjoying the sensation.


Encouraged, and aroused by the look on her face, Mr. Ackroyd kissed the inside of her wrist, then slowly worked his way along her arm. “And I loved the way you touched me,” he whispered. He kissed along her arm to the inside of her elbow and planted several kisses on the warm skin there.


“Yes,” she whispered, and kissed his cheek. She shivered as her kissed her arm once again and moved even closer on the loveseat.


Kissing his way to her shoulder, Mr. Ackroyd noticed her nipples had hardened, to show through the light material of her halter top. He gulped a little, then moved to place his hand over a breast. Jill shivered once again, but pressed against his hand. Through the thin cloth, he touched her nipple, which caused her to arch her back. As she opened her eyes to look into his, he kissed her again.


Jill had never felt anything like the feelings that now coursed through her body. She felt warm all over, her face was flushed, her pussy was feeling wet and within; well, within, she felt an incredibly strong desire for this man. Still looking into Mr. Ackroyd’ eyes, she pushed away a little and removed his hand from her breast. A quick look of disappointment flashed through his eyes. The look disappeared, though, as she began to unbutton his shirt. Mr. Ackroyd now had one arm on the back of the loveseat and the other in his lap as she worked her way down his buttons. Mr. Ackroyd was now hard in his pants, enjoying her soft touch as she undid the buttons. With the last closure undone, she ran her hands over the smooth skin of his chest and touched his nipples. Mr. Ackroyd took off his shirt and tossed it to the floor. Looking into each other’s eyes, she ran her hands over him, enjoying his smooth skin, his well muscled arms and shoulders, his flat stomach. Now it was Mr. Ackroyd’ turn to give an involuntary shiver.


Now very turned on, he looked at her, then moved to touch her halter top. “Do you mind?” he whispered very quietly.


Jill stopped touching him, then looked into his eyes. “Please,” she whispered, barely audibly. As Mr. Ackroyd gripped the material more firmly, he eased it up her body as she raised her arms over her head. The feel of the material pulling across her nipples caused her to shiver again and, as he lifted her top over her arms, she felt her skin both cooled and hot at the same time. As she lowered her arms, Mr. Ackroyd could only feast his eyes on her full, firm breasts and erect nipples. Her creamy skin was highlighted by the tanned skin surrounding them. In every way, Jill’s breasts were perfect, and to see them before him instead of in a photo was overwhelming.


Seeing Mr. Ackroyd eyeing her, and feeling a little embarrassed by her nudity, Jill moved to cover herself with her arms. He took her hands, though, and stopped her. “Please don’t. You are absolutely beautiful.” Noticing the goosebumps on her breasts, Mr. Ackroyd whispered, “don’t move,” and got up and stirred the fire. As he settled back on the loveseat, he took Jill in his arms and pulled her tightly against him. With her breasts pressing against his chest and the warm air of the fireplace now flowing over them, he felt in heaven. They sat for some moments, embracing as they ran their hands over each other’s back and neck.


Mr. Ackroyd now felt, though, that it was time to take charge. Believing Jill was ready for her first time, he slid out of her arms and off the loveseat to the floor. Jill turned to face him and, as he kneeled in front of her, he again marveled at the beauty of her breasts; full and perfectly symmetrical, nipples fully erect. He also noticed that her breathing had quickened, which made her breasts rise and fall more quickly. Incredibly turned on, he placed his hands on her knees and gently forced her legs apart. She resisted a little, but then relaxed and allowed him to spread them.


A quick flash of uncertainty disappeared as she looked at Mr. Ackroyd’ bare chest, then to the bulge in his pants. She now knew absolutely that she was ready for her first time. If he wanted her, she thought, she was his. Mr. Ackroyd crawled forward slightly on his knees, between her legs, as she sat on the edge of the seat and put her arms around him, pressing her breasts to his face.


On his knees between her legs, Mr. Ackroyd breathed in Jill’s scent and placed his hands on her thighs. Without thinking, she wrapped her legs around his as he stroked her thighs. Jill’s pussy was very wet now and she enjoyed the feeling and wondered at her need to have Mr. Ackroyd inside her. Mr. Ackroyd pulled away slightly and, with Jill’s breasts in front of him, gently licked her nipples, alternating between them as she placed her hands on his shoulders. As he began sucking her nipples, waves of desire shot through Jill’s body and she threw her head back in enjoyment as Mr. Ackroyd touched her through her shorts. “Oh, God, Mr. Ackroyd,” she breathed as he both sucked a nipple and ran his fingers over her pubic mound.


“Lie back now,” he whispered. “Relax and enjoy.” As she lay back on the loveseat, resting her head on its back, Mr. Ackroyd leaned forward to again take a nipple in his mouth. As he did so, he pressed his hard-on against her mound and gently ground against her. Jill’s panties were now soaked and she held his face in her hands, luxuriating in his tongue’s attention.


