Jill Taylor

Jill Taylor

Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Jill Taylor was Playboy magazine's Playmate of the Month for is January 1970 issue. She was a real California girl and while stunningly beautiful she had an exuberant girl next door vibe too.


Jill Taylor was Playboy magazine's Playmate of the Month for is January 1970 issue. She was a real California girl and while stunningly beautiful she had an exuberant girl next door vibe too.

Chapter1 (v.1) - Jill Taylor

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Jill Taylor was Playboy magazine's Playmate of the Month for is January 1970 issue. She was a real California girl and while stunningly beautiful she had an exuberant girl next door vibe too.

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Chapter Content - ver.1

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The party was noisy and smoky, a combination that did not appeal to Peter. He was in a good mood though; he had parlayed some investment capital into a tidy profit for his new consortium, including the host of this very party, and his reputation as an up and coming investment counselor was morphing into a reputation as the best counselor around period. And he was beginning a second career, an avocation really, as a scout for Playboy.

He wasn’t being vain as he counted off the playmates he had bedded: bodacious Cynthia Myers, seductive Leslie Bianchini, sweet Kathy McDonald, curvaceous Shay Knuth, and recently he beat the publisher in a competition for Linda Forsythe’s virginity. And then those twins from Malta…Christ, it was a good life. He looked in a mirror. The living room of the Playboy Mansion had a lot of mirrors; he looked and he saw himself as a heroic figure. Byron maybe. Certainly his combination of classic style and increasing wealth made him attractive to the kind of girl who would make a good playmate.

Tonight though, held no prospects for scouting; all the girls invited to entertain the guests were all ready affiliated with Playboy, most had modeled for the magazine, and some were even Playmates. Sure, he could enjoy the pleasures of one of these girls but he in a different mood; he felt on top of the world but the music and the smoke, the general self-conscious hipness of this party was, well, boring.

He didn’t care to go back to his hotel and he didn’t want to stay in the living room so he just drifted away, strolling through the Mansion with no real purpose. It was the quiet more than anything else that brought him to the library.

She looked like a school girl staying up late to do homework. She was sitting at the long table with a stack of encyclopedia volumes in front of her and several dishes of candies: chocolates, hard candies, licorice sticks, even crystalized fruit. She was wearing men’s pajamas several sizes too large for her but even the baggy drape of the silk and the buttons demurely buttoned up to her chin could hide the sexy curves of her young body and full breasts.

She was closely examining volume C of the encyclopedia and munching on a red licorice stick like she was Bugs Bunny with a carrot. Her cutely freckled face was frowning in concentration as though she was parsing out some difficult words and syntax. Her lips moved sweetly as she read. Her blue eyes sparkled in the soft light and they were illuminating the room; she twirled some strands of her corn silk hair around the fingers of her free hand trying to twist some insight from the book into her brain.

Peter watched her for a while and then cleared his throat to let her know he was there.

She beamed at him the way a young girl beams at Santa Claus. She gestured to a button on the table and then waved her hand over the bowls of candy. “This place is amazing!” she gushed, “When you press the button the waiter brings another bowl of candy. All kinds of stuff.” She took another bite of licorice and chewed with a thoughtful look on her face. “I wonder if they’ll bring M and Ms next time.” She pushed the bowl of chocolates toward him. “Want some?”

“No thanks,” he said, moving deeper into the room. She smelled sweet and fresh. The soft touch of her silk pajama top nicely showed off the outline of her nipples.

“You sure?” she asked, seeming to disbelieve that anybody could resist the allure of an endless supply of sweets. “We can ring for more. Maybe they’ll bring butterscotch.”

He stepped behind her to the small bar and poured himself a Scotch; he didn’t need butterscotch. He leaned over her shoulder to look at the open pages. Her hair smelled heavenly. “What are you studying?” In the back of his mind he dreaded the notion that she might actually be doing homework; could she be only in high school?

