Hope Olson

Hope Olson

Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Hope Olson, Miss October 1976, farm fresh beauty, luscious, and sweet; these are her adventures. Featuring Patti McGuire


Hope Olson, Miss October 1976, farm fresh beauty, luscious, and sweet; these are her adventures. Featuring Patti McGuire

Chapter2 (v.1)

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Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: May 25, 2013



Continued from the previous chapter


Hope Olson wakes up in the dark motel room; it must be early morning but the shades are drawn against the light.  The room is dim and all the furniture nothing more than hulking shadows.  She is recovering from a long night of lovemaking with the mysterious man Peter and the incredibly sexy Patti Mcguire. Her soft blonde body is still tingling with the thrill of being completely possessed by a man for the first time.  She can still feel his sticky juices bubbling with her virginal dew. 


Hope licks her lips recalling the taste of the lovely Patti's mouth engulfing hers and she shudders as the taste of Patti's hot pussy still dances on her tongue.  She had been dreaming about running off to Chicago and trying out for playmate, but mostly she's been imagining many more long nights entwined in Patti's arms.


As she stretches her long limbs she notices that she is alone in the bed.  Then she jumps, startled to see the shadowy form of the chauffeur standing at the foot of the bed.


Hope sits up frightened and begins to crawl backwards away from the dark figure.  But a strong hand grasps her ankle and pulls her back.  Hope kicks out her free leg and knocks off the chauffeur's cap.  Long blonde hair comes tumbling down and covers the chauffeur’s shoulders.


The chauffeur lets out a hearty laugh and shakes her soft blonde hair.  “Easy Hope,” she laughs, “I’m a friend.  I knew Peter and Patti would pick you as soon as I saw you in the doorway.”  Hope is still too startled to speak but the other beautiful blonde continues; as she speaks she gives Hope some orange juice to drink.  “They’ll be back in a little while and I thought that we should get acquainted.  You know I could hear you in the barn.”


Now Hope is blushing; she looks so chaste and vulnerable as her cheeks and chest redden.  She is nude and her soft body is emitting a  scent and seems to glow with her farm fresh purity.  She demurely pulls a sheet up to her neck but her large breasts are still visible under the light fabric.


The chauffeur can see Hope’s embarrassment and smiles, “No darling, you were fantastic.  I’m so jealous of Patti.  She says you are the sweetest thing she’s ever tasted.  Peter can’t stop talking about how good it was to do you.  He’s been on the phone to LA all morning.  I think Hefner is going to fly you right out.” She’s now sitting on the bed and stroking Hope’s hair.


Hope’s head is down and she watches the woman with eyes uplifted; she’s innocently sucking her thumbnail.  She looks like a painting of the perfect seduction.  “Anyway, I heard so much about you that I just needed to see you. And they were not exaggerating.  You are sensational.” Hope lets out an agreeable little snort; she is admiring the beauty of the woman’s eyes and she’s feeling herself seduced by her voice.


As if reading her mind, the woman leans in close to Hope and whispers, “I’m so pleased to finally meet you.” She then lightly kisses Hope’s trembling lips.  “I’m Susan by the way.”  Susan is now slowly unbuttoning the chauffeur’s tunic and Hope glances down to see her fine breasts slowly coming into view as the coat falls open.


“Patti told me to take care of you.  How would you like me to take care of you?”  Susan is now gently tugging at the sheet and Hope’s flimsy covering is slowly sliding away.


Hope’s luscious skin is unveiled like the work of art it is.  Her white flesh looks like cool marble in the grey light.  Susan sucks in her breath as Hope’s large kissable breasts swell in the chilled air of the room.  Hope’s flesh may look like cool marble but it’s hot to the touch as Susan presses her lips on a nipple.


Hope is helpless and powerless to resist Susan’s attentions.  She groans as she falls back onto the bed. Susan follows her as she slips the tunic off; her large creamy breasts brush against Hope’s lips. 


The girls look at each other and begin to kiss.  Susan’s tongue is very different than Patti’s; it races around her lips and darts in from every angle.  Hope’s hands glide down Susan’s body and her fingers try to work under the edge of the tight uniform slacks.


Susan’s hands are searching every inch of Hope as their lips stay locked.  Hope gets a sensation of being totally consumed and she is beginning to get wet.  She greedily guides Susan’s roving hands towards her dewy bush.


