Hope Olson

Hope Olson

Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Hope Olson, Miss October 1976, farm fresh beauty, luscious, and sweet; these are her adventures. Featuring Patti McGuire


Hope Olson, Miss October 1976, farm fresh beauty, luscious, and sweet; these are her adventures. Featuring Patti McGuire

Chapter8 (v.1) - Riverboat gambolers

Chapter Content - ver.1

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Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: May 25, 2013



[The August 1977 issue of Playboy features a pictorial about a group of playmates enjoying a whitewater rafting trip down the Colorado River]


Patti McGuire was operating the CB radio as she dipped her toes in the Colorado River. The cliffs of the gorge were majestic  but Patti had other things on her mind.


“Breaker breaker one three. This is Pea Oh Em Why and I’m looking for Killer.” She held the mike with one hand shaded her eyes with the other. Lovely Hope Olson was a few dozen yards downstream and she was collecting rocks. The sweet blonde playmate looked back at Patti and smiled but because of the roar of the river she couldn’t hear what was being said.


There was a sharp crackle of static and a voice came over the speaker. “Hey Pomy, this is KillerToo. The Big Killer is already workin’ his way down the gorge. You send my girl up yet? Over.”


Patti grinned at Cindy Russell who was standing close by and she gave her a thumbs up. Into the mike she explained. “Howdy KillerToo. We’ll be watching for Killer. We’re just getting set up down here and your girl needs to help with the target.”


Cindy couldn’t resist calling into the mike, “But I’m comin’ big boy. I just want to give Killer a nice welcome.”


Patti pulled a fake scowl and pulled the mike back. “You’re not supposed to do that on CB, Cindy,” she scolded. Then into the mike she explained. “You can see we’re all fired up down here.” She glanced over at Hope who was still innocently gathering pretty river stones. “And we’re sure going to show Killer a good time. Over.”


“You do that little thing. And you get Cindy up here. A lot of the guys are anxious to, um, meet her.” There was a loud guffaw then, “Over and out pretty lady.”


“Over and out.” Putting down the mike Patti  glanced at Hope again and murmured. “And the fun is just beginning.”


“Oh yeah,” Cindy agreed. Together they watched the guileless Hope gather her collection of rocks into a kerchief and head back towards them. She looked angelic against the crystal blue of the river and the crisp red-gold of the cliffs. She smiled as she pushed some stray locks of hair from her face.


“She doesn’t know he’s coming,” Cindy said.


Patti shook her head. “I like to surprise my little girl. Go see if the cameras are set up, I’ll talk to our plaything.”


Hope was close enough now to show a special rock she found. “Isn’t it pretty? I love the flecks of color.”

“Maybe you found gold,” Patti teased. She took the rock and tossed it onto a blanket.


Hope looked around. “Where are the rafts? And the guys?”


“Oh, they went downstream a bit. We’re going to hike across this stretch and meet them at the switchback.”


“OK.” Hope nodded amiably but she could tell Patti had more to say.


“And we’re going to have company.” Patti gestured toward a trail leading down from the cliffs.


“Oh,” Hope whispered; she sensed something in Patti’s tone.

“We’re going to have a special guest. And we’re going to do a little shoot.” Patti went on. She could see Cindy approaching Hope from behind. Cindy gave an OK sign and grinned at Patti.


Hope looked at Patti and she recognized the lust in the sparkle in the eyes of the Playmate of the Year. Hope’s eyes were glistening too with an angelic innocence and expectation. She knew what Patti wanted.


“And Hope, this shoot is going to be real special.” Patti nodded to Cindy who was directly behind the blonde playmate. “So we’re going to have to tie you up first.”


Hope would have said something in protest but Cindy already reached from behind to close the girl’s mouth with her hand. Patti briskly took hold of Hope’s wrists and pushed them behind and, while she gagged Hope with a red  kerchief, Cindy bound her arms behind her back.

Hope struggled a bit but she was already being tugged along toward a clearing by the river where several cameras mounted on tripods encircled an air mattress covered with a fur blanket. Cindy and Patti unceremoniously shoved her down until she sat on the fur and Patti sat next to her.


Cindy looked down at the tableau of the innocent Hope bound and gagged and whimpering softly and the wicked Patti stroking her hair and murmuring gently. “I guess I better move on up the trail. How many guys are up there you think.”


“At least six. You’re gonna be a busy girl.”


Cindy gave another grin to the still struggling Hope and said to Patti, “Looks like you guys are going to have fun too.” With that she turned and headed for the trail.


