Hope Olson

Hope Olson

Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Hope Olson, Miss October 1976, farm fresh beauty, luscious, and sweet; these are her adventures. Featuring Patti McGuire


Hope Olson, Miss October 1976, farm fresh beauty, luscious, and sweet; these are her adventures. Featuring Patti McGuire

Chapter6 (v.1) - “Who’s Artemis, boss?”

Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: May 25, 2013

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Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: May 25, 2013



Her ass was worth a second look even in a crowd filled with girls with perfect asses. Sure her ass was round and firm, but it was the way she could bend from the waist each time she had to pick up the ball that raised the bar to beyond perfection. The tight bikini bottom stretched over the perfect ass displaying the two flawless globes.


But her breasts were flawless too; two breathtaking orbs, soft and ripe, jiggling with every move she made. Her nipples jutted out from under the fabric flaunting the two perfect breasts, perfect to kiss and suck and fondle.


Her face was perfect: Fresh creamy skin, flush with a rosy glow as she pranced in the sun, Soft and smooth with eyes glimmering with unfathomable sensuality, and lips full and moist and yearning for kisses. She was all corn silk curls, high cheekbones and supple limbs with creamy skin like three months off the farm; her lithe and curvaceous form was athletic and vivacious too, and as she poured herself vigorously into the volley ball game, he could tell she would pour herself vigorously into more carnal games too.


Like all the playmates she was wearing a flimsy white tee shirt for the event, thin straps holding the sweat soaked fabric, and her breasts bounced and jiggled, light and velvety clouds covered in sweat, succulent nipples rock hard from the exertions of the game. Her laughter and delight as she frolicked and teased with the other playmates floated towards him like the song of shimmering bells. She smiled to herself, unaware she was being admired and she looked luscious, like a sexy confection, and didn’t she have dimples as deep and as tempting as he’d ever seen?


She moved with grace and speed, delightfully surprised by her own athletic prowess and playfully competitive with the other girls, urging her team on to victory. Like a nymph in some woodland glade she moved with modesty, proud of her near nakedness, unaware she was being watched by hungry male eyes. She was Artemis, goddess of the moon.


“Who’s Artemis, boss?”


“What?” Reggie looked at Schultz with skepticism.  He grimaced for a second; had he been talking to himself?


“Artemis? Is she one of the chicks we’re gonna grab?” He gestured towards the sexy playmate volleyball game. “He said we could only take three of them.”


Reggie scowled, keeping his gaze on the lithe form of Hope Olson; she had leapt high to spike the ball, giving Reggie and his gang, hiding in the scrubs nearby, a perfect view of her luscious breasts. Now she unconsciously fingered the elastic of her bikini bottom, tightening the nylon over the firm globes of her magnificent ass.


“Jezz, that Artemis is a hot babe,” Schultz mumbled, licking his chops. “I’m gonna be laying me some pipe in that one. I bet she’s good and tight, a real screamer I bet.”


The gang leader quietly fumed. “Her name’s not Artemis, jackass,” he hissed through his teeth. He sometimes wondered if anybody in his gang ever read a book. His eyes remained on the guileless and farm fresh girl as she pranced over the lawn like an innocent lamb unaware of the wolf about to pounce. He couldn’t help but following Schultz’s train of thought and the gang leader gazed at the girl and imagined how she’d scream as he ripped open her shirt and mauled those luscious breasts with his mouth. Yeah, she’d be good and tight as he thrust his cock into her, a real honey of a ride. And yeah, a sweet screamer.


Schultz nudged him and pointed at the short brunette next to Hope. Patti was just as delectable in her own bouncy playful way, and she and Hope shared a closeness Reggie could tell; the two playmates were constantly patting each other’s rear and hugging and caressing each other, even teasing little lip smacks every so often. Yeah, that Patti McGuire, she was nice too; it was a tough choice having to pick between them.


He decided not to decide; he would take them both. Fuck the gang. The ignoramuses could share one girl; he didn’t care who they picked. The trick now was to snare both playmates at once before Schultz pulled any crap.