Susan giggles.  “I have a better idea.”  She reaches for her coat and take out a large plastic and rubber object; although she’s never seen one Hope knows that she’s looking at an enormous dildo.


The young girl is uncertain but Susan firmly turns her over onto her belly.  Before Hope can protest the machine is turned on and its soft buzzing noise lulls Hope into complacency. She gives a little start as the cool tip first touches her back but the vibrations and pressure feel so good.


Hope is softly humming as the machine runs over the gorgeous expanse of flesh on her back and hips. The whole time Susan is whispering, “Oh Hope, you are so pretty.  So soft.  You feel so good.  God, I love this round little ass.  I can’t wait to make you come.  Will you come for me baby?”


Hope continues to moan and hum as the machine goes over her plump and juicy butt cheeks.  Susan slides one hand under her belly and eases Hope onto all fours.  Hope turns and stares at Susan with pleading eyes and Susan resolves to make those sweet eyes plead even more.

She is guiding the vibrator up the supple of flesh of Hope’s inner thigh.  She pauses with the tip just at the beginning of her parting pussy lips. 


Susan is staring at Hope’s face while holding the vibrator just close enough to shake the dewy and curly pubic hairs and tease the lips into swelling and spreading in anticipation. Hope is watching Susan’s eyes and she sees a combination of love and lust that scares her.  Suddenly Susan smiles devilishly and begins to push the tool in.


Hope bites down on her lip to keep from screaming and the two girls go through a strange dance, never breaking the stare between them.


Hope’s pussy welcomes the vibrator and Hope is gripped by spasms of elation as the machine explores her sex.  Hope begins to rock her hips up and down to increase the motion of the machine but Susan keeps unyielding control, moving it in and out and searching for the points of maximum pleasure.  She watches Hope’s eyes for each helpless reaction and when she finds a vulnerable spot she works the machine against it until Hope looks about to faint. Each spot gives an orgasm and each orgasm builds in intensity.


Abruptly Hope’s body snaps up and she’s on her knees. Susan loses her grip on the vibrator for a second as Hope falls backwards on the bed.  Susan takes hold of the devise and kneels between Hope’s legs.  She looks down at the throbbing beauty as Hope glares at her with her beseeching eyes.  Hope’s breasts redden and swell as Susan works the vibrator deeper into her victim’s womb. Hope is now thrashing and bucking, lifting her ass up and down, trying to beat the machine it seems. She reaches up and clenches Susan’s shoulders as her body freezes and rattles in ecstasy. Even her moaning is in rhythm with the machine and she gives one final whimper as her orgasm slides away.


Susan takes out the vibrator and begins to lick it; her eyes have not left Hope’s and she beams as she brings the vibrator to her own pussy.  She takes Hope’s hand and wraps it around the handle.  Hope slowly recovers from her reverie and begins to take over control of the vibrator.


Hope is getting excited as she explores and probes and caresses the inner secrets of the other beauty’s sex.  Watching Susan drive towards a climax brings Hope close to climax herself and as Susan’s hot juices begin to flow on her hand both woman are sobbing with pleasure.


Susan has an incredible capacity for sex and she keeps Hope going all morning.  After a series of orgasms with the vibrator she takes Hope’s hand and slips her fingers into her pussy while she fondles Hope’s.  Then she begins to attack Hope’s breasts again, kissing and sucking and squeezing.  Hope is flopping around like a willing rag doll and Susan explores every inch of her young soft body.


Finally Hope is laid back down on the bed and Susan stretches her body over the pretty young blonde.  She wraps her hips around Hope’s head and engulfs the girl’s pulsating pussy with her mouth.  As Susan’s tongue drills into Hope, Hope matches the action inside of Susan.  In her excitement Susan rams a finger into Hope’s bottom.  Hope lets out a muffled howl as she winces from the sweet pain.  Then she even more eagerly continues to gobble up Susan’s hot juices. 


Hope’s body is throbbing with pleasure and Hope is unaware of anything except the sharp satisfying pain in her bottom, the pulsating heat inside her pussy, and the tasty juices flowing down her throat.  This is the scene that Patti and Peter walk in on.


“I guess the babysitter is out of control,” Patti laughs.  Hope looks up at Patti and gives a dizzy smile and then goes back to eating Susan.  Peter and Patti watch with enjoyment and pride as the two blondes spend another ten minutes passing an orgasm back and forth.