Patti held her lovely captive at arms length and the sweet blonde gazed at her with pleading eyes. Hope was wearing a tan safari tunic just long enough to reach the top of her hips; she also wore hiking socks and boots and nothing else. Patti’s wicked smile brightened as she slowly unlaced the boots. “We have to get you ready for your big scene.”


The knot on the left shoe unfurled with delicious deliberation. Hope quivered slightly as the heavy boot eased off her foot.


Patti took her time peeling the wool sock off, delicately rolling it down the girl’s ankle and caressing her skin with her nails as each soft inch came exposed.


When the sock came off Hope couldn’t help curling her toes sexily. Patti giggled and played piggies with each one. “Oh, you are just so cute! I just love you to bits. I want to see you come so bad.”


Slowly the other shoe and sock came off and Patti caressed the luscious blonde’s skin, running her fingers from the toes up to her thighs. Then she started on the tunic, first cinching the belt tight around the girl’s slender waist, then opening the buttons so that plenty of creamy cleavage was revealed.


The bound and gagged girl was too cute to resist; Patti slid an arm around her shoulder and drew her in close, breathing in the honey of her hair warmed by the sun. Hope whimpered softly, gentle little susurrates of acquiescence as Patti murmured gently, softly caressing the wriggling girl’s naked thighs. The river roared wildly nearby.


Hope’s eyes were narrow slits as Patti’s fingers tickled up her skin in a delicate and provocative dance; the fingers, hungry to posses the girl’s pussy spiraled teasingly through the curls of moist blonde bush. Hope moaned into the gag and let her thighs part slowly. Patti’s eyes were fixed on Hope’s, watching every nuance of her reaction and when the lovely captive’s eyes widened in panic the wicked girl was pleased with herself, thinking she had found a magic spot at the edge of her prisoner’s sex, but then Hope began to growl into the gag in genuine fear and Patti turned around to see what was so arousing.


Reggie grinned, nodding his approval of the tableau. “You sure know how to make a fella feel at home, little girl.”


Patti let out a rebel yell and scrambled up to cover Reggie’s unshaven face with kisses. Her hands caressed over the stubble of his shaved head as they both regarded the sight of the lovely Hope Olson bound and gagged on the mattress. The yellow sun bounced over the azure ripples of the rushing river and bathed the blonde playmate in an ethereal light.


“I tied her up for you-- I know that’s how you like to start out,” Patti explained eagerly, “I know you like the old caveman ways. And Hope likes it too, don’t you girl? She can’t wait for you to nail her good.”


With a steely glint in his gaze Reggie regarded the bound girl. Hope looked back, her eyes wide and glistening in the bright sun; the breeze from the river sent delicate wisps of blonde hair across her face.

“You ready for some serious fucking baby? ‘Cause I am serious about fucking you.” He licked his lips as if remembering the deliciousness of her body. The roseate glow of her blush revealed her answer before she even moved to nod her head gently.

“Let’s do her in the ass first. It’s such nice ass,” he growled while still gazing at the helpless girl.


Patti was giddy with glee but she insisted that he wear a condom. “I’ll wash you in the river after but we want good hygiene for our little girl don’t we?”


Hope was moaning softly, resisting only mildly as he lay her face down; the bottom of the safari tunic barely covered the naked cheeks of her derriere and both Patti and Reggie paused to admire her delicious beauty.

Hope looked off at the roaring river; she could feel the heat of the sun on her bare thighs and behind her she could hear Patti and Reggie undoing his pants and slipping on the condom. Patti was giggling and using the cable release to capture the event in a series of photos.


Suddenly Hope felt her legs tugged and she slid down the mattress until her knees dropped down onto the grass. The reality of the ravishment about to descend on her brought panic but it was too late; she struggled in vain as he gripped her rear. She felt the heat of him, his warm breath in her hair; she felt the incredible pressure of him pressing down on the mattress. Her body wriggled under him but her legs were pinned down by his, and then the head of his cock kissed her bottom before lunging in.


Hope let out another meek little moan as her head snapped back and her spine arched up, actually tightening the grip of her bottom around the shaft suddenly pulsating deep inside her.


His face was smothered in her honeysuckle hair as her head twisted in scrumptious torment. The sheer weight of him and the strain of her arms tied behind her back added to the erotic tension rapidly building in fury; the pressure of the cock deep in her aroused her every fiber. The roar of the river seemed to echo the roar of ecstasy gathered like a storm inside her. He was ravishing her, raping her, possessing her like an animal but like the princess in a fairytale the simple and loving act of submission, her tender surrender to his power, these turned the tide until she was victorious; in the burst of orgasm, at the very moment he reached under and taunted her sex with his finger, at that moment he exploded into the condom and she exploded into the bliss of a frantic climax, her moans echoing over the rippling river while Patti gleefully shot pictures.

