Three Times Moor Pleasure

Three Times Moor Pleasure Three Times Moor Pleasure

Status: Finished

Genre: Romance


Status: Finished

Genre: Romance


One single woman, three gorgeous men and five incredibly steamy nights. The snow is falling thick and fast when Alice Wilson makes the highly dubious decision of taking a detour, in the hope it will shorten her drive home. But the stark, exposed wilderness of beautiful Dartmoor is in no mood to ease her travel woes. As the snow piles up and the biting Arctic chill makes the untreated road surfaces utterly treacherous, Alice quickly realises she's made a terrible mistake. But it's too late. Moments later, she's unconscious behind the wheel. When she wakes, it's to find herself in a remote cabin, with two of the most breathtakingly handsome men she's ever laid her hungry eyes on. Once Jay and Tim are content that Alice isn't injured, they settle down to the business of being stranded and snowed-in together. Until there's a knock at the door... And that's when the fun really begins...


One single woman, three gorgeous men and five incredibly steamy nights.

The snow is falling thick and fast when Alice Wilson makes the highly dubious decision of taking a detour, in the hope it will shorten her drive home. But the stark, exposed wilderness of beautiful Dartmoor is in no mood to ease her travel woes. As the snow piles up and the biting Arctic chill makes the untreated road surfaces utterly treacherous, Alice quickly realises she's made a terrible mistake. But it's too late. Moments later, she's unconscious behind the wheel.

When she wakes, it's to find herself in a remote cabin, with two of the most breathtakingly handsome men she's ever laid her hungry eyes on. Once Jay and Tim are content that Alice isn't injured, they settle down to the business of being stranded and snowed-in together. Until there's a knock at the door...

And that's when the fun really begins...

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Submitted: November 19, 2020

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Submitted: November 19, 2020



The first thing Alice was aware of was a thumping great headache; it encompassed her nose, her eyes, her forehead, her entire being.It had even percolated down into the very base of her skull, where it throbbed unhelpfully.Slowly, she started to try and piece the events together from snippets of memory currently circulating around her brain but everything was confused.She’d been driving in her car.It had been snowing heavily.Oh yes, and there’d been a sodding great cow lying across the road, looking like it owned the place.If it hadn’t been for that damn cow...

Groaning slightly, she tried to reposition herself.It was only then that Alice realised she wasn’t alone.

‘You’re safe,’ said a low, comforting voice.A stranger’s voice.A man.He sounded well-educated, kind, empathetic and very proper.‘Just go back to sleep.You still need to rest.’A body shifted slightly but, most disconcertingly, it seemed to be behind her, whilst the voice had definitely come from the front.Alice funnelled all of her energy into opening her eyes to find out what on earth was going on, but alas, it was not to be.Instead, in a carefree daze, she followed the stranger’s instructions, almost immediately sinking back into oblivion.




‘I thought you deserved to sleep,’ said a man from across the room.Alice quickly recognised it as the kind stranger who had spoken to her, during that brief interval of consciousness.

‘You hiked just as far as I did,’ grumbled another man’s voice from directly behind her.Tensing slightly, she realised quite how directly; the second man seemed to be pressed right up against her, embracing her from behind.And if she wasn’t mistaken, he was naked, and she didn’t have much clothing on either.Fear flooded her senses, as her pulse rate exploded.What the hell had gone on, while she’d been unconscious and vulnerable?

Attempting to regulate her breathing so they didn’t realise she had woken, Alice lay there quietly, trying to work out where on earth she was and what had happened.Relieved to discover that the earlier pains she’d been experiencing were greatly improved, she very slowly opened her eyes, just the smallest amount.

‘Yeah,’ the man across the room chuckled.‘But all I had to carry was a rucksack, not a human being!’

Gazing subtly around without turning her head, Alice quickly worked out that she was in some kind of log cabin.A huge fire roared just feet from the mattress she was lying on, and a welcome smell of frying sausages drifted through the air.There appeared to be just two men.She couldn’t see the one behind her, but she caught glimpses of the man in the kitchen.He was tall, probably six foot two, maybe more, with a chiselled, clean-shaven jaw.His dark hair was tousled to perfection, whilst he wore a casual shirt, scuffed jeans and slippers.

Suddenly, a strong wind from the storm outside took hold of their cabin, making the roof creak ominously.It sent an unexpected bolt of fear through Alice’s delicate frame and her heart began to beat wildly.As a teenager, she’d seen the film Misery and she didn’t mind admitting that it had scared the living daylights out of her.The story centred around a nurse who rescued a man from a car crash, bringing him back to her remote cabin.Initially, he’d believed she was trying to help him recuperate but the nurse had turned violent and controlling.Alice hated to admit that this scenario had some residual similarities which she didn’t wish to dwell on; stranded in what she could only assume was a remote location on Dartmoor, with two big, powerful men, easily capable of overpowering her without any significant effort.