When they finally finish Hope’s breathing is shallow and her heart is racing.  She is dizzy from bliss and is weak and pliant.  All she can think about is more sex.


Patti lifts up her head and gives her some juice; Hope gulps greedily and then leans in to kiss Patti.  Patti responds for a moment but then pushes away.  “I can’t wait to do you again baby but we need to get you some breakfast.  You’re going to need your strength for what’s in store."


Hope whimpers softly as Patti pulls away.  She looks around the room frantically and gives Peter an eager seductive look. He grins back.


Patti comes back and starts to feed the wild girl some yogurt.  Hope is trembling as she gobbles up the food.  Slowly her senses return to her but her desire for Patti remains.


“Well, Hope,” we have good news.  “We’re going to fly out to LA.  Peter’s been raving about you to Hef and you are required for a command performance.  It’s certain that your cute little body is going to be a centerfold.” 


Hope nods in enthusiastic agreement, “You’re coming too.”


“Oh yeah, baby.  I wouldn’t miss it for anything.  But you’ll be the star attraction at the mansion.  Anyway the flight’s not until tonight and we have lots of time.” Patti smiles, “Now how do you suppose we can kill the next few hours?”  Hope takes Patti’s face in her hands and kisses her passionately. 


While the girls are embracing Hope senses Peter coming close and wrapping something around her wrists.  Suddenly she is pulled back by silken cords and tied down to the bed.


Her eyes are glowing with expectation as she watches Peter, Susan, and Patti move around the room getting themselves ready.  Patti and Susan are stripping each other but they are also watching as Peter straddles Hope’s belly.  His clothes are already off and Hope can’t keep her covetous eyes off of his huge cock. 


“Good morning sweet heart,” he teases.  “Pretty soon your going to be meeting a guy who won’t be able to keep his hands off of you.  He’s very rich and very famous.  Meanwhile, I have to get you while I can.”  Hope is smiling with encouragement as he lays his hot shaft between her breasts.  He squeezes them around his member and begins to pump.  As the head pokes out Hope shoots her tongue out and flicks it across the tip.


His fingers are digging deeply into her lithe breasts and Hope is in a lot of pain but her gasping comes from her desire to capture the cock between her lips.  Finally Patti, now nude,  comes over and lifts up Hope's head and braces it so she can hold on to Peter's rod.  He lets go of her mounds and moves forward so he can ram all the way down her throat.


The delicate girl gags and groans as all of Peter's weight is thrust into her mouth.  He is pounding mercilessly holding her head firmly with both hands and she tries to scream through the drilling just as his juices fire against the back of her throat.  She swallows and slurps, gulping down;  his sperm feels hot as it drips down into her belly.  Finally he pulls out and Hope licks her lips as she takes in huge gulps of air.  Her muscles ache from straining against the silk ropes and having her body pinned against his thighs.


Peter lays next to her and caresses her bruised breasts.  He darts his tongue over each nipple and begins to give her little butterfly kisses down the length of her body.  Patti and Susan are sitting on either side of her at the head of the bed.  Both are lightly touching her hair, her face, neck, bosom, and belly.  The whole time they are cooing and whispering, "Oh you look so pretty laid out like this.  You're a gift for any man.  You are so sweet, good girl.  That's good.  Spread your legs out.  Let him in."


Peter, meanwhile, has his head between her legs and he is kissing his way into her pussy.  Hope can only whimper, "Yes, yes, yes." As his tongue goes in the first time he stands, lifting her up with her legs hanging on his shoulders. Patti and Susan help to hold her as she writhes and twists against his mouth.


"Oh god, please.  Don't.  Oh no.  That's so good.  Please.  God." Hope is screaming uncontrollably.  Peter's tongue seems to have slithered through her body and into her mouth. Her orgasm flows like a waterfall inside of her, from her pussy to brain. She lets out a final howl and straightens her legs as she rattles against him.


Her bottom begins to slide down his sweaty chest but as she slides past his waist he holds her in place. Susan comes to him and begins to rub oil on his cock.


Hope is squirming and whimpering as Patti whispers to her, "This is going to hurt dear one, but it will be so good. You look so good." Hope is shaking her head hysterically but whimpering, "Yes, yes, yes."  She can't take her eyes off of the tip of his cock. She flinches as Susan shoves a finger in her ass but she calls out, "Oh god, do it now.  Hurry." Her legs lock around Peter and while Susan holds Hope's ass apart he begins to feed her bottom with his monster.


