The Letter O- You never know what this letter can do...

The Letter O- You never know what this letter can do...

Status: In Progress

Genre: Romance


Status: In Progress

Genre: Romance


Melissa Frank's life is quite simple; she is completely obsessed with the sex god, Oliver Banks and she has been for five years. But one tacky, stupid, unattractive thing stands between them. His fiancé. Melissa's heart throbs, but her best friend won't let her heart ache too much, not when he can set her up for blind dates! Melissa is going out on her millionth blind date with another nobody from work, but something is different this time. She just hopes it doesn't change her love for Oliver...


Melissa Frank's life is quite simple; she is completely obsessed with the sex god, Oliver Banks and she has been for five years. But one tacky, stupid, unattractive thing stands between them. His fiancé. Melissa's heart throbs, but her best friend won't let her heart ache too much, not when he can set her up for blind dates! Melissa is going out on her millionth blind date with another nobody from work, but something is different this time. She just hopes it doesn't change her love for Oliver...

Chapter1 (v.1) - pilot part 1 in melissas point of view

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Submitted: February 24, 2016

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Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: February 24, 2016



Dream starts-

His tongue went against me so hard and it felt so right. “Oh Oliver, go harder.” I moan out. I feel his wicked smile as he teases me roughly.

“Oh Melissa I can do so much more if you just do me this one favor.” He says moaning.

“What would that be?” I ask, and when he’s about to say something. I hear the most annoying voice known to man.

Dream ends-

“Melissa, wake the fuck up.” Claire says poking me on the shoulder. I lift my head and I see myself in the conference room with everyone staring at me, including Oliver who is smiling like he just had the best fuck on the planet.

“Honey, you keep this up and we’ll have to put up with Cain’s lecture again.” She says just wanting me to give her a sucker punch with a large hardcover dictionary.

“I’m sorry Claire.” I say just biting my tongue. She sighs angrily and walks back to Oliver who then holds the tramps hand tightly and looks back at me.

“You shouldn’t stress out so much Melissa, if you need help just give me a call.” He says then I hear the door open quickly and I see a man whom I never saw before run in, closing the door and sitting down just looking through a thick stack of paperwork that was in his hands. I wonder when Oliver will ever realize that Claire isn’t good for him.


I walk into the break room and I go straight to the fridge and I grab my salad, and when I’m about to leave I hear Jerry holler over to me and there’s that same guy that was in the conference room earlier. I walk over and I give Jerry a hug.

 “Hey Jerry how are you?” I ask. He smiles and now I’m annoyed.

“Ok what new asshole are you setting me up with now?” I ask just waiting for a lame response.

“Well let’s just say that if I were you which I’d rather die because I’d have a pussy; ewe I’d definitely do this one because he just screams sex god and big man with leather whip and mask.” He says winking at the guy. I giggle small.

“I’ll think about it ok?” I say smiling; he squeals again and this time it’s louder than before and now everyone is able to hear it. I hush him softly and then he points to the guy.

“Well Miss. Girlfriend of mine; this is one of my other friends his names Trevor and he’s super-hot.”  He says so playful; the guy rolls his eyes, I turn to look at him and I smile and he blushes for a moment.

“Hey you look like the guy that played Lucifer from ‘Supernatural’.” I say smiling quietly. He laughs softly.

“Well um, thanks I hear he’s pretty damn handsome.” He says looking up into my silver eyes. I blush for a moment, there’s something about him...

“Anyway I got to go before my lunch break ends; I’ll talk to you later Jerry.” I say then turning to this guy Trevor.

“It was nice to meet you.” I say smiling then giving Jerry a hug and I give Trevor a quick handshake, and I leave quickly before lunch ends.


“Ugh but Melissa you promised!” Jerry said whining his ass off.

“As much as I’d love to help you out I’m not interested, I’m sorry.” I tell him. He gives me the puppy dog eyes and whimpers at me like a stray hound trying to get inside your house.