“I’m trying to learn about when the new decade starts. Is it nine teen seven tee, or nine teen seven tee one?” She said each syllable as if it were a separate word, making it all sound very important in her little girl voice. She held up the book. “I looked up ‘decade’ but it wasn’t there so I’m looking at ‘calendar’ now.” She frowned at the page as if disappointed.

“Why do you want to know?”

“I’m, um, Miss January? January nine teen seven tee.” She blushed at the very thought of telling him she was a playmate but she was too innocent to hold back any information. “And I don’t know if I’m the first playmate of the decade.”

Standing behind her Peter nodded sagely, silently wondering where this conversation could possibly lead. He leaned in closer, putting a hand on her left shoulder as his head pressed over her right. His check brushed against the lustrous waves of blonde hair tumbling over the silk of her pajamas.  With his right hand he held the edge of the large volume, his fingers gentle and persistent as they tried to loosen the girl’s suddenly unyielding grip on the book.

She was obviously nervous now to have him so close. She tapped a finger anxiously on the page. “It says here that there is no year zero, so the first millennium started on January one, one C.E., the day after December 31, 1 B.C.E.” Her hand reached for the bowl of chocolates and she stuffed several into her pretty little mouth. “I donno wha See Eee is,” she mumbled around the bonbons melting over her tongue, “Ish that like Aey Dee?” She reached for more chocolate but Peter stayed her hand. Her palm was moist and warm under his gentle touch. She blushed sweetly. And when she trembled her soft hair rustled deliciously against his cheek.

She was skittish like a young mare but the curves under the silk of the pajamas were impossibly sexy. He knew he’d have to move slowly.

His voice was calm as he spoke to her. “Well, look at it this way. You have checks with part of the year printed on them, right?” The hesitant way she nodded indicated that she probably had no idea what he meant. “They print the first three digits on the check so you just fill in the last one,” he explained. She nodded with more enthusiasm.

Her tongue darted out, soft and pink and glistening as she eyed the bowl of chocolates again but she didn’t move her hand where he had it pressed against the table top and she didn’t resist as his other hand unfurled her tiny fingers from the book.  She sat now as his willing prisoner with him leaning over her from behind and pressing one of her hands into the table while she intertwined her fingers into his other hand.

“So on January first, nineteen seventy, you had to throw away all your old printed checks and get new ones.”

Her face brightened. The hand that had held the book squeezed his and she twisted her face around to give him a broad smile. “So it is like I’m the first playmate of the decade.” Her face suddenly pondered the revelation. “Gee, that’s a lot of responsibility.”  She slipped her hand out from under his and popped a chocolate in her mouth. Her eyes gazed at an empty space on the table as she contemplated the laws of time and physics. Peter stood still, breathing in her sweetness and letting the tight squeeze of her tiny figures hold him in place.

“I haven’t seen your centerfold,” Peter said gently and her hand tightened its grip on his. Without meaning to her head quickly turned to a spot on a shelf where some recent editions of Playboy were stacked.

She was reluctant to release his hand but he stepped away and when he picked up the magazine he felt mildly guilty. There on the cover Kathy McDonald shyly smiled at him in a framed version of her centerfold and there was Shay with a seductive gaze in her centerfold, and then there was Leslie Bianchini with the same wry smirk she used on him when she seduced him.

He sat next to the young girl; the encyclopedias were closed now and pushed away and she had pulled the bowls of candy in closer. She was worrying a licorice stick, pulling it in and out between her lips and gripping it tightly with one hand; with her other hand she was tapping the edge of the bowl of chocolates.

Peter made sure his chair was close to hers as he sat and he immediately opened to the title page of her playmate spread. He was instantly smitten right from the first image of smiling Jill Taylor wearing a tight hot pink halter top. Her breasts, even draped in the cotton fabric, were spectacular. He glanced at the girl next to him and her lips were moving as she silently read the words on the page: “Not one to take her cue from the past or to worry about the future, blithe-spirited Jill Taylor digs living in the now.”