Hope is screaming wildly now and Patti keeps whispering, "Ok, Ok, that's right, you're so good." Hope looks at her with beseeching eyes.  Her whole body is shaking from the cruel pounding Peter is giving her rear. Her hands are white from squeezing the ropes.


Susan's nails are digging into the helpless prisoner's ass as he uses all his strength to ram into her.  He's clenching her thighs and riding her like a wild horse.  Her bucking and thrashing matches his.  Again his juices bolt into her and as she feels the flood she feels juices simmering in her own pussy.  It seems that the heat of his orgasm in her ass is setting off her oversensitive body.  He keeps ramming and churning into her even as Susan slowly lowers her to the bed.  He slides out and rolls away completely spent.


The innocent Hope is whimpering gibberish as she twists against the ropes.  She's wiggling her body back and forth.  Suddenly she gasps, "Oh god," and begins to kick her legs up and down as a new climax takes over.  She pants and regains her focus and gives Patti a desperate look.


Patti looks down at her exhausted captive, “You look tired sweet pea.”  Hope nods weakly.  “But you let Susan eat you, you let Peter eat you.  Was it fun? Did you have fun darling?”  Again a shy nod.  “Don’t I get to eat you?”  Hope closes her eyes in bliss and sinks further into the bed. She parts her legs with a dreamy smile on her lips.


Patti loves the way Hope’s velvety white skin tastes, and she loves the way her creamy breasts spread out like languid pools as she’s stretched out on her back.  The nipples stand up red and demanding attention and Patti obeys.  She rubs one nipple between her thumb and middle finger as she lovingly sucks the other. Hope is still in a dream state as she watches Patti move her mouth across her body, kissing and nibbling every inch of her flesh.  It feels good but Hope is twitching in anxious desire to have Patti’s s mouth tasting her pussy.


When Patti gets the gorgeous blonde bush she shifts her body around so she’s kneeling between Hope’s trembling legs.  She looks up into Hope’s wide eyes and grins.  Then her face disappears into the golden blonde bush.  Hope looks at the beautiful brunette’s hair and shoulders as she slips her arms under the bound girl’s thighs.  Hope then drops her head back and concentrates on the sensations charging into her.


Patti is kissing the vagina as though it were a girl’s mouth.  Her lips lick the edges and with each lick her tongue probes in more deeply.  Hope is lying still now; each of her nerve endings is following the erotic attentions of the beauty in her lap. She feels Patti’s tongue scoop up some of her dew and flick it into her mouth and swallow. But she gasps and twists a moment as two firm fingers find her clitoris.  But she calms herself as her whole being becomes the flesh between her legs and she feels her entire body inside Patti’s warm mouth. 


The orgasms are a shock in their gentleness. Her body feels as though a feather was tickling her from within, a warm heat spreads through her limbs and she closes her eyes and melts into a long deep sigh.  Patti continues her munching long after Hope as passed out; she just can’t resist her sweetness.


When Hope wakes up she sees that her position has been reversed.  She’s still tied to the bed but now she is face down.  Patti’s face is close to hers and she lights up to see Hope’s eyes opening.


“Hello, beautiful! Are you having fun?” 


Hope smiles shyly.  “Do I have to stay tied down?”


“Well, sweet heart, we just want you to be well trained by time we get to the mansion. Do you trust us?” Hope nods enthusiastically.  “OK then, now we need to talk about that delicious mouth of yours.”


Hope is looking up at Patti’s beautiful face and she is stunned not simply by the perfection of her eyes and lips and cheeks, but by the bright sense of lusty fun that the girl projects. Patti’s large firm breasts look inviting and delectable and Hope licks her lips thinking about having them in her own mouth.


“Hope are you listening to me?” Patti laughs.  She picks herself up and squeezes her body between Hope’s head and the headboard of the bed. She rests a long plump leg on each shoulder and giggles as she picks Hope’s head up and wiggles her crotch into her face.


The very scent of Patti’s adorable bush makes Hope wild.  She breaths her in and sighs. her tongue darts out and moistens the brunette’s inner thigh.  Patti is bracing her arms on the headboard and groans as she feels the wet tip of the tongue on her hot skin.