With his eyes glued on his prey he missed a point someone else on Hope’s team had made. The whole squad gleefully joined in a group hug, but Patti’s hug with Hope lasted just a little longer and Patti’s hand playfully slipped into Hope’s bikini bottom; she gave it a good squeeze and Hope pursed her lips, perhaps for a kiss or perhaps as a pout  but the blonde’s eyes were flashing with desire. Damn, Reggie thought, he had to have this girl. Patti seemed to turn in his direction as if to acknowledge his thought and show her approval. She smoldered with vivacious sexiness. Damn, he wanted them both.  He glanced at Schultz who was drooling with lust; damn it, Reggie resolved, what good was being leader if he couldn’t give orders.


“I’m taking care of those two,” he hissed, his eyes glued to Hope’s ass as she leapt to smack the ball. “You and the boys are just gonna have to share.”


Schultz spit on the ground in disgust; he knew that the decision was final. Reggie suddenly stood up not bothering to hide. He was a hulking figure, all coiled muscles, his bald head suddenly gleaming in the sun. The playmates, like skittish fawns at a stream, sensed the threat before they saw it. The ball dropped to the ground no longer important. It was Lisa Sohm who saw them first; her eyes met Reggie’s and he grinned, announcing that the raid was on. She ran and all the playmates ran. With the skill of a lion he cut Hope and Patti from the pack; Miss November, as soon as she realized it was Reggie in pursuit, slowed down and slowed Hope with her. In moments Reggie was close on their heels and ready to pounce.


He leapt and tackled them both at once, engulfing their waists in his arms and forcing them to the ground; all three bodies landed at once and the two playmates shrieked and wriggled but his arms locked, entrapping them both around their waists. He held them close, breathing in the sweet scent of their bodies as they struggled. Mentally, he moved to distant lands and far-off ports, where the imagined scent of the pirating and pillaging and rape was as real as the actual scent of this sweet Hope. He nuzzled into the forest of perfume in her thick wavy tresses, with their gold-yellow sheen and heavy scent, and he was becoming drunk on the prospects of ravishing and raping this luscious beauty.


Hope was wide eyed with panic but Patti was shrieking and laughing going along with the game. The brunette was insatiable in her sexual appetite, indifferent to the suffering, no enthralled by the panic and suffering of the beauteous Hope; Patti was serpent-like in her sinuous movements and her perversity.  Here, was the ruthless  femme fatale.


Slowly Reggie realized that he could loosen his hold on the willing little brunette and focus his attention on the voluptuous blonde. In fact, Patti was already helping, tugging Hope’s skimpy bikini briefs down the writhing blonde’s thighs.


Hope struggled the best she could but he was on her, pressing his mouth over hers and fucking her sweet lips with his tongue, pushing past her clenched teeth to taunt and explore inside her honey sweet mouth. The girl’s resistance melted into a slow writhing and wriggling tango against him and her squeals of shock faded into soft murmurs around the thick tongue impaling her brutally.


Reggie slowly eased her up and Patti followed so that all three were sitting on the lawn, the luscious Hope shyly pressed between the other two. All around them the bikers were chasing after playmates and the grounds were alive with the shrieks and giggles of bodacious nymphs and the growls and curses of eager satyrs.


Reggie put a possessive arm around the blonde’ shoulder and on her other side Patti playfully toyed with Hope’s hair, twirling strands into her ear and teasing. “Looks like we’ve been rustled by some bad boys, Hope darling; we’re in for some pretty serious screwing now I bet.” Patti looked over Hope’s head and smiled at Reggie. “You are planning to nail us, aren’t you, big boy?”


“You betcha, sweetheart.” He squeezed Hope closer to him.


Hope sighed and tried to smile; the man seemed so strong and determined and he smelled of hard work and the outdoors and she liked that in a man. She watched the scene unfold on the other end of the lawn; most of the playmates had retreated to the safety of the Mansion but Linda Beatty was surrounded by a ring of grabbing hands and each time she tried to break free another piece of her shirt was torn away. She was laughing and fighting and having a grand time.


