Chapter 4: A Conspiracy

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: General Erotica  |  House: Stripping and Humiliation

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So when I got home I decided to text Ned.  We have to talk.  Ned texted back, I’ll be right there.  I can’t wait to hear how the measuring went. Ned got there quickly as he and I live in the same neighborhood.  Ok Sean, first let me see your ass.  I pulled down my shorts and Ned gasped.  Damn man, your ass is going to be black and blue.  I am so sorry.  I’ll be fine Ned, it hurt but no way I was going to let them scalp you and mark you up.  I love your hair too much for that.  Ned blushed, and I love seeing him blush and having his hair match his skin tone.  Ned gave me a quick hug and a kiss and I basked in his touch for a minute and then discretion got the better part of lust and I let us separate. 

So how did it go?  Well I got some news.  They want you too.  Ned grinned no fing way dude.  That is so awesome.  I really didn’t want to go on, but I had to, Ned had to know what was really up.  Before I could go on, Ned piped up.  Let me guess.  They are going to haze the living hell out of us so the other freshmen don’t get hazed.  My mouth dropped.  Sean, you are book smart but so naïve.  Did you think it was a coincidence that our school revved up hazing like it did, when virtually everywhere else at least claims to want to put a stop to it just as that school reached out to us to be scholarship students?  We both have older siblings who went to Pikeville, did any of them tell you any stories about this type of hazing?  Sure there was a pantsing or two, a swirly here and there, but nothing like what you and I took.  I didn’t, so I did some research.  Turns out our Superintendent is a graduate of Eliot Academy.  And further, Eliot Academy is somewhat known for hazing.  No booze induced comas or the like, and no permanent injuries but more than a few very hurt feelings and humiliations.  So now they decide they want two hicks from Pikeville who are bully magnets.  Look we are bright boys, but this was clearly an audition. 

Oh, come on, do you realize just how insane you sound?  No one would go to that much trouble, and if they did, why wouldn’t they wait till I got there to spring the trap. 

Because they need me for their plan to really work, so they had to be honest now. Think about the first day at Pikeville.  They start to go for Jordan and are about to humiliate him at lunch and what do you do.  You come to his defense and get the bullies to attack you instead.  Even the words got me to blush a bit.  Poor, dumb, sweet Jordan.  Jordan is one of those naturally good natured, good looking guys who are just a bit on the dumb side.  He was in a pair of baby blue basketball shorts (the long, baggy kind) and a matching basketball shirt with a t shirt beneath.  His blue eyes were set off by the color.  For whatever reason, the senior bullies decided he should be their first victim.  Now, I looked into his eyes and Jordan looked terrified.  I didn’t know him all that well but I knew his gorgeous older brother liked to intimidate him and as a result he was very shy.  I couldn’t bear to watch him get stripped in front of the school so I started to scream at Tom and Tim.  I literally challenged their manhood in front of the entire cafeteria.  Daring them to make me beg.  Good news they forgot about poor Jordan, bad news, I was in for the lunch from Hell.

Pikeville’s cafeteria had a stage with all the seats around it.  It doubled as the theater.  They had dragged poor Jordan up to the stage but once I challenged them the let Jordan down and had me climb up.  Lunch lasted an hour so they were going to take their time and royally screw me over.  Tim started by saying, for the record Sean here asked for this and all he has to do to get us to stop working him over is admit that he can’t take anymore and we have beaten him and then get down on this knees and beg us to stop.  I was beginning to realize the position I put myself in.  This was going to be rough.

Tim and Tom had huge grins on their faces.  Scott came up with them and the fun started.  I was in a tight t shirt, white and very thin, a pair of fairly short, tight thread bare pale blue shorts that were several inches above my knees and a pair of sandals.  Underneath the shorts I had a pair of small white briefs.  Scott decided to be the voice of the affair.  Scott asked the cafeteria what should be removed first.  A table of sophomores piped up, take off his sandals.  Show us his feet.  The next table shouted get his shirt off.  The whole place started cheering as I had my shirt taken off me and thrown to the crowd.  It was definitely heating up in there.  Then the chant of wedgie, wedgie, wedgie rang out.  For the next 10 minutes Scott, Tim, and Tom took turns lifting me up by my briefs as the crowd laughed and cheered.  So have you had enough yet?  I was humiliated, but no way I was going to give in.  I was not going to beg.  Scott, no I haven’t had enough, do your worst.  Part of me figured, they had their fun, what else could they do.  My underwear is halfway up my back, the whole school was hooting, hollering, and laughing at me.  I could see a plethora of cell phones recording my humiliation for all prosperity.  Yet, I was still egging them on. 

Next the whole cafeteria chanted remove the shorts, let us see those briefs.  I knew this was coming but I wasn’t going to beg.  Tom said, last chance Sean, all you need to do is beg and you can leave some dignity.  No one would blame you for saving your ass from being exposed.  You know your briefs are all up your ass.  When we remove those shorts and show you off, you may as well be naked back there.  I just looked at him and said, Do your worst, I’m not begging.  Tom just said, have it your way man, you must really like humiliation and we are gonna give it to you.