‘I should check on our patient again,’ said the cook.Alice instantly snapped her eyelids shut, as she sensed him moving towards them.

The man behind removed his arm, which had been holding her close, leaving her feeling strangely bereft without his warming touch.Ever so gently, she was then rolled onto her back, her long, brown hair stroked away from her face.

‘You’re awake,’ said a voice gently.It wasn’t a question.Something in her appearance, or her vitals, or whatever it was this man had observed, told him that she was.

Alice couldn’t help but swallow.Otherwise, she showed no sign of responding.

‘Sweetheart,’ he continued gently.‘You’re safe here.Please open your eyes.’

Trustingly, Alice slowly did as she was told, only to discover a terrifyingly good-looking man smiling tenderly down at her.It was the kind of gaze a girl could get used to being on the receiving end of. 

‘What’s your name?’ he smiled, displaying perfect teeth.

‘Alice,’ she croaked, her green eyes staring trustingly into his kind brown ones.‘Alice Wilson.’

‘Hey Alice.I’m Tim.And this is Jay,’ he added, nodding towards his friend who was still out of her line of sight.‘We’re here to help you.’

‘Do you really want to help me?’ she asked, inhaling a shaky breath.Still a little concussed, she was aware she was probably talking nonsense but that didn’t stop her sharing her concerns.‘I was just thinking about that story, Misery...’

‘Fuck!’ groaned Jay’s voice, and she felt a grown man’s body shudder slightly behind her.‘Please don’t refer to that ever again!That film fucking petrified me!’

Feeling marginally better, Alice twisted her head slightly, to observe her sleeping companion.Immediately, she felt the air being sucked from her lungs as her eyes opened wide; he was...utterly gorgeous.With blond highlights and piercing blue eyes, his face was largely covered with a layer of designer stubble.As he sat up, his huge chest and well-defined, powerful arms came into view.Alice guessed he must be at least as tall as Tim, although it was difficult to judge accurately, whilst he sat on the bed next to her.

‘Could you give us a second?’ requested Tim, aware that Alice might not appreciate an audience, once he went into doctor mode.‘Dinner probably needs checking and if you could put the kettle on...?’

‘Consider it done,’ grinned Jay, flashing his eyebrows at Alice, which made her smile shyly.As he stood, she was incredibly relieved to observe that he was wearing trousers on his bottom half.Tim couldn’t fail to notice her reaction.

‘We were lying either side of you, to try and increase your low body temperature,’ he explained, blushing slightly.‘You weren’t recovering quickly enough for my liking.And I had to remove some of your clothing because it was cold and wet.It’s currently in the tumble dryer.I hope it goes without saying that nothing happened.’

‘Right.Thanks,’ breathed Alice.She couldn’t explain why, but she implicitly trusted these two men.They were her protectors, not her aggressors.

‘Do you mind if I check your pulse?’ Tim queried, once they were on their own.

‘You’re a doctor?’

‘I’m a doctor,’ he confirmed with a grin.

Alice nodded to show she was happy for him to continue.Pulling the stethoscope out of his leather bag, Tim listened carefully to her heart which Alice thought was probably racing for an altogether different reason now.Once satisfied, he used a torch to observe her pupils, before placing an electronic thermometer into her ear.

‘Better,’ he nodded, looking relieved when he read the display.‘Much better.Your temperature had dropped worryingly low.But you’re much improved now.’

‘Thank you for helping me.’

‘You’ll find a small dressed wound on your forehead, where your head hit the steering wheel,’ he explained.Automatically, Alice’s hand tentatively touched the spot he pointed at, to try and ascertain the damage.‘I don’t believe you’ll need stitches, but we can review that in a day or so.’

‘Right,’ breathed Alice.She’d clearly been properly out for the count, for far longer than she’d realised.‘What day is it?’

‘You crashed a few hours ago,’ smiled Tim.‘You haven’t been unconscious for that long.Now, are you in any pain?’

‘My head’s a bit groggy,’ she admitted.

‘I’m not surprised!Let me know if you need pain medication; I’ve got something in my bag that will do the trick.’She nodded tentatively to confirm she would, if required.

‘How did I get here?’

Briefly, Tim described their trek through the snow earlier that day, to bring her to safety.

‘You both put yourselves at risk for me?’ she asked, feeling guilty.

‘We couldn’t leave you,’ said Jay, who had brought her a much welcome, steaming mug of tea.Glancing down at it, she willingly accepted the offering.It was what her mum would call builder’s tea.A strong, powerful brew; the kind you could practically stand a spoon up in and exactly what she required at the present time.

‘So what happened to my car?’

