The Perks of Being a Werewolf

The Perks of Being a Werewolf

Status: In Progress

Genre: Fantasy


Status: In Progress

Genre: Fantasy


My friend Orlando has a dark secret: He’s one of the country’s last remaining werewolves. I help him hide it as good as I can, but once a month he turns into a beast with a deep craving for sexual pleasure ...


My friend Orlando has a dark secret: He’s one of the country’s last remaining werewolves. I help him hide it as good as I can, but once a month he turns into a beast with a deep craving for sexual pleasure ...

Chapter2 (v.1) - Losing Control

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After escaping the claws of the gangster boss with the kinky fetish, me and my werewolf friend finally arrive at the forest. But before I can return to the city, his animalstic sex drive awakens once more …

Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: July 16, 2017

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Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: July 16, 2017



As we arrived at the usual spot deep in the forest, I stopped the car, closed the windows and turned off the engine. For a few moments Orlando and I sat there in silence.

'Holy shit. What – I mean – I can’t …' I started a sentence, but I couldn’t find the right words to express myself.

'Just – thanks. You saved both of us back there. I can’t believe this son of a bitch used you to satisfy his sick fetish. If I could’ve done anything to help you, I swear I would’ve –'

'It’s okay' my werewolf friend in the passenger’s seat interrupted me with his low, rumbling voice that sounded like a chainsmoker’s mixed with canine growling. I knew that it felt very uncomfortable for Orlando to speak in this form, so I normally avoided asking him questions. But today I couldn’t hold back, not after what just had happened.

'How did you even manage to get hard for that fat bastard?‘ I burst out what I would’ve never asked in a collected state of mind. But the situation was as far away from normal as it could possibly get, hence my curiosity managed to push through.

'Animalistic sex drive' the werewolf explained in his raucous voice.

'The smallest stimulation makes me turn into a beast, craving to satisfy its lust. Another reason to hide in the forest.'

'Oh, I see. You never told me. But I guess there was no reason to do so until now. Shit, I still don’t get what just happened. At least we get to keep the Maserati – aren’t they expensive as hell?'

Orlando didn’t react to my attempt at steering the conversation towards a more ordinary topic. Instead he had started to sniff the air in the car. His snout wandered around searchingly until it moved closer and closer towards me.

'What’s the matter?' I asked alarmed.

'You smell of pre-cum' he responded bluntly.

'I – what?' I answered dumbfounded.

'You’ve got a boner' the werewolf added and pointed towards my crotch with a claw-like finger.

'I – what?' I heard myself repeat stupidly. I looked down at my loose fitting jogging pants and realized that I indeed sported an erection. How did I manage to not notice it before?

'Do you mind if I take care of it?' Orlando inquired nonchalantly.

'What? I –' I managed to rearrange my last words.

'I know I told you I wasn’t into men. But in this form it doesn’t matter anymore …'

He laid one of his hands on my crotch and started rubbing my dick gently in between his fingers, carefully avoiding to hurt me with his sharp claws.

'You know that I always liked you and wanted us to be more than friends' I heard myself bubble uncontrollably, 'but I accepted your rejection. This makes me feel really weird.'

I gripped his arm and half-heartedly tried to stop him from pleasing me, but he simply ignored it.

'You liked what you saw back there, didn’t you?‘ he asked in his deep, rasping voice.

'I – no, it was horrible! That man was a disgusting pig, he treated you like dirt! How could I like seeing someone humiliating you like that … nh!'

A soft moan escaped as I tried to explain myself. I couldn’t deny the impact his caressing had on me any longer.

'You want me, don’t you? You want my hard wolf-cock inside of you, filling you up with –' he broke off and started coughing as if he was in pain.

'Stop speaking already, I know it hurts your throat in this form. Just – show me what you want to do, okay?' I finally gave in to his treatment. I knew that I couldn’t stop him from doing what he wanted anyways, he was simply too strong to fend off. So I let him do as he pleased.

