Hope Olson

Hope Olson

Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Hope Olson, Miss October 1976, farm fresh beauty, luscious, and sweet; these are her adventures. Featuring Patti McGuire


Hope Olson, Miss October 1976, farm fresh beauty, luscious, and sweet; these are her adventures. Featuring Patti McGuire

Chapter3 (v.1)

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Submitted: May 25, 2013



Continued from the previous chapter


Hope Olson is careening across the country in a big black private jet.  Through the window she can see the moonlit clouds fly by and it's as if she's in heaven.  Hope is nude and on all fours on a large round bed covered in satin sheets.  Underneath her is the voluptuous Patti McGuire who is naked lying on her back with her legs between the beautiful girl's arms.  The blonde's large creamy breasts are hanging down and brushing against the full firm breasts of the brunette under her as she is rocked back and forth.


Patti's tongue is up between Hope's legs and she is licking frantically at the cock that is pulling and pushing in and out of the beautiful young girl's pussy; each time it pulls out Patti‘s tongue shoots out and slurps up the juices on the shaft. The millionaire behind Hope and pounding into her is groaning as the two girls bring him to orgasm.


A few hours ago Hope had been escorted on to the plane along with Susan Kiger.  Less then 24 hours ago the young and pure Hope had lost her virginity to a mysterious man in a Mercedes with the help of the beautiful Patti McGuire; she'd been seduced into flying out to Los Angeles and do a centerfold spread; the millionaire had been so anxious to meet the beauties collected for him, especially the luscious Hope that he flew out himself in his private jet...


...The first one up the steps to the plane is  Susan.  She's dressed in a short green dressed cut so low that it reveals most of her large breasts and all of her front down to her navel.  Susan already knows the millionaire and she's been on the plane before. He gives her an affectionate hug and pat on the rear as he greets her. Susan is amused to see that his eyes stay fixed on the two beauties below.


Patti and Hope skip up the stairs in glee. Patti is wearing a tunic of soft white satin with matching slacks; Hope wears the same in red.  The shimmery fabric clings to every line of their curvaceous bodies, and their succulent breasts bounce up and down enticingly.  They are grinning up at the man looking down on them with such obvious lust but they pause halfway up and simultaneously  moon the man at the bottom of the stairs.  Their laugher is a siren call to the man above.  He licks his lips like a hungry wolf in anticipation. He takes both their hands and the warm moist touch of the girls' eager hands seem to promise the erotic pleasures to come.  He pulls them into the plane and a shapely stewardess in a black uniform closes the door behind them.  Already the jet is beginning to move down the runway, so anxious is the millionaire to get in the air.


Susan is already buckled into one of  the bucket seats in the spacious cabin.  Hope and Patti are giggling as the stewardess quickly straps them in between the millionaire.  He puts a firm and hungry hand on a knee of each girl.


The roar of the engines makes talk impossible but the girls are busy taking in the luxury of their surroundings.  The man is looking at both of them with an evil grin.  When Hope catches his eye she blushes a deep red and her bosom swells; Patti gives a lusty laugh as she watches the man lick his lips again.  He is obviously smitten and his carnal desires are written all over his face.  He turns to the brunette and nods his approval of her too.  Patti feels a familiar tingle in her crotch.  This is going to be a fun ride.


Hope is still nervous and blushing but her shyness and innocence makes her more attractive to both Patti and the millionaire.  As the plane lifts off Susan shouts out introductions over the noise.  The man keeps looking back and forth between the two girls as if trying to choose.  Patti's eyes flash between him and Hope and it's clear that  as far as she's concerned he doesn't need to make a choice: he has them both. 


The man begins to speak about the magazine and the mansion and the 'family' that they are about to join.  It's clear that this is a speech he gives many times.  He's holding Hope's hand and she's a little nervous and shy but his other hand feels good at it softly rubs the back of her neck.


The stewardess is serving piles of exotic and delicious food and they are all enjoying fine wine. The millionaire is solicitous and generous as he serves the girls but he pays special attention to Hope and her cheeks redden as she sees herself reflected in his gleaming eyes.  After everyone has eaten the man whispers to the stewardess and she disappears to the front cabin.


Susan pulls out a tray and lights a joint.  Hope is surprised; she's smoked before but not stuff this good.  Meanwhile Susan is chopping up lines of white powder and Hope gulps, realizing that she's going to have cocaine for the first time.