Hope could feel Reggie’s eyes boring into her as she watched the scene. The eyes of the gang leader became like vent-shafts to Hell, enabling him to penetrate to her soul, telling her all the ways he was going to ravage her body.


This was not all. The some gang were standing over her looking down the front of her shirt. She looked down at herself. The shirt was so shortly cut she could see where the curve rounded under the bottom of her full quivering breasts. Even worse, her breasts were pointy, like spinning tops, and tiny peaks which could clearly be seen in the light cotton top. She could even make out where her areolas puffed out. Her self-consciousness caused her nipples to swell up and harden, making them even more conspicuous.


She crossed her arms to cover herself and, in retrospect, that was a mistake, because when she did, Reggie leaned down and began to massage her shoulders, saying "You look tense, Hope baby, let me help you relax a little bit."


Why didn't she just tell him no, and then get up and leave?


She didn't want to make him upset or make it seem like she felt uncomfortable at all. She was frightened by the smooth control he had; he seemed to rule the world. But she was intrigued by the raw lust he revealed; he seemed so eager to devour her.


"He’s so strong," she thought. She tried to draw away from him and lean forward. When she did so her legs came open a little and she saw the faces of the men across from her betray lusty and hungry grins. And she wasn't even able to get up. Reggie's grasp on her was firm. He held her fast to him firmly massaging his fingers into her shoulders and neck.


"Just relax," he said firmly. "You're very tight." The men across from her snickered. She leaned back a little. "That's better, little girl," he said. She thought him calling her "little girl" was kind of overwhelming.


He was kneading her neck and shoulders. Even though his touching her made her uneasy, she could not deny that it felt good. It felt good to feel all his power centering on her. She looked up and saw the approval in Patti’s face.


"How does it feel?" he asked.


"It's nice," she admitted, hoping he would soon stop. She saw Patti’s eyes gleam as she watched Reggie massage her.


"Patti baby, I know you wanna join in," Reggie said. Patti obeyed. She now stood next to Reggie as the gang leader rubbed Hope's shoulders.


"You like massaging this sweet dish, Patti?" Reggie asked.


“Yeah,” she breathed huskily.


"Well then, you take that shoulder and I'll take this one. Just watch what I do."


To have these two massaging her made Hope nervous. She knew this was dangerous and it made her feel dirty, but she didn't want to risk angering Reggie by asking them to stop. She hoped they would just do it for a few minutes and then she could go. She trembled in their grasp and broke out in chill bumps of discomfort. Her nipples were just getting harder and harder and protruding under the flimsy little top. She knew Reggie could see them by looking down the front of the light fabric. What was worse, they ached to be touched. Why did her body betray her like this? All she wanted to do was get up and go and take this back to the Mansion. Her body liked what they were doing to her.


Her head, neck, and shoulders were loosening up under the influence of the massaging hands. She felt herself getting flush, then hot—so hot she was melting in their hands. She knew they could see her swelling breasts, and she felt the other men's eyes running up and down her exposed legs, which she had to be mindful of, lest she relax the least little bit, let her knees part, and give them what they were looking for: a clear shot at her bikini briefs, the skimpy thin fabric separating them from her now moistening pussy.


"That's it, Hope baby, just relax," Reggie said. "Why don't you close your eyes."

She didn't want to, but she did it. Why was she doing everything he told her to do?

Soon after she closed her eyes, she felt Reggie's hand slip the strap of the shirt off her right shoulder. Startled, she reached up to put it back, saying "No. Please. Don’t go too fast."


"I'm sorry to upset you Hope. I was just going to show Patti your beautiful breasts. Don’t you want to see them, Patti?” Hope’s friend nodded happily. “You see, Hope; Patti wants to see them. Besides, everyone can practically see them already. What if we just let her see? She can just look down the front of your shirt. No one else will be able to see. Besides, they're just breasts. It's not like we're showing her your pussy or anything."