The next 10 minutes were very tough.  My shorts were taken off and the wedgies began again.  The worst was the squeaky clean, where Tim and Tom, one in the front and one in the back just pulled and pulled and pulled some more as Scott lead everyone in cheers of make him beg, make him beg, make him beg.  I am not going to lie I was in pain and humiliated.  I know I had to look like such a fool.  Then it happened.  I started to get hard.  Scott saw it and announced it to the crowd, some of whom started to come up on stage to see for themselves.  I wasn’t going to cry but damn this was rough.  After the 10 minutes I was again offered a chance to beg by Tim, OK Sean you have made your point, just beg us to stop.  This is getting insane.  I know you are enjoying it but how are you going to live this down.  You really don’t want us to continue working on you.  I replied, I am not going to beg, do your worst.  Tim just kind of shook his head, almost sad, remember you could have stopped this, you are choosing to be humiliated.  You are making us do this. 

Just do your worst, I won’t beg, I don’t beg.

For the next 10 minutes I was tickled mercilessly.  I was laughing so hard and trying to breathe with so little success that I couldn’t beg even if I had wanted to.  When time was about up they started to wedgie me all to Hell again.  I went from laughing hysterically to gasping in pain, and the whole cafeteria was in hysterics.  And my benedict Arnold dick was at full mast even as I was red and gasping. 

This time it was Tom, come on man, just beg us to stop.  You are finished.  No one would blame you for begging now.  You took a lot.  You proved your point.  Just beg.  Tom, what part of no don’t you get.  I won’t beg.  You are bigger than me and out number me, but I am not giving in.  The crowd gasped, and I figured they might be on my side.  Well, that wasn’t going to last.

I soon found myself in a garbage can with people coming up and emptying trays on me.  I was covered with food both eaten and uneaten.  I looked and smelled a wreck.  Soon it seemed the entire cafeteria emptied their trays on me.  Even Jordan did it.  The only one I saw not doing it was Ned.  Good old loyal, Ned. 

After seemingly forever, I was given another chance to beg.  For whatever reason, I was still hard as I was taken out of the trash can.  They were pretty much out of time, the bell was about to ring.  If you want your clothes back and enough time to take a shower, beg. 

Is never good for you?  Was my reply.

Scott was like, it is your funeral Sean.  You apparently must love humiliation.  We have a whole week to break you.  We will break you.  For now, you can have your clothes back.  I knew there was a catch and boy was there.  They were covered in food, totally gross but still I put them on to the laughs and cheers of the cafeteria. 

Finally my memory of this was interrupted by Ned, so what do you think Zach and Taylor saw when they watched these videos.  They saw a guy who stands up for others and refuses to give in.  That is what I saw, and I was so proud of you Sean.

But how did they know I would be able to take abuse at high school?  Don’t you remember the breakaway pants you wore every Friday in 8th grade and those jeans that exposed your briefs you were every Wednesday.  Oh and don’t forget the short, shorts you wore on most Mondays.  You were constantly having your pants taken and wedgied.  Yet you never would stop wearing those things.  Did you forget that the principal of our middle school is the Super’s husband?  I am sure he filled him in on which kid should be targeted for this audition.  I mean you were literally the only 8th grader taking that kind of treatment. 

Damn so I was that transparent.  No Sean, well yes Sean, but we loved you for it.  And the 6th graders really loved you for it.  You let the bullies get their aggression out.  You challenged them.  But you also put yourself on the radar of even the adults. 

I still couldn’t believe it but had to admit, this wasn’t nuts.  I wouldn’t go as nuts if I wasn’t protecting other people.  Finally Ned had me call Zach.

Ned took over the call.  So Zach, Sean won’t tell me what you all did during the measurement, can you send me the video so I know what I am getting into?  I started to say, there is no video when Zach said, sure, we have nothing to hide.  To my astonishment, and to some degree horror, I saw his email come up and we clicked on the video and there I was, being groped by the three of them and then sucking dick.  Ned just laughed.  So you set us up, right. 

Zach just grinned with no sense of shame at all, yeah.  I was pissed but Ned was the level headed one.  Well played man.  You saw the video from the cafeteria and knew we would be perfect for your plan.  Honestly, I think it is a great idea.  You are doing on a larger scale what we were doing at Pikeville.  You are protecting the weak among you and using the strong to do it.  Sean and I will be perfect for this.  Sean will protect me when he can and thus he will do what he did in that video, literally force you to humiliate him.  I will take it too.  Ned could see I was still mad so he started to caress me and calm me down.  Sean, you love humiliation, you are saving people like Jordan from pain.  In the end Zach and Taylor came clean and both you and I will get a great education.  This is a win, win. 

I know but I still can’t believe that everyone knows this about me.  How will I be able to hold my head up around them?  I mean, how aren’t they going to think I am a big perv?

At this point Zach spoke up.  Dude you are so fucking brave.  I really mean that.  I know I wasn’t as brave as you when it was my time.  They took me to the cleaners and I begged over and over again for it to stop.  You are more courageous than anyone I know.  I can’t wait to see you our school and what you will do for the other freshman will be amazing.  Oh, and don’t worry about those you are leaving behind, the hazing there will return to the dull roar your older siblings remember, unless there is someone who challenges Scott, Tim and Tom like you did. 

Ok, you all are right, but I want one thing.  I want to see video of Zach’s humiliation.  Everyone but Zach was totally in favor.  I couldn’t wait to see it.  I heard the description, but videos are so much better.

Submitted: December 03, 2020

© Copyright 2021 dsc999. All rights reserved.


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