As the drugs take hold of Hope she disappears into a daze.  Her senses are heightened; every breath she takes brings her the seductive scent of Patti's body and the brunette's inviting body is flashing like a diamond in the white satin.  The man's voice drones on and on but Hope feels his sexual power overtaking her.  She knows that she is immobilized and can't resist his command.


He now has a large art book out and he's showing the girls a variety of ancient erotic paintings.  Hope can barely focus on the pictures of bodies entwined in various combinations of two and three girls with one man.  She can see lots of pale flesh piled in triangles or squares and legs and arms in every direction.  None of it makes sense and she becomes more dizzy as Susan and Patti lean in closer to her for a better look at the pictures.  All Hope can really see is the creamy lushness of Patti's breasts as they push out of the tunic when she bends to see the book. 


Patti smiles at her and Hope melts.  The man is still talking about the pictures and he is gesturing and  pointing at the pages, then at the girls.  He is asking questions Hope can't hear but she sees Susan and Patti nodding avidly.  All three turn expectantly to Hope and she sees Patti's delectable mouth move in slow motion to form a question for the young girl but all she can hear is the sweet chimes of Patti's lilting voice.  The words are just music and Hope nods without knowing what she has accepted.


Now the trio is laughing lovingly and the man is the first to stand and he takes Hope by the hand and stands her up.  He pulls her body into a deep kiss as his hands run over the smooth fabric of her outfit; he's taking in every plush curve of her yielding body. 


He holds her hand and leads her to a door at the back of the plane; Hope grabs Patti's hand, and Patti leads Susan.  They move in a chain through the door to a smaller room with a very large round bed.


Everything is still silent and in slow motion for Hope. She's not sure if she gasped when she saw the bed but her mind is working in her stupor to imagine taking Patti on to those sheets.


Now the millionaire has arranged the girls in a line with Susan and Hope who are the same size on either side of the shorter Patti.  He steps back to take in their beauty and then walks up close to Susan.  He delicately slides the green dress off her shoulders. Susan moans as he leans her back to kiss her erect nipples.  The dress drops to the floor and she kicks it away. 


The man then turns to Patti who is already shaking with anticipation.  He slowly pulls on the string tying the tunic closed and the sound of the satin sliding on her soft skin sounds like the sea to Hope.  Patti's flesh seems to glow as it tumbles out of the white cloth.  The tunic drops off of Patti's arms and onto the floor.


The man eases a finger from each hand into the elastic of the slacks and pushes them down slowly.  He pauses for a moment as her dark bush comes into view.  Then he bends to pull them all the way down.  Patti rests a hand on his shoulder as she steps out of the clothes. 


As he stands he runs his hands over the back of her legs and rear and pressing her back draws her in for a kiss.  He takes a breast in each hand and squeezes them together for a kiss.


The man is now in front of Hope; her body is trembling like a doe before a wolf.  The sweet chimes of Patti's laughter is still all she can hear.  She sees his hand take hold of the string on her tunic.  Inch by inch he draws it out and Hope's body can sense the garment loosening.  The soft red satin seems reluctant to leave her warm moist skin; the threads seem to kiss her flesh as they part from her.


The front of the tunic falls open but the cool fabric still clings to her flesh.  He gently places his fingertips below her neck and Hope reacts to his touch with a mild jolt.  Then his fingers glide along her shoulders easing the fabric away.  It's like he's spreading a curtain on a fine marble statue as her magnificence is slowly uncovered.  Her lush bosom is swelling and blushing and her nipples reach out beseechingly.  Her flat belly reveals her rapid breathing and the other two girls seem hypnotized by the pounding of her heart. 


Hope looks in his eyes and in the reflection sees herself thrashing wildly on his cock; she squeezes her lids shut against the erotic vision.  She can feel him drawing down her pants and the rush of cool air on her golden bush makes her a little wet. Now his hands are exploring her and she feels her nipples being licked and bit softly.  Then a tongue is pressed into her mouth.


Patti steps behind Hope while Susan moves behind the man.  Patti reaches around to embrace Hope's warm soft breasts and the man reaches around to pull Patti in closer.  Susan quickly begins to undo the man's clothes.


Hope is crushed between the two lovers exploring her body.  The vibrations of the plane jetting above the earth are enhancing the sensations coursing through her limbs.  Everything is still in slow motion and silent and the beautiful blonde can feel her juices simmering between her legs.