The beautiful blonde’s tongue darts in and out leaving little wet spots on the legs and teasing the now squirming brunette. Each touch brings out a louder groan and Patti wriggles down a bit to press more of herself into Hope’s mouth.


Her captive’s tongue takes one long deliberate lick up Patti’s swelling lips and then she slowly and gently nibbles the warm wet flesh.  She looks up with her eyes to see Patti’s flat firm belly throbbing as Patti takes shallow panicky breaths.  Her large mouth-watering breasts are quivering and each nipple is red hot with lust.  Patti’s dark eyes are closed and she is biting her lip so hard that it looks like blood will spurt out.


Hope’s tongue is now probing for the clit and she presses it and rolls her tongue around it in rapid movements.  This sends Patti into a fit of trembling as her juices begin to flood out of her.  She keeps moaning and calling out Hope’s name.  Hope sucks and nibbles and Patti writhes and struggles into the orgasm. Her head is hitting the board behind her and her knuckles look like white pearls as she frantically grips the headboard.  In one final gasp she collapses and sinks down on top of Hope. 


The warm moist skin of Patti’s torso feels wonderful to Hope as the nude body rests on her back.  Suddenly Peter comes over and lifts Patti up.  Hope presses her pretty face into the sheets and waits for whatever comes next. 


Susan sits on the bed and gently lifts Hope's golden hair and nuzzles the nape of the beauty's slender neck.  With firm fingers she begins to kneed Hope's shoulders digging in and releasing tension.  The captive dissolves into the intense grip of the  girl's adoring hands.  Every inch of her ivory body is covered by caresses.


As Susan's ardent fingers work they seem to call up the fresh sensuality just awakened in the pretty young thing moaning beneath her.  Hope's body is recalling each caress, each  kiss, and each stroke of her new sexual awakening.  She still exudes the sweet innocence she had the night before but now her flesh hungers to experience Patti's amazing body again.


Susan has finished the sensuous massage and she undoes the ropes.  She helps Hope up and gives her some juice and toast. The whole time she keeps encouraging the girl, telling her what a perfect playmate she'll be.


Hope is startled; she forgot all about that in the daze of her wild sex. Now she thinks about how wonderful it would be to fly off with Patti and start a whole new life.


She still hasn't called her father.  She spends each summer here with him and she's been pretty independent since graduating high school.  She loves California and imagines the thrill of spending time in a palatial mansion.


As she’s loses herself in her daydream Susan guides her into the shower.  Both blondes are just about the same size and shape and Patti finds herself getting aroused watching Susan lather up Hope’s glowing skin.  She can tell that the young girl is aroused too as Susan rubs her body with scented soap.  The warmth of the water is waking the young blonde and her heart is racing as the thought of what’s to come fills her mind.


Hope is led back to the bed and she eases down with a satisfied sigh.  Patti is looking at her with a seductive smile and she comes over, bringing with her a bottle of oil.  She and Susan begin to massage Hope’s warm moist flesh with the enticing liquid.  The slight scent of almond hypnotizes the three and they are all eagerly rubbing the oils onto each other.


Hope’s hands fill with the swell of Patti’s firm breasts and her nipples seem to stab into the blonde’s palms.  Patti is squeezing Hope’s lush breasts together and her eyes are devouring the sweet thing writhing before her.  Susan is massaging the inner thighs of both girls. 


Peter watches from across the room and after awhile he moves to the bed.  He takes Patti’s hips and pulls her up onto all fours.  Her ass and pussy lips are spread before him  and she turns her head to give him an inviting grin.  She looks back at Hope and winks mischievously.  Hope has fallen back on the bed and she is quivering with excitement.  She can look down Patti’s sumptuous body and she sees her large breast hanging full and aroused as they shake with the first plunge of Peter’s cock into Patti’s pussy. Hope’s eyes widen at the sight of the massive shaft disappearing into the brunette’s bush.


Patti’s luscious mouth is open wide and she lets out a giddy grunt with each blow of Peter’s pelvis against her rear.  She keeps her eyes on Hope and they flash with the kick of the sight of Hope pleasuring herself.  “Oh baby, come here. I need to kiss you.” she moans.  Susan lifts Hope up and Patti’s tongue is in her mouth.  She can feel the heat of Peter’s shaft drilling through Patti’s throbbing body and into her mouth.  At the same time she is pressing Patti’s quivering breasts.  Suddenly Patti’s face reddens and she gulps and groans.  Hope can tell that she is reaching climax and the blonde falls back as she wraps her arms around Patti’s neck.  Patti looks down at her and locks her eyes on the young beauty.  Her dark eyes are liquid and languid as they fade into the orgasm.