A few of the gangmembers sitting around started laughing and Hope's thoughts started spinning out of control. She could feel the lust of the gang rising While she panicked, though, she just looked away at the ground and said nothing. Reggie took her lack of protest as a yes. She knew he would. He reached down and grabbed the top of the shirt and pulled it away from her body. When her breasts became fully visible to Patti, she stopped massaging. Reggie urged her on.

"Keep massaging her shoulders, Patti."

Patti resumed. Her touch felt so good and it was exciting to have Reggie watching. "Why don't you kiss her, Patti?" Reggie said. "Open your mouth Hope. It's just a kiss," he said, authoritatively.


She complied. Patti began kissing her lips. But Reggie told him, "Kiss her harder, and deeper, Patti. Put your tongue in her mouth. Make her suck on your tongue."

Patti was kissing her roughly, probing her mouth with her tongue. Hope kissed back, flipping her tongue against hers and sucking it deeper into her mouth. Reggie leaned up to her ear. She could feel his breath on her as he said, "I want you to spread your legs wide open for me and hold them there. Then I want you to pull your bikini to the side. I'm going to feel your pussy. If it is wet, we're going to fuck you."

The way he said it was exciting her; she knew soon he would be inside her and that’s what she wanted.


"Suck on her tits, Patti," Reggie said, "while I feel her cunt." The word "cunt" sent shivers through her. She was trembling so hard anyone would have noticed. She wanted them to take her. Her "cunt" throbbed and gushed with wetness. She could feel her lips tingling, swelling, and opening to Reggie and he had yet to even touch her between her legs. She couldn't believe this was happening in broad daylight.


As Patti started sucking on her breasts, the angelic blonde arched her back, serving her breasts to the other girl’s mouth. Simultaneously, one set of salty fingers entered her mouth while another pulled her hair from behind, hurting her slightly. They must have belonged to Reggie, she thought. But it didn't matter anymore who did what.


She surrendered herself, feeling a hand press into her depths. "Why Hope," said Reggie as he finger-fucked her, "you've got the wettest little cunt I've ever seen." She couldn't help but let a moan escape around the fingers that swirled around her mouth. "It's wonderful. You have got to feel this!"

Other hands began to explore her. Hope could hardly stand it. She felt an orgasm welling up inside her already. Reggie was an expert. He curved his two fingers upward inside her and was rubbing her g-spot, which, she knew, would make her have a squirting orgasm right there in front of everybody. She did not want to make any more of a spectacle out or herself than she already was, but she knew she wouldn't be able to help it.


Just then she felt his fingers slip out of her opening. She started to panic. What was he doing? Why was he stopping?


"Okay Hope. If you want to come, you're going to have to fuck these fingers yourself."


He was making her fuck his fingers so that she could come. It occurred to her one last time to get up and leave, but that would be awkward, she thought. She felt humiliated, but it only added to her arousal and she was so close to orgasm. Her eyes began to tear up and she sobbed a bit onto the fingers in her mouth as she raised her hips and pushed her cunt onto the fingers, thrashing and pumping and thrusting her hips into them. All this drove her over the edge quickly. She shuddered to her first orgasm. Thrusting her hips forward, her pussy pushed Reggie's fingers out and began to gush sweet nectar from her quivering pussy and trembling body. The fingers left her mouth and she screamed "Oh my god! Ohhhhh! God!”


She thrashed and  bucked on the lawn and she would have bounced even more if Reggie and Patti weren’t holding her tight. She opened her eyes and saw all the eyes watching her expectantly. She turned her gaze back to Reggie, her gazing pleading and desperate.


He understood immediately. “Yeah, you want to ball don’t you girl?” She nodded softly.


“Me and my boys?” His voice was arch and he punched the word ‘and’ to leave no doubt that he meant it.


“Just you,” she whispered meekly, then she added slyly, “And Patti.”


Reggie turned to his gang and his silent snarl was command enough and the other men faded away in search of other playmates.


Patti leaned close and nuzzled Hope’s neck. “I love to watch you come. We’re going to have a real party now.” Hope nodded shyly.