For his part, Mr. Ackroyd could feel his weapon loading in his boxers as he knelt before her. His full nine inches of penis was now very uncomfortable, trapped, as it were, in his pants, begging to be released. Now flushed with desire, he whispered in her ear, “Jill, baby, I want you so bad. You’re so beautiful, you’re body is so incredible and you’re turning me on like you wouldn’t believe.”


Thrilled by the words, Jill responded by pressing her crotch against him. “I want you too, Mr. Ackroyd. I really want you. I need you. Fuck me. Please.”


Mr. Ackroyd needed no further encouragement. Settling back on his haunches, he again moved his fingers over her mound, feeling the wetness. He undid the button of her shorts, then pulled down the zipper. He moved away from her a little and pushed her legs almost closed. “Lift your rear up.” As she did, Mr. Ackroyd pulled her shorts and pink panties down her long legs toward him, finally sliding them off over her feet. Looking at her now completely naked body, Mr. Ackroyd could only murmur a quiet “wow” as he ran his eyes over her.


Jill looked at him as he took in the curves of her body, her breasts, her flat belly, the way tan lines framed her breasts and groin and said, “Take off your pants Mr. Ackroyd. I want to see you too.” He moved her legs apart once again and, in the dim light of the fireplace, looked at the folds of her glistening pussy, the trimmed patch of auburn hair above it. Up on his knees again, Jill couldn’t take her eyes off him as he undid the button on his pants, then unzipped the fly. She could see his bulge in the firelight and felt the urge to see his manhood exposed. As Mr. Ackroyd slid his pants and boxers down, his thick penis flopped out before her. She took in the engorged head protruding from his foreskin and his thick shaft, which stood out proudly from the dark pubic hair. As the firelight played over him, she thought she’d never seen anything so beautiful.


Still between her legs, Mr. Ackroyd pulled her ass to the edge of the loveseat, then got on his hands before her. Eyeing the dimly lit soft folds before him, he ached to taste her. He moved closer to gently run the tip of his tongue over her, tasting her wetness. As he did, Jill moaned with pleasure.


“God, baby, you look like a beautiful orchid.” He licked her again. “Really, your pussy looks like a flower, with lovely petals;I’ve got to have it.” He kissed her clit, sending a shock through Jill’s body. Pushing his tongue between her wet lips, he let her flavor linger on his tongue. “God, babe, you taste like a fine nectar.” Jill squirmed and moaned as he continued to kiss and run his tongue over her. As he moved his fingers through her pubic hair, he pushed his tongue as deep inside her as he could.


Jill moaned loudly and, with her feet firmly on the floor, pushed against Mr. Ackroyd’ mouth, wanting more of his wonderful tongue. She placed her hands on his head, twining her fingers in his black hair and pulled him into her as she writhed with pleasure. “Oh my God, that feels so good. Mmmmm.” As he continued to pleasure her pussy, Jill fell back on the loveseat, letting her lust flow over her.


As she began moving rhythmically against his face, Mr. Ackroyd realized Jill was really into it and might be approaching orgasm. He would have enjoyed her coming on his face, but he badly wanted to fuck her, to be deep inside her body, to push his penis as deep as he possibly could into her. As much as he was enjoying the taste of her pussy, though, he pulled away and rose onto his knees between her legs. Jill opened her eyes, which had been closed tightly in bliss, and looked at him. “What’s wrong?”


“Nothing. Nothing’s wrong, but I really want to be inside you baby. Are you ready for that?”


Jill looked at his thick, erect manhood with a glistening drop of juice on the head and knew she wanted him inside her. As she gazed at him, she could feel him pushing into her, deep into her… “Yes. Yes, I want you. Fuck me, Mr. Ackroyd. Fuck me.”


“All right. Just hang on.” Mr. Ackroyd quickly reached to his pants and pulled out his wallet. From within, he pulled out a condom, ripped the foil wrapper with his teeth and pulled it out. As Jill watched, he slipped the rubber over his head, then rolled it down his shaft. Jill giggled as she watched him install it, still enthralled with his size. Now safe, Mr. Ackroyd moved on his knees toward her once again. He reached under her ass and pulled her toward him, so she rested on the edge of the loveseat. Jill watched as Mr. Ackroyd took his penis in hand, then pushed the head against her lips. Feeling his warmth against her, she gulped as Mr. Ackroyd spread her legs wider, to open for him.


As Jill watched his penis poised at her pussy, Mr. Ackroyd gently pushed into her. Knowing he was big for a virgin, he didn’t want to hurt her and ruin her first time, although it was hard to move slowly, he was so aroused. As he continued to push inside her, Jill moaned with pleasure as she felt him stretch her. Many feelings ran through her - he felt so hard, yet soft, so hot, so long, so thick… He felt so big, she was surprised he could fit into her as easily as he was.