As the last wave of orgasm hits, Patti dissolves into Hope’s outstretched arms.  The two girls embrace and kiss tenderly.  Peter looks at the pair intertwined: the blonde’s soft pale skin contrasting with the dark tan of the other, the one wild with sexual experience and the other still fresh and innocent; he knows they make a perfect pair.  He stretches out along side Hope and kisses her neck.  Patti rolls off of the girl who is reluctant to let her go.


All four are in the bed and the trio is giving all their attention to Hope.  Peter is whispering softly, “Baby you need to get on the plane.  You are a playmate.” Patti is cooing, “Think of the fun we’ll have.” as she massages Hope’s nipples.


Hope looks from one to the other and nods with a delicate smile.  Peter grins and pulls her in for a hug.


Susan meanwhile has come to the other side of the bed and nudges Peter over and he and Patti arrange Hope in the center of bed.  Peter moves down and kneels at the foot of the bed and Susan and Patti close in on Hope and take hold of her arms.


Patti and Susan are watching Hope's face intently. Peter is looking at her and with his flashing eyes commanding her to submit.  With the softest and most tantalizing touch the two women slowly part the young girl's legs. She stiffens and blushes as the shock of recognition floods through her body.  Little more than twelve hours ago that shaft had pierced her for the first time.  Now her pussy swells hungrily anticipating its return.


She looks up at Peter and she gulps at his massive bulk hanging over her.  He looks so masterful and masculine and she yearns to give herself to him again.  The touch of Patti and Susan's grip on her limbs is shooting electric charges to her heart.  She looks  from one to the other as she starts to cry.  Then she looks back up at Peter as she squirms a bit and delicately lifts her hips up to offer herself.


Peter looks down on the dewy jewel of her bush and softly caresses the parting lips; he pauses over the clit and brushes teasingly.  Hope lets out a quiet groan and his fingers dance down in the other direction. Just barely touching her skin with his nails he strokes her inner thighs.  Hope giggles and sobs and lifts herself again.  It's as if she hopes to catch the pulsating rod so near and so inviting.


Peter repeats his teasing of her ravenous clit and his stroking of her tingling moist flesh. Hope is quickly losing her mind as her pussy takes control of her body.  She writhes enticingly between the two beauties and they are already feeling juices flowing in themselves as they soak up the ecstasy of their tender captive.  Hope has begun her sexy whimpering.


“Take me now.  I want you inside me. Can’t you feel how wet I am?  Please, now, please.”

Peter can’t resist the gift in front of him and he rests his cockhead on her lips.  They swell and heave and seem to embrace the hot solid shaft. She is squirming wildly and with one thrust up she captures about an inch of his throbbing mass.


“Yes, oh yes,” she howls as she feels his weight press into her.  Her whole body explodes in gratifying pain as the enormous rod pushes into her hot, tight pussy. In one continuous push the pussy gobbles up the whole cock.  Once the base touches her soaking bush he pauses.


Impaled on the shaft Hope thrashes and bucks against her lover. He remains still and calm as she twists with erotic agony under him.  Her breasts swell and her nipples flame bright red. 


Patti and Susan are cooing and whispering to the girl, “So fine, so good, so pretty, good girl,” but Hope can’t hear; she’s squealing and squirming in the blissful pain splitting her body apart.


Peter sees an orgasm thunder up into Hope’s skull; her eyes roll for a second and a growl bursts out.  She looks up at him and laughs through her tears.  All she can get out is “Please.”


Peter shifts his weight and with excruciating care and deliberation begins to move in and out of the soaking tight tunnel squeezing his shaft. Hope mutters “Yes, yes, yes,” as the cock seems to find new places to touch her inside and set off more explosions.  Her legs still held tightly by the girls are stamping against the sheets; even as the girls hold her arms she is squeezing theirs so tight that her knuckles look like bright white pearls.