Patti was ecstatic-- as if she had been the victim of the rape herself. She eagerly pulled the dazzled Reggie off of the still bound girl and she led him to the river.

Her cheek resting on the fur of the mattress Hope sighed as she watched them in the glittering water. The man was anxious to peel his leather pants off and he tossed the latex condom into the water with a grunt of distain. Even with the sun behind his back Hope could see him gazing back at her with an evil grin. Patti lathered up his privates and rinsed him in river water. He stood patient, knowing his victim could not escape.


When they came back to the helpless playmate he hoisted her onto her feet; they were unsteady on the mattress but he held her trembling body as he tugged off the gag.

The minute the silk left her mouth he licked over her lips to moisten them and with one hand on her waist and an arm around her shoulder he pulled her close. He bit her lower lip and she bit back. She writhed deep into the kiss, letting her tongue dance over his in a dance of fairies against ogres.

At the end of the kiss he looked down into the cleavage revealed by the tunic. She nodded and watched as he slowly undid the belt around her waist. He tossed it aside then worked the few closed buttons, slowly unfastening them one at a time, letting her belly slowly come into view.


Reggie’s snarling cruelity rang in her head. Hope had seldom felt so confused. I have no choice, and I want to…I want him.


His body took her eagerly enough. His lips on hers, his hand sliding her flesh to find a breast, his manhood stiffening when she rubbed her mound against it through his clothes. But Patti’s fingers were undoing his clothes and her hand slipped inside his pants and brought him out, and Hope’s tongue was in his mouth and he could not see the river anymore, only her.


When the tunic was completely open only the arousal of her nipples kept it from tumbling off her breasts. Still he took his time, first brushing her silken hair back off her shoulders and kissing her face lightly as he tugged the tunic down her arms until it gathered at the ropes binding her wrists behind her back.


It was a gentle, even playful kiss as her nipples brushed over his naked chest.  His hand slid down her back and fondled the two glorious globes of her derriere and she writhed into him eagerly. He spent a long time kissing her sweet mouth while he delighted in the smooth touch of her soft bottom and the hot prick of her hard nipples on his chest.


She bent back, arching her spine until her hair tumbled straight down and the river was upside down in her view; her breasts raised to his mouth, her leg caressed along his thigh and he held it in place. Her nipples were delicious hard candy in his mouth and his teeth tortured them to even more arousal.

Patti took shot after shot. “Turn her around,” she urged.


He pivoted her body so that her ass pressed against his cock. He bent over her and she leaned back for more kisses while his hands worked over her belly and breasts, taking short and teasing excursions over her bush every few seconds. She desperately wanted to be untied so she could fondle him too; her fingers scratched over his belly as he pinched her nipples and twirled his tongue in her mouth. She wriggled as if spiked onto him then managed to twist around once more thrusting her face up into his. She kissed down to his chin, licked along his neck, then lovingly kissed his chest as she sank to her knees. Her mouth continued to cover his skin with kisses until her face came close to his crotch; she turned her face to glance at Patti and the camera and pressed her soft check over his hard cock.

He stood erect and let the sensation of her skin caress over his thick strength.

She would have sucked his dick but he wanted more so he pulled her up and then shoved her down onto the mattress. He dropped onto her and kissed her mouth, kissed her belly, kissed her thighs. With her wrists still bound behind her back her chest jutted up to sky. It was all Patti could do to keep shooting pictures instead of assaulting those luscious nipples herself.

He dedicated himself now to the delicious work of eating her pussy. Teeth, lips, tongue, he used all his power to gobble her up and draw out an orgasm. His hands caressed over her belly; her head twisted back and forth, her golden hair dangling over the end of the mattress. He swigged and gorged greedily. Once more her spine arched to push her pussy deeper into his face. Her lips parted.


What a lovely thing is Hope Olson's mouth. She almost never closes it. When it is open, it is not like other mouths. It doesn't just hang open, as jaws used to hang "agape" in bad Victorian novels. No, it is open because she is open and vulnerable, and when Reggie says he is going to fuck her she only closes it for one brief gulp. In the vast, arid terrain of the Colorado River gorge, which is roaring and wild, Hope Olson's open mouth and her moist, inviting lips are an oasis. She is very lovely, and very fresh and open. Her lips are moist and they glisten like breaking waters of the wild river. Am I making too much of it? Perhaps. It is hard to be objective in these matters. It's just that certain girls have a tactile and cuddly quality that can be fascinating even in the worst of ravishments.