From somewhere far off Hope senses the sweet smell of spicy oils and her skin tingles as three pairs of hands rub and massage her body; soon all four bodies and all eight hands are writhing against each other and slipping in the scented sheen covering the lovers.


All four tongues are wandering and tasting each willing mouth.


Hope is humming softly to herself in harmony to the sweet music she's hearing in her head.  The other three are whispering urgently to each other but Hope doesn't hear.


Suddenly the young nubile girl is clutched under each arm; Patti and Susan then link arms under Hope’s knees.  They lift her up and can carry her like a papoose with her knees tucked under her chin.  The man is lying back on an cushioned stool.  He braces his legs on the floor as Hope’s rear is dangled over his pelvis.


The girls slowly lower Hope as the millionaire guides the tip of his cock into her pussy.


The young girl lets out a musical Ooooo that fades into a shallow burst of air. Her lips are pursed into a tiny little O and she repeats her sensuous song over and over as the others drop her inch by excruciating inch.  After what seems an hour of sweet pain her plump bottom touches the base of his shaft. She drops her head back and her golden hair spills to the floor.  She lets out a long liquid Ahhhh as she glides slowly up the shaft.  The man can see her eyes squeezed tight.  She is trying to lock all the ecstasy inside herself but the satisfied smile reveals her bliss and makes her look so inviting that he thrusts deeply into her.  Hope gasps and her shimmering body trembles.  A bolt of electricity shoots through her and Patti feels herself quivering as she shares Hope's pleasure. 


Hope can’t hear but Patti and Susan whisper over and over, “So fine, so good, so tight, so sweet, so pretty.”  The man has a perfect view of his body piercing the fresh young beauty and sees hot juices flooding out of her raw red pussy.


As her climax attacks Hope begins to writhe and twist between the two girls.  The squirming tightens the grip of her hot tight tunnel on his rod.  He can’t hold out any longer and a hot sticky wad shoots up into her. Hope heaves up as if a torch has been lit inside her. She rocks back and forth as she howls in bliss.


Another of her orgasms gushes onto him and he responses with an other salvo.  They go back and forth this way trading blasts; each shot outdoing the last as it drives them further into a heavenly and mindless harmony.  Finally Hope begins to shake back and forth; she melts down on to him one last time. 


The man uses his hands to squeeze her bottom as he shoves her off.  The three girls tumble into the bed and their bodies shinny with the oils slip and slide over each other and the three beauties search each other’s erotic zones with their mouths and hands.


The man watches as the mass of sexual yearning throbs on the bed.  Hope is licking Patti's clit while she presses Susan's eager breasts and her legs squeeze Susan's thighs; Susan's mouth is sucking juices out of Hope while her hands race along Patti's trembling body and her legs wrap around Patti's waist.  Patti's finger's are kneading the bottoms of the other two and her tongue is tickling Susan's clit.  Patti's legs are making ecstatic circles in the air.


The millionaire watches for awhile and then gets on the bed. He wraps one arm around Patti’s waist and slowly draws her out of the shining pile of orgasmic action in front of him.  Ever since he laid eyes on her he’s been aroused by the frank and open approach to sex that the girl seems to exude; each of her flashing glances promises the fulfillment of multitudes of carnal fantasies.


As Patti feels herself sliding away from Hope and Susan she smiles to see how the two girls immediately turn their full attention on each other.  Hope’s eyes are still tightly closed but her face reveals her complete abandonment to lust.  Susan is expert in finding the young girl’s weak spots and avid in giving her pleasure.


Patti’s sly smile turns to an eager grin when she sees the hungry look of the man now embracing her. “Oh yeah!” she moans as she’s pulled in for a kiss.


The kiss is different than anything she’s experienced before.  Susan had warned her about the man’s vast knowledge of what turned women on, but Patti wasn’t prepared for the overwhelming seductiveness of his touch.  Patti’s face softens and her eyes become misty; she suddenly realizes that no man has ever communicated so much with a kiss; it was like being kissed by Hope.  Yet the kiss is extremely masculine; it tells Patti that the body encircling her has a complete understanding of what it wants from Patti and what heights of pleasure it will present to Patti in return.  The two bodies melt into one.


Patti’s hand slides down his oily body and rests at his navel; her fingers unfold and fold again and again over his belly sending surge after surge of delight into him.  His palms hold up her magnificent mounds as his thumbs encircle her nipples. Her hands go down further, slightly brushing, stroking and teasing over his crotch, and they pause at his thighs just above the knees.  Her fingers send bolts of heat in as she presses deeply into his muscles.  Then her touch lightens and she draws them up in one long slow warm line leaving a trail of erotic tingling on his skin.  At the same time she nuzzles her compliant face under his chin.