‘Stand up,’ grinned Tim.Alice wrapped the blanket around herself and allowed Tim to assist her to her feet, feeling a little wobbly as she staggered towards the window.‘See that little red dot out there?’

Alice gazed questioningly at the vast white landscape, seeing only swirling snow.

‘No,’ she admitted.

‘Just to the left of that furthest hill,’ explained Tim, pointing her in the right direction.

‘Holy fuck!’ yelped Alice.‘That’s miles away!’

‘Tell me about it,’ drawled Jay, sending her a friendly wink.

‘I can’t believe you carried me that far.Thank you,’ she repeated.‘Both of you.’

Reaching behind, Tim picked up a folded hoodie and jogging bottoms and placed them on the mattress.

‘I’m afraid they’ll be way too big,’ he explained with a smile, noting her petite frame.‘But at least it’s something dry and warm for you to wear, until your own clothes are ready.We’ll just be out of the way, in the kitchen.’

‘Before you go, might I possibly ask one more favour?’

‘Of course,’ shrugged Jay.

‘I’d really like to let my family know that I’m safe.My phone was in the glove compartment of my car.Is there any chance I could borrow one of yours?’

Without question, Tim immediately passed his mobile across to her and the two of them left her in peace.Alice found the space most welcome, not only the privacy, but also to be given an opportunity to accept the plain truth; that she was currently snowed in with two of the sexiest guys she had ever laid eyes on.




Dinner that evening was a relaxed and cosy affair.As they ate their way through sausages and mash potatoes, followed by huge slabs of chocolate cake, they gradually learned more about each other.

‘So what were you doing, driving through Dartmoor in this weather?Do you live around here?’

‘No, I was travelling home from visiting my parents and I decided to take a shortcut across the moor.I know!’ Alice added, at the incredulous look on the men’s faces.‘It was a crap idea.I thought it was worth it, for the time I’d save.Turns out I was wrong!’

‘So where’s home?’ asked Jay, equally dividing the remaining bottle of wine into each of their three glasses.


‘You live in Hampshire?No way!’ exclaimed Tim.‘Whereabouts?’

It was quickly calculated that they lived less than twenty miles apart.

‘So, how about you?’ Alice queried.‘What made you visit Dartmoor at such a welcoming and accessible time of year?’

‘Well, now that’s a story,’ laughed Tim.Standing up, he tidied away the plates, leaving Jay to tell it.

‘There were seven of us lads, who all went to school together.’

‘Which school?’ asked Alice.She looked impressed by their answer.It was a private school which she knew of well; very exclusive, very expensive.No wonder they all spoke so properly.

‘Anyway,’ continued Jay, unperturbed.‘Just before we all left for university and went our own separate ways, we came down to Dartmoor for a week.We had a pretty wild time, if memory serves.We all put in some concerted effort to pull the local talent and failed miserably,’ he admitted, flashing a wry grin towards his friend as he did so.‘Although in our defence, our attempts were coupled with abnormally high levels of alcohol consumption.’

‘Yeah,’ admitted Tim, taking the bait from across the kitchen, as Alice giggled.‘There was a whole world of failure experienced on that holiday.Nowadays, they’d make a reality TV show out of it.Certainly taught me a thing or two about how not to interact with the fairer sex.’

‘Anyway, fifteen years later and through serendipitous timing, the only member of our group who was in a relationship had recently broken up with his wife.So, given we were all unexpectedly single, it felt like the perfect opportunity to get together for a weekend and hopefully cheer ourselves up a bit.’

‘Fortunately,’ explained Tim, returning with a new bottle of wine, which he held aloft in the air.‘Jay and myself were in charge of the booze.’

‘Does that mean we’ve got no food?’ chuckled Alice, quickly doing the maths and realising that they, like her, were in their early thirties.

‘Actually, you lucked out.We’re pretty good for that too,’ smiled Jay.‘Trust me, you wouldn’t have wanted to get stuck with the other car load.I expect all they managed to pack was a stash of weed and a year’s supply of hair care products!’

‘Shall we go and sit nearer the fire?’ suggested Tim.‘I don’t know about anyone else, but it feels like the temperature has dropped further.

‘I’ll put some more coal on the fire,’ offered Jay.

‘And we should shut the curtains,’ sighed Alice.She felt very content thanks to a full stomach, a warm glow from the alcohol she’d consumed, and plenty of excellent company.For a moment, she paused at one of the windows, watching the snow falling relentlessly outside, being regularly buffeted by swirling eddies.‘I do think the weather has taken a turn for the worst.’

‘There are some candles here,’ noted Tim, grabbing them out of a drawer.‘I’ll get them lit.’