Hope was acutely aware of the physical presence of Reggie and Patti and even the camera, and of the space separating them from her. When her pussy was eaten, she didn't just lie there and writhe. Her eyes moved, and her body moved, and she always seemed to be in the midst of a prayer. Hope Olson was magic like this. She wasn't self-conscious about her body, but she was conscious of it, and of her face and particularly of her mouth.


When she allowed her lips to part, ever so slowly, she was revealing herself so young and vulnerable. He ate her for twenty-five minutes, and in all that time I do not believe Hope had her mouth closed for much more than twenty-five seconds.


Slowly her lithe body spiraled into orgasm and her skin glowed in the warm sun as she flushed with ecstasy. The gurgle of the river mingled with her frantic wordless panting as she came. When she finished Reggie rose and stood over her. Blocking the sun with his massive frame he let his shadow engulf the luscious girl as he stared with admiration at her curvaceous and soft body. Patti raised her to  sitting position and the captive girl barely realized that her hands were being untied.


Hope was fascinated by Reggie's cold steel gaze, and she surrendered to him with a gentle nod that pleaded for some serious fucking. Then she discovered the fire- not entirely by accident. Behind his cold stare was a burning lust, a pirate’s lust for the innocent captive. Now Bluebeard must devour her.


Now here is the incredible thing: During all of ravishment Hope Olson never for a second betrayed fear! It isn't that she acted as if she were brave. She really was oblivious to everything except her ecstasy. She let her eyes drop from his gaze until they fell upon the sight of his cock, huge and hungry.


“Oh god,” she whispered softly.


This, and her open mouth and sweet face, made her a more beautiful angel, a sexier goddess. Innocence fell lightly upon her like sunlight. Her voice, so fresh and uninflected and American, had the same effect. She sighed sensual like Marilyn Monroe was sensual, because she gave the impression that there is no artfulness involved.


“Oh my god, her mind screamed as her eyes widened with excitement. “Oh my god,” she prayed silently.


I will not scream, Hope told herself when she saw the weapon glowing red hot. But she broke that vow. Reggie held her down, while Patti helped guide the shaft in. Hope did not move, except to pound her fists against him, again and again and again. The pain was so huge she felt small and weak and helpless inside it, a child whimpering in the dark. Oh fuck, she thought, her own shriek echoing in her ears. For half a heartbeat the agony started to ebb. But then the iron touched her once again, and she fainted.


She bit his neck and he nuzzled hers, burying his nose in her thick blonde hair. Lucky, she thought, she is lucky, fire-kissed. “Isn’t that good?” she whispered as she guided him inside her. She was sopping wet down there, and soft and sweet, but delightfully tight and warm. His gang, Patti taking pictures, none of it mattered, only the heat of her, the mouth on his, the fingers that pinched at his nipple. “Isn’t that sweet?” she said again. “Not so fast, oh, slow, yes, like that. There now, there now, yes, sweet, sweet. Harder now. Yessss.” And her brain was screaming too: You are so good, Reggie, but so cruel.



There was an interplay between her direct and naive surrender and the sheer brutality of the ravishment. And that was, finally, all there needed to be. She howled against the roar of the river and she came like the white water against the rocks.

He wanted more. He tugged her up once more and slammed her back against his chest. Once more his hands pawed over her now; greedy and brutal probing…everywhere. Her mouth formed an O as his he fingered sex. She bent down, drawing him in deeper. Once more she writhed around to face him, arch back and give her nipples in offering. Her bush tickled over his cock. They were all motion now, hands and fingers and lips and tongues hunting and scratching and probing. She was on her knees at last and her mouth so soft and sweet caressed over his shaft. But in seconds she was on her back on the furs and his mouth on her breasts. He was between her legs and his cock was hunting hard. He lifted his head and her gaze was meltingly sweet and she bit his lip as he fucked her. He pulled her up and fucked into her as she pressed into his upright torso and she kissed him deep until he weakened and fell backwards and he fucked up into her as she rode him, her hands gripping her own thighs and still the dumbfounded Patti taking pictures.


Later, when Reggie had had his fill for the moment, the naked playmate supine next to him on the mattress, his his fiery load still glowing warm inside her, Hope stroked his hair lovingly but she held her gaze on Patti. The dark haired playmate was still standing by the camera with a thunderstruck expression on her face.


“Reggie,” Hope purred sweetly, “Would you take some shots of Patti doing me now?”


Patti grinned widely and Reggie hoisted himself up and headed to the camera. “Sure why not.”


Patti practically skipped over to the luscious blonde. “I am going to eat you up, you delicious girl!” she boasted.


Hope sank back and let the river flow.



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