He carefully pulled down my pants and my boxers with his clawed hand, paying attention not to scrape my skin. The tip of my erect penis glistened wet with pre-cum in the dim interior light of the car. He bent over and a long, pink tongue darted out in between his frightening jaws.

Orlando started to lick my glans with a rapid motion, I could feel his hot breath on my stomach. His tongue didn’t feel rough, his spit let it glide over my hard dick without hindrance. It felt so good that my body jerked forward, my chest touched his fluffy ears.

'Nngh!' I voiced my increasing pleasure. Albeit my mind and feelings being more confused than ever, I greatly enjoyed the blowjob. To avoid hurting me with his teeth, Orlando only used his tongue – but that was already more than I ever dared to dream of.

He proceeded to caress my balls, then my shaft, and finally he wrapped the whole length of his strong tongue around my penis, rubbing it, the soft tip of it on my wet glans. I never felt a sensation like that before. Shudders went through my body, accompanied by moans. I buried my fingers in his fur to release some of the nearly unbearable tension that built up fast in my throbbing cock and balls.

'Ngh, no! Ah – aah! Slow down, haah! I can’t – aaah! – hold back – ngh!'

The werewolf completely ignored my begging. Instead he increased the speed in which his tongue was jerking me off even more. I couldn’t hold back any longer. I bent over in my seat as the essence of my lust shot out of my cock, turning agony into heavenly relief.

'Aaah, hnn – aaaah!'

I felt Orlando’s ears twitch at my chest as I released my load into his mouth. While the waves of my orgasm slowly coasted I noticed him licking every bit of cum off my dick. He finished, lifted his head up and we shared a look. In the dim light I could see a wild flicker in his amber eyes. I had seen this expression before – my gaze wandered down to his crotch. His huge werewolf-dick was already semi-erect. I watched speechless as it grew to its full size.

He didn’t speak anymore for it hurt him, but his body language made it more than clear what he wanted. Cautiously I started to take care of his boner. Somewhat maladroit I let my hands slide up and down his massive dick. My fingers barely touched on the other side of it although I didn’t have small hands. I had pleased other cocks than mine before, but none of them felt any like the werewolf’s. His was not only much bigger, but also a lot harder. It took me a while to realize that it had a bone in it – the heritage of the wolves.

Deep in thought my movements got slower which seemed to displease Orlando, for all of a sudden he opened the car door and dragged me out.

'Hey, what – put me down! What are you –' I protested as he lifted me up like I weighed nothing. He put me down somewhat rough on the front lid of the Maserati, turned me around, put his hands around my waist and begun to dry hump me from behind. My pants and boxers were still pulled down, I could feel the unpleasant cold metal of the car on my dick paired with the heat of his giant erection which rubbed up and down in between my butt cheeks.

'Stop, this is too cold!' I complained to the dark figure behind me, hoping that the werewolf still had enough control over himself to stop pounding me. I could feel a tremble run through his body and after a few more thrusts he managed to let go of me. I quickly got rid of my clothes, rolled them into a ball and put them in between my crotch and the cold metal. All the while I could hear Orlando panting, his breath came quick and his hind legs scratched the floor with impatience.

I feared he might ram his huge cock into my ass without preparation, so I stated:

'I haven’t had … any in a while, so please be gentle. I know it’s hard for you, but I’m not ready. Sorry.'

I felt like an idiot to speak those words to a giant horny werewolf who just gave me a blowjob. But Orlando seemed to be able to contain himself a little longer since I could feel his moist tongue lick my butthole a few moments later. As it pushed inside it probably triggered pleasant memories because all of a sudden my arousal came back with force. I wished for his huge cock to be deep inside me.

'Take me, I think I’m –' before I could finish my sentence he penetrated me without warning. I gasped as the tip of his boned cock slipped inside, followed by the pulsing shaft. He got hold of my hips once more and pushed the whole length of it inside me.