By the time the three of them had completed their tasks, their little wooden cabin felt much cosier, although far from warm.With Alice curled up on the sofa between the two men, they chatted happily, long into the evening.When at last, one by one, the candle flames started to extinguish, Jay verbally raised a suggestion they had each silently considered.

‘Would anybody be against us all sleeping in here, in front of the fire?’ he murmured, looking particularly at Alice, who would likely, and quite rightly, raise the loudest objections.‘Each of the separate bedrooms will be fucking freezing right now.’

‘That’s okay with me,’ she said shyly.‘I’ll just go to the bathroom and get ready for bed.’

‘Hang on,’ said Tim, holding up the smallest of his soft, buttoned shirts that he’d been able to find; it would still swamp her, but it should fulfil the role of nightshirt pretty effectively.‘You’re welcome to wear this if you like.’

‘Thanks,’ said Alice, shyly accepting the offering.

Having watched Alice make her way out of the room, Tim turned to face Jay.

‘I trust you’re planning on keeping your hands to yourself?’ he asked sternly.

‘How about I guarantee not to initiate anything,’ chuckled Jay.‘Beyond that, I can’t make any promises.’




‘You okay?’ murmured Jay.

‘Mmm-hmm,’ sighed Alice shyly.The truth was, she felt enormously content, snuggled up between Jay and Tim’s warm bodies, in front of the crackling log fire.In an ideal world, she would have brought herself to orgasm before she went to sleep though.Just to take the edge off.She felt horny and didn’t need to touch herself, to appreciate she was swollen and wet.A woman knew; it wasn’t a difficult thing to sense.

‘Are you in a relationship, Alice,’ continued Jay.

‘Hey!’ objected Tim.‘Leave her in peace!’

‘Just making conversation,’ he complained.‘I have to do something, given I’m honour-bound to behave,’ Jay added pointedly, in his friend’s direction.Alice looked confused, not quite understanding the reference.

‘You could just go to sleep...’ suggested Tim, with heavy sarcasm.

‘It’s okay,’ said Alice.‘I was engaged.We split up earlier this year.’

‘Sorry to hear that,’ commiserated Jay, comfortingly rubbing the curve of her waist.Alice inhaled swiftly, although she did her best to hide the reaction.Jay’s caressing hand felt enormously intimate.‘Mind if I ask why?’

‘I know it sounds stupid, because I was in a relationship,’ she admitted with a long sigh.‘But I was lonely.We just didn’t fit together.We had different interests, different needs...’Including sex drive, she didn’t add.The truth was, her life had been devoid of physical contact for well over a year before they’d separated.Which made what she was experiencing right now, with these two men, all the more intense.

‘Give us an example?’ requested Tim drowsily.Alice was surprised that he had chosen to join the conversation, given that he’d actively been trying to persuade Jay to lay off.

‘He wasn’t really into cuddling,’ she sighed.

‘That sucks!’ complained Tim, causing Alice to giggle.She’d obviously had too much wine, which became apparent when she voiced her next words.

‘Yeah, speaking of which, he also didn’t really do foreplay.’

‘That really sucks!’ chuckled Jay, unable to prevent his hand from sliding across her tummy to pull her in for a cuddle.‘Foreplay is often the best part.The build-up, the anticipation, the unspoken desire...’

‘Yeah,’ breathed Alice, glancing through the dark room towards him, his eyes flashing with passion in the dim firelight.‘It took me a long time to appreciate how responsive I am to teasing and suggestion.To understand that body language and games and flirting...they’re part of the whole package.It wasn’t until I was almost locked into a relationship which had none of those things, that I realised sexual relations are so much more than just sex.’

‘I get it,’ murmured Jay intimately.‘It’s a major turn on to find someone who will play with you, take charge of you, control your pleasure...’

She gazed at him in mute disbelief.Yes, exactly that.Alice concentrated as best she could on just breathing.She was aware of her pussy pulsing urgently, her breasts aching with desire.Okay, so now she officially felt super horny.‘We should probably go to sleep...’

‘Probably,’ smirked Jay, his fingers circling over her hip, causing her to shiver beneath his touch.There was no doubt he liked what he saw.His eyes were practically devouring her.

‘Definitely,’ confirmed Tim, turning on his side to face Alice, forcing the other two to break eye contact.Taking her hand in his, he drew it slowly towards his lips, kissed it gently, and then lowered their hands back down again to rest on his chest.‘Good night.’

‘Good night,’ replied the other two, sounding somewhat deflated.

Sandwiched as she was, between two illegally handsome men, both gently cradling her in some way, slumber wasn’t exactly the first thing on her mind.However, after some intense concentration, her weary body eventually managed to fall into a deliciously naughty, dream-filled sleep.


The full version of 'Three Times Moor Pleasure' by Fenella Ashworth is available from Amazon.  You should check it out, just to see the guy on the cover! (Phew!).


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