Finally Peter feels his shaft fill up and swell and he struggles to hold back but he can’t. Hope jumps up as the first bolt erupts inside her.  Her head is twisting back and forth and although her eyes are wide open she can’t see.  Her entire being is reduced to sucking in the hot sticky juices flooding up into her.  Each salvo from his cock brings on another burning climax in the willing girl.  Peter lets out a final gasp as his last drops flow out.  He falls weakly on top of the girls and joins their reverie as they become mesmerized by the satisfied moaning of the still virginal girl in their arms.


Patti and Susan are gently caressing Hope as she gradually floats back to reality.  Her shallow breathes slowly returns to normal as her eyes focus on Patti’s lovely and loving face she lifts her head for a kiss.


The room is darkening as evening comes on.  Peter is the first to get up.  Hope, as if in a dream, can hear him calling the airport.  Patti takes her hand and smiles, “It seems a shame to cover up this gorgeous body but we’ve got to get you dressed for the plane.”


Peter and Patti had bought a few different outfits and he's amused to watch the girls' delight in trying on each garment.  He laughs as Hope wiggles her bare bottom at him while pulling up some red satin slacks. The girls finally settle on the red satin slacks with a matching tunic for Hope, the same outfit in white for Patti, and a short green dress for Susan.  Hope sits in his lap and giggles girlishly as she hugs him.  He simply sweeps her up in his arms and carries her out to the car.  The other two follow. 


Hope can hear her heart beating and she is thrilled by the adventure she's about to have.  Patti opens the door and Peter manages to slide in with Hope still in his arms.  She snuggles against him and sighs.  Patti gets in along side them and Hope squeezes her hand.  Susan plays chauffeur again.


As the car speeds to the airport Hope begins to get sleepy; she murmurs that she can't wait until they all fly off.  Patti and Peter give each other glances and Peter explains, "Sweet heart, when we get to the plane that's where we part ways.  I've got business in Chicago and you're about to get famous."  Hope sobs meekly and snuggles in closer.  "But I'll come out to LA eventually. By then you'll be busy at the mansion.  Hefner's going to go for you in a big, big way.  You'll remind him of Jean Harlow.  He's going nuts, he's so anxious to meet you."


Hope takes all this in and glances over at Patti.  The brunette is still holding her hand and as their eyes meet they come to an understanding.


Hope can feel Peter hard and erect under her and she slides backwards off his lap as Patti turns his head to kiss him.  She pulls his head down as she pushes her satin slacks over her hips.  Hope's face is close to his pelvis and she is eagerly opening his pants keen to get the cock out. 


Patti moves herself up against the door of the car as the two girls twist Peter across the seat.  Hope dips her head under him and with her legs against the other door and her back on the seat she draws his shaft into her sweet mouth.  He is hungrily licking and nibbling Patti's clit and Hope imagines that she can feel Patti's excitement vibrate through Peter's shaft.


The erotic charge flows in both directions.  Every lick and slurp of Hope's tender mouth on his shaft is telegraphed through his tongue up into Patti.  The orgasms flow through all three too.  Well after his final drop has shot out Hope is reluctant to release him.  He is resting his cheek on Patti's hot bush and Patti is gently stroking his hair.  Hope swallows one last time and lets him go but she presses his semi-erect cock against her blushing cheek.


They remain still for the rest of the trip.  When they get to the airport Hope gets excited like a little girl but she is startled to see that they drive past the main terminal.  They approach a big black jet with a rabbit logo on the tail.  Hope and Patti let out squeals of surprise.  "Yeah," Peter says, "He couldn't wait to get his hands on you two so he sent the private jet.  He's selling it soon so this might be the last ride."  Patti and Hope look back at Peter realizing this is goodbye.  They hug him and kiss him as the car pulls up to the tarmac and parks at the foot of the stairs leading up to the jet.  Susan turns around and salutes the trio in the back, blows Peter a kiss and scurries up the steps. 


At the top of the stairs Hope and Patti see a familiar figure embrace Susan and pat her rear as he invites her into the plane.  They look back at Peter who laughs and opens the back door.  He climbs over Patti and pulls both girls out. 


He stands at the base of the stairs with an arm around each beauty and the man at the top salutes him with his pipe.  He pushes his toys up the steps and they seem to dance up into their future but just before they get to the top, both simultaneously  drop their pants and wiggle their rears in a final farewell to Peter.  The man with the pipe leers and pulls his prizes into the plane. 


In rapid order the stairs pull away and the door of the plane closes.  Soon the black jet takes off and Peter watches as his delicious girls disappear into the night.


[end of part 2]







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