The narrative was titled “Sunny Girl” but he skipped over the story and captions; he knew they were phony. But in the next picture, the girl was very real; naked from head to toe, she leaned against a rail with a leg demurely crooked to hide her sex but her breasts were high and firm and inviting. Even as the girl in the photo smiled brightly, the same girl next to him pressed her lips together in anxiety but also gave him a sidelong glance as if to seek his approval. The licorice stick was on the table in front of her and still wet and sticky from her mouth.

The next page was filled with candid photos of Jill with friends. She looked to be delighted to be playing like a kid on a playground in a series of shots covering a pillow fight. “That’s just some house they rented for the day,” Jill explained but then she gulped and fell silent as Peter turned to a shot of her standing naked in a pool. The California sun seemed to kiss her soft skin.

He could see the real girl’s face reflected in the polished sheen of the wooden table. She was biting her lower lip in anxiety, but her eyes sparkled in curiosity. Clearly she didn’t want him to see these pictures but she desperately wanted him to like them.

Another page of black and white candids of the playful teenager enjoying herself with her friends gave the real playmate next to him a small respite from her apprehensions so he lingered for a moment but then the inevitable came. She held her breath as the three panels of her centerfold unfurled before their eyes.

Peter loved the girl next door quality sought out for playmates and many playmates exuded that quality quite nicely but none could exceed the all-American guileless charms of Jill Taylor sitting on the bed in her centerfold pose. A beautiful, gorgeous body; a freckled face impossibly cute; and a sexy pose that set off the lush ripeness of her flawless breasts. Just like she was now in the library, in the centerfold shot her blonde hair tumbled in waves over her naked shoulders, even slightly teasing over one eye as though she were Veronica Lake. In the photo she smiled a sunny and naïve California girl smile as though she didn’t even realize she was naked, but sitting next to him she smiled shyly, avoiding his eyes as she held her head down to avoid looking at her centerfold; her hair tumbled over her face, shimmering corn silk soft against the green silk of her pajama top.

Her hands moving slowly, as if in a ballet, delicately collapsed the centerfold and closed the magazine. She pressed a palm on the cover and sighed. She waited, knowing what was coming.

Miss January 1970, the maybe first playmate of the new decade, winced as she heard Peter’s chair screech as he pushed it back. A true gentleman he pulled her chair out for her and held out a hand to guide her out of her seat.

Her fingers were moist and they pressed into his palm as he led her to the couch. She sat down, demure and shy and folded her hands over her knees and waited again. She spoke softly as if in confessional, “I was nervous when I first had to undress like that, you know? But I really wanted to. I wanted to make somebody happy. It was really special.”

Peter sat next to Jill, starting to make his move.  He opened her pajama top, one button at a time. She avoided his eyes but she lifted her chin to allow him to find that button at her throat. She held her breath as his fingers worked. The button came open, then the next one, then another. She trembled. The buttons were opened but the silk clung to her skin, reluctant to abandon her soft warm flesh, She leaned forward slightly and the fabric dropped away exposing her breasts.

She breathed out, almost relieved that her flawless breasts were bared to him. She fixed her gaze onto a spot on the floor, afraid to look into his eyes. Words gushed out of her softly. “Being a playmate is the scariest thing I can imagine. It's like you try to express your feelings to someone, and show them your heart...”

Peter was almost speechless gazing at the ingenuous beauty of this genuine girl next door. “I need to kiss you.”He picked up her moist hand and kissed it. Jill turned and leaned back into the leather. Her lips parted.

His kiss was tender and his hand gently caressed the bare breasts as their tongues intertwined. Jill moaned her sweetness into his mouth.

She squirmed next to him, her breasts heaving in his hands. Peter stroked her hair.

The kiss broke and Jill blushed. He stroked her hair again. She blushed.

Another torrent of anxious words spilled from her luscious mouth. “Sometimes when a man looks at me…it’s like a whole story all at once, you know? I can see that he just sees me without my clothes on. And that’s OK because it makes him happy. But when a man kisses me, I mean really kisses me, it’s like we share a secret and anything can happen.”