Reggie patted his lap, gestured for her to sit on it, and when she did, he lifted her legs off the ground until they were stretched out across his lap, those legs encased in a sexy sheen of sweat. Patti stroked the girl’s hair; her head struck back, laughing and she leaned closer to Hope. “We’re going to have so much fun with you, baby.”


 Reggie nodded his agreement and lifted Hope into the air. “Let’s take her inside,” he chuckled and in one powerful motion raised up both himself and his luscious captive. Hope snuggled into his arms and pressed her soft cheek against his chest, resigning herself to her fate. Patti pranced around them, clapping her hands girlishly and chanting, “We’re gonna fuck Hope now, we’re gonna fuck Hope now.” A stabbing glance from Reggie’s coal black eyes silenced her; the three crossed the lawn and headed towards the Mansion.


The publisher had been watching all this from a window high on the third floor. Two young girls, playmate hopefuls, squeezed next to him.


Sheila Mullen watched wide eyed with dread when the gang came rushing out of the bushes and chased the playmates across the grounds. Her hand was in the publisher’s robe and her fingers were around his cock. When Reggie captured Hope and Patti, Sheila’s hand began to stroke the cock frantically.


The publisher approved. He gestured out towards the lawn with his pipe. “That’s the man you’re scheduled pose with tomorrow.” Sheila gulped.  Her hand worked even harder.


Virve Reid, on the other side of the publisher, could sense the other girl’s anxiety. She had already ‘posed’ with Reggie so she knew what was in store for Sheila; Virve decided the girl should be dreading tomorrow.  Virve watched Sheila watching Reggie down below. Helpfully she narrated the action on the lawn. “Reggie’s got two playmates; he can handle them though. Ooo, it’s Hope and Patti! Hope is putting up quite a fight, isn’t she? Silly girl. Patti knows what’s happening though. Look, she pulling on Hope’s bikini bottom.”


The three watched silently, mesmerized by the struggle down below. Reggie was raping Hope with his tongue and the soft girl’s writhing and bucking resistance was slowly easing into a sensual wriggling surrender. Patti had given up trying to strip the girl and was now stroking and encouraging her.


Meanwhile the rest of the gang was chasing playmates all over the lawn; the girls filled the air with delighted squeals as they rushed away.


Reggie and Hope and Patti were sitting on the lawn now, the luscious blonde helplessly pinned between the other two. Patti was toying with the girl’s hair and Reggie had his arm around his captive squeezing her close to him and fondling her flesh.


“Look,” Virve gasped and pointed to another part of the lawn where Linda Beatty was surrounded by some of the gang. She was laughing and squealing and rushing from man to man, pretending escape as they slowly ripped her clothes off.


Sheila was still watching Hope and Reggie and Patti; more of the gang was gathering around them and Sheila tried to imagine what it would be like to have all those lustful eyes on her. Hope was protectively crossing her arms over her chest and Reggie was grabbing her shoulders, kneading his fingers deep into the girl’s muscles. Even from this distance Sheila could see the look of wonderment and trepidation on Hope’s face. Sheila felt the publisher’s cock throb in her hand.


Hope leaned back into the massage, a look of blissful excitement on her face. In Reggie’s grasp and surrounded by the men she looked like angel captured by Satan and his minions. The writhing girl looked with pleading eyes at Patti and her mouth formed a perfectly luscious O. Up on the third floor a chill shot through Sheila and she stroked the cock with more vigor now.


Hope closed her eyes and four hands groped over her entire body. The crowd of men moved closer, hesitant and hungry like a pack of wild dogs awaiting the signal of the alpha male. Reggie pawed over the wriggling and squirming Hope with no intention of sharing her with anyone but Patti.  He started to peel off Hope’s top and she made a feeble attempt to stop him. Instead he pulled the soft fabric away from her chest and he and Patti looked down at the soft heaving mounds. With another sharp jerk he pulled the front down so everybody could see Hope’s glorious breasts. Sheila squeezed the publisher’s rock hard cock and glanced anxiously at Virve.