“Fine but if this guy pisses me off in anyway, I’m out— you understand?” I ask. He nods quickly and packs up to go back home. As I leave, I find Oliver and Claire walking out of the building.

“Melissa, I thought you’d stay and keep working on the final stages of the screenplay?” Claire asked, wondering why I’m leaving so much earlier than usual- like she’ll ever have a right to know what I do to him, my dear letter O.

“I’m bringing it to my place to finish it up plus I got set up on a blind date tonight with one of our co-workers so I had to get home quick to make dinner.” I say quickly, seeing Oliver looking at me and I smile small.

“Yeah, we’re heading off on our own date also; make sure you get home safe I heard there are robberies happening all over where you live at Mel.” Oliver points out in concern. I nod and leave immediately, getting ready for another nights watch.


I’ve been driving for about ten minutes when I see Oliver’s black pickup truck speeding past me, knowing where they’re going I follow them without being seen.

As I spy on them pulling into the diner parking lot I park across the street as he gets out of his jet black pickup truck, combed back black hair, pale hazel eyes with a grazed brown black ring around the iris, and pale skin that shines when the moonlight hits it just right mmm, If this is heaven how come it just tastes so sinful for a sweet, innocent girl like me?… seeing him walk over to the other side of the truck where that tramp is, he opens the door for her and she stumbles out with a pair of tacky black heels and a bazaar dress just suited for a pig, the reason for why my sex god chose this demon tramp instead of a beautiful princess like me is unclear. I’ll mark him as my own someday. As they walk inside she acts as if she has the right to actually be his sex slave- pa-leeze.

They walk into the diner and go straight to a table by the corner near the door. Seeing them both smile, it makes me wish I could hunt her down and claw her to shreds. I feel my eyes darken and the blood lust is kicking into gear with me about to shift into my wolf form and hunt her as my prey, thinking about this is annoying- I need to make this quick, got stuck having to meet some nobody from work in about an hour and I’m still not ready yet.

“Awe come on you know I love you Claire!” Oliver states. My ears perk upwards what the fuck did he say? I scream in question in my head. I see Claire frown, and looking into MY boyfriend’s eyes.

“Then why do you still- he cuts her off by leaning towards her, and at that moment I can’t hear anything, then he pulls back and she smiles.

“I love you too sweetheart.” She tells him then leaning to kiss him back I use my powers to spill a glass of water that a waitress was just walking by them with.

“Oh my god, are you kidding me?” She yells. The waitress’s eyes widen and she’s just apologizing for what just happened.

“Do you know how expensive this dress costs?” The pig asks. And pigs if I may say are more beautiful than her.

“If you want I’ll give you both free drinks?” The waitress asks making sure that bitch won’t get upset anymore.

“Don’t even bother with that if I snap my fingers right now you’d be out on the streets right now!” She snapped sharply. As Claire said those words the waitress started tearing up and my heart stopped, that same shit happened when I got the wrong coffee for her by mistake, AND Oliver did shit about it all he did was ask her out the day after in front of me, and all Claire could do right now is draw attention by making this poor girl cry. What the fuck? Well, while I hear Blondie was yelling her ass off at the waitress, I see Oliver getting stiff. His eyes grow dark like mine would when I get emotional and he looks at Claire and it’s like she knows that look because all she did was grow silent.

“Well Hon, how about we hit to my place and help you clean up?” He asks. All she did was nod, and they both slowly stand up and leave the dinner but before Oliver walks out he gives the waitress a pretty large roll of cash from his pocket:

“Oh thank you sir!” She exclaims. He hushes her quick.

“It’s fine, but what she did to you was horrible, I’ll deal with her away from your job, ok?” He asks. She then nods and he leaves in a flash. I see them leave in a flash and when I look at my watch I freak out. I only have twenty minutes to get back home, get ready for him to actually get there! I start up my car and get on my way there. Getting ready for a date with someone you never met and you know that he or she isn’t your type is so hard! I’m running around setting everything up- the plates, the silverware and the dark blue cotton tablecloth. I then set up the rack of lamb and the side workings on the table making sure it looks decent- even though I personally don’t care, I still want my best friend to be happy, and I look into the mirror in my bathroom for a few moments.