They kissed again; her mouth was chocolate, warm velvet and innocence. Her inexperienced hands held his head, her fingers rushing through his hair. She writhed sweetly, her voluptuous body caressing against him. She couldn’t help the urge that shot up her spine; gripping his hair she guided his mouth over the soft skin of her languid throat and she buried his face between her two quivering breasts.

He began to kiss and suckle on those two delectable and bountiful mounds. She dropped her head back, surrendering. “I know they’re big, my breasts. I used to get teased. But it’s different. When a man sees my breasts I know right away…I mean I know what he wants and it makes me happy…Oooooh…” Peter was taunting a nipple with his teeth, making her wince and lose her train of thought. His lips formed a seal over a wide swath of the delicious cream of her breast and he pulled her into his mouth. “Ooooh, that’s so nice…” She stroked his hair as he suckled. “So nice…” Jill’s supple body writhed slowly as he devoured her flesh and her abundant chest offered a feast that would take a delightfully long time to consume.

She closed her eyes and saw butterflies and bursting stars; she felt arousal grip her but she thought it was merely the joy of giving him pleasure. One of her hands twirled his hair into little ringlets around her fingers but as his sucking grew more intense and voracious she began to grip his head with urgency.

Her other hand, like a delicate blossom fluttering from a tree in spring time, dropped onto his thigh. The flat of her palm stroked up and down over the rich fabric of his slacks and the side of her graceful hand gently caressed the erection she had inspired.

“There’s something about making a man happy, that is so nice. It’s kind of scary too,” she said breathlessly. “Even just talking and kissing and stuff, that’s real nice. But I’d do anything to make you happy.”

His palm rested on the delightful roundness of her girlish belly and she giggled sweetly. Her hand moved slightly so that she now stroked, in delicate and demure virtue, the length of the throbbing bulge in her slacks. “You’re so big and strong,” she purred and in the tremble of her innocent voice it was clear she meant it. “I want to make you feel good. Tell me what to do, OK? Let me make you good.”

Peter’s hand spread out over her belly; the finger tips touched the waistband of the pajama bottoms. He reluctantly lifted his head off of her luscious breasts and looked into her trusting face. “Jill, I’m going to take these off.” She looked down at the hand holding the knot closing the belt around her waist. She looked back at him with timid eyes and she nodded.

His fingers toyed with the string holding her pajama bottom up. She whimpered as he tugged the end and she whimpered more as the silk was pushed down her hips by his hands and hers. The silk tickled over her toes and she giggled but suddenly she was completely naked and she shyly crossed an arm over her breasts and cupped a hand over the soft glistening curls of her golden sex.

“Do you want to…? She asked in in tremulous voice. Peter just gazed lustfully on her guileless beauty, forcing her to speak the unspeakable. “Do you?” She whined softly. He remained silent, his eyes fucking her hard. “Do you want to have me?” she finally breathed and as if she had said a naughty word she lifted her hand off her lap and covered her mouth.

He couldn’t bear torturing the innocent girl any longer. “Absolutely,” he said and he meant it.

Jill’s smile was radiant and she threw both her arms around his neck and kissed him with a million enthusiastic and passionate kisses; a million honeyed blossoms caressed over his face.

Her hands fumbled delicately over the zipper of his pants but her fingers were too nervous to be effective. Gently he held her by the shoulders and slid her down on the couch. “Oh wow,” she said nervously, “This is sensational, wow, oh wow.” He pulled her legs up onto the seat so that she was completely supine before him. She crossed her legs shyly but raised her arms above her head; her breasts quivered as her whole body shuddered in anticipation. 

Her eyes blazed with curiosity as he stood over her and undid his own pants. “Oh wow,” she gushed when his cock in all its hunger was revealed to her.