His thumbs are sliding down the fullness of her breasts and trace her ribs around to her strong back.  He massages all the way down to her bottom and cups each plump cheek with a hand.  He pulls her to him and finds her mouth for a kiss. 


Her fingers are still making their slow sensual progress up his legs.  The moist warm fingertips meet suddenly at the bottom of his balls.  She gives a little gasp to show her exhilaration.  The fingers keep the feather light touch as they ooze up either side of his shaft.  When they finally reach the tip they stretch out and slowly wrap around the rod engulfing it in a warm firm grip.


Patti feels herself lifted up as the man rolls onto his back.  Her lush body is lowered so she is with a leg on each side of his hips.  She looks down and can see Hope and Susan wrapped tightly together next to the man; they look dreamily at Patti with admiring eyes.  Having an audience gets Patti more aroused.  She twitches as a firm pair of hands take hold of her juicy thighs.


Patti's hold on his cock is driving the man insane.  It's not that she's squeezing although the grip is firm.  Instead every pore of her hands seems to be touching the pulsating shaft.  She seems to be memorizing the shape and size and stiffness. The only motion is her middle finger lightly rubbing on very tip of the cockhead. In fact, she is poised above him perfectly still, but she is not still at all; her body struggles to control the rush of passion and desire flooding her.  She feels as if she is riding on the wing of the jet.


Patti can feel his eyes scanning her, tasting every line and crevice of her sumptuous body.  Her fine brown hair glows in the soft light of the cabin and it shimmers from the vibration of the plane.  Even looking at her sitting above him he can get high on the sweet scent.


Her soft eyes stare at him giving thanks for the erotic joy she’s feeling; they tell him that she is giving over to him completely.  Her red lips are slightly parted and moist as she blissfully mutters, “Oh baby, oh yeah,” over and over. Her cheeks blush from the heat of their  bodies.


Patti is weakening as she feels herself one hundred percent absorbed by the man’s entire being.Her perfectly formed breasts quiver as a wave of delight whips up her spine under his steady gaze. 


His eyes move down to her belly held tight in excitement.  The twinkle of her jewel-like bush comes into view.  He watches her trembling hands hold his cock just an edge away from those lips.


He runs his intent eyes up and down her flesh over and over again, sliding one hand into her mouth.  Patti takes in all the fingers and slurps and licks frantically still keeping her body rigid against the orgasms attacking her.  Her one finger is bringing the tip of his cock to a fiery frenzy. The back of his hand then glides down her luscious body.  His other hand still has a rock solid grip on her bottom; each squeeze sends bolts of pleasure up her spine.


The wet fingers stop above her bush.  The tips rest against her trembling flesh as two fingers deftly spread open her lips.  The fingers slip in and begin a seductive and teasing dance around her clitoris.


All Patti can think about is the electricity flowing into her through her fingertip on his cockhead and his masterful dominance of her clit. She feels her whole body melt into submission to his probing fingers.


The millionaire uses his firm grip on her rear to guide her down.  She relaxes her thighs just enough to be pierced by his cockhead. This is enough.  Her head drops back and her hair tumbles down her back.  Her nipples burst forward and her lips let loose a joyous scream.  Patti’s ecstatic howl rings like a beautiful bell inside Hope’s heart.


Patti releases all the energy she’d been struggling against as her body oozes down the shaft.  Her screams continue and she sings to a flawless Motown beat playing in her head.  Her hips thrust and dance to this soulful music twisting the cock from side to side and back and forth as she engulfs it with her body.


Patti's whole body is gyrating to her secret music; the beat rocks and shakes every inch of her and incessantly sending exotic pulses into his shaft.  “Let’s get it on” seems to have gripped her soul.


Her pussy squeezes tighter every time she lifts and drops along his cock.


With his firm hand wrapped on her ass he takes in Patti’s sensuous rhythms. With his other hand his fingers dance with her clit as if they were grinding on a dance floor.  He lifts up his torso so they are chest to chest; she lifts her head and their mouths meet for a kiss.  Now their tongues are tangoing together. His tongue shoots in and out then darts over her red hot nipples then back into her mouth. 