Gorgeous black strapless dress up to the mid-thigh with no bra on and underneath is a lace thong, my blonde hair in loose curls and a rose clip in my hair, with silver eye shadow on the eyelids and midnight blue in the outer corner and hollows of my silver eyes with black eyeliner, mascara, and a blood red lipstick with a rouge blush on the cheekbones and apples of my cheeks with black nail polish on and stilettos that are clear as a diamond and so high I look like I’m like six foot tall, mmm if only Oliver could see this… then the doorbell rings and I walk over to get it. I see a man with a domino's uniform on like he was delivering pizza- but without the pizza, stupid fuck, and a Yankees baseball cap on, um dude we’re in Baltimore, Maryland- not that I even like sports or know most of the teams but at least I know the Yankees don’t belong in Maryland, so get the fucking teams right…

“Uh I’m sorry sir but I didn’t order pizza.” I tell the guy, he sighs awkwardly. What, like you’re going to get some of this? Over Oliver’s dead body you will.

“You’re Melissa Frank right? If not- I shouldn’t have worn a leather thong.” He says. Ok that’s a lot more; well honest than I would usually be.

“Well, um this is awkward.” He says, and then continues on.

“You see, I’m your date.” He states bluntly. He- is my date? Oh my fucking god! No way in hell, I'd rather choke on my own tongue than fuck this douche bag in any life of mine.

“Um let me get this straight my friend set me up with you?” I ask. He smiles small and looks at me.

“Our friend Jerry seems to talk highly of you, he said you would be my type, and I’m sorry about what I’m wearing I just got out of my second job when I remembered about our date, I was hoping you could give me a chance?” He asks. I think about it then well since Oliver hasn’t shown interest yet; I might as well use him as a way to get his attention. He, he, he…

“Yes of course! Come on in.” I tell him. He smiles wide and chuckles small, walking in he notices the style of my house.

“I love how vintage you home is.” He says. I look at him and space out but only for a moment’s notice.

“The house was originally my grandmothers but she passed away when I just got out of college and she pretty much gave me everything, she knew my mother would have ruined the house if she gave it to her, so I was given the deed and now I kind of live in this big place all alone…” I tell him quietly leading him into the dining room.

“I’m sorry you lost her, how did it happen?” He asked. I look at him with my eyes darkening with the midnight sorrow. He then grabs my hand and looks into my eyes.

“It was a heart attack. My mother, her daughter, had harassed her to a point where she couldn’t take it and her blood pressure raised passed the roof. I sat with her on her death bed holding her hand till the very end.” I tell him. Not realizing that I was crying. He then wraps his arms around me.

“Sweetie, even though I just met you I want you to know I’ll never hurt you in any life of ours.” He says caressing my hair extremely gently. I then look up at him and smile at him.

“Well um, I had made dinner and well I was hoping that we’d eat so it doesn’t get cold.” I say leading him inside the dining room.


“Funny part is that I didn't tell you my name.” He says softly. As we sit at the table eating.

“No, actually you never did.” I replied back.

“My name is Trevor Daniels, I work as one of the film directors of the company, and you work as one of the screenplay writers right? I heard you were really great as a writer and you keep moving up in the food chain.” He says smiling. I blush at those words.

“Well thank you, but I’ve only worked at the company for five years and it’s like I’ve already gotten the highest respects from the company’s higher-ups itself… but what about you, how long have you worked there?” I ask.

“I worked there for over twenty years and it was right after I graduated college at the top of my graduating class.” He said looking straight into my eyes, causing me to get flustered straight through the core of my body.

“Oh my god, but you look so young! How can you be at this age and still look like you’re still in your mid-thirties?” I ask laughing. He chuckles loud.

