Heart of Gold

Heart of Gold

Status: In Progress

Genre: Romance


Status: In Progress

Genre: Romance


New exciting world of skinwalkers, mythological beings and so much more. As a mythical Alfar (elf) capable of shape shifting, she was raised by a crocodile in the wild. Okiara had no idea of how society worked. Forced to take a humanoid form she is broken and abused. When her heart's desire claims her she must decide to return to the wild or find love in the arms of a man.


New exciting world of skinwalkers, mythological beings and so much more. As a mythical Alfar (elf) capable of shape shifting, she was raised by a crocodile in the wild. Okiara had no idea of how society worked. Forced to take a humanoid form she is broken and abused. When her heart's desire claims her she must decide to return to the wild or find love in the arms of a man.

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Warning this chapter is violent and contains a rape theme. Somewhat graphic... Skip it if you find offensive....

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Submitted: February 20, 2016

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Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: February 20, 2016



  1. Okiara’s Perspective

They slipped a rope on my neck and pulled me somewhere. It hurts, but I put up as much fight as I could. There were just too many of them. They were too strong. I couldn't even understand what they wanted me to do. Deep inside, I realized they were Alfar. There was a part of me that reminded me that I was too once Alfar. Then the hunters came and I was left to myself. If not for the female crocodile that found me, I'd be dead.

Something hit me hard on my backside and I roared with pain. I swiped my back leg and made contact. The sensation of flesh and bone crushing under my powerful leg was wonderful. Then Alfar pulled the rope and forced my body to the ground. I couldn't even look up.

They began to surround me. So many stinking Alfar. Then they started making noises and grunts. I suddenly was attacked with so much pain. My bones began to break then I ached badly as my body tightened up and I felt completely reorganize. I screamed and begged them to stop.

‘Please, not yet. Don’t force me into this form again.’

Then I felt my mind go blank for a while before it cleared and I looked through eyes that had minimum clarity and missed more than what they see. Humanoid eyes. The Alfar continued to make noises as they revolved around me in this little weak form. Some touched or poked me. In this body each contact hurt. I wanted badly to transform back to my crocodile form.

I closed my eyes and concentrated on shape shifting into a crocodile, but nothing changed. I'm stuck in this humanoid form. I opened my mouth and tried to snap my powerful jaw at them but all I managed to do was make a strange sharp noise . I swung the weak little scaless legs at people, but it seems to have no effect. Then just when I thought I had enough… it got worse. They pulled me by the rope and forced me into the icy river.

They plunged me under water again and again in what I think it was an attempt to drown me. That was never going to happen. I knew how to hold my breath for hours if necessary. Still, I scratched around and tried my best to keep my head above water. I pushed at them with my legs and I with bit at them with my little dull teeth. They continued to hurt me and rub painfully until they caused my scaleless body burned in pain.

I could hear one of them saying something about me being clean and washed. Finally, they decided to stop trying to drown me and pulled me from the river. They still surrounded me and covered my body with hairless skin of another animal. I wished I knew their words so I could tell them I don’t need skin from some dead animal on my body. I had perfectly good skin of my own. The smell was horrible and my stomach caused an uprising. I coughed and finally managed to empty my stomach of my most recent meal.

The people appeared to become agitated by my cough and punished me. This time, they tried to choke me while again saying the stupid words about wash and clean. They pushed some kind of wet stinky cloth over and over again in my face cutting off my breathing. I held my breath and managed to thwart them and finally they gave up on me.

I looked at the Alfar smugly glad that I had foiled them yet again. They must have realized at the same time because they all started jumping up and down and making a lot of noise. Then a large man entered the circle and walked towards me. He had something that shone brightly in his little hairless paw. I watched as he slid it against his arm and blood gushed out of it. Then he grabbed me and used the shiny object on my arm. It stung and burned, and I saw that I also started to bleed.

Then the male leaned over and put his mouth on my arm. I think he was drinking in my blood. Strange because I felt no teeth. If he was going to eat me alive, he would have needed more teeth. He grabbed the back of my head and pushed my face on his bloody arm. Well, I thought that I will accept. I bit his arm and tried to pull off a piece of flesh. I heard the male make a noise then my world went black.

~ _ ~

I woke up and found that I was still stuck in the lowly humanoid form. I was tied to the ground, with each of my legs out and away from me. The male I tried to chew earlier was above me. He had not covered his hairless body. I saw him and tried to understand what he was doing. I couldn't make sense of it.

He laid his body on top of mine so that it covered me from head to toe. He said words I think I used to understand, but couldn't quite comprehend. I felt him moving between my legs. I realized a few seconds before it happened. He was going to have sex with me in this way. I didn’t want to have sex in my humanoid form. I was often approached in nature, and many males fought for my attention, but none had been lucky enough to catch and mate me. But I liked the challenge. There would be no challenge with this male. If we were in the wild he would have tried to get me to make me accept him. Here, there was no challenge no way of knowing if he was worthy or not. It wasn't just because I was already trapped.

I found myself sad that I would have to breed with a male who didn’t earn it. I might have a sick baby if he wasn't strong and healthy. I might be forced to eat my own babies if they were born deformed. I saw a crocodile forced to breed with an unworthy male and she lost all her young that year. This is quite common in nature, these people should know better. I felt a sharp pain in my birth region and guessed that he had begun the process of leaving his seed. I wanted to fight against him, and the ropes but I knew it was hopeless, so I stayed silent and perfectly still so that he can finish quickly.

He forced his manhood inside of me forcing me to accept its full dimension. I felt moisture escape my eyes and I knew it was the pain that my body was experiencing. The male grunted and groaned as he moved up and down and back and forth inside me. It seemed much longer than I thought was normal before I finally felt something hot and wet there.

I watched as the human male pulled himself from me. His man parts now drooping limply from the pleasure he took from my body. He looked at me and I think he noticed the tears. He pushed his face in mine and licked my lips while rubbing my cheeks. During this time, he made funny cooing noises. He continued to do the same ooh ahh sound. Finally, he walked away from me and I felt grateful he finished. I tried my best to stay awake and alert but the events of the day left me exhausted and I fell asleep.

I woke up with the male back between my legs. The pain was worse than the last time and I couldn't help but groan in my pain. I cried and moaned again and again. I started to move and buck my body around in an attempt to prevent him from continuing. Nothing I did worked. The more I hissed and bucked the broader, he smiled and the faster he moved up and down on my body. He ooh, and hummed to me. Then he reached out and began to pinch and bite at my womanly parts. I growled and tried to express it hurt.

The level of pain was beyond anything I could have imagined. It seemed to go on and on without end. Finally, I again felt the heat between my legs and the male pulled away from me. I breathed a sigh relief. The male heard me, moved close to my face and again licked all the moisture from my cheeks and mouth. This time, I began to identify some of the words he was saying. Words from when I was a child something like

"Good girl." and "glad you love me."

I realized he was confused and thought I had enjoyed his game. I racked my brain trying to remember the words to tell him it was wrong and bad and I didn’t like it, I finally remembered and said

"More worse."

I smiled at my ability to remember words. Now he would know that I didn’t want worse pain and sex. The human male started to move and I was expecting him to leave when I felt him suddenly and roughly shove back in me again. I screamed again and again

"Worse, worse, worse. More, more, more" but he does not stop. He just lied and said

"Yes." As if he would stop, but it didn’t.

I couldn't take the pain. I was forced to close my eyes and pray to god to save me. Then I passed out and fortunately didn’t feel anything else.

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