Now, at Reggie’s command, Patti and Hope were kissing, making out like teenagers in the back seat of a Chevy. Leaning across the publisher Sheila and Virve kissed too, but kept their eyes on the action below. Hope was on the ground between Patti and Reggie. Patti was devouring the girl’s nipples while Reggie pulled the blonde’s hair back, making her arch her back and spread her legs; his hand disappeared into her bikini briefs and the girl snapped into an arch and began to shake and buck. The pair were really working her over now, finger fucking her as they fondled her body. She began to franticly thrust her hips into his hand, clearly racing and rushing into an orgasm. The squeal of her ecstasy reached the third floor window and, as Hope thrashed crazily over the lawn to the delight of Reggie and Patti and the gang, Virve knelt down in front of the publisher and in her wide open mouth caught his orgasm as Sheila pumped him wildly. He groaned as if he was coming inside Hope’s tight and sweaty body.


All three watched with fascination as Reggie soothed the blissful girl, helping her regain her equilibrium even as he made it clear that he wasn’t finished yet. The crowd of men backed away and Reggie lifted the helpless beauty up, crushing her into his arms and leaving no doubt that the tender girl was about to experience some serious hammering. Patti was exuberant at the prospects and her excitement carried up to the third floor window. Virve smirked at Sheila and the young girl realized that the brutal balling in store for Hope would be her fate tomorrow. She shuddered with anticipation.


 When Reggie and his captives headed towards the Mansion the publisher led the girls downstairs to another room.  He carefully unlocked the door and ushered them in, gesturing silence all the while and bade them sit in chairs facing a wall-size panel of glass, which proved to be the reverse side of a two-way mirror, against the bed in the adjacent room. There on the bed were Reggie and the two fabulous playmates, as luscious and creamy as two ice cream sundaes. And the sight of the two of them together was just as decadent as the sight of being served those two deliciously creamy deserts. The two playmates were posed in a posture of love-making perhaps too sumptuous and scrumptious to describe. Reggie himself was lying flat on his back while the two girls sat facing each other astride him-- Hope , with pussy covering his member, Patti with pussy covering his mouth-- while the girls themselves, sitting upright, were locked in what appeared to be a very passionate embrace, bodies and mouths fastened together like suction-cups. A curious tableau, almost a still-life, for the moment they scarcely moved, just sitting there, as in some kind of exotic tea ceremony. But then, still entwined in a deep, deep, closed-eyed kiss, the two luscious playmates, as one they slowly began to writhe languorously, caressing each other, hands delicately tracing the contour of the face, neck, shoulders, breasts, waist, stomach, thighs, of each, simultaneously. Moving in slow motion like synchronized swimmers in an aquarium, it was as though a girl was fondling her own image in a three-dimensional mirror. Narcissism at its nadir-- and Reggie followed it closely in the glass--  the same glass in which he was being observed by the trio on the opposite side. This gave rise to a weird countenance on his part, because in order to observe, and yet not falter in his tongue-in-Patti’s-honeypot-work, he was obliged to cast his eyes sideways in a manner which seemed both eccentric and grotesque.

In addition to the real, live visual image before them, there was also sound amplification of what was taking place in the room-- an amplification with such gain that the slightest move, sigh, or breath could not only be heard, but came across as a veritable scream of anguish or delight. One of the microphones was placed at the foot and exact center of the bed, so that the actual viscosity of the thrust, the wet slick friction of cock going out of Hope’s moist soft pussy could be heard in a way never heard before--  at first even unrecognizable, but then of course, being in perfect sync and all, becoming quite unmistakable.

“Golly, that’s some pickup,” said the publisher, never adverse to admiring the expensive toys he had in the Mansion and calling attention to them.

The two future playmates with him were too stunned, too aroused, to care much about gain and pickup and speaker quality. Both were imagining how sweet it would be to be eating Hope’s scrumptious pussy or ramming their tongues deep into Patti’s eager snatch. “Wow, listen to it!” the publisher boasted, “The sound of playmate pussy. There’s no other sound like it.”