“Plastic surgery-” He laughed out. I giggled, then he reached for my hand and leaned forward, I stopped laughing and I just couldn’t breathe, his eyes were piercing through me and my own soul.

“Would you care to invite me into your bedroom?” He asked kissing the very tip of my nose. I nodded like the dumb blonde that I was and led him upstairs and into my room where he took off his hat and grabbed me by the waist.

“I really do love your eyes; it really shows how much you want this.” He whispers into my ear. Moving my hair to the side starts massaging my shoulders letting all the tight muscles unwind and then carrying me onto the bed.

“Even though we just met I just knew you were mine.” He says looking at me and sending a wicked smile his soul running right through me as if he was trying to teach me a lesson.

“Trevor-” I say but he cuts me off by him planting his lips against mine; I close my eyes and move up against him feeling every inch of him as he holds my chin up and slides his tongue passed my lips letting us intertwine with each other both of us full of lust and passion as he lets his other hand wander underneath the top of my dress tracing circles around my nipple; I let out a moan and feeling him lower his hands down and raising my dress up.

“You have too much clothing on; let me help.” He moans low and in control as I raise my hands high and seeing him pull my dress off from over my head. My breasts uncovered and just wearing my clear heels and my lace thong; I play with my breasts as he smiles wickedly when he throws my dress to the side and takes off his shirt exposing his amazingly deeply carved eight pack; his biceps were toned to a point where he looked completely different from when he had clothes on.

“You like what you see?” He asks quietly smirking at me. I nod and he then lowers his head down and moves my hands away from my breasts as he starts sliding his tongue and tracing circles all around them.

“Oh god.” Was the only thing I could say as he lowered himself down and raised my legs over his shoulders; slowly peeling my panties off and I am just wanting him to rip them into pieces as they felt like acid on my skin.

“You look pretty damn good down here even though your eyes are your best feature.” He says sweetly. He moves up close placing his lips right in between my legs and gently letting me know in advance on what he plans to do.

“Oh Trevor go harder.” I plead out in pleasure as he whips his tongue at me even harden at each and every second of these moments of time.

“Trevor keep going!” I scream feeling that I’m going to squirt with the way his fingers on working like magic. He growls in heat feeling pleased by the fact that he has this tight of a hold on me and that I can’t do anything about it.

“Oh!” I yell out as he starts to ram it in I can tell that he loves this; that he wants me to be his obedient sex slave wanting me; playing with me; and making me wish this keeps up forever. Then I feel a large amount of cum shoot out as I shriek out in pleasure and I look down seeing Trevor lick his fingers which are coated in all my cum just lying there giving me an intense smile.

“Now it’s time for the big toys.” He growls smiling wickedly as he gets up and making me get on my knees he takes off his pants showing off his black leather thong.

“I told you I had one.” He said softly spoke out with a glint of darkness in his eyes; he takes it off slowly making sure I keep my eyes on his prize.

“Like what you see?” He asks showing off his amazing thick eleven inch cock just so glowing; I lean over to start but he pulls my hair to keep me at a distance.

“I’ll show you who wears the pants here.” He says then starts stroking his thick hard cock right under my face.

“I want you to cum on my face.” I plead with him. He smiles wickedly and starts stroking a little faster but still the same. I cup my breasts just wanting his cum all over me; tasting every ounce of that sweetness; it starts getting larger and he starts shaking as he pulls my hair harder and pulling my head back so he can have it fall all over me.

“I’m getting close sweetheart.” He growls loud.

“I just want all your cum baby.” I whine out moaning and getting the excitement of tasting it. I then start feeling droplets of his cum falling on my face and on to my lips as he keeps going it starts to splash even harder as he roars in pleasure as I lick my lips and wanting him to give me the ok to taste more of it. He finally stops and slaps his cock on my mouth letting the remainder fall onto my lips then letting it drop and wiping it away and shoving his fingers past my lips and giving me all of it.