Suddenly a red comet smashed into her brain as the tip of his shaft hit the gates of her virginity. He paused and let the poor girl writhe for a moment, then he pulled back slightly. Her eyes were wide and her breathing frantic; she looked down at te huge beast already halfway inside her. Without warning he thrust forward and smashed the gates down.


Jill kicked and screamed, her arms and hair thrashing as she felt the beast devour her innocence. He was all the way in her, the curls of her bush tickling his balls. He remained still, letting the heat of his shaft warm and sooth the pretty young girl and soon she was overwhelmed by the bliss of her sex filled with his weapon.


She hugged her breasts as Mr. Ackroyd stopped, deep inside her, and she couldn’t take her eyes away from the sight of him deep inside her. She had never thought it could feel this good.


“You okay?” Mr. Ackroyd whispered. He was surprised he had gone full length. Jill was tight, but so wet, that he felt he had slipped in easily.


“Oh, yes. That’s wonderful, Mr. Ackroyd.”


As she now looked into his eyes, Mr. Ackroyd pulled slowly out, then pushed back inside her. As Jill continued to hug her breasts, she looked him in the eyes. She closed them when he pushed in again, and moaned lightly. Mr. Ackroyd then began a slow, steady rhythm, pushing full length into her, then slowly out. As he moved his eyes over her body, her face, he couldn’t believe he was finally making love to her, couldn’t believe how exquisite she felt as he had entered her. Jill’s eyes were now closed and Mr. Ackroyd kept up a steady rhythm, in and out, in and out. Gently, enjoying the feeling of being inside her.


Jill again wrapped her legs around Mr. Ackroyd and opened her eyes once again to watch. As he gently fucked her, she could feel the beginnings of an orgasm building and moaned more loudly. Mr. Ackroyd could feel her tight pussy getting tighter as she clenched him and he knew she was nearing an orgasm. “Can I go faster, babe?”


“Mmmhmm,” was all Jill could manage, so enraptured was she now. As Mr. Ackroyd sped up, she closed her eyes, the better to feel him pumping into her. He was going full length now, more quickly, enjoying the motion of her breasts, her tightness and the smell of sex which now permeated the air.


After several more moments, Jill was moaning loudly, breathing more rapidly and Mr. Ackroyd new she was nearly ready. He was too, and couldn’t believe they might be able to come together their very first time. Moving even more quickly, to match Jill’s panting, Mr. Ackroyd could feel his orgasm building. As she moaned louder still and closed her eyes in anticipation, Mr. Ackroyd drove deeply, quickly into her body. After a few more long strokes, Jill tightly clenched her pussy as waves of pleasure spread over and through her.


As Jill came and slowly cried out, “Oh my God, oh my God,” Mr. Ackroyd came as well, pumping his semen into the condom, feeling like it could explode inside her and worried a little that it would. As Jill continued moaning, “oh, oh, oh,” Mr. Ackroyd slowed his pace, enjoying a warm blush all over his body. Jill kept her eyes closed, enjoying the feel of Mr. Ackroyd still slowly moving inside, not wanting him to stop. As her orgasm washed over her, she was now speechless, enjoying all kinds of new and wonderful sensations. With Mr. Ackroyd still inside her, she squeezed him with her pussy and… began to cry quietly, overcome with pleasure and emotion.


Looking down at her, Mr. Ackroyd was horrified to see tears rolling down her cheeks. He stopped suddenly. “What’s wrong Jill? Are you all right? Did I hurt you? God, I’m sorry.”


At that, she giggled a little, then pushed herself up so she could put her arms around him. “No, it’s nothing. I’m fine,” she whispered into his ear. “That was so beautiful.” She hugged him close, crushing her breasts against him, and wrapped her legs tightly around him, not wanting him to pull out. Her head on his shoulder, she let the tears flow, wanting only to hold him close and keep him inside her body. Her back was cool, while the rest of her felt like it was burning. From desire or what, she didn’t know and didn’t care. She had never felt anything like the orgasm she had just enjoyed and knew she was going to want to experience it a lot more often from now on.


Still on his knees, Mr. Ackroyd was blown away by the experience and the fact that Jill, despite the tears, was still holding him close and squeezing him inside her. His knees were getting pretty sore, the flooring was a solid hardwood, but he felt he could easily spend the next few hours just holding this incredible woman.


With graceful fingers Jill stroked his cheek. “Why don’t we go up to my bedroom,” she purred.


She was even better the second time, and the third time was better than that. The fourth time, heaven. And every time he fucked her she was better and better. As he shot an enormous load into her Jill giggled as she thought about how happy she was to be a playmate. Life was good for the lovely girl.

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