 Suddenly Patti leapt up and tugged Hope off of Reggie. The microphones picked up his grunt of surprise, but then Hope was shoved against the mirror, the glass through which the publisher and the girls were watching. Hope’s pretty face gazed at her own reflection and Sheila moved close watching the girl’s eyes closely. Hope’s face exploded into shock and her entire body slapped against the mirror, her breasts crushed into delicious circles, her rosy cheek pressed against the glass. Reggie was ramming into her from behind and Patti was squealing with delight.


Hope’s face remained smashed against the mirror and her sweating belly and hips slapped against the glass with each pounding thrust from behind. The publisher imagined that the glass would break and the fucking couple would tumble into his spying room. But he was intrigued by the way Sheila stood close to the glass, unseen by Hope as the drilling shook her body and the mirror; Sheila was stroking the glass as if stroking Hope’s soft cheek to comfort her. Patti’s head came close and she yanked Hope’s hair pulling her into a crazed unrelenting kiss; two playmate tongues pink with vitality entwined in a sexy lust-filled dance. Sheila silently pressed her lips to the glass as if joining in; Virve and the publisher murmured approval.


“How long does this go on?” Sheila asked reverently. As if responding, Reggie snarled and pulled Hope back by the hair and threw her onto the bed. Patti took her arms and the huge man pounced on her, a lion taking a gazelle.


The struggle was brief but riveting; Hope tried to release her arms and lock her legs, her body writhing and coiling in resistance, her long blonde tresses flying and whipping the air as her head twisted back and forth futilely. The microphone picked up her whimpering pleas: “No, please, no, oh God, please!” And it picked up Patti’s gloating and encouragement: “Be a good girl, Hope baby; all we want to do is fuck you some more.” Suddenly that there was a sharp grunt from Reggie and sharp and brutal thrust of his hips. Hope gasped and froze. All three froze as the cock rammed into the tender girl.


Hope received his cock like it was a gift; she always took a cock like it was something precious and loving. She always reacted with astonishment, stunned by the pleasure of the brutal onslaught of the massive beast inside her tenderness. She loved the gift and thrilled with anticipation, avidly hoping for the explosion of fire she knew would come, a fire filling her soft body and melting her into ecstasy. She always responded like a virgin, shocked by the fierceness and solidity of the cock taking her, stunned by the throbbing heat and intense lust.  He thrust into her now, a pitiless lunge of his hips to smash into her innocence; she gasped and her legs shot straight into the air, shapely legs gleaming with a sheen of sweat and trembling with the violence of his attack. Her pussy tightened around him and it was a virgin’s tightness with all the agony of a virgin’s deflowering, all the agony and all the pleasure. Even as he growled and snarled in out of control, her face was soft and blushing, her brow crinkled slightly and her mouth tight in an effort to repress the urge to resist the pain; but her eyes were glowing with love and gratitude and glistening with tears. Hope’s face was sweet and blushing with virginal pride and agony and bliss, even as her body went wild with thrashing and thrusting to receive his voracious cock. Her pale skin, perfect in its alabaster smoothness, glowed warm with lust as he fucked her deeper and deeper.


On her back now Hope wrapped her legs around him and locked him in. His thrusts were sharp and deep and she cried and howled, twisting her head back and forth in delicious agony.


“How long does this go on?” Sheila asked again, more urgently, knowing that tomorrow it would be her on the bed. Still watching Hope in the throes of insane passion and desire, Sheila knelt in front of the publisher’s chair. Virve, ever helpful, held his cock at the ready. Sheila’s mouth slipped over it as the publisher popped open a bottle of Pepsi as if he was settling into a long movie. All three watched Hope buck and thrash in ecstasy on the bed. “How long?” Sheila mumbled, licking the publisher’s cock.


“Oh, this will go on for hours and hours,” the publisher said calmly gazing into the glow of Hope’s wild eyes.


Hope let out her own answer, a long wail of ecstasy filling both rooms. Then she snapped and fucked Reggie back, kicking and scratching and biting as she came in thunder clouds of pleasure.


The publisher settled back into the softness of Sheila’s mouth and watched Reggie drill deeper into Hope. It was going to be a fine night.


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