“Oh wow,” she breathed again; he was lifting one of her legs and draping it along the back of the couch. “Oh wow, oh wow,” she whimpered as he climbed between her trembling legs. “Oh, oh, oh wow,” she breathed as his fingers and cock head caressed over her pussy to bring it to ravenous arousal. And when the cock finally pushed against the soft blossom of her sex she groaned out “Oh wow” one more time. 

His cock loomed like a thunderhead but he spoke gently, “Good girl, you are so good.”

He entered her slowly, almost reverently as if she were a shrine to purity. She moaned and whimpered helplessly and her soft sex tightened around him like a velvet glove. Her arms came up around his neck and she pulled her chest up against his, thrusting herself onto his cock. “It’s so big,” she murmured and then she kissed him, a cosmic earthshattering kiss of fervent surrender.

Peter was really fucking into her now; her sweet tightness and warmth urging him on, every stroke, every lift of his hips to pump out, and every thrust inside to touch her depths was a heavenly sensation rushing through his cock and into his skull and the honeyed confection of her eager tongue and nipples sent the pleasure into the stratosphere.

Jill was writhing in scrumptious anguish as she dangled from his neck and offered her tongue and her nipples to his voracious mouth.Her hips gyrated in erotic frenzy, desperate to join in the rhythm of his thrusts but in her inexperience she had to search frantically which tripled the pleasure for him; she impaled herself on his cock, filling the room with her sweet sobs as the huge mass of him rammed into her tiny body. 

“It’s so big!” she whined whenever her mouth was free from his and she wasn’t sobbing in wordless anguish. “Oh wow, you’re so strong,” she gushed lovingly and she nibbled on his ear.

His fucking was ferocious now. He was fucking her hard and she was falling hard, falling into ecstasy and falling in love with this man who was consumed by her sexuality. She began to tear at his clothes as the undulations of her sexsweaty body made wet slapping noises over the leather couch.

His cock reveled in the tight sweet moist heat of her eager sex. Jill was young with little experience with men but she wanted to please him and her desire was magical. Every move she made with her tiny young body heighted the sexual pleasure of balling this beautiful playmate. The more he fucked into her the more loving kisses she gave with her sweet young mouth and the more loving caresses she gave with her tight tight pussy.

She had had a man or two before but she was still naive enough to be shocked when his cock jerked and quivered like a missile about to take off and she was wide-eyed with terror and joy as he blasted one load after another into her depths. Her face exuded elated astonishment as if she were suddenly transported to a magical candy land. And then most shocking of all, she felt her own body explode in a red comet of orgasm burning her from head to toe. She screamed herself into a frenzy of twisting and writhing ecstasy that didn’t stop until she passed out.

When she roused she was back in her silk pajamas and she opened her eyes to see city lights flashing by outside a car window. She looked around and discovered she was in the back of a limousine cruising through nighttime Chicago. Her head was resting in Peter’s lap and he was speaking into a Dictaphone. He noticed Jill’s rustling and he winked at her, raising a finger to keep her silent until he finished his memo. “And schedule a meeting the architects. This project is green lighted, fully funded. I’ll sign the papers when I get back from Chicago.” He placed the mic in its cradle and smiled down at the lovely Jill.

“Wow,” she giggled, “You must be really important.”

“No more important that the first playmate of the new decade.”

“Really?” she blushed with pleasure, her freckles sparkling like stars. She lifted her head to look out the window. She realized she was being carried off from the Mansion, but to where?

Peter answered the question before it came out of her girlish mouth. “I wanted to show you my hotel suite,” he said.

Jill nodded and pondered this. She brushed a few loose strands of hair away from her eyes. A sly smile came over her face and with a new found confidence the first playmate of the new decade began to undo his zipper. “I never did this in a limousine. Is it OK if I try?”

“Oh, all right,” he agreed in mock submission as he settled back in his seat.

Jill’s sweet soft lips lovingly caressed the length of his naked cock and then as the limousine picked up speed she began to take the warm shaft down her throat. She giggled as she began her happy work.


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