'Ah, fuck!' I shouted not in pain, but in surprise. I felt a great heat fill me out. Did he already cum? He immediately proved that was not the case as he recommenced pounding me from behind. My tightness seemed to greatly please the werewolf, I could hear low growling noises escape his throat with each thrust.

I bent over the car and clenched my teeth as his thrusts grew even more furious. Then I really felt him cum. His cock twitched in me as it released a huge load of semen deep inside my ass. Orlando bent over, I felt his six pack and his fur-covered chest quiver against my back. He slammed down his arms on the car and let out that indescribable sound I heard him make for the second time now, something between a wolfish howl, a bark and a man’s scream. He jammed me in between his body and the car as he thrusted a few more times, each time pumping more cum inside me.

Helpless I waited for him to release me again for I could barely breathe, the cold metal of the car pressed against my naked chest. Finally he straightened himself up, took a step backwards and pulled out. I could immediately feel his hot juices trickle out of me and run down my legs, too big a load for my ass to hold.

I pushed my chest away from the cold car lid as soon as possible. I turned around and faced Orlando. He stood hunched down on all four legs, head lowered and panting quick to catch his breath. He noticed me staring and lifted his head.

'I hope I didn’t hurt you. I told you, I lose control …'

'No, it’s okay, I’m fine, I – wow. I think I should get in the car and drive home now. I’ll come back and get you in the morning as usual.'

With mechanical movements I started to put on my clothes again, but the werewolf interrupted me.

'Wait, let me at least clean up that mess I made' he explained in his low, growling voice and began to lick his hot cum off my legs with his long tongue.

'Err – thanks' I replied in lack of a better response.

'Turn around' he commanded.

I did as he wished and soon I felt his tongue work its way up to my asshole.

'I – I think I’m okay now' I let him know.

'If I don’t get it all it will run out later' he explained. His tongue penetrated me tenderly and proceeded to move around inside.

'No, stop, really, I’m good' I tried to interrupt him, but he wouldn’t listen. In truth though I didn’t want him so stop. His hard cock had already stimulated my prostate a good deal, but for some reason I didn’t want him to know about that. Like most straight guys he most likely had no idea about prostate play and I felt like it would be embarrassing to explain. But I already had a hard on again which I hid in the bundle of my clothes.

As he kept sliding his strong tongue over my sweet spot in the process of getting all of his cum out, my arousal increased even more and overcame my sense of shame.
After he pulled his tongue out and I waited in vain for it to return, I armed myself with courage and told the werewolf:

'Please … don’t stop. Your tongue felt really good in there.'

Without a comment he let it slide inside once more.

'You – could you please concentrate on the prostate? It’s located probably a finger deep inside, the tissue feels tight but still gives in a little … there! Please keep – haah!'

He had located my p-spot with the sensitive tip of his tongue and was now rubbing it in a quicker motion than a finger ever could.

I already felt on the brink of orgasm as soon as he started. Waves of pleasure ran through my body, I bent over the car once more and clawed the bundle of clothes on the hood. I couldn’t locate the source of my sexual fulfillment, it seemed to pour out of every muscle and nerve at once, making my mind go completely blank.

I threw my head back and let out a roar that echoed deep in the nightly forest. All of the cum that was still left in me shot out and splattered on the side of the car where it left a glistening stain on the black varnish. I collapsed on the lid disregarding its coldness. My legs just wouldn’t support me anymore.

Orlando slowly pulled his tongue out and waited for me to recover. As I didn’t get up after some moments, he put one of his muscular arms around my chest, gently lifted me up and sat me down in the driver’s seat.

'You need to rest. If I don’t leave now, I soon won’t be able to contain myself once more. Come back in the morning.'

He shut the door, gave me a last look out of his amber eyes and took off into the forest, tail whipping as he sprinted on all four legs.

I remained motionless for the next few minutes, recovering my strength and processing the events of the night. Then I started the Maserati and drove off towards the city, deep in thought about my werewolf friend … with benefits.

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