Their soulful writhing continues as Patti’s juices well up around his shaft.  He uses a hand to bring one shapely leg behind him. Without her noticing he moves three other fingers to her clit while his left hands withdraws.  That hand then brings out Patti’s other leg.  Suddenly she feels herself guided backwards.  Twisting and shifting his legs and weight the man does not lose a single beat of Patti’s Motown rhythm as he lowers himself onto her swaying body.


Her hair is spread around her like a halo and she looks up at him with adoring eyes as she throws her arms around his neck.


“Oh baby, you sure love to ball, I love you inside me, yes, deeper, you can do it, Oh, that’s the way baby, so good.” Her body is writhing in precise syncopation to the soulful rhythm between them.  She’s never a felt a cock that could find so many new recesses inside of her.  She can feel him building and sculpting a massive orgasm deep inside her; he knows exactly how she will come and he’s creating new sensations bursting to explode in her.


She keeps murmuring and gasping. Her breath comes in long desperate high pitched gulps. “Oh don’t let me go. Oh baby, oh honey, oh, now, I just love you inside me, that’s all, oh baby, oh sugar, oh, I know now, love you, come in, let me love you, I love you inside me, love it. Oh, that’s so good.”  Patti’s twisting her head back and forth and Hope leans in and when Patti sees her golden face she leaps in and kisses her deeply.  Hope’s right hand fondles Patti’s ripe breast and her other squeezes the man’s ass.  Susan does the same on the other side.  They are whispering to the man, “You can do it. Keep going baby, you look so good inside her.”  They can see the cock is about to explode.


All four are in the mystery dance now.  The secret track has shifted from Marvin Gaye to Love Unlimited.  Patti has a hand inside each of the blondes.  All four tongues rotate into each of the four hungry mouths. 


Patti’s pussy is completely under his command; she tightens and loosens perfectly to draw out the maximum pleasure for him.

The thrilling pulse of the rod pushing and pulling deep inside of Patti sparks through her fingers into the other two beauties.  The man seems to be able unlock the erotic desires of all three at once. 


 The man takes in the eyes of the three wriggling women.  Both Hope and Susan are looking in awe at Patti; the sight of her rampant sexuality and the drive of her dancing fingers has brought them close to climax.  Patti’s eyes are wide open and brimming with tears.  He can see the flood gates of her passion about to burst.  He pauses in his thrusting for a moment.  Just as his first salvo bolts into her he pushes in and rams down those flood gates.  Patti is the conduit and the vessel for all their orgasms.  She floats away on the warm spreading deep inside her womb and over her hands. The orgasmic trembling of the girls on either side of her and the man on top intensifies the climax rocking through her body.  She knows the others are moaning but the sexual music in her head drowns out everything.


Patti continues to rhythmically writhe even as Susan and Hope fade.  The man stays with her and he’s still controlling her, blasting in shot after shot, filling her up.  Slowly he alters the beat of his strokes into her and eases her into a softer series of orgasms; she's riding on warm waves that sooth her into a trance.


The man falls in among the sweet glistening bodies and rests his cock across Patti’s bush while covering the other dewy mounds with his hands.


Susan comes to first.  She looks down at the three and shakes her head in disbelieve.  Her thighs still throb from Patti’s handiwork.  The man opens his eyes and smiles.  With a glance he signals to the front of the plane.  Susan recognizes the command and with a happy giggle runs off to play with the pilot.


The man sits up and as he does he lifts up Hope. She reacts like a kitten reaching out her arms and opening her mouth for a kiss. She's still charged up with uncontrollable lust.  As soon as her innocent arms open she throws her body against him wrapping her arms and legs around him and smothering him with kisses.  He takes scoops of her sweet bosom with his tongue. Patti wakes and reaches for the blonde’s thighs. 


The man twists her around, brings her head over Patti’s legs and lifts her onto all fours.  Patti immediately leaps up to lick both the man’s cock and Hope’s pussy.  He knees behind her and plunges in.


Through the window she can see the moonlit clouds fly by and it's as if she's in heaven.The blonde's large creamy breasts are hanging down and brushing against the full firm breasts of the brunette under her as she is rocked back and forth.


Patti's tongue is up between Hope's legs and she is licking frantically at the cock that is pulling and pushing in and out of the beautiful young girl's pussy; each time it pulls out Patti‘s tongue shoots out and slurps up the juices on the shaft. The millionaire behind Hope and pounding into her is groaning as the two girls bring him to orgasm.


Even as they come together, all three at once, the light comes on announcing the need to get ready to land in Los Angles.




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