“Does it taste good babe?” Trevor asks as I savor every drop of his cum; he takes his fingers out of my mouth and I smile.

“Oh it does master.” I reply back smiling wickedly.

“Lay on your back.” He orders. Lying on my back he gets on top of me and caresses my cheek.

“I’m going to give you a present before we get started.” He leans forward and gently kisses me on the neck. Then he gently sinks his teeth into my skin. I gasp out in pain and pleasure, and I feel like my blood being drawn out of me, then I fall into a pit of darkness.


I wake up finding him sleeping and then I touch the place of where he bit me. I had no clue on what he was. I never would’ve guessed that Trevor was a vampire.

“That’s because I wanted to surprise you.” He says looking at me with tired eyes rubbing my arm gently.

“And the fact I knew you were a werewolf.” Trevor spoke.  My eyes widened and then looked at him.

“How did you know?” I asked. Trevor laughed then stared out at the window.

“Your scent was as sweet as apple trees, and your eyes are as dark and tempting to stare into as the great wolfs, which in fact you are the great wolf- first wolf known to mankind.” He said in pride. I smiled warm; he leaned forward and kissed me gently.

“Now you- are- my- mate- end of discussion. Now what do you want me to make you for breakfast? ” He states in a manly tone. I laugh and he walks out, still in that damn domino's uniform and well kind of hot- wait, I thought I wasn’t into him? Weird… maybe he marked me… but I think it’s for the best he actually is the first person who’s noticed me.

“Well, somebody must be hungry.” He said laughing. As I finish the last bite, I look out the window in the kitchen seeing the garden with the stone carved statues of cupids, angels and a fountain that was there since the Victorian era, and the stone benches where we used to sit and while the sunlight falling down on us while we talked about the ways of life and what things used to be like back when people were real and actually trying to make this world a safer place for the balance and for all worlds and dimensions, now looking at it now the sun still gracefully falls the same way it did back when I was a kid. My grandmother, well was older than she looked, as a matter of fact even though she looked around sixty she was actually around one hundred and fifty for the fact that she was half angel half phoenix but because of my greedy, over harassing mother who was twenty-five percent angel, and seventy-five percent phoenix- my grandfather was a pure blooded phoenix so he had a higher ground in the phoenix kingdom than my grandmother did when they met the first time but in the end, she ended up passing away even with her healing abilities she couldn’t make it. I smile but going back to Trevor and the morning conversation.

“Yeah, it’s weird though I never got this hungry before. Maybe it’s going to be a full moon soon-” I say then he cuts me off and licks my lips.

“You had jam on your lips, but it’s not that.” He says then points at the bite mark.

“You my dear, have half of what I am in you. You are a hybrid starting now.” He states bluntly. He kisses me and looks out the window too.

“Your grandmother watches over you even now. I bet she’s proud of you.” He says smiling gently. I smile back at him but as soon as I look at the kitchen clock I flip out.

“Oh crap we’re going to be late for work!” I shout. Then he hushes me and laughs gently.

“I’ll call for both of us, and say that since we’re both together we’ll be about a half hour late.” He says calming me down. I sigh quietly.

“I’m going to take a shower I’ll let you know when I’m done ok.” I ask. He nods. I walk into the bathroom with my blouse, black silk slacks and lace bra and panties, I put them aside sliding off my heels, strapless dress, unhooking my bra, which I then hear moaning in the back ground- I’m assuming it’s Trevor acting like Trevor, boy we have a lot more in common than I thought- we’re both complete perverts. I smile as I let my bra and panties slide right off and gently touching myself in front of the door just in case he is watching and then slowly stepping into the shower. As I turn on the hot water, letting it fall onto me and throughout my hair I grab the orange blossom shampoo and caress it into my hair, then I hear the door open and I hear Trevor say something but I couldn’t understand so I went back to what I was doing.

“You know I just loved the way she moaned out my name Oliver. Oh yes, keep calling me what you want! It won’t change the fact that I marked her as my mate.” He says. Um- this is awkward! Washing myself and listening to how my date or boyfriend or whatever it is now is saying that we had the best sex and the fact that he marked me. Damn he knows how to piss someone off but I thought Oliver didn’t like me? But although it did bother me at one point how come it doesn’t now?

“Well if you actually did care maybe Jerry wouldn’t have set me up with her to begin with!” Trevor yelled then it goes silent. Then I see him walk into the shower looking at me with lust in his eyes, bare naked and each and every inch of his body full of tight muscle.

“I want you Melissa; will you be with me like before?” He pleads but hints it’s not a request, that it’s a command. He leans me against the wall of the shower and slides his hand in between my legs. Leaning up close, he presses his lips against my ear and grunts as he pushes his fingers inside me.

“I knew Oliver wasn’t anything compared to me.” He says in a low growling tone as I gasp in pleasure and feeling him makes me squirt out cum in each and every second of every moment.

“Trevor, finger me harder!” I scream out as I dig my finger nails into his back hearing his dominant voice telling me that he’s my master and I have to serve each and every one of his commands.

“Are you a good girl?” He moans out. I lean my head back letting him lick and kiss down from my neck and down to my breasts.

“No, I’m such a bad girl for you my master!” I yell out. He smiles wickedly against .my skin. The pleasure just felt so right and all I could think of was when I was going to feel his amazingly, extremely large cock go straight up and take me as his mate.

“Trevor I want it!-” I scream but he hushes me by forcefully sliding his most warm, irresistible tongue down my throat, letting it sink down for him to take control over everything that I am.

All I could do was moan, making him feel what I desire most while his takes me up and me wrapping my legs around his waist. Trevor leans back and connects his forehead to mine his eyes looking like they’re about to water, he stares right at me.

“I’m so glad I stayed single because for this one moment I know that this is right. Because I know I love you!” He shouts letting him go, sliding directly inside me.

“Oh yes!” I scream in tears as he rams himself inside me, never letting go of my hands as we interlock our fingers I can’t let go of this amazing feeling! This is what I want; I really have found what I’m looking for.

“I love you Mel.” Trevor moans as he keeps going.

“I love you too Trevor!” I whine out loudly as he keeps shaking against me, I feel that he’s getting close, getting ready to cum right inside me!

“I’m going to cum Mel.” He roars in my ear while I squirt all over his cock- all of that cum is for my master, my mate.

“Ah, Trevor I’m going to cum!” screaming into his ear and pulling his hair tightly into my fists, smashing his lips onto mine, I feel all the passion he has for me and I’m just loving it. Then all of a sudden, a rush of warmth shoots inside me- all his hot cum right deep inside me.

“Oh wow.” He moans in my ear, leaning his head against my shoulder. Feeling my g-spot and his extremely thick shaft, I smile wickedly and then close my eyes then falling asleep in his arms.


“Crap!-” She yells but I cut her off by kissing her forehead and rubbing her head.

“It’s ok they know about us being together and that we’re going in together ok?” He asks; I nod but I’m still nervous.

“Ok you get dressed while I get my clothes out from my truck and I’ll see you when you’re ready.” He says kissing me quickly on the lips then heads off outside.


I pull into the parking lot of Zero Space and I see Trevor doing the same. I park my car and I pop out with my paperwork.

“Missy you know better than to walk without your master’s arm around you.” He says reminding me; I start getting flustered I’m just so in love with all of the ways he can affect me as his mate and as his lover and as his slave. We walk to the double doors and he opens the door in front of me smiling.

“Ladies first.” He says like a gentleman and I walk in smiling as others watch me with a man since it’s the first time they’ve seen me interested in someone that I got setup with by Jerry; I hear hushed whispers as we hold hands and we walk passed Claire and Oliver and all they do is give us both the evil eye. I ignore it and we walk up to the front door of where we usually sign in and then look who happens to come